To the Protestors

Words and artwork by Anthony Freda,

To the protestors: My friends and I missed you when we were protesting the bombing of hospitals and illegal wars. We missed you at Occupy Peace and the other anti-war rallies we attended and helped organize over the last 8 years.

I have not seen you working to expose the destruction of our civil liberties or the illegal spying on citizens that Obama promised to stop.

I doubt very much that you have donated to or volunteered to work for anti-war and pro-liberty groups who are fighting to stop senseless wars before they start and restore our basic freedoms. (Like I have)

It’s been lonely out there.  I guess you have just been very busy the last 8 years.

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    • diogenes

      So is American democracy. Maybe that’s the point?

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  • Charlie Primero

    For some reason this never occurred to me. Thank you W.B.

    Where the F’ were all these protesters when the U.S. was rubblelizing other nations for the benefit of Wall Street petroleum plays? Where were they when working people were being thrown out of their homes by Banksters?

    We need a break-up of the United States more then ever. These people need to suffer the obvious and predictable effects of Marxism full-force, in their own country.

    • awb22

      What Marxism? Soros?

      You make me laugh!