Australia To Search Out And Prosecute Anti-Vax Nurses And Midwives; Calls For Public To Turn Them In

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While Australia whines about the lack of democracy and freedom in places like Syria, it is doing everything in its power to ensure that nothing resembling either of those things is allowed within its own borders.

Apparently having found itself in a race with France, Germany, the UK and the United States, for which country can eliminate personal liberties, freedom of speech – or even thought – while launching wars all across the world on the basis of protecting those things, Australia is proving itself to be a capable competitor.

The examples of Australia’s thought control policies are legion, but the most recent is surrounding the vaccination hysteria in the ability of free adults to choose whether or not they accept toxic chemicals (or life-saving medicines with no side effects) into their bodies.

According to a report by the Guardian, the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia has announced a fatwa of jihad against nurses and midwives who discourage vaccination or are critical of vaccines.

After releasing “vaccination standards” the board’s statement reads:

The board is taking this opportunity to make its expectations about providing advice on vaccinations clear to registered nurses, enrolled nurses and midwives. The board expects all registered nurses, enrolled nurses and midwives to use the best available evidence in making practice decisions.

Of course, when the board says “best available evidence” it means vaccine fanaticism and unquestioning adherence to faith-based science.

Under Australian law, promoting false, misleading or deceptive information will be prosecuted by the Australian health practitioner regulation agency. The NMBA is specifically targeting nurses and midwives who question the safety or effectiveness of vaccination via social media.

The statement goes even further by urging members of the public to report nurses or midwives who are doing so – even on social media.

Obviously, Australia must consider one of its founding documents to be George Orwell’s 1984although we are afraid Australian leadership may have missed the point of the book.

Professor of Midwifery at the University of Western Sydney, Dr. Hannah Dahlan supports the new policy. She says, “I agree that they have a very serious obligation to provide the best available evidence, and it is of course concerning that some are taking to social media in order to express a position not backed by science.”

But Dahlan also says that she is worried that the policy may have some unintended effects.

“The worry,” she says, “is the confirmation bias that can occur, because people might say: ‘there you go, this is proof that you can’t even have an alternative opinion.’ It might in fact just give people more fuel for their belief systems.”

Actually, this is undeniably proof that you can’t even have an alternative opinion. In case Mrs. Dahlan’s degree did not require an understanding of logic, banning someone from expressing an alternative opinion does indeed serve as proof to them that they are not allowed to have an alternative opinion.

In all fairness, neither Dahlan nor the NMBA are saying you cannot have an alternative belief that contradicts the Borg. They are merely saying that if you express that belief even on social media, you will lose your job, have your license to practice taken away and possibly be sent to jail.

If anyone ever proved Voltaire’s statement that in order to learn who rules over you – simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize – the NMBA has closed the case.

Remember, when Dahlan worries about positions that are not backed by “science,” she does not mean science, but Big Pharma, the NMBA that Big Pharma owns and the Australian government. Coming from a government that only 40 years ago did not even consider its indigenous people to be humans, we definitely say there is room for error.

Predictably, the Australia Medical Association is getting in on the act too. The AMA President, Dr. Michael Gannon stated, “Immunization saves lives. That is anundeniable fact.” Notwithstanding the redundancy of the latter part of the brilliant Dr. Gannon’s statement, that immunization saves lives is very deniable and is in no way a fact.

Gannon also touted the government’s no jab, no pay policy as having improved public health because 6,000 children whose parents who had previously registered as conscientious objectors were effectively threatened with the possibility of not being able to feed those children, losing them, or losing their homes – into vaccinating. Of course, Gannon’s statement proves nothing, except that 6,000 children were vaccinated, not that public health was improved.

Indeed, according to Gannon’s logic, we could disembowel 795 million people and claim that we eliminated world hunger. Thankfully, no one is arguing to do that, but let’s hope that Dr. Gannon is never made president of the World Food Program.

In all seriousness, however, the new initiative by the NMBA is just yet another example of the downward spiral of Australia and most of the Western world into authoritarianism and into a scientific dictatorship. While Westerners shiver in fear over Vladimir Putin defending his borders, they are none the wiser as their own countries march directly down the same path as Russian in the early 20th century.

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  • July 25, 2016 REVEALED: Vaccine ingredients cause tumors to grow

    Other harmful ingredients often added to vaccines include mercury, formaldehyde, monosodium glutamate and aluminum. One way to help your body eliminate these nasty chemicals and amp up the immune system is through the Clean Chlorella/Hawaiian Spirulina superfood combo.


