A Peculiar Coincidence

Today, Swedish prosecutors were meant to question Julian Assange in the Ecuadorean Embassy, something for which the Assange legal team has been pressing for years. They believe that once this step has been taken, prosecutors will no longer be able to keep from the scrutiny of Swedish courts the fact that there is no viable evidence whatsoever to back up the ludicrous allegations which have been made.

Frustratingly, Swedish prosecutors cancelled the interview last week, with no explanation given. Anyone would think they do not wish the investigation to progress… Then this same day Assange’s internet access is cut, WikiLeaks say by a state actor. To add to this string of coincidence, at the same time Russia Today has its bank accounts frozen by the Royal Bank of Scotland, again without explanation

This series of events are all aimed at those who seek to counter the neo-con narrative pumped out by the state and corporate media. It could be coincidence, but it looks like co-ordinated clampdown to me.

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  • andrew1212

    I noticed that RT in the US has now been demoted to “Leased Cable Access” and no longer has any listings for programming. It used to have scheduled programming (which was often wrong).

    Obama also made a cryptic quote on the media last week: “We are going to have to rebuild within this
    wild-wild-west-of-information flow some sort of curating function that
    people agree to.”

    Still haven’t seen any good follow-up to the RT founder who was found dead (apparently a heart attack) in a Wash, DC hotel last year, either…


  • Nick Smegg

    I agree with Craig – it also looks like some sort of preparation for war. Wear your mushroom with pride.

  • Sparky McBiff

    I’m pretty sure Assange is dead (or in prison) after being poisoned by Pamela Anderson.
    They killed his lawyer and director of Wikileaks.
    The Clinton death machine knows no limits.