Clinton and Trump Supporters Both Agree On One Thing: The Election Could Be Hacked

73% of Republicans – and according to one poll, 41% of all voters – believe the election could be stolen by Clinton and her lackeys in the media.

Democrats urgently warn that there’s a real threat that Russia could hack our election to steal it for Trump.

While these sound like opposites that are so different that they cannot be reconciled, there’s a bigger picture: our voting systems are so insecure that elections can be stolen.

The alternative media has been warning for years that America’s voting systems are so poorly-designed that it would be child’s play to steal an election.

(Indeed, Democratic president Carter and Republican Supreme Court Justice O’Connor said that the 2000 presidential election was stolen.  And some experts – including the 100th President of the American Statistical Association, professor Fritz Scheuren – say that the Democratic race was stolen from Sanders.)

As security expert Bruce Schneier writes in the Washington Post:

While computer security experts like me have sounded the alarm for many years, states have largely ignored the threat, and the machine manufacturers have thrown up enough obfuscating babble that election officials are largely mollified.

We no longer have time for that. We must ignore the machine manufacturers’ spurious claims of security, create tiger teams to test the machines’ and systems’ resistance to attack, drastically increase their cyber-defenses and take them offline if we can’t guarantee their security online.

Longer term, we need to return to election systems that are secure from manipulation. This means voting machines with voter-verified paper audit trails, and no Internet voting. I know it’s slower and less convenient to stick to the old-fashioned way, but the security risks are simply too great.

Unless we shore up our voting systems and ditch the electronic voting systems with no paper trail, American democracy won’t be worth the paper it’s written on  …

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  • Gary Youree

    i don’t see a problem, outside a partisan agenda, that would not automatically register all citizens with a SS#, allow votes to be made any way the person cares to vote; on line with SS#, in person with or without ID, but a SS#, on a machine with a SS#. Surely the government AND an independent agency could cross match SS#’s for duplicates and investigate those duplicates. The voter should receive in all cases a receipt of their votes and have the ability to check, on line or by other methods, that their vote was recorded correctly.

  • Bev

    Are you a lawyer or do you know any lawyers?
    via email from:
    The Institute of American Democracy and Election Integrity
    Help Make Our Elections Worthy of Our Trust ! A Brilliant, New, Inexpensive Way to Create Trackable, Publicly Verifiable Elections Results!

    A few days ago, we told you about the problem of fractionalizing votes. I mentioned that we would be sending you a letter with a really good solution that has worked once before and could work again. Although votes can be fractionalized while adding them up, the ballot images pictures taken of the ballots can not be reduced to fractions. The solution is to issue temporary restraining orders in swing state counties so that the ballot images can be preserved. The act of issuing TRO’s will also be a deterrent in itself to fractionalizing votes in an effort to steal the election. This process could apply to all elections, presidential, state and county elections as well as bond issues and propositions.

    If you are interested in getting involved in making this happen, if you are a lawyer and if you know a lawyer or lawyers who might also be interested in preserving ballot images using TRO’s, please contact us at as soon as possible, as we will need to issue these TRO’s for the most part BEFORE the election. And, as you might expect, organizing this effort will require money. So please DONATE WHATEVER YOU CAN to support to fight election fraud in our country.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH on behalf of TrustVote and our challenged democracy!

    Also here is the analysis by John Brakey of AUDIT-AZ of How the California Presidential Primary was , Stripped and Flipped:


    Election activist John Brakey and attorney William Risner assert that destroying ballot images is against Federal law: Federal law 52 U.S.C § 20701 requiring retention of federal election materials, provides a penalty of up to $1,000 fine and one year in jail for premature destruction of that material (was formerly 42 U.S.C § 1974).

    For the November elections, Brakey and Risner recommend the following strategy:

    • File a public record request (ASAP) asking for ballot images for the last and the next election. The request should include other critical documents like the Cast Vote Record (CVR). We can provide a draft of what to request.

    • If ballot images are or have been destroyed then file a special action Temporary Restraining Order (TRO), which is usually easy to request.

    • If they refuse your public records request for “ballot images,” then file another special action in the form of a Mandamus Act. When you win they have to pay all expenses and legal fees.

    Additional efforts that may be necessary and are suggested by AUDIT-AZ member Mickey Duniho, a retired former NSA Cryptologist for 37 years. His recommendations are being added to our TRO.

    • Do not transfer results from the DS850 to the central count computer until election day;

    • Print the cast vote record serial number on each ballot so that an audit can link back to the original ballot as per how the system was federal certified by EAC;

    • Mark every storage box containing ballots with the range of serial numbers contained in the box, so that an audit can easily find the box containing a ballot of interest.

