Quick Break from the Madness

Things are kind of nutty right now, with the election, tension with Russia, the economy, spying, etc.

Need a quick mental vacation?

Enjoy a few pics from my recent travels around Bali:

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  • X@mailinator.com

    The net has me so conditioned I was worried about clickbait. LOL! Nice pictures. Why not post a rolling scroll of pictures or something though. Tough to click through all separately but still a nice set of pictures. It has been quite some time since I clicked on a photo link and did not have to see an ad and such. And thanks again for not blocking my access just because I use ad/flash block. I mean whom does not surf the net without those, that’s madness. Keep myself to a 1 a day commercial limit. I’m on permanent mental vacation. Ha! The person you are trying to reach not here right now. Please leave a message. I’m going back to a tape based answering machine so I can delete messages without having to listen to them. I tried to bring back the disposable film camera, but could not find a place to develop the film. Geesh.