New Transmissible Vaccine Spreads Like Virus, No Consent Necessary

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As governments move forward in their attempts to force their citizens into vaccination, whether they want it or not, researchers are now moving forward with what may become the future of forced vaccination – transmissible vaccines.

This is an area of research that scientists have been interested in for quite some time but that is only now becoming feasible.

The idea behind these vaccines are that they would themselves be infectious, passing along the vaccine from one person to another as if it were a virus.

Thus, it would be possible to vaccinate a small number of people manually, but as a result of the vaccine’s self-transmission, actually vaccinate a very high number of people.

According to PNAS (Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America),

several recombinant, transmissible vaccines are in development for wild animal populations, including one to protect wild rabbits against a fatal viral infection and another to prevent deer mice from carrying a virus responsible for a deadly human pulmonary disease.

But transmissible vaccines pose a special risk, essentially, they could become a virus themselves and spread rapidly amongst the population that was vaccinated. This has already happened with the oral polio vaccine and both the 1960s and the 2000s, but with a transmissible vaccine, the danger of spread of a disease would become even more dangerous since spread and transmission are what the vaccines are designed to do.

Scott Nuismer, a Professor of Biological Sciences and Mathematics at the University of Idaho and co-author of a study on transmissible vaccines published this year in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B, stated,

Obviously this is a controversial and potentially risky endeavor, so we wanted to figure out, is the potential benefit actually worth the risk?

Nuismer, along with colleagues at six other institutions, created a mathematical model mapping how a vaccine spreads through populations by altering one key element – the vaccine’s ability to spread – it was determined that the vaccine needed very little transmissibility in order to spread through the population.

The potential risks of creating an epidemic and/or pandemic of the disease researchers allegedly want to stop, is of course not going to keep them down. As noted earlier, several transmissible vaccines are in development for wild animal populations and livestock.

So maybe these researchers will help protect the bunnies against a virus – or maybe they’ll just kill them all. It’s 50/50, but the researchers seem confidant, so what could go wrong?

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  • Monsanto is just one big evil Corporate power who gets to use people around the world as experimental lab rats. Not this guy!

    July 14, 2016 Toddler injected with 37 vaccines before the age of two left paralyzed and wheelchair-bound for life

    At just 17 months of age, Otto Coleman’s life changed drastically and suddenly. After receiving a shocking number of vaccines – 37 to be exact – he ended up being paralyzed with transverse myelitis, and will spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair.

  • This must be why they are working with Mosquitoes folk’s.

    Feb 1, 2016 GMO Mosquitoes Caused Zika Virus Outbreak? A concerning correlation has been discovered in Brazil.

  • farmer_luke

    I think the pharmaceutical companies prefer getting paid on a per-shot basis.

  • guest

    Just horrible, they are hell bent on depopulate the western world, vaccines, fruits and vegetabiles grown with Hydroponics meaning the plants root is submerged in a virtually STERILE water with only the most essential fertilizing chemicals added so the plant can grow producing nothing but very tastelss and void of smell fruits and veggies containing very little vitimines and other trace elements which is of UTMOST IMPORTANCE for our bodies to stay healthy.

    Just think of it, both UN and WHO have said cancer rate is going to increase, why? Didn’t our western soceity develop in the right direction??

    Anoher eugenics trick the elite have up in their sleeves is making the poor and unemployed fall of the cliff, real estates continues reaching new sky high prices all the time making it impossible for those who never got on the bandwagon, and we all need at LEAST food and a place where to stay, everything else is secondary.

    It is a massive full spectrum warfare on the humanity, in particular in the western world, and when you start to really see what is going on it’s not difficult to put 1 and 1 together.

    My only guess is, apart from the elite trying to enslave and control us by rushing in a Fabian society, is, that maybe this is part of also bringing down western population but also putting us to a halt in our lavish consumation of all kinds, what does it mean?

    Less use of energy, and by extension maybe it’s a warfare also directed at Putin’s Russia who is dependent on selling oil and gass to west.

    Well, we can sit here and think ok that’s good because to be honest Putin and his oligarchs are horribly corrupt after all, if I remember it right only a handfull of people owns something like 40% of russian wealth, but many of us will probably also go under even if ww3 never starts.