Time for Hillary Clinton to End Her Campaign

Michael Collins

It’s a beautiful day in New York.Hillary Clinton, 9/11/16


Video of Hillary Clinton leaving a 9/11-memorial ceremony in New York City establishes a clear case to question her ability to continue running for president or to serve if elected.

As Clinton was leaving the 90-minute ceremony at ground zero in lower Manhattan, the candidate waved at a small crowd and headed to her van. Look at this video from Zednek Gazda. Clinton becomes unstable. Members of her retinue take her arms to support her. She collapses and is then lifted into the van.

Clinton went to her daughter’s nearby apartment for two hours, then emerged, and tried to put a good face on it. When reporters asked about her health and how she was feeling, Clinton simply blew off the questions. Her response was, “It’s a beautiful day in New York.” (CNN)

Review the video here and draw your own conclusions. The facts of the event, her freezing up and need to be propped up, are undeniable.

Questions and speculation about Hilary Clinton’s health have persisted for over three years. The questions began in earnest when Clinton delayed her congressional testimony before the Senate committee due to a fall and concussion in December 2012.   That event was seen by some as an insincere ploy to avoid testifying before a hostile congressional committee and by others as an interesting question mark about the health implications of her concussion.   As the lame duck Secretary of State, Clinton had no obligations or responsibilities that affected the public at that time.

Clinton should step down as a candidate for prsident

Right now, Clinton is actively competing in the 2016 presidential election and the necessity of getting these questions answered is imminent. The public has a right to if their candidate is fit to serve once elected.

While we can’t be sure that Clinton will be unable to serve, we are sure of two things. Clinton has some health problems that caused her to collapse and that seem fairly serious. At a time when health questions were escalating, she simply had to walk to her car. Clinton was unable to keep it together for even a short walk to her car without collapsing.

Should her collapse today cause her to withdraw her candidacy?

The answer is clearly yes.

Immediately after her collapse, Clinton proxies flew into action.  A Democratic Member of Congress from New York told CNN that the memorial service was indeed a sweltering event. A CNN talking head endorsed this. The obvious question is how many other people leaving the event collapsed after a short walk to their car, a cab, or the subway?

After the incident, Clinton brushed off questions about her health by saying “It’s a beautiful day in New York.”

This stonewalling comes in the context of numerous claims of compromised health. The multitude of YouTube snips are interesting but not definitive. Competing medical opinions are totally unreliable since the doctors are connected to either the candidate or the political parties.

The most compelling evidence of compromised health comes from the conduct of her campaign. Clinton has a light schedule, almost no press contact, and holds very few public rallies. From December 5, 2015 through September 1, 2016, Clinton failed to hold an open press conference. This is stunning.   Few candidates enjoy talking to the press but it’s part of the fabric of political campaigns in the United States. She held no press conferences. Why?

Clinton’s campaign has been light on public appearances, a fact acknowledged by her own supporters.  She has a few events scheduled before the September 26 debate but only one rally.

Sitting it out and letting Trump self-destruct was a solid strategy we were told.

What campaign lets up on a challenger in trouble?

What politician pulls back from utterly destroying their seriously wounded opponent when the opportunity arises?

It is not as though Clinton is known for a low energy style of functioning. A review of her detailed calendar of events when she was Secretary of State shows an exhausting, packed, and demanding schedule prior to her fall and head injury.

This raises very serious questions in the implications of her collapse on September 11.

Clinton is campaigning by not campaigning.   Her behavior today raised serious questions about her general health given the deliberate absence of public and press contact. Her response today was dismissive as the chorus of proxy supporters rolled out excuses.

Since Clinton’s health is in question and she will not talk about it, she should withdraw from the campaign. It’s that simple.

