As this vitriolic, unpredictable, outrageously entertaining presidential campaign enters its final stages I find myself pondering what happens next. I was reminded of the last scene in the 1972 movie, The Candidate. The movie is about a young untested non-politician candidate for U.S. Senator in California who puts his fate in the hands of a veteran political operative and overcomes a double digit polling deficit to win a huge upset victory. His entire focus during the campaign was to win. In the final scene of the movie he is standing among the celebrating campaign staffers and the fawning press corp. with a befuddled look on his face. He grabs his political consultant campaign manager and pulls him into a room. As the press break into the room he asks, “What do we do now?” The question goes unanswered and the movie ends.

The chattering class on the boob tube is enthralled and aghast at every seizure, collapse, and deplorable comment by the two most disliked presidential candidates in U.S. history. The establishment and their corporate media mouthpieces are perplexed and irate that Donald Trump has overcome their propaganda campaign to be leading in the polls with 51 days to go. He is a non-politician who was behind by double digits in the polls a month ago. He hired professional political operatives who have molded his message, while his opponent has been lying about her health, lying about selling access while Secretary of State, and denigrating blue collar middle class Americans in campaign speeches. The momentum is clearly in his favor and absent a major gaffe during the debates he could win an unlikely come from behind victory in November.


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  • cstahnke

    What the movie was trying to say by asking that question is that we do not have any coherent moral framework that would enable us to know precisely what we need to do. American fiction and art after WWII was trying to say just that. Eventually the counter-culture very dramatically asked that question by actively exploring alternatives. This was suppressed by the State and replaced by the culture of hedonism or, more accurately, the Culture of Narcissism which is now in the last stages full bloom. As for the chattering classes they are at this point a large Lewis Caroll tea party.

    BTW, Trump ran his own campaign in his own way because he understands that fantasy always Trumps reality and style is always more important than substance for most people. Clinton supporters, even very intelligent ones, ignore her record and the political factions in her corner simply because the right wing has attacked her and that she uses reasonable English sentences, and, for many women I know, because she is a woman.

    • Spot on comment. You won’t find beefier fiction that post War books. Catch 22 is the greatest American novel of the 20th century, in my opinion.

  • Charlie Primero

    I have a Conspiracy Theory.

    If I were Hillary, I would place a person in the debate audience tonight who could stop the show if I felt like I was fainting, or losing the ability to speak.

    The person would be a “Trump Fanatic” wearing a #MAGA trucker hat who could rush the stage upon seeing a hand signal from me. The Secret Service would then whisk me away to safety, ending the show.

    If Hillary does this tonight, I want credit for predicting it. 🙂

    Check out the special, troll-size lectern they made for the Little Vampire…


  • Aug 24, 2016 If Voting Made Any Difference, They Wouldn’t Let Us Do It

    Don’t be fooled into thinking that the only road to reform is through the ballot box. Whether you vote or don’t vote doesn’t really matter. What matters is what else you’re doing to push back against government incompetence, abuse, corruption, graft, fraud and cronyism. After all, argues John W. Whitehead, there is more to citizenship than the act of voting for someone who, once elected, will march in lockstep with the dictates of the powers-that-be.


  • Jul 7, 2016 – The Close Relationship Between Donald Trump and the Clintons

    Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton act as if they are arch enemies. But is it all just politics?


  • nomadfiles

    Don’t you just hate it when you’re reading an otherwise interesting article and they throw in a boldfaced lie? Destroys credibility doesn’t it?
    “The Soros backed Black Lives Matter has turned into a domestic terrorist organization spurring young black men to ambush and slaughter police officers and innocent bystanders.”
    I didn’t notice BLM turning into a terrorist organization. And the incidents of ambush of police officers referred to seem to have been false flag psyops. This is propaganda.
    Oh. It’s JimQ. I should have known.

    • Charlie Primero

      You didn’t notice the 5 policemen shot in Dallas by a BLM supporter?

      You haven’t noticed the riots all over the country where BLM loot, burn, and shoot people?

      There is this cool new website called “YouTube” where you can watch videos of all these things. Check it out…


      • nomadfiles

        i repeat. FALSE FLAG PSYOP. What connection did these patsies have with BLM? Want me to go to Youtube? I got some things I could show you. Back up your claims first. You and JimQ can take this racist bullshit and shove it.

        • Charlie Primero

          You should warn Conspiracy Theorist P.J. Watson of Infowars.com that all this BLM violence is 1.) not Racist, and 2.) just False Flags Psyops and Not Real.


          • nomadfiles

            You tell him for me. I have no inclination to go there. He has some credibility. But only some. These kind of people tend to distort. It ought to be called DisInfo Wars.

          • Charlie Primero

            What in that video is not true?

          • nomadfiles

            It’s a riot. That’s the kind of stuff that happens in a riot. Doesn’t make BLM a terrorist organization. No more than the riots of the 60s made MLK a terrorist.

      • nomadfiles

        Spinning this shit and demonizing BLM. Turns out the cops lied about 70% of arrested Charlotte protesters being from out of state. Not that it would have mattered, they have a right to protest whatever state they’re from. The point is that these lying policemen are liars. And these lying liars are lying about whats happening in Charlotte and about what happened in Charlotte. The lying liars are lying.

        • FYI- 09/25/16 Police Shooting Statistics 2016: Are More Black People Killed By Officers Than Other Races?

