Democratic Leadership ADMITS that Clinton Lost the Election Because of Voters’ Economic Worries

We’ve repeatedly said that Trump mainly won the election because voters thought that the status quo would hurt them economically.

Today, the Los Angeles Times reports that the Democratic leadership itself admits that the economy is the issue that sunk Clinton:

Sen. Charles E. Schumer of New York was elected by Democrats as minority leader of the Senate on Wednesday ….


Schumer also broadened the Democratic leadership tent with the intent of improving the party’s standing with both its progressive wing and its working-class base, two groups whose frustration with the party and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton helped lead to President-elect Donald Trump’s victory.


Populist [because she has stood up against the big banks and for the little guy] Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts also kept a top spot.

“There’s a debate going on about whether we should be the party of the diverse Obama coalition, or the blue-collar American in the heartland,” Schumer said, referring to the broad swath of heavily minority voters who helped put President Obama in office.

We need to be the party that speaks to and works on behalf of all Americans and a bigger, bolder, sharper-edged economic message that talks about people in the middle class,” Schumer said. He said Democrats should also confront  “the unfairness in the American economic system.”

The Democratic leadership is admitting that it has to focus on changing its economic message.

Lambert Strether – who is extremely knowledgeable about political horseraces –  adds additional evidence:

First, the swing from Obama to Trump was greater in counties that were economically stressed. FiveThirtyEight:

Instead, to understand what drove Trump’s victory, we can look at how Trump’s margin against Clinton in 2016 compared with Romney’s against President Obama in 2012. Sure enough, the swing toward Trump was much stronger in counties with a higher share of routine jobs; the swing toward Trump was also stronger where unemployment was higher, job growth was slower and earnings were lower. It is clear that the places that voted for Trump are under greater economic stress, and the places that swung most toward Trump are those where jobs are most under threat. Importantly, Trump’s appeal was strongest in places where people are most concerned about what the future will mean for their jobs, even if those aren’t the places where economic conditions are worst today.

Notice that job crapification (“routine jobs”) is part of economic stress.

Second, economic optimism among Black voters was much lower than in 2012. WaPo:

“Pre-election research showed that among African Americans, their feelings of economic optimism were precipitously lower in this election than in 2012,” said Geoff Garin, a pollster for Priorities USA who conducted this research independently of the super PAC. “And their feeling that Clinton’s economic policies would help people like them were substantially lower. “Those kinds of things affect people’s willingness to come out to vote.”

Third, primary counties with high Case-Deaton death rates voted for Trump. WaPo:

In every state except Massachusetts, the counties with high rates of white mortality were the same counties that turned out to vote for Trump.

We’re focusing on middle-aged whites because the data show that something has gone terribly wrong with their lives. In a study last year, economists Anne Case and Angus Deaton pointed out that mortality rates for this group have actually been increasing since the ’90s.

Economic struggles have likely contributed as well. Case and Deaton also found that the increase in the death rate has been driven by people with less education. For those without a college degree, the economy in recent decades has been increasingly miserable. This may explain why some have turned to self-destructive behaviors, such as drug and alcohol abuse.

The people I’ve been describing — this distressed, dying demographic slice of America — are similar to the people who tend to vote for Trump, according to phone and exit polls. Trump supporters are mostly white; skew older; and are less likely to have college degrees than other Republicans.

(“Less educated” is a proxy, for “working class.”)

Fourth, the swing from Obama to Trump was greater in counties that where housing costs were high. WaPo:

According to the analysis, respondents in hundreds of surveys were more likely to view Trump favorably if they lived in Zip codes with heavy mortgage-interest burdens relative to local incomes, after taking into account a range of socioeconomic factors.

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  • kimyo

    Schumer’s road to the top greased by donations to colleagues

    Schumer, the third-ranking Democrat in the Senate, gained visibility and allies when he was chairman of the DSCC from 2005 to 2009. He helped Democrats take control of the Senate in 2006. Despite his role as favorite — Reid is backing him — he is actually outranked by Durbin, who is No. 2.

    The New York senator’s ascension would be good news for Wall Street — his top three contributors from 1989 through 2014 were the employees and political action committees of Goldman Sachs ($543,000), Citigroup Inc. ($484,000) and JPMorgan Chase & Co. ($365,000) according to the Center for Responsive Politics. The securities and investment industries are by far his top donors having given more than $10.4 million over that time frame.

    Schumer serves on the Senate Finance Committee as well as the Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee.

    • diogenes

      Schumer is the shit who told Congress in 2008-2009 that if they didn’t give the banksters trillions there would be riots in the streets. He is an extortionist hireling of Wall Street. In plain English he betrayed 99.9% of Americans on behalf of his masters. What is that called, in plain English?

      • Nic108


  • diogenes

    The Democratic Party, crooked liars to the last, “admit” to a cover story. Clinton lost because they prevented, by corrupt means, the nomination of their winning candidate, the candidate Americans wanted most, the candidate we would have elected. The Two Party System is a puppet show owned and operated by the oligarch gangsters of Wall Street. It’s purpose is to PREVENT DEMOCRACY. And it works real good. It’s had over 130 years of practice. Until Americans face this fundamental fact and start thinking about how to work around it successfully, all this talk is just pure bullshit — at best. and corrupt, cynical deceit, more often, more likely. Either way, who is kidding who? Why? Get a clue.

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  • Wayshuba

    What we are witnessing is the beginning of the extinction of the Democratic Party. The do not get it, nor do they want to. Their entire modus operandi for over almost two centuries has been to deflect and cover up. The traditionally controlled channels (MSM and Hollywood) of covering their message specifically have lost their power and a vast majority of Americans can see through the charade.

