What is Comey up to and who is he working for?

FBI Director James Comey.Wikimedia

FBI Director James Comey.Wikimedia

FBI Director James Comey’s letter to Congress on new evidence in the Clinton email scandal represents interference in the presidential campaign commensurate with his failure to indict candidate Hillary Clinton for crimes greater than those committed by citizens that are now serving time. His actions are a paradigm for the dysfunctional and dangerous state of the political system in the United States.

UPDATE: Two former Republican Attorneys General harshly criticized FBI Director James Comey for his letter to Congress on the Hillary Clinton email affair.  Michael Collins 5:42 EDT

Ex-AGs Alberto Gonzales, Eric Holder rip FBI director By Louis Nelson  10/31/16 07:16 AM EDT

Mukasey blasts Comey and attorney general over Clinton email case Louis Nelson 10/31/16 07:16 AM EDT

Director Comey’s letter to Congress of October 28 about “emails that appear to be pertinent in the [Clinton] investigation” was a deliberate, premeditated action that will harm Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s chances in the presidential election. His letter may have an even greater impact on Democratic Party down-ballot candidates in Senate and House races and, as a result, influence the post election balance of power in Congress.

There is no question that Comey knew that his actions would have significant political impact just days before the election. The fact that he defied established procedures of the Justice Department and instructions from superiors shows the intentional nature of his acts.

Comey’s abuse of power and illegal interference in the election is another major marker on the road to the total evisceration of constitutional rights and protection begun in earnest with the Patriot Act of 2001. His actions should be judged as a blatantly illegal act by one of the nation’s most powerful law enforcement officials. It doesn’t matter if you support Clinton, Trump, Johnson, or Stein. Allowing the FBI to get away with this outrageous attempt to influence elections kills any hope of finally achieving the goal of an open political process and fair elections.

Through his deliberate actions to shift the election, Comey is playing the lead role in a barely disguised coup d’etat to install Donald Trump as President of the United States

Comey’s Profound Insincerity

The Department of Justice has established policies for handling legal matters that may impact an election. Former Attorney’s General Janet Reno and Eric Holder outlined policies stating that the Justice Department should avoid prosecutions or other actions close to elections that might influence those elections. Attorney General Loretta Lynch made this point to Comey.   Despite reports that FBI “agents had not been able to review any of the material, because the bureau had not yet gotten a search warrant to read them,” Comey somehow deduced that the emails might be significant. He took the unusual step of informing Congress about the emails he had yet to examine.

Former Assistant United States Attorney, Nick Ackerman, argued:

“Director Comey acted totally inappropriately. He had no business writing to Congress about supposed new emails that neither he nor anyone in the FBI has ever reviewed.”

Does Director Comey think we are idiots? Clearly, he went out of his way to influence the election in a conspicuous fashion. There can be no doubt about this assertion.

After some significant blowback from former Justice officials, Comey felt compelled to write an explanatory memo to FBI employees. He said:

“I also think it would be misleading to the American people were we not to supplement the record [of the original email investigation].  At the same time, however, given that we don’t know the significance of this newly discovered collection of emails, I don’t want to create a misleading impression.  In trying to strike that balance, in a brief letter and in the middle of an election season, there is significant risk of being misunderstood, but I wanted you to hear directly from me about it.” James Comey memo to FBI employees, Washington Post, Oct 28, 2016,

This passage from his letter is an admission that Comey knew his actions would influence the election.   Before “know[ing] the significance of this newly discovered collection of emails,” he released an update to Congress that could easily be interpreted as an indication that there was a significant development in the Clinton case.   Why else would he write the letter?

Comey told FBI employees, “I don’t want to create a misleading impression.”   If Comey wanted to avoid a “misleading impression,” he might have told the truth if he insisted on writing a memo to Congress.  Based on what we know now, he should have said:

There are some emails on the computer belonging to a close Clinton aid. No one at FBI has seen the emails. We don’t’ even have a warrant to download them. These emails might or might not be important enough to warrant reopening the investigation.

The fact that Comey failed to tell the truth about the status of the emails proves his ill intent toward the Clinton campaign.

Comey’s Violation of Law

The 1939 Hatch Act bars Federal employees from a broad range of political activities.

Richard Painter, a former lawyer in the Bush White House Counsel’s office, filed a formal complaint against FBI Director Comey for violating that act. He argued: “I believe that the Hatch Act and ethics rules are violated if it is obvious that the official’s actions [Comey’s] could influence the election, there is not another good reason for taking those actions, and the official is acting under pressure from persons who obviously want to influence the election.”

Comey’s actions will clearly influence the elections. There was no “good reason” to release the memo on evidence not yet reviewed or analyzed. And, Comey admits that he acted “under pressure” from critics in Congress, Republicans, who obviously “want to influence the election.”

