New Research Indicates Google ‘Brazenly’ Manipulating People to Vote for Hillary: Prof. Epstein

Must read article by Robert Epstein, noted psychologist and professor with PhD from Harvard.

He covers Google’s motives for wanting to influence people to vote for Clinton, and research his team is conducting that illustrates how Google may be doing it, which includes selectively censoring content.  He finds that the company could potentially be shifting tens of millions of votes in Clinton’s favor.

Google suppresses negative suggestions selectively, not across the board. It is easy to get autocomplete to suggest negative searches related to prominent people, one of whom happens to be Mrs. Clinton’s opponent.

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  • tom

    Thanks for the link to this eye-opening article! The implications are colossal.

  • Charlie Primero

    As a giant military contractor, Google knows which candidate will benefit them most.

  • WillDippel

    Here is an article that explains how search engines can be used to sway voting:

    The results of this election could be highly susceptible to outside interference by the forces that dominate the internet.

  • JerseyCynic

    I figured that out early yesterday morning when I heard about HRC’s incident. I googled: Hillary’s Health and this was the top search result — Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Needs To Hire Better Liars

    a few hours later it was completely buried – couldn’t find it.

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  • diogenes

    Well, I guess it’s good to have “research” to confirm what is screamingly evident to any thinking person who looks. And of course not just Google but the whole “mainstream” puppet-show.

    • Robert Barsocchini

      Why is “research” in quotes?

  • A.Alexander

    Just an idiot can discuss the Google`s bias before the impudent mad Media anti-Trump propaganda. Robert, do your business,please.

  • Bronn

    Seems to be kind of reaching.