What Is Going On In Charlotte Is Far More Important Than Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie’s Divorce

brad-pitt-and-angelina-jolie-photo-by-georges-biardWhile one of America’s largest cities is being ripped in two, most Americans appear to be far more interested in the drama surrounding Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce.  As Charlotte braces for a third night of rioting and violence, the mainstream media is full of headlines such as “Welp, the Jolie-Pitt Divorce Got Real Depressing Real Fast” and “Even the Dalai Lama has something to say about Brangelina’s divorce“.  Yes, the “Brangelina divorce” is an important cultural moment that illustrates our ongoing moral and social decay, but what is going on in Charlotte is far more important.  Trust in our most important institutions is deeply broken, and Americans are increasingly choosing chaos and violence over peaceful discourse.  For a very long time I have been warning that these kinds of riots were coming, and the thin veneer of civilization that we all take for granted every day is starting to rapidly disappear.

There had been hope that things would settle down after the first couple of nights of chaos in Charlotte, but as I write this article protesters have already massed downtown despite a midnight curfew imposed by Mayor Jennifer Roberts…

Demonstrators chanted “release the tape” while briefly blocking an intersection near Bank of America headquarters in the heart of the city’s business district. They then continued marching as police officers watched. Members of the National Guard carrying rifles were also deployed in front of office buildings to head off another night of violence in this city on edge.

Mayor Jennifer Roberts has signed a curfew order from midnight until 6 a.m., despite Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney saying he saw no need for a curfew.

Personally, I can definitely understand why a curfew was imposed.  Nobody should want to see a repeat of the senseless violence of the past two nights.  At one point on Wednesday night, enraged protesters actually attempted to toss a news photographer into a roaring fire

Among the many reports of violence from the Charlotte, North Carolina unrest Wednesday night was one particular shocking example: rioters tried to throw a news photographer into a burning fire.

Local CW affiliate WCCB was on the scene and tweeted out images of the fire and their initial report.

If you are protesting for justice, you sure aren’t going to get it by trying to burn people alive.  I don’t know how anyone out there can possibly justify the kinds of things that we have been seeing in Charlotte.

In addition to trying to throw an innocent photographer into a fire, the “protesters” have also engaged in other forms of violence that are extremely alarming.  The following summary originally comes from Paul Joseph Watson

  • Stealing and looting cash registers from local businesses is not a legitimate form of protest
  • A “protester” shooting another “protester” is not a legitimate form of protest.
  • Physically attacking reporters is not a legitimate form of protest.
  • Throwing rocks off bridges at passing vehicles full of families is not a legitimate form of protest
  • Beating up innocent people in parking lots because they’re white is not a legitimate form of protest.
  • Smashing up apartment windows where black people live to “protest” in favor of ‘Black Lives Matter’ is not a legitimate form of protest.
  • Trashing your own neighborhood is not a legitimate form of protest.
  • Looting the Charlotte Hornets team store so you can steal basketball merchandise is not a legitimate form of protest
  • Attempting to hijack cars and terrify their innocent occupants is not a legitimate form of protest.

These sorts of things are not supposed to happen in Charlotte.

We have already seen major rioting in impoverished cities such as Baltimore, Ferguson, Milwaukee and Baton Rouge.  But Charlotte is supposed to be different.  Over the past decade, Charlotte has been one of the more prosperous major cities in America.  Just check out this excerpt from an NBC News editorial

Charlotte isn’t a crumbling urban ghetto. Charlotte is the place you move when you want sunshine, and a shiny new house in a sparkling new subdivision. Charlotte is a prosperous city where you not only can get a job in the bustling and very clean Uptown area, but that job affords you wonderful weekend getaways to a cozy cabin in the Appalachian mountains but an hour away, or to the sandy shores of the Atlantic, also an easy drive from the Queen City. Charlotte is a magnet for the young and old alike and it’s growth is the envy of not a few urban mayors.

It matters that Charlotte has been celebrated by U.S. News and World Reports as one of the best places to live in the entire nation. It filled Charlotte’s residents with pride when other media outlets heralded their city as one of the very best places to raise a family in the entire state of North Carolina.

If rioting like this could happen in Charlotte, then it could happen just about anywhere.

Now is a time when we need to forgive, come together and learn to work with one another again.  I really like what Donald Trump had to say about this…

We all have to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes and see things through their eyes, and then get to work fixing our very wounded country,” Trump said.

Pointing to the violent protests over a police-involved shooting in Charlotte, N.C., Trump said, “Our country looks bad to the world, especially when we are supposed to be the world’s leader. How can we lead when we can’t even control our own cities?” he asked.

Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of calls for love and forgiveness.

Instead, most of the discussion is focused on anger, hatred, strife and discord.

A house divided cannot stand, and America is more divided today than I have ever seen it in my entire lifetime.

As I stated yesterday, a lot more chaos and violence are coming.  As a society we have been going down the wrong road for decades, and now we are reaping a very bitter harvest.

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  • David S

    NO IT ISN’T (pounding fists and crying uncontrollably while looking for a “safe space” to hide in)!

  • no more synder please

    Snyder again? C’mon Washington… it’s time to stop posting his garbage on your site.

    He is pretending to report “real” news by comparing to even more garbage news, but in effect still gives garbage. IMO this is planned to deceive and misdirect, to hide the real reasons why this rioting is occurring.

