Debate on “Is War Ever Necessary?”

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  • diogenes

    War will continue to be “necessary” as long as it’s profitable and the oligarchs of profit rule the flow of resources. The British and French, while professing ‘neutrality,’ armed Franco’s overthrow of the Spanish republic. American oil companies were major suppliers for Italy’s invasion of Ethiopia in 1935 and fueled Japan’s war of conquest in China throughout the 30s. Today America is by far the largest exporter of “weapons of mass destruction” on the planet. And so on. That’s (part of) what Eisenhower means when he refers to the “military industrial complex” — although “financial industrial military governmental” complex would be more accurate — both about the members of the consortium and the chain of command. As long as greed rules, wars will continue.

    • truthtime

      Necessary for those order war to happen. The psychopaths. They however do not physically engage in war.

      On a human level though, those ordered to murder others, is where it becomes obvious that humans are not meant to kill each other. For them, life becomes misery if they survive the horror of it. PTSD is proof of that.