I am Warming to Nicola

The BBC spin on Nicola Sturgeon’s speech was that actually it was a move further back from Indyref2. It can be interpreted that way. In effect she was saying that leaving the EU is perhaps not a “material change” triggering Indyref2, only hard Brexit would be a “material change”. On this reading, as given by Brian Taylor of the BBC, the publishing of a draft Indyref bill is simply a sop to placate the SNP troops in the hall.

But I am satisfied that Nicola has in fact deliberately set conditions for Scotland to remain in the Union which she knows Theresa May will under no circumstances meet. Barring continued full access for Scotland to the single market, which simply cannot happen if England leaves it, then she insists that not only must the powers held by Brussels come to Scotland (eg fisheries) but that Scotland must control its own immigration policy and run its own foreign relations.

Now nobody is more fervent than me in wanting to get on with Independence and an early second referendum. But I am very happy with the criteria which Nicola has set out, which Theresa May is bound to attempt to sweep right over on the current wave of xenophobic jingoism prevailing in England. Not only will Sturgeon’s conditions not be met, it will be made very plain very quickly that they are not going to be met.

I think like all decent people, Nicola Sturgeon was quite genuinely appalled by celebration of open racism at the Tory party conference – her passage on this was very strong and very good. That has spurred her to abandon some of her usual caution and not really leave herself an out. We are going to see a second Independence referendum before the next Scottish parliamentary elections, and I am extremely happy about it.

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  • Nick Smegg

    I wish Washington’s Blog would be a little more discerning. While some of Craig Murray’s writings are worthy, his ramblings on Scottish independence are utterly beyond the pale. The Scots voted on independence two years ago when oil was in the stratosphere and could have supported a Scottish economy. They said ‘No.’

    Independence is being threatened now as a way of reversing the UK’s Brexit decision. This is a disgraceful negation of a democratic exercise by the British people and it’s supported by a man- Craig Murray – who wouldn’t allow any referendum discussion on his blog page because he was so in bed with the globalists.

    • Ian

      If England wants to commit suicide then let them do so but don’t try to say that Scotland should be dragged down along with them. The promises that were made at the time of the independence referendum two years ago have now been reneged on – ie vote No to ensure that Scotland stays in the EU, the infamous Vow and of course the most recent claim by May that Scotland would play a full part in the Brexit negotiations. In other words the people of Scotland were lied to and these ‘untruths’ are now plain to see. So the validity of the 2014 independence referendum result has now been extinguished. If, because of changed circumstances the people of Scotland want another independence referendum, then it’s time to have another referendum. It’s called democracy.

      It must puzzle more than a few people that if Scotland is the basket case that London claims that it is, why is it so desperate to hang onto it. For those not familiar with the modern history of how the UK has treated Scotland, google ‘the McCrone report’ to find out just how deceitful and selfish London has been since the 1970’s. Bear in mind this report was written in 1973 at the request of the government and was then buried for 30 years by all subsequent UK governments.

      And what happened to all the oil money.? The most frequently used word used to describe how the UK has used it’s one-off North Sea oil bonanza so far is ‘squandered’. As for the remaining oil. The price goes up and it goes down. Yet they seriously claim that Scotland is unlucky to have an estimated 20 billion barrels of oil remaining in the North Sea alone (with over 40 billion barrels already having been extracted), along with unknown amounts of oil & gas off the West Coast of Scotland,

      The UK currency is crashing which is the markets view on the UK. The Brexit fiasco is simply an embarrassment that Scotland wants no part of. When dealing with people with a track record of being devious and deceitful you need to be cautious and that is exactly what the SNP are being now. England wants to live in an imaginary past. Good luck to them. Scotland as ever is more interested in the present and the future. It can’t do that as part of the UK.

      • Nick Smegg

        You are deluded, as is the author of this piece. Scotttish nationalists want independence from London so they can be ruled over by Brussels. It makes no sense, and the Scottish people will not back so-called independence, even if London permits a second referendum.

        Do they really want to be locked into the Euro, and enjoy the freedom and austerity of Greece? and do they want border controls at Carlisle and Berwick so they can trade with Lithuania?

        • Ian

          Nothing substantive as usual. Just more hot air. The McCrone report says it all. rUK is going down the pan. Get used to it.