Fooled Again

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  • diogenes

    Everything this says matches my sense of the situation EXCEPT the conclusion that “sustained and massive civil disobedience” is the first or only or best response — because it gives up on our constitutional government. We understand quite well the methods by which it has been subverted and usurped and by whom and it is possible to envision plausible means of circumventing these treasons and taking control of our government in the public interest and the general welfare. It requires direct citizen action on a scale sufficient to exert this control, and it has the advantage and appeal of proposing a plausible method of leveling the national table without upsetting dinner, which is certainly not to be expected from the tumult the means proposed by this essay. For details, see my essay, posted elsewhere on this site, The Distribution of Wealth In America — particularly Parts 4 and 5.

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    • tom

      The last time Americans radically changed their government, it was through the American Revolution – hardly constitutional! Once an elite has gained control of a nation’s government and institutions, it cannot be dislodged by constitutional methods because the elite has a chokehold on all of them. The executive is bought and paid for. The legislature is bought and paid for. The judiciary, for reasons that are opaque to me, has decided to agree with everything the executive does. The media are bought and paid for. The armed forces… well, you can fill in the rest yourself.

      • diogenes

        Well, no, there was a radical change of government, effected by Congress and the Courts, that empowered the rise of corporate-financial control of the American economy. This took place roughly between 1870-1890. And there was the transformation that took place during and after World War Two, with the creation of the so-called “security state.” But both these profound transformations were not publicized as such — known only to insiders until decades later, if ever.

  • tom

    “The failed states of Iraq, Syria and Libya, a direct result of globalization…”

    A direct result of vicious, unprovoked wars of aggression by the USA and its glove puppet, NATO. As far as I know, absolutely nothing to do with globalization – unless you mean the global distribution of cruel, murderous, heavily armed terrorists by Washington.

    • Eric Zuesse

      Chris Hedges is an idiot. Sincere, but stupid. Why is he posted on this site?

      • TruthTime

        Look who is talking Eric. You still believe in voting for Factionalism by voting in the corrupted Two-Party Duopoly.

        Truth hurts, don’t it?

      • Zap

        The guy is a Soros plant, research his background.

      • diogenes

        Name-calling defiles the name-caller, Mr. Zuesse. Your comment is otherwise 100% content free. Remember when your teacher wrote “be specific” in the margin of your essays?

      • wunsacon

        I like your work, Eric Zuesse. And Chris Hedges’.

        I presume you’ve formed your opinion of Chris over a long period of time reading more of his work than I have and, consequently, that your opinion won’t be easy to explain. Nevertheless, would you please try?

  • Charlie Primero

    Good article. Some call this situation Anarcho-Tyranny.

    Our current system of government combines Anarchy – the failure of the state to enforce the laws evenly and rationally, with Tyranny – Enforcement of laws by the State for oppressive purposes.

    Example: Life-destroying 20 year prison terms for concentrated THC possession, but Wells Fargo executives get a small fine for stealing millions via blatant fraud.

    ISIS are not nihilists. This is why Lost Boys are attracted to it. Instead of a meaningless life of video game masturbation, stupefaction with intoxicants to dull the boredom, and flipping burgers; joining an adventurous God-ordained fighting force instantly gives meaning and higher purpose to their lives.

    It’s amazing how people cannot understand that when you remove the higher purpose of family, community, ethnicity (nationalism), and “God” from people, societies invariably degenerate into Law of the Jungle contests of managerial exploitation of the weak by the powerful.

    Examples: Bolshevik Russia, Wiemar Germany, Yugoslavia, Yeltsin’s Soviet Union, and 21st century America.

    • diogenes

      It’s more accurate to describe it as Oligarchic Tyranny. The “anarchy” is a tool and its principal function is to enable the oligarch looters. America doesn’t have one “tyrant”, so far — it has a class of oligarchs, about 0.01% of Americans, 16,000 families among 320 million of us, who own the core 14% of America, and their tag-alongs, the 0.1% who own another 14%. Their most important product (besides anarchy) is weaponry. And corpses.

      • Sarastro92

        Completely on mark. This is how the Us imposes the Wolfowitz Doctrine which has been the foundational dogma since the end of the Cold War. The destruction of even potential rivals is facilitated by destroying any semblance of functioning nation states.

        Unfortunately, this doctrine puts the US on a collision for with nuclear armed China and Russia., neither of which will tolerate any form of regime change. For them, it’s existential.

  • ICFubar

    Perhaps for many they are being fooled again but for the rest who still vote it has become a choice of the lesser evil as they perceive that choice to be, trapped in a myth and unwilling to cast that myth aside and take a clear look at the realities. For a small minority that continues to vote their consciences various third parties fill the void. More as protest than any political reality. America and the West is falling apart while China and her vassals may pick up the pieces this will not change the over riding system of exploitation if we all are to become the equivalent of Chinese factory iphone workers, feeding our children melamine laced milk or nothing, as there will be no choice, while the environment becomes a toxic wasteland sacrificed for the profits of Apex Elites that control money and have a never ending lust for more treasure and control at any cost to others lives or life support systems. Only revolt can or will change this situation going forward and the point at this may come to pass will most likely be too late for any successful outcome as it now appears.

  • Mr Boompi

    The police state exists to control us once we’ve discovered what has been done to us. I try to explain this, plus many of the things Chris said in his article, to friends and family and although I get looks like they think I’m crazy, I get less of them these days. Many still live in a blissful state of ignorance. And many who now realize what this country has become have no intention of doing anything about it, other than to ignore it and turn on some football. The government is supposed to protect us, yet they are willing co-conspirators in a conspiracy to enslave us to the corporate state and their monopoly interests. Are there any decent people left in the federal government anymore? If so, where are they?

  • Amigo da Casa

    Yes, there was civil disobedience and dogs, drones, and assault weapons at the standoff at Standing Rock, but there was also one presidential candidate there, now on the ballot in 48 states of the Union. She was there with a spray can, writing, “I approve of this message” on a bulldozer being used as a weapon of destruction. A perfect example of a statement with its own illocutionary force, like saying “I declare this meeting open.” It deserves to go down in political history, but it’s earning her an arrest warrant from the people elected up there with oil money.

    That candidate is Dr Jill Stein, and this very obvious huff and puff above totally misses the point. Yes, the two-party system is a rigged monstrosity, only Donald J Trump completely demolished the GOP and proved once and for all that the Republicans are hopelessly honest compared with the so-called Democrats, they couldn’t even rig their own party. And the crowd is loving it.

    Back in February, Dr Jill Stein diagnosed it absolutely correctly, Bernie Sanders doesn’t stand a chance in that rigged party machine. Only a third party stands the faintest chance of fronting a candidate with integrity.

    I was raised in a radical household, and I was warned over and again: *be very careful* of the people who are quick to incite. Trust the people who are prepared to trust the people and take the long, hard way to reach them.

    Every vote for Dr Jill Stein will send a message into a future where the only certainty is complete craziness: Here is a voice that deserves to be empowered. #SteinBaraka may yet be called on to save your nation, especially if the flames of race war are fanned by people who are so sure they’re being clever.