    The New Scanning Systems, FRACTION MAGIC and Humboldt Cty, CA
    Richard Charnin

  • Brabantian

    Let’s not forget that a George Soros pal & his ultra-hackable voting machines will be counting the US votes:

    George Soros partner from World Bank & United Nations, heads the company operating tens of thousands of USA computerised vote-counting machines, many in key US states … From Russ Winter:

    “George Soros sidekick [& UK Lord] Mark Malloch-Brown is the chairman of Smartmatic, an electronic voting machine conglomerate that provides technology & support services to the electoral commissions of 307 counties in 16 U.S. states. Smartmatic holds the largest election automation contract in U.S. history … The company website states that it has configured 392,000 electoral devices across America & ‘deployed’ 57,000 vote-counting machines.

    “British Lord Mark Malloch­-Brown has a long globalist resume. He is vice-chairman of Soros’ investment funds & Open Society Foundations philanthropy. He was formerly vice president of World Bank, & has served as vice chairman of the World Economic Forum & as deputy secretary general & chief of staff of the U.N. under Kofi Annan.

    “The list of Smartmatic’s clients is jaw dropping as it includes a big majority of toss-up states in the U.S. presidential election … Smartmatic is already accused of voter fraud in Mexico, the Philippines & Brazil.”

    • Bev

      Who owns Scytl? George Soros isn’t in the voting machines, but the intelligence community is

      by Gerry Bello

      quote at bottom: Booz Allen Hamilton is majority owned by the Bush family friendly firm
      Carlyle Group. A long time government contractor, Booz Allen’s current
      and former management team has included some of the leading lights of
      the intelligence community…

      Note: This is the first in a series of investigative articles
      documenting who owns the electronic hardware and software used in the
      U.S. voting process. Our goal is simple: To reveal the man behind the
      curtain and expose the vulnerability of non-transparent, faith-based
      voting. ~ Bob Fitrakis, Editor.

      Various far-right conspiracy researchers have been alleging for some
      months that George Soros somehow secretly will control the outcome of
      the 2012 Presidential election. The Free Press’s exhaustive research can
      find not a single tangible link between George Soros and any
      manufacturer of voting equipment. Our research did find links much more

      The Free Press widely reported the various dirty tricks employed by Karl
      Rove and company to apparently outright steal the election for George
      W. Bush in Ohio, and thus the nation, in 2004. Since then, a witness in
      our case has died in a mysterious plane crash, and all the players in
      the DRE (Direct Reporting Electronic) voting machine game have shifted
      seats in a gigantic game of musical chairs.

      The Soros Allegations revolve around the entry of Barcelona based Scytl
      into the US elections market. Scytl was formed as a start up out of the
      Autonomous University of Barcelona to leverage existing concepts in
      modern cryptography (public key cryptography, digital signatures and
      zero-knowledge proofs) to ensure a secure and verifiable voting system
      in paperless remote environments including the internet and over
      wireless carriers. Scytl’s scheme is intended to provide the voter with
      both privacy and verification that their vote was recorded as intended.
      Scytl’s start up funding comes from three European venture capital
      firms, Balderton Capital, Nauta Capital, and Spinnaker SCR (a subsidiary
      of Riva y Garcia, which is described as an independent financial
      group). None of these are connected to George Soros.
      Balderton Capital is the London based spinoff of Benchmark Capital
      Investments which has no overtly political connections that our research
      could determine at this time. Nauta Capital and Spinnaker SCR are a
      different matter.

      Nauta Capital was founded by 8 executives of the European management
      consulting firm Cluster Consulting. Cluster Consulting was purchased by
      Diamond Consulting (NYSE: DPTI) to form Diamond Cluster consulting.
      Diamond Cluster was subsequently purchased by Mercer Management
      Consulting and its Europe division spun off. The principles of the
      original Cluster Consulting used their profits from these mergers to
      fund Nauta. Two of the principals, Jordi Vinas and Charles Ferrar
      Roqueta, also have board positions at Spinnaker SCR and/or Riva y
      Garcia, keeping this coterie’s control of Scytl very close. All of
      Nauta’s partners have a strong background in the telecommunications
      In 2010, Scytl purchased a 100% interest in SOE software, an up and
      coming player in the American elections market with their Clarity
      Software Suite which is used in 525 jurisdictions in 19 states. SOE has a
      strategic partnership with ES & S, the major marketer of electronic
      voting systems in the US. ES & S was sued by the US DOJ in 2009 on
      anti-trust grounds after purchasing Diebold’s elections division,
      Premier Election Solutions. ES & S subsequently sold Premier to
      rival manufacturer Dominion. Bob Urosevich, founder of ES & S, was
      also President of Diebold. In 2006 Urosevich was listed as managing
      director of Scytl Americas, although his name has subsequently been
      removed from their website.

      The director of Nauta’s American operations is Dominic Endicott, who
      went from Cluster Consulting to Booz Allen Hamilton (NYSE: BAH) where he
      oversaw wireless practice. He then rejoined his former colleagues from
      Cluster Consulting at Nauta. In his capacity as a Nauta partner Endicott
      also sits on the board of CarrierIQ.

      Booz Allen Hamilton is majority owned by the Bush family friendly firm
      Carlyle Group. A long time government contractor, Booz Allen’s current
      and former management team has included some of the leading lights of
      the intelligence community such as:

  • TimeToWakeUPAmerica

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