    Here is a REAL article about the Charlotte protests… http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=49898

    • Nick Smegg

      I like Snyder’s article. Stop trolling.

      • no more snyder please

        did you compare his article versus the one i gave a link to? i guess not.

        but for those that did… big difference hey? they’re worlds apart in research and accuracy, so someone is way off.

        so who’s doing the trolling????????????????

      • no more snyder please

        p.s. i have seen many of snyder’s articles at many different sites. i know his writing very well. they all push the same agendas that washington wants us to believe. noticed that? keep an eye on him and watch for yourself. the disinformation disguised as alternate media does not work on me.

    • Charlie Primero

      Your article doesn’t say anything different than Snyder’s article.

      Spamming for a click-bait WordPress blog with “2012” in the URL is a waste of your time.

      Spend $8 for a new domain name for goodness’ sake.

      • no more snyder please

        Your response is typical paid psyop stuff.

        It’s not my article, nor my site.

        False accusations of “spamming” is designed to discredit an argument/information without any real substance.

        2012 in the URL is irrelevant – if he/she/they created a credible site back then (with perhaps a naively chosen address?!?!) then it would be unwise to change it as they would lose many regulars.

        You did not read the article, or deliberately mislead and say they are the same – they are worlds apart as one exposes who is responsible and why, the other just an “oh my gosh, how terrible” article.

        I visit many sites including MSM and analyse each argument for plausibility and scientific merit. It then becomes easy to spot which sites and writers put out facts and which put out fluff or lies. I also see how many commenters also DISTRACT PEOPLE FROM GETTING TO THE ROOT CAUSE (PEOPLE) of all these things. Re-read the part in bold and understand it.

  • Charlie Primero

    Snyder is correct. The natural dissolution of the United States is beginning.

    The U.S. legal and social institutions are rotten, dying, and held in place only by Force Majeure fear of punishment, not any feelings moral obligation by citizens. It’s time to start something new.

    The idea that people with little cultural connection to the founding principles of the United States would magnanimously forgo using the ballot box to loot each other was, and is absurd. 19 Trillion dollars in un-payable National Debt was predicted decades ago.

    • alan2102

      We are not “looting each other” using the ballot box. We are BEING LOOTED by the military-industrial-security-prison complex (corporate), the medical-academic-industrial complex (corporate), and a half-dozen other massive corporate complexes — the corporate structure of the oligarchs.

      • Charlie Primero

        It’s both. Voters do indeed loot each other. Corporations merely administer the torrent of money spewing out of FedGov, keeping a nice chunk for themselves.

        Witness landlords on HUD subsidy, BigPharma profits from Medicare meds, WalMart revenue from food stamps, Apple’s dependence on school taxes, and Microsoft on every desktop in the Military.

        Corporations use media to have voters demand government hand-outs that corporations administer.

        • Robert Harshom

          Interesting point that I had not considered before. But none of that exonerates the Corporations for their evil, but shhows that we the voters are part of it too. We never had real Capitalism anyway. The free market is a myth, conjured up by monompolly men to make the public think they awere free.

        • alan2102

          Yes, OF COURSE some of the looting goes through the fed gov! The corporations love those subsidies. None of what you wrote suggests that “voters loot each other”. That does of course happen, occasionally, but it is not a big deal.

          • Charlie Primero

            “Not a big deal” Holy cow.

            * Billions in HUD rent subsides
            * Billions for free drugs and therapy swimming pools via Medicare and Medicaid benefits
            * Billions for giant government-run schools with expensive football teams in every small town.
            * $200 per kid, per month in free food for millions of kids
            * Billions for Millions of federal, state, county, and city government workers to have Microsoft desktops

            Who do you think is voting to tax their fellow citizens to pay for all that? Space aliens? Voters in Brazil? Magic fairies who sneak into voting booths at night?

          • alan2102

            You honestly believe that feeding poor kids and providing rent subsidies for impoverished and disabled people represents “looting”?! If so, then you’re waaaay too far gone to bother with. As for some of the other things you mention: yes, indeed there is wasteful government spending. Yes, it should be cleaned up. But “looting” is not the word. Yes, we all pay taxes and the taxes should be used wisely, but no one is “looting” you except the massive corporate/industrial complexes that I mentioned (e.g. military-industrial), which are VASTLY bigger than some stupid bullshit like “expensive football teams”. Some of the things you mention are simply essential tools for government workers. “Microsoft desktops”: Big fucking deal! You want them all to use pencils and paper? You really want government to be THAT inefficient? THINK before you write.

          • Charlie Primero

            You conveniently left out my Billions and Billions and Billions and Billions, and did not answer my question WHO do you think is voting to tax their fellow citizens to pay for all that?

          • alan2102

            Saying “billions and billions and billions” is not convincing. How much money is spent on MS desktops annually? A couple MILLION desktops might run a billion dollars. Big fucking deal. Meanwhile, the MIC grinds through 3-4 billion $$ PER DAY. You’re not paying attention to what is truly important. You’re mired in silly details. Yes, our taxes pay for the computers. Big fucking deal. You want there to be less “looting” (taxes) by way of denying essential tools to government workers? If yes, then you’re an idiot.

          • Charlie Primero

            You did not answer my question.

            WHO do you think is voting to tax their fellow citizens to pay for all that?