Lake Baratan, Bali

The temple and surrounding area at Lake Baratan, Bali:

img_0881 img_0883 img_0885 img_0888img_0899img_0913 Double-click for large images:

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    Dang. Amazing photos. I live in Colorado and have never seen anything like that in person. Why do so many people wear the same colors? Cheers.

    • Washington’s Blog

      Hi X,

      People mainly dress the same when they are going to a religious festival/ceremony. Before we left for Bali, everyone told us that we were going the WRONG time of year, as there were NO festivals at that time.

      But we ran into religious festivals/ceremonies almost every day anyway. The Balinese have numerous festivals and ceremonies, and – as you can see from the pictures I took around Bali – temples everywhere.

      • jo6pac

        Thanks for the wonderful pictures