      Vaccine Reaction newsletter has dozens and dozens of detailed articles which will focus on individual ingredients you’ve mentioned, amongst many others. It’s the ‘stressor’ argument. The body cannot handle such stressors. Japan has much much less problems and adverse reaction, and they wait until all children have sufficient body mass and are at least 2 years old until vaccination. The root argument continues to be that the supposed miracle which is vaccination disease prevention does positively coincide with sanitation advancements like municipal water, sewer toilet, and other food safety advancements like sterilization through pasteurization. “Natural immunity works.” / Some simple logical questions answer the issue plainly; If a child is not immunized how are they a danger to children whom are, if the vaccinated children are protected? If the majority of the adult populace is essentially unvaccinated because they have not received boosters, why are there so few mass outbreaks?

  • June 30, 2016 Lawsuit for Shingles Vaccine Failure

    Note: The The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 needs a bit of an update to protect vaccines mass marketed to the unsuspecting, pharma trusting, medically ravenous elderly. Not sure where this law suit will go, but the mere fact it exists highlights how overreaching rarely ends well.

  • / Make sure to subscribe to the vaccine reaction newsletter. That is a very professional publication and National Vaccine Information Center is a powerhouse of advocacy. If you want to know what’s going on in your state, look at this link: Now that list updates quarterly. Does that look like representative democracy to you? I do donate to this group because they really do rise up and stop legislation and work as a hub for persons like myself whom otherwise have no voice.


      Oh yeah, don’t forget the CDC is a privately traded company whom answers to shareholders and who’s management boards are populated with special interests and persons with investments in big pharma. Although CDC is federally chartered, they do not answer to We The People. CDC is the only federally chartered organization that actually allows persons actively employed by the companies being regulated to have a hand in current policy structure (as if the revolving door argument for the other industries was not bad enough.) Big pharma vaccines is poised to become the largest industry segment over lending quite soon. We’re talking hundreds of billions on the line. In order to avoid product profit loss, they simply lobby and bribe new legislation into place to assure continuance of sales. Shocking but sadly true. Vote with your wallet, it is the vote that continues to matter the most. If you get a ‘free’ flue shot, that is a subsidized cost product and big pharma companies typically charge 40-80 dollars per dose, subsidized by taxpayers and special write off allowances in tax code. There is no greater objection than absence. Our children are not vaccinated and are recognized as the smartest students in their class. Coincidence, I think not. We’re not genius parents, I play xbox all night. My cousin is vaccine injured so this is near and dear of an issue to us. I don’t claim to be a scientist but take a simpler logical approach; Until such time as the issue is resolved, we’ll simply opt out. We do not have to decide if we think vaccines or safe or not. Instead we’ll opt out until they figure it out and ALL sides agree to a consensus. It’s an ethical based decision, if companies have to silence voices to sell the product, that is not an ethical engagement of free market principals and free markets.

  • animalogic

    I will not voice an opinion on vaccination per se, (because I simply don’t know the science involved) but I will say the authors conclusions do not follow from the evidence presented.
    This conclusion:
    “Of course, when the board says “best available evidence” it means vaccine fanaticism and unquestioning adherence to faith-based science.”
    in NO WAY FOLLOWS on its own merits from:

    “The board expects all registered nurses, enrolled nurses and midwives to use the best available evidence in making practice decisions.”

    Nor does the author present any evidence to suggest:
    “if you express that belief even on social media, you will lose your job, have your license to practice taken away and possibly be sent to jail.” (the statement “it is of course concerning that some are taking to social media in order to express a position not backed by science.” DOES NOT support such a conclusion)
    The author is a clear advocate for one side of this issue. In his haste to smear his opponents, he has used completely specious reasoning.
    What he said may be true, however he has certainly not demonstrated it.

  • Southernfink

    Don’t be surprised, it’s simply another US vassal nation, which would not be complete without her very own Duopoly plus the revolving door into the corporate world to boot.

    Think of it as the consequences for signing all those surreptitious deals….. courtesy of the Neocon puppets in Washington.

    As if the TPP was already incorporated, introduced by stealth…without a whim or a whimper, a massively increased military budget, privatization of state owned assets, extra police powers… know the rest.

  • shar

    I have studied vaccines and know they are dangerous a silent killer. Much observations over the last 15 years and I know best Vaccines are about controll power and money. Wars are about money and I have studied history and all the diseases and we are the Sickest unhealthey generation ever, with all the sanitation and hygine and healthy Need the Organic. GMO”S foods are also dangerous But babies are dying before they eat foods — Ooops Vaccine before your first drink of milk.

    Like vaccines ok but don;t push or enforse them upon anyone have the right to say NO and Free Speech