    The corruption and lawlessness of the Democratic Party has been on full display this election cycle and that is why a good portion of the voters went for Trump. Where I live in one of the fly over states, I did random polling here and I can two things Trump said that stuck out a lot with voters here – one, his promise to drain the swamp and two, his comment in the debate about HRC being in jail because anyone who has an IQ above 25 knows she is guilty as sin and is disgusted our government covered it up.

    While of course there are other factors, such as Trump actually outlining things he was going to work on while HRC pretty much was don’t vote for him (and this election also showed the mud-slinging campaign tactics of the past, are not going to work).

  • Carl_Herman

    Thank you, GW, for this fundamental distinction of “mood” among Americans. They’re right, of course, and perhaps the time is near for a critical mass of Americans to “follow the money” to embrace just how much they’re used as enslaved work animals to .01% “leaders.”

    The game-changing facts are that we have economic solutions ready now that would resolve almost all of what concerns Americans, and documented since Ben Franklin helped “discover” how monetary reform and public banking allowed a government to operate without taxes.

    Anyone interested can see for themselves of what are OBVIOUS solutions upon just a little reflection:

    • diogenes

      Does America have the resources, the “collateral” to make a great country for all of us? The answer is obvious. Why don’t we? Because we can’t use our own resources or our own collateral or issue our own money, like Lincoln did, because, you see, only banksters can issue money, and only as debt. It’s crucial that their monopoly on credit be preserved, because that’s how they got it and that’s how they keep it.

    • MCB

      Thanks Carl.

  • Are they sure it was not because of her crimes against the American people?

    Oct 21, 2016 HILLARY CLINTON Transfers $1.8 Billion to QATAR Central Bank “STUNNING” Western Bankers !

    Why would a Presidential Candidate Transfer her huge amount of CASH (almost $2 billion) out of the USA? – Hillary Clinton Moves $1.8 Billion To Qatar Central Bank – Western Bankers are “STUNNED”

  • L Garou

    Not to mention the socialist/commie path we’ve been on.
    Speaking of which, anyone heard from the neo-commie ‘Information Czar’ Cass Sunstein?
    When the going gets rough, the commies disappear, or preferably, are made to disappear..

    • diogenes

      Oh sure. We’re all socialists and commies here. That’s why 0.1% of us owns and controls the whole shebang. Just like Marx said, huh? Giggle. Why don’t you take your head out of wherever it is you stuck it. You’re talking pure ****.

      • L Garou

        diogenes?! Hahahahaha!
        Do you even know what a Democrat is?
        What a Democrat sounds like?
        Here’s a hint, big mouth..
        Listen to a few JFK, HHH or McGovern speeches.
        They’re the last gasping Democrats, not these neo-democrat socialist/commies (aka) The I Want and Gimmee Party.

  • David S

    The hosts no longer outnumber the parasites, but even the parasites are starting to realize that the policies of the status-quo (both major parties) are slowing killing their hosts. And nobody embodied the status quo more than Hillary (in this election that is).

    • diogenes

      You’re numbers are way skewed. The “parasites” are far fewer than one person in 200 — the people that own America because they inherited it and inherited control of the gangster operation that keeps them in control. Then there’s the ten in 100 of hirelings, thugs, bosses, who operate the system for them. The “hosts” are 90 to 95 in a hundred, the rest of us, who pay and pay and pay for less and less and less.

      • David S

        There are more people employed by government than in the manufacturing sector (Federal, state and local government employed 22,213,000 people in August, while the manufacturing sector employed 12,281,000. – bureau of labor statistics 9/2016). Add to that all the people that draw a paycheck from the government(taxpayers) and I think my numbers come up quite solid. I guess you don’t see people who live off the involuntary theft of monies from others as parasites. I do. Same goes for all the welfare recipients, the big businesses getting handouts/protection, etc. from the government and anyone else whose existence is predicated on government force and theft. Indeed, convert all these folks to private sector folks competing in a free market of voluntary exchange for goods/services and I will happily reclassify them. Until then, politicians determine that there is a need for their “services,” not the consumer.

  • mannymoe

    Clinton lost because the nominee was Sanders and the DNC stole the nomination for Clinton and WikiLeaks exposed this corruption….Sanders was a better choice but was sidelined…the corruption in the two party system knows no boundaries.

  • Black Swan

    The economic worries refer to the corrupt privately owned credit monopoly known as the Federal Reserve.
    ” Our Banking system only allows money to be created as a debt. The Banker creates the money you borrow as a deposit to your checking account. He is charging you interest (usury) on money he creates out of nothing. It is designed to transfer wealth from those who work to those who have a right to make money out of nothing.” Eustace Mullens Author: Secrets Of The Federal Reserve

  • spirittoo

    Dims lost the election because they tried to steal it and it didn’t work.

  • Juliet Abanike

    Hillary’s defeat was a slow, steady, unrelenting death by a thousand cuts of meaningless false innuendos, that were all based on blatant lies.
    Trump win, was not based on his economic message. No. He had none. In fact, he spent more time talking about meaningless nonsense and spouting hate. Trump’s win was based on the intrigue in his mystic and the unquenching belief that he had some magic plan to fix all things.
    In fact, there millions of Americans who voted for Trump, who do not know one single thing about his economic plans. None. Not a thing. And it never mattered to them. The only thing that mattered to them, was, that he’s a wealthy business man whom they believe, based on faith, that he had the answers, that’s all.
    And then, there were the deplorable’s, those millions of racists who propelled him to victory in the GOP primaries. Those were the ones whom Trump referred to, when he said they will never leave him, even if he shot someone at the middle of fifth avenue in New York. Because he knew he had the racist votes.