Monkey Forest, Bali

The monkeys have had the run of the ancient temple near Ubud for many years. They lounge on ancient carvings and statues – including monkey statues – at their leisure:

img_1252monkey-chillimg_1144 img_1153 img_1154 img_1166 img_1176 img_1189 img_1236 img_1241

See also Tanah Lot.

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  • Southernfink
  • It is my hope your humor is good after having a great time in Ubud.

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  • Rehmat

    Monkey is one of 365 gods in Hindu religion. Insulting monkey is insulting Holy Cow. Muslims are being killed for consuming cow meat. However, monkeys don’t have to worry as Muslims hate to consume monkey meat.

  • David S

    Great pics. Its a shame politicians don’t come with a similar warning to “take care of your stuff” when they are around.

  • Hazel Stickles

    Awesome photos! We visited this place too during our holidays in Bali and had great experience with a guided tour via The Seven Holiday. If you are near this place then don’t miss a chance to visit it!