          A report released by the FBI documented 12,765 people were killed by police officers between 2008 and 2012. The five-year study, which grouped all the deaths regardless of how targets were actually killed, reported 77.7 percent of people killed by officers were men, and 51.1 percent were black men, while 46.3 percent were white, 2.6 percent were of other races, and the races of 130 victims were unknown.


          • nomadfiles

            With black men being approached like this every day on a routine basis, its a wonder even more aren’t killed.

          • The government schooled and trained are the cluless all around America today.

            Aug 21, 2016 Unarmed deaf, mute man shot dead by NC State Trooper

            Man fatally shot by trooper after chase in N. Charlotte. In Charlotte, North Carolina, authorities are investigating the fatal police shooting of a man whose hearing and speech were impaired. A trooper shot the man after trying to pull him over for speeding.


            July 04, 2014 More Americans Killed By US Cops Than In Iraq War and Occupation

            500 innocent Americans are murdered by police every year (USDOJ). In 1994 the US Government passed a law authorizing the Pentagon to donate surplus Cold War era military equipment to local police departments. In the 20 years since, weaponry designed for use on a foreign battlefield, has been handed over for use on American streets…against American citizens.


          • nomadfiles

            It’s a national disgrace. And that’s no hyperbole. I myself have been gun threatened and handcuffed and put in a police car for “looking suspicious”. In my own backyard. Doing yard work. Of course in broad daylight. Minding my own damn business.

          • I am not shocked at all. Only folks with limited reach into the world are clueless what is happening here in America. I get name calling responses from the ‘SHEEPS’ all of the time responding emotionally. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

          • nomadfiles

            What really got me, Lincoln, is that there was nothing I could do to prove my innocence. The work gloves, the rake leaning nearby. The ID proving I lived at that address. Nothing could convince the cop I was not a criminal. The color of my skin was all the proof the cop needed. To be black is to “look suspicious”. And, quiet as a cap, they don’t like it when you question them. I wondered what drives this irrepressible need to criminalize innocent people?

          • This why I keep everything factual without feelings and or emotions. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

            Here is a story just like yours. Sep 26, 2016 Watch Greensboro leaders release ‘disturbing’ body camera video of former police officer

            Watch Greensboro leaders release ‘disturbing’ body camera video of former police officer Body camera video released Monday by city leaders shows a former Greensboro police officer using “disturbing” excessive force. City council members also on Monday voted 8-0 in favor of a resolution calling for the permanent suspension of former Greensboro officer Travis Cole’s law enforcement certification.


          • nomadfiles

            I started but can’t watch. I know what’s about to happen..

          • At least in this one the victim being assaulted by the officer does not get shot. God had a hand in stopping this one.

      • Charlie if anything just listen to this. Feb 5, 2015 What Happened to the ‘Peace Officer’?

        The concept of the “peace officer” is a myth. Those so-called “peace officers” were, like today’s police, enforcing arbitrary legislation, operating based on the claimed legal right to do things wrong for you or me, and subsisting on stolen money.


        • Connie Criscitello

          I just watched a documentary the other day that is really a must see called “Peace officer” It costs like $4 to watch and you can get it on youtube, amazon or vudu. If you get a chance, you really should see it. http://www.peaceofficerfilm.com/

          • I actually prefer to go the free information route for everybody so I do not get mistaken for spam, but to each their own.

            June 16, 2016 Supreme Court Ruling: Police Have No Duty to Protect the General Public

            However, did you know that the government, and specifically law enforcement, does not have any duty to protect the general public? Based on the headline and this information, you might assume this is a new, landmark decision. However, it has long been the court’s stance that, essentially, the American people are responsible for taking case of their own personal safety.


          • Connie Criscitello

            I rarely pay for content, but when I know a doc is well done I don’t mind a couple bucks. After watching the doc, I was asking myself, have they succeeded in disarming Americans without taking their guns away? I had never thought about before, but this doc does a great job in showing you….that yeah, they have.

          • Connie Criscitello

            Wow, this site has my head spinning…there is so much info. And to answer your question, I did NOT know that. As I read on the site I will try and share related info/video (I like videos because I make lace while I listen, but I like to read too…it’s just more difficult. Thanks again.

          • I like your profile saying because I am a Jack of all trades myself in real life!

      • Jul 13, 2016 George W. Bush Dancing and Laughing It up with the Obamas at the Dallas Memorial

        How much more proof do you need that this is all one big reality TV show?


  • ICFubar

    All those caught up in this pantomime are buffoons, as really ‘what difference does it make’ which of these deplorable persons becomes caretaker of the government for the western Apex Elites. Anyone playing into this slickest of Madison Avenue campaign marketing of the two offerings to head up the Singularity as Kabuki theater is playing into this marketing hype and should be shunned as either an idiot or enabler of the Plutocrats behind the scenes who are the ones directing this episode of the on going series production of “This Is The USA LLC Today.”

    While Mr. Cousens has some of historical and legal facts slightly out of focus he has the gist of his argument entirely correct.

  • Sep 26, 2016 The Pholosopher on Philosophy, Principles and Asian Culture

    Topics include: government is force, statist reliance on the police, central planned monopolies, no self defense taught in public schools, the Vietnam war and government tyranny, philosophy can help break down socialist conditioning, the statist mindset, those who want to control others are drawn to government positions of power, Stefan Moleneux, Hans-Hermann Hoppe, government is illegitimate, the intricacies of deprogramming socialists, why do people support police and state power so fully?