4 Times As Many Americans Think Biased U.S. Media – Not Foreign Interests Such As Russian Hackers – Real Threat To Fair Election

75% of Americans Believe the Media Is Biased For Hillary

A Suffolk University/USA Today poll released Friday found that 75.9% of Americans believe the mainstream media “would like to see [Hillary Clinton] elected president.”

The poll also found that only 10% of Americans believe that “foreign interests such as Russian hackers” are “the primary threat that might try to change the election results”. In contrast, 45.53% believe “the news media” is the primary threat to the election:

media-electionIndeed, the New York Times, Boston GlobeLos Angeles Times, CNN and other mainstream media admitted to us they were going to try to throw the election for Hillary.  (And leaked emails show widespread collusion between the media and the Clinton campaign.)

Americans widely distrust the mainstream media. With good reason

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  • sveltesvengali

    Far more upsetting still is the realization that the mainstream media has provided both free airtime for Trump and free editorials for Clinton to an unparalleled extent, so the election is already thrown no matter which one of them wins:


    Any time that the media expresses distaste for Trump (or favoritism for Clinton) represents a moment of them smarting from the wounds of what they themselves wrought at best.

  • WillDippel

    Here’s an article that looks at how easy it is to rig political polls:


    All is fair in American politics.

  • Brabantian

    Not to deny the massive nauseating dreary corruption of Hillary Clinton … but Donald Trump is quite rooted in the Meyer Lansky mob (Cf Aangirfan), and thus Trump is tied to the very heights of Jewish mafia … with key Lansky lawyer tied to Trump, Alvin Ira Malnik, still alive today with stories he could tell

    Meyer Lansky (1902-1983) was the model for ‘Hyman Roth’ in the ‘Godfather’ films, tho the real Lansky died peacefully in Florida. Lansky & Lucky Luciano worked with US intel in WW2, & Lansky apparently had pix of J Edgar Hoover in a woman’s dress as with Hoover’s gay lover … the FBI ‘gave up’ on Lansky. Lansky’s final big dream was setting up gambling in New Jersey, with Donald Trump (born 1946) as point man with ‘Resorts International’ involving 2 close figures of the Meyer Lansky mob, gay Roy Marcus Cohn (1927-1986), biggest mentor of Trump’s youth, & Alvin Ira Malnik (born 1933), as well as Rockefellers, Rothschilds & intel agencies. Resorts Int’l is joined to an earlier Lansky-Malnik alleged mob front company ‘Mary Carter Paints’. Lansky & friends’ lobbying got New Jersey gambling legalised in 1977, with the Trump & Lansky pals casino going up afterwards.

    Alvin Malnik finished Miami law school in 1959 as Lansky was chased out of Cuba, & began working for Lansky & other ‘colourful’ clients, Morris Landsberg of the Las Vegas Flamingo opened by Bugsy Siegel, & Sam Cohen of the Las Vegas Riviera Hotel & Casino. Per Forbes magazine / LA Times, Malnik “essentially invented the black art of money-laundering, taking mob money & routing it to legitimate ventures (like real estate) … Malnik set up the Bank of Commerce in the Bahamas. Mob money flowed into its secret numbered accounts by hundreds of millions – (mob financier Meyer) Lansky money, most of it – & then out again into Tibor Rosenbaum’s International Credit Bank of Switzerland before returning to the United States.”

    Trump’s pal Malnik is presented today as an age 83 ‘philanthropist’ with of course an ‘edited’ bio on the site of Jewish mafioso & ex-pornographer Jimmy Jimbo Wales, the CIA-Mossad Wikipedia. Lansky & Malnik link the USA mobsters of the 1920-34 Prohibition era, to Donald Trump, Sheldon Adelson (also in the casino biz just like Lansky), & the heavy Jewish mafia dominance in the USA today … aided by the prosecution of the old Italian – Sicilian mafias by such as Rudy Giuliani, who, it is said, eliminated competition for the Russian-Jewish & Israel-tied mafias which have even deeper US political protection.

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