In addition, Painter cited another law on the use of public office for private gain. Painter refers to the following section of the United States Code:

2635.702 Use of public office for private gain.

“An employee shall not use his public office for his own private gain, for the endorsement of any product, service or enterprise …”

Comey’s actions have the direct effect of endorsing the Trump campaign “enterprise.” Trump has insisted again and again that the email case be reopened. Comey reopened it on the flimsiest of grounds. The net effect of his actions props up the Trump campaign just when it looked like the enterprise was finished.

Comey’s Reports to … ?

Comey’s actions serve the Trump campaign and its donors. It wasn’t an easy form of service by the FBI Director. Comey had to ignore established policies, common sense, his superior, the Attorney General, and the Hatch Act in order to send his very high impact letter.

Will it be worth it?

If Comey acted on his own without any outside inducements or threats, we should all pause and say a short prayer for him. In that scenario, he is an utter fool playing in a league way above his skill set and doing great and memorable damage to the political process.

But, Comey is no fool. I wrote favorably about his willingness to stand up to the Bush White House in 2007, Comey’s Evidence of a Crime. Then, he seemed to have a quality not often seen in government or corporate environments – a willingness to “stand up to the boss.” That may have been true at the time. Today, however, Comey seems unable to decide who his boss is. He clearly caved in to the administration and the Clinton interests when he failed to indict Hillary Clinton for even a misdemeanor for her many violations of national security policies. Now, he’s caving into the interests of the Republicans and the repellant Trump campaign.

The key question is who got to Comey and how?

We know that both Clinton and Trump are unfit for the presidency or any other elected or appointed office in the United States. However, we need to know who has the type of power and force to make the FBI Director behave like a fool.

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  • Eol Awki

    Nice analysis, but I don’t think it holds water. I don’t think Comey had it in his mind to influence the election. Indeed, I suspect this was an act of self-preservation. I believe Comey knows exactly what is in those emails – his statement to that effect was worded in a way that admitted that he knew enough of their content (probably from an initial perusal of their contents to indicate they would be significant) to realise their significance.

    He did not want to disclose that info. But he also received word that Julian Assange and Anonymous were both to release the Hillary emails this week and knew that if he didn’t front-end that, he would be charged with withholding information vital to the American public about criminal activities of one of the candidates.

    Thus he was between a rock and a hard place. If he reopened the case, it would smack of an intention to influence the election. If he didn’t reopen the case, the emails would come out anyway and he would be accused of hiding that info from the public with the intent of influencing the election.

    Assange and Anonymous are key to the entire affair and their part in this should not be overlooked at the risk of completely missing the point of why he did what he did.

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    • Janet L Davis

      Great rebuttal for an article that appears to be fishing, but what they are looking for, I’ve no idea.

      Amazing response

    • ianbmichaels

      I agree, Eol.

      It is being reported that Comey has received many resignation letters over what his agents have said was a travesty of justice over not having submitted the case to a grand jury. It seems more likely that he was “righting a wrong”. The alternative would have been to “spring” the emails on the American people after the election. This would not have gone over well.

      The author of this article seems to agree that Comey did not handle the matter correctly initially, but then goes on to bemoan what may have been the corrective effort. A bit of incoherence there – unless the author’s gripe is only about the timing.

      I don’t see a crime here. Just a mess. To say it was a “crime” is hyperbole. To treat it like a crime would be political gamesmanship.

      • The author’s gripe is entirely about the timing. Comey could have waited to accomplish a correction. In addition, he would have done us all a big favor by blocking the unacceptable and disastrous Clinton. It’s a shame we live in the time we do but Kaine, as ineffectual and owned as he is, represents a choice light years ahead of a deranged sexual predator and Clinton (she’s do bad she defies adjectives at this point).

    • OK. We agree that this was an intentional act. I agree Assange is involved and that Comey “cheated” by looking at materials obtained before a warrant. Self preservation, as I understand your use of the words, means not getting caught failing to perform his duty. My thinking is as follows. He could have performed his duty by releasing any slam dunk materials after the election but before the nomination. Rather, he chose that that tpe of self preservation in a way that utterly destroys his “legacy.” By violating procedures and law, he has only the service he offered to whomever ordered this. Tilting a presidential and congressional election is one of the worst things he could do by conventional valued. Of course, tilting elections happens all the time.

      It will be interesting to see what the Clinton clan comes up with in response.

    • JosephConrad

      1. HUMA HAD SWORN UNDER OATH she had surrendered all phones & computers. She LIED.
      2. She was the only person on HRC’s team to have all her to/from emails linked to HRC’s server.

      • nobody

        He explained to congress if anything else came to light that he would inform them of such.

    • JosephConrad

      Assange & Anonymous were key positive forces in this case of high criminality and potential
      treason be a presidential candidate. The laid out the pieces for law enforcement to assess.
      HRC has a bad track record of criminal behavior where she escaped prosecution.


    • nobody

      Comey knows he tried to please her in the beginning. Now the people have spoken on her fraud, waste and abuse.

  • Great question. Here is your answer.

    Jul 7, 2016 Justice Vs. “Just Us”: Of Course the FBI Let Hillary off the Hook

    The only thing that surprises me is that anyone is surprised by this.


    ‘Investment Watch Blog’

    It seems that our beloved FBI Director is or until very recently was a director and board member of HSBC, which is tightly connected to the Clinton Foundation. Check out some of these links:


    “Mr. Comey’s appointment will be for an initial three-year term which, subject to re-election by shareholders, will expire at the conclusion of the 2016 Annual General Meeting.”


    “Clinton foundation received up to $81m from clients of controversial HSBC bank”

    It’s like a revolving door of money and special projects that the bank and the CF are involved in. This is the same HSBC that was accused of laundering drug cartel money, was heavily involved in the LIBOR scandal, and who knows what else, and all while our esteemed FBI Director James “she didn’t intend it” Comey was part of the senior leadership.


    • Macon Richardson

      Exactly, Lincoln! Comey subverted the election process by not performing a proper investigation of Clinton in the first place and by not indicting her. His current action is a means of undoing the original subversion. Chastise him for subversion is you will but get right about what the subversion was. It was not his current actions.

      • More folks need real education really. ELECTORAL COLLEGE

        When Americans vote for a President and Vice President, they are actually voting for presidential electors, known collectively as the electoral college. It is these electors, chosen by the people, who elect the chief executive.


  • dayanmao

    I don’t agree with this in the slightest. She should have been prosecuted as far back as a year ago (or further). His error was in influencing the election by Not filing charges against her. Righting a wrong (hopefully) is still fixing an error. He cannot control the time when new material becomes known or available.

    “The Department of Justice has established policies for handling legal
    matters that may impact an election. Former Attorney’s General Janet
    Reno and Eric Holder outlined policies stating that the Justice Department should avoid
    prosecutions or other actions close to elections that might influence
    those elections. Attorney General Loretta Lynch made this point to
    Comey. ”

    Lynch decided to politicize her office and influence the election when she met Bill Clinton while the initial investigation was on-going. A policy of ‘choosing’ not to file charges during elections in and of itself is an influence of and in elections.

    • Never trust or believe the media since six corporations dominate 90% of it.

      “If Holder didn’t know about Project Gunrunner, why did he give a speech about it back in 2009?”

      Mar 24, 2009 U.S.-Mexico Border Security Policy

      Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, Deputy Secretary of State Jim Steinberg and Deputy Attorney General David Ogden held a news conference to announce the U.S.-Mexico Border Security Policy.


      Holder speech on April 2, 2009 (according to DOJ site!)

      “If Holder didn’t know about Project Gunrunner, why did he give a speech about it years ago?”


    • I agree with the prosecution of Clinton some time ago and said so in the opening sentence.

  • par4

    Blah Blah Blah, Yada Yada Yada. Opinions are like assholes everybody has one and they all stink.

  • lernin

    He’s opening it again to slam it shut and say, “see, we told you there was no wrongdoing”. Nothing will come of this. They have a BIG rug and a LARGE broom in DC. And they use it all the time. She’s chosen by the Rothschilds – end of discussion.
    Of course, he could easily say “indict Hillary”, but he wants to LIVE.

  • madrino

    Comey works for the same people the FBI was created for, the “Defense” Department was created for, America was created for (see Bank of North America), the faithless contrived/converted “religions” of the Levant, those who control the production of money and credit (centralized), to control the masses as practiced since the copper ages (hence, the love of shiny metals and rocks to adorn themselves with and their fraudulent belief systems) in order to rule with absolute wealth and power.

    • It is very simple madrino when you know and have this single view.

      “Who controls the issuance of money controls the government!” Nathan Meyer Rothschild

      A surprisingly small number of corporations control massive global market shares. How many of the brands below do you use? It is a Small World at the Top.

      Which Corporations Control the World?


  • Scoot Wad

    Promptly debunked by next posted article.

  • nobody

    Hillary already used public office for private gain. Multiple times and for millions if not trillions. So do not bite your nose to spite your face.

  • Human

    What I keep going back to is that Trump talked about Anthony Weiner and Clinton emails back in August. I just don’t buy that it is coincidence. What the hell is going on?

  • Adam Jones

    He’s opening it again to slam it shut and say, “see, we told you there was no wrongdoing”. Wholesale Snapback Hats Nothing will come of this. They have a BIG rug and a LARGE broom in DC. And they use it all the time.