Video: Clinton Has Seizure-Like Medical Episode

This occurred today in New York City.  The Clinton campaign attributed the candidate’s episode to “overheating”, but it’s not that warm a day in Manhattan (the Washington Post notes “the temperature in New York City at the time of Clinton’s overheating was in the low 80s”).

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  • Charlie Primero

    Poor #SickHillary.

    All mortal Souls she has eaten are agitated by high temperatures, and try to escape.

    • Ericakvargas4

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  • Brabantian

    UK researcher Aangirfan asks if perhaps Hillary Clinton is being poisoned for slow death … like Alexander Litvinenko (d 2006), Yasser Arafat (d. 2004), Georgi Markov (d 1978), and non-fatally Alexander Dubček, Viktor Yuschencko

    Highly-skilled poseur & faker, Julian Assange* (see below), is leading the anti-Hillary slow-motion take-down, ‘for the people’ … Julian Assange is NOT leaking about Israel’s friend Donald Trump

    We may be falling into a world of fake ‘populist nationalist’ leaders, from the right wing, all pretending to be ‘anti-establishment’, but all in fact tied to Israel … taking over everywhere

    New-right leaders are the *only* ones appearing to address economic issues of workers, & working-class fears of migrant rapes, crimes & terroristic acts … Whilst alleged ‘Leftists’ and ‘Socialists’ support bankers & austerity against workers, & seem to indulge migrant crime & cultural tension, betraying the moderate-socialist, stable, safe societies that people want

    Are the ‘Left’ leaders all bought-off to make way for the Right-wing populists? Were migrant criminal gangs imported into Europe to commit rapes etc in order to push European politics to the Right, as is now happening? … Will the right-wing pro-Israel ‘populists’, cleverly promoted as ‘anti-establishment’, now become the new ones to enslave us?

    * Julian Assange is ‘Our Israeli asset’, says Bibi Netanyahu. Assange is indeed protective of Israel in his ‘leaks’ … Assange is ‘Our CIA-selected-&-edited leaks transmitter’, says Zbigniew Brzezinski, top CIA adviser since the 1970s … Assange’s early UK lawyer is also a lawyer for the Rothschild family … & Assange may be living at a home of a Rothschild friend … Assange seems ‘not really’ living at the Ecuador London embassy … apparently he is brought in & out for photos & meetings … that is why police ‘watch’ the place, so MI5 – MI6 know when the coast is clear

    The Assange ‘story’ was promoted by the same CIA media that sell other CIA stories – New York Times & UK Guardian … Assange is anti-9-11-truth & bitterly hostile to ‘truthers’ … And today is the 15th anniversary of 11 September 2001

    Also anti-9-11-truth is Assange’s fellow faker Edward Snowden, friend of Dick Cheney and Zbigniew Brzezinski, also promoted by CIA NY Times & CIA Guardian, plus promoted by the oily employee of 3 billionaires (Bill Gates, Rothschilds, Pierre Omidyar), ex-gay-pornographer Glenn Greenwald (another ex-porn seller like Jimmy Wales the Wikipedia ‘founder’, also recruited for the CIA)
    ‘Europe intel agencies report – Snowden, Greenwald are CIA frauds’

  • Sep 11, 2016 Hilary Clinton Fainting At 9/11 Memorial – Raw Footage AND News Report

  • Maybe she heard about this happening today. Sep 10, 2016 Benghazi Victims’ Parents Sue Hillary Clinton

    Larry Klayman is a former federal prosecutor for the U.S. Department of Justice, the founder of Freedom Watch and is representing the parents of Benghazi victims in a lawsuit against Hillary Clinton for allegedly wrongfully causing the death of their sons as well as for defamation and intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress.