1 in 4 Young Americans Prefer a Giant Meteor to Trump or Clinton as President


Can’t really blame them, can you.

Reuters reports:

Young Americans are so dissatisfied with their choices in this presidential election that nearly one in four told an opinion poll they would rather have a giant meteor destroy the Earth than see Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton in the White House.

The tongue-in-cheek question was intended to gauge young Americans’ level of unhappiness about their choices in the Nov. 8 election, said Joshua Dyck, co-director of UMass Lowell’s Center for Public Opinion, which conducted the poll alongside Odyssey Millennials.

The choice alluded to the Twitter hashtag “#GiantMeteor2016,” a reference to an imaginary presidential candidate used to express frustration about this year’s election choices.

Some 53 percent of the 1,247 people aged 18 to 35 said they would prefer to see a meteor destroy the world than have Republican New York real estate developer Trump in the Oval Office, with some 34 percent preferring planetary annihilation to seeing the Democratic former Secretary of State win.

Some 23 percent, nearly one in four, preferred the giant meteor outcome to either Trump or Clinton.

“Obviously we don’t think that they’re serious,” Dyck said in a phone interview on Tuesday. “The fact that one in four of our young people pick ‘Giant Meteor’ tells you something about the political disaffection that is being shown by American youth.”

That contrasts with the surge of participation by young voters that helped propel Obama into the White House for his first term in the 2008 election.

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  • lernin

    “……Young Americans are so dissatisfied with their choices…..”
    Therein lies the problem. These AREN’T the choices of the American People. They are simply the ONLY choices OFFERED to the American people by the SYSTEM.

    When the Soviet Union invaded the Baltic states, they held ‘free elections’. The ballot had the option of being absorbed into the Soviet Union. But that was the only choice. If you voted, you voted to be annexed. Otherwise you didn’t vote and risked your life. 96 % favored being absorbed into the Soviet Union.

    That’s how the system works here, mainly because it’s run by the same bolshevik tribe.

  • The trend has not changed since Nov of 2015 for all Americans. Who would have thought?

    Nov 26, 2015 1 in 4 Americans Know Government is the Enemy


  • Apr 27, 2016 US elections, RIGGED Computer Programmer TESTIFIES Congressional Meeting. ELECTION FRAUD!

    If you listen to the first minute you’ll have no choice but to listen to the last 10.


  • X@mailinator.com

    And they cast their opinion votes on iphones from foxconn. They wave and smile for the redflex camera system. How are their government sanction cellular spy devices treating them lately? Will the wonders of the modern world ever cease? I wonder which one they would prefer, being the slave master or the slave. Judging by how out of control the proliferation of slave labor sourced tech devices are out there, the choice is clear. So essentially they have no credibility in the first place. It’s not surprising they’re disgruntled, they cut out their own hearts before they ever had a chance to break and then grow again.