There are, of course, other compelling issues that present an overwhelming case for Clinton to withdraw:

  • She voted for the Iraq invasion.
  • She supported the occupation of Iraq.
  • She led the policy that resulted in the coup in Ukraine and the disasters that followed.
  • She spearheaded the effort to turn Libya into a failed state under President Obama.
  • She spearheaded the ongoing effort to destroy Syria, an anti terrorist, religiously tolerant regime.

Those who glibly say I’m with her need to realize that they’re supporting a candidate who has demonstrated that she is a true danger to international stability and world peace.

The Kaine Hedge

The Clinton collapse and the ongoing stories about her foundation and her email scandal (see Clinton Scandal Timeline) explain the next big event in the 2016 presidential campaign.

The selection of Senator Tim Kaine as her vice presidential runningmate was clearly a hedge against the probability of a Clinton collapse through scandals or health. The ruling elite was unable to get a scandal free candidate to assure continuity of war and wealth friendly policies. They were able, however, to put in a back up in the form of Kaine who they think will do their bidding.

UPDATE: Clinton camp admits she has pneumonia.

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  • Charlie Primero

    Fainting, pneumonia, blue sunglasses, and coughing fits are all signs that America’s favorite Super Predator has Parkinson’s Disease.


    If she thought New York in September was hot, she’s in for a big surprise after she dies.

    • Inigo

      PRESIDENTS ARE SELECTED, NOT ELECTED (quote attributed to FDR)

      Mrs. Clinton has already been SELECTED to become the next president and nothing will reverse such outcome regardless of her deteriorating condition (your vote does NOT count).

      Senator Tim Kaine -an agent representing the Society of Jesus in Congress- will become the acting president as soon as Hillary is sworn into office in January of 2017; the lawful stockholders of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (an established corporation), meaning the Vatican and the British Monarchy, have already made that determination and the Jesuits are in the process of implementing such directive.

  • I wonder if she was thinking of this at the time? I seriously do not believe she was since she has no conscious or remorse in her heart or mind.

    Sep 10, 2016 Benghazi Victims’ Parents Sue Hillary Clinton

    Larry Klayman is a former federal prosecutor for the U.S. Department of Justice, the founder of Freedom Watch and is representing the parents of Benghazi victims in a lawsuit against Hillary Clinton for allegedly wrongfully causing the death of their sons as well as for defamation and intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress.


    • Anti social personality disorder seems to be a prerequisite for candidacy in the major parties.

  • Ron Ruggieri

    Just where is the enthusiasm ( as opposed to support ) for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton ? To be sure, Establishment USA supports her, Hawk Hillary, Wall St. Hillary . Where the enthusiasm. ?… she is the darling of the black bourgeoisie and jaded feminists. But she is out of touch with the rest of us working class ” deplorables “. I will vote for OTHER- not ” lesser evil ” Donald Trump.

    • Good question. Who really likes her? The enthusiasm question was on the etable among those who fund the Democrats even beforethe convention. She’s a stiff and a warmonger. Trump is a disaster waiting in the wings. People need to remember that the vile Roy Cohn was was one of Trumps mentors. No good outcome in sight.

  • diogenes

    How many times did Mrs. Clinton tell the FBI that she “couldn’t remember”? Wasn’t it hundreds? And this is a qualification for the Presidency?

    • Right. My short list was all foreign policy. That’s where the ultimate sanctions are delivered. The FBI questioning is an excellent reason to dump her. But, those who create the storyline need to get a new story in place. Then she’s gone.

  • Southernfink

    How could she still be running for the US (P)residency since she has proven unable to stand on her own two feet?

    What’s with the security staff blocking view of the camera… while HRC is seen dragging her foot while being man handled like an unwelcome piece of rolled up carpet.

    She never should have been allowed to continue running due to her email ”revelations” this latest drama should certainly spell the abrupt end of her (P)residential ambitions.

    Knowing her ego is as big as a whale’s phallus, I would not be surprised if she decided to continue making a compete and utter arse out of herself,….like she does…..now it becomes a question of whether her handlers will allow her to do exactly that.