It’s Time We Crush the Putrid Roach Motels of Philanthro-Crony-Capitalism, Starting with the Clinton Foundation

Granted, the fantasy of philanthrocapitalism is appealing: take a bunch of fabulously successful entrepreneurial billionaires, grant their foundations tax-free status, and then unleash them on the world as philanthropists who will solve problems by applying the incentives of capitalism.

While this sounds great in a TED talk, the ugly reality is that it was philanthrocapitalism’s criminal predatory twin, Philanthro-Crony-Capitalism, that was unleashed. To illustrate how Philanthro-Crony-Capitalism works, let’s visit the charmingly corrupt and venal nation of Lower Slobovia.

Former President Paytoplay starts a non-profit charitable foundation, which starts business right as Former President Paytoplay’s wife is appointed Secretary of State for Lower Slobovia.

Since we know Lower Slobovia is corrupt, we know how this goes. Dictators, corporations, cartels, etc. who need favors from Lower Slobovia make huge “donations” to the Paytoplay Foundation, and like magic, their favors are granted by the government of Lower Slobovia.

Sadly, there is no corrupt Lower Slobovia or corrupt Paytoplay Foundation. There is however a corrupt USA and corrupt Clinton Foundation, which you can read about here: Putting the Clinton Foundation in Context: Corruption Plain on the Face of It (Amy Sterling Casil)

“I am not only qualified to assess the Clinton Foundation, I am also in a position that enables me to do so without fear of harming people in need. Any nonprofit professional in the U.S. can look at the Foundation’s own statements, tax filings and financial reports and see there is something wrong. No one who works for a nonprofit right now should do so because of the Clinton penchant for revengeand clear signs there are problems in tax and law enforcement that could lead to harm of their organization or clients. Ethically, they ought not comment because they will put their organizations or those they are charged to serve at-risk.

Since I don’t work in the nonprofit field any longer and know I will never be able to return to it, I am free to write these articles. There are only two things I can identify at which the Clinton Foundation excels: putting cash in the bank and spending it.

The Clinton Foundation isn’t a charitable organization. Charles Ortel calls it the ‘biggest charity fraud ever attempted.’

As a side note, my organization was contacted regarding building actual housing in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. We had only a few meetings before being told “don’t bother, the Clinton Foundation will be leading the efforts.” This effort ended up being about 20 moldy, substandard trailers laced with formaldehyde, provided by the same company that also constructed substandard, poisonous emergency housing after Hurricane Katrina. You will read articles to this day in major publications that blame Haitians. The company that did this to our country in New Orleans, and to Haiti, is owned by Berkshire Hathaway/Warren Buffett.”

It’s time we crush the putrid roach motels of philanthro-crony-capitalism, Starting with the Clinton Foundation. But don’t stop there–crush them all, from the Trump Foundation to the Ford Foundation and all the way down the line.

Here’s an idea: you make money, you pay the taxes on that income, and you do what you want with the remaining dough, just like any other citizen–no tax breaks for self-serving Crony Philanthropy:

From Crony Capitalism To Crony Philanthropy? (

World’s Second Largest Private Foundation Denies Crony Philanthropy

Crony Philanthropy Archives

Here’s another idea: you want to establish a charity or foundation? Fine, but the books are completely transparent 24/7 on the web, or your corrupt philanthro-crony-capitalist fraud is shut down. Every donation, every expense, every paycheck, every travel voucher–every one, posted on the web for all to see. If the foundation is caught keeping anything secret that should have been transparent, you go to jail–yeah, you, the founder.

The crony-capitalist and philanthro-crony-capitalist corruption in the U.S. has reached levels that put Lower Slobovia to shame. We either crush the putrid roach motels of philanthro-crony-capitalism now or surrender entirely to pay-to-play racketeering.

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  • Mr Boompi

    Very well written and informative. Charles describes the problems with certain charitable foundations very well. And although I agree with his ideas about what to do about them, we shouldn’t hold our breaths waiting for the laws to change. It was no coincidence the regulations creating charitable foundations were created at the same time the federal income tax was created. In my opinion this was the trade-off in order to get the elites to support an income tax. The first major foundations were then formed such as the Carnegie, Ford, and Rockefeller Foundations. I’m sure the list of current foundations is quite large since you see many celebrities, athletes, and other wealthy folks having them. Although some money does flow to worthy causes, the main benefit is shielding income from federal income tax and accumulated wealth from estate taxes. There is an additional problem besides the usual tax avoidance and money when it comes to politicians having foundations. It’s the “play” part of the Pay-to-Play. These people are involved in potentially deadly or dangerous things, like wars and weapons sales. Killing people for money is not something our politicians should be engaged in.

  • cityspeak

    HRC said that when taking on the position of Secretary of State she would remove herself from all dealings with the Clinton foundation.
    She lied and that lie has ben exposed for everyone to see. The exposure of that lie has also revealed the pay to play scheme she and Bill are running at the detriment of 99.9% of the world’s population.

    • tom

      But as “a week is a long time in politics”, the Clintons figure (quite rightly) that 99.9% of the voters had forgotten all about it a week later.

    • Brian McKeever

      Funny that Democrats used to hammer on Cheney for not divesting himself of tens of millions of dollars in Halliburton stock when he was elected VP, yet compared to the Clintons, Cheney was just a two bit grifter.

      • cityspeak

        As in both cases the claim being made by Cheney and HRC was that they could separate their duties from their pocketbooks.
        Because conflicts of interests should be a concern for small people but surely not these olympian like giants that we are blessed to have walk among us.
        The rot is bone deep now my friend.
        You are ale aware I am certain of a sitting chief justice that has taken substantial gifts from groups and individuals who had cases in front of the court. When asked why he didn’t recuse himself from such cases the shock, the pearl clutching. the audacity!! Said judge had to school these peons how he is above being bought by trinkets,
        The fact that said judge voted in favor of his gift bearing friends in every single instance did not escape the reality base community.
        We are talking about the Supreme Court of the USA. Bought and sold to the highest bidder.

  • diogenes

    Why start at the bottom with the smallest of the scummiest? Let’s “crush” the Fed! That’s where the funnymoney flow starts.

  • Oct 21, 2011 G. Edward Griffin: Individualism Capitalism vs. Collectivism Monopolies

    The difference between free market capitalism and corporate monopoly capitalism.

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        • sometime

          you’re welcome. There are tons of readers of this site who don’t realize the semantics of the words of which the post you put here, clarifies….I’m solidifying my image of you ……… a true ARTIST…..Tis Just The Way It Is..

          • This says it very well, “We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

        • sometime

          and for Christmas, buy her a drum…

          • I have a favorite from the same period as well, and guess what they are back. The police state that is.

            Buffalo Springfield – Stop Children What’s That Sound


          • sometime

            I have this on my computer….was the time when I was drafted into Nam….
            I haven’t cked……is this group back? Is that what you mean?
            the Dylan one I posted I thought of you as the Artist……” SHE got every thing she needs, she’s an artist she don’t look back….” talk about a great piece of music, you’ll note the other songs)the Steelers Wheel…..a magic song…..was originally just titled…..Stuck In The Middle……Music has been my mental friend all my life since the age of 5…as I related to you some time back…………..cheers my friend

          • The police state randomly killing anybody and everybody with complete immunity is what I was referring to as the lyrics also state in the song. Cheers time for me to fly as well!

          • sometime

            ok…….got it

          • sometime

            Bob Landy was an alias used by Dylan
            gets away from the copyright laws…by listing this as………Bob Landy