Stunning Examples of Fake and Scripted News

Here are some stunning examples of fake and scripted news by the mainstream media:

Indeed, the government and mainstream media are the biggest purveyors of fake news.

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  • Sharon Marlowe

    Wow, great article with the videos! Thank you:)

  • Why_are_smart_people_liberal

    Well kind of silly IMO. Of course newscasters say the same things, the stories are written by far fewer writers than newscasters. There are many many TV newscasters all reading the same stories, often stories that were originally written by AP, NPR, BBC or major news papers. And so what? But there are stories of Fox news being fake and again so what. If you don’t know fox isn’t reputable you’ve been living in a hole.

    • Stormymprice

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    • Alan Atkins

      The so what is this. If they script stories of things that are inconsequential. How likely is it that what you watch as the “news” on FOX, OR CNN, MSNBC etc is real ?? That is of consequence when it makes wars of aggression look like defense of freedom and the American way. If you think FOX is the only BS on TV, you have been living in a hole.