I Support a No-Fly Zone in Syria – A Real One that Applies to NATO Too

This is the result of NATO bombing of Sirte to “enforce the no-fly zone” in Libya.


When the neo-cons in the UK parliament and the serial warmonger Hilary Clinton call for a “no-fly zone” they actually mean the opposite. The mean that NATO should be given untrammelled access to the airspace to carry out mass bombings – but that nobody else should.

We saw it in Libya. The argument goes like this. NATO aircraft need to enforce the no-fly zone. To do this in safety, they need to attack and destroy any ground to air weapons capabilities on the ground. That does not just include surface to air missiles, both carriage mounted and hand held, but anything that can be pointed upwards and fired. They need to take out by more bombing any stores that may house such weapons. They need to take out any radar installations, including civilian ones, that may pinpoint NATO aircraft. They need to destroy any runways and hangars, including civilian ones. They need to destroy by bombing all military command and control centres, including those in built up areas. They need to destroy the infrastructure on which air defence relies, including electricity generation and water supply, including civilian assets.

I am not exaggerating. That really is the doctrine of NATO for enforcing a “no fly zone”, as previously witnessed in Syria and Libya. It really was NATO aircraft which did to the beautiful Mediterranean town of Sirte the destruction which you see in that picture – in order to enforce a no-fly zone. Enforcement of the no-fly zone was the only authorisation NATO had for the massive bombing campaign on Libya which enabled regime change, which enabled rival jihadist militias to take over the country. They showed their gratitude by murdering the US Ambassador. The failure of central government led to Libya becoming the operating site from which a number now in the hundreds of thousands of boat refugees have crossed to Europe.

Now they wish to do precisely the same again. Make no mistake. Those calling for a “No-fly zone” do indeed want to stop the bombs falling on jihadist-held areas of Aleppo. But they want to replace this with NATO dropping a vastly greater weight of vastly more powerful weaponry on areas held by the Assad regime. They are relentless warmongering bastards, pretending to be motivated by humanitarian concern.

There are no easy answers in Syria. Without Russian and Syrian government air power, Syria might well already have fallen to disparate groups of murdering religious fanatics, who would then have redoubled their existing tendency to also kill each other. The pretence that there is any significant number of pro-western democratic rebels is ludicrous nonsense. But so equally is the pretence that the Assad regime is a decent regime. It is not and never has been. There is always this pathetic reductionism in the western media to conflict as between “good guys” and “bad guys”. They are all killing civilians. They are all bad guys.

If all bombing were to stop, the danger is that jihadists would again gain the upper hand. But in a situation where there are no good options, I think that is still better than the continued bombing of civilian areas held by jihadists. The fact that the West has repeatedly done this massively in Mosul or Fallujah does not make it right for the Russians or Assad to do it now. The moral balance now must be for a halt to all bombing and all military air operations – including by NATO.

A security council resolution could be tabled calling for the end of all military flights, by anybody, over Syrian airspace. The UK and US would oppose that, and so would all those Tories ad Blairites pretending to advocate a no-fly zone in the House of Commons. That would show up the bastards for the evil hypocrites they are.

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  • ICFubar

    The Assad government is the legal and duly elected government of Syria. The Russians have been invited by the Syrian government to assist it militarily in fighting foreign backed mostly foreign nationals as acting proxies seeking to over throw the people’s legal government. The Syrian government must act as the people’s representative to bring peace and security to the nation with all the force it can muster. Anyone else acting in a belligerent fashion within the nation of Syria can therefore expect to be bombed by the Syrian government forces or those of Russia, as an invited ally, in seeking to restore peace and security to the nation and her people. Any foreign nationals also acting against the wishes of the Syrian government are also fair game for the same treatment. The only party with a legitimate and legal right to declare a ‘no fly zone’ in Syrian air space is the legal and fairly elected government of the Syrian people!

    All the rest of any argument is akin to describing foreign backed moderate forces set on regime change as differing from foreign backed extremists set on the same course, or how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. Murray is playing a slimey political gambit in this article he has written and it should be condemned as such. He should keep his nose out of the business of the Syrian government and his comments to himself if he cannot support the right of a sovereign government to conduct that business of securing the nation through war perpetrated against it in which the Syrian government has acted magnanimously toward the enemy. if they surrender or wish to evacuate an area of fighting to spare the civilian population from the violence, as in east Aleppo. The foreign backed proxy forces have refused to spare the civilian population which they use as human shields and as pawns in a propaganda pitch foisted by their backers in the UK, USA and other assorted criminal nations that are the true instigators of this terrible blight of war crimes they have propagated against the Syrian nation and her people.

  • September 28, 2016 US Propaganda Machine Now in Overdrive to Fight Russia in Syria

    Over the weekend the Western press is blasting Russia and Syria for alleged war crimes in their assault on the terrorist controlled part of East Aleppo. A typical headline from The Washington Post reads “the US accuses Russia of ‘barbarism’ and war crimes in Syria.” Meanwhile, the Long War Journal declares “the US hits another Islamic State chemical weapons facility in Iraq.”