Arch That Was A Gateway To The Temple Of Baal Is Going Up In New York’s City Hall Park On Monday

new-york-city-september-19-2016If you tried to put up a large cross in a public park in New York City there would be lawsuits flying all over the place, but apparently an ancient pagan arch that served as a gateway to the Temple of Baal is no problem at all.  On Monday, September 19th, a reconstructed version of Palmyra’s Arch Of Triumph (also known as the Monumental Arch) will be erected in New York City.  Specifically, it will be located in City Hall Park in Manhattan.  The organization behind this project is known as the Institute for Digital Archaeology, and they have confirmed the location and the date on their official website


This arch was originally constructed in Palmyra, Syria by the Roman Emperor Septimius Severus in the 3rd century A.D., and it stood there until it was destroyed by ISIS in 2015.  The following comes from the Wikipedia article about this arch…

The Monumental Arch, also called the Arch of Triumph (Arabic: قوس النصر‎‎) or the Arch of Septimius Severus, was a Roman ornamental archway in Palmyra, Syria. It was built in the 3rd century during the reign of emperor Septimius Severus. Its ruins later became one of the main attractions of Palmyra, until it was destroyed by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant in October 2015. Most of its stonework still survives and there are plans to rebuild it using anastylosis.

On this map you can see how Palmyra was laid out.  The Arch of Triumph (identified on the map as the “monumental arch”) connected the main street of the Colonnade with the Temple of Bel.  If you wanted to go to the Temple of Bel, there was essentially one way in and one way out, and everyone coming and going would pass through this arch.


Those that are familiar with ancient Middle Eastern deities already know that “Bel” and the “Baal” that we find in the Bible were one and the same.  Here is more from Wikipedia

Bel (; from Akkadian bēlu), signifying “lord” or “master”, is a title rather than a genuine name, applied to various gods in the Mesopotamian religion of Akkad, Assyria and Babylonia. The feminine form is Belit ‘Lady, Mistress’. Bel is represented in Greek as Belos and in Latin as Belus. Linguistically Bel is an East Semitic form cognate with Northwest Semitic Baal with the same meaning.

Back in April, the arch that stood directly in front of the Temple of Baal was supposed to be put up in Times Square, but fortunately that project was ultimately canceled.   A reproduction of the Arch of Triumph (the arch discussed in this article) was put up in Trafalgar Square in London at that time, and there were rumblings that a reproduction of the Arch of Triumph would also come to New York at a later date.

Unfortunately, that has now become a reality.

So why are people getting so upset about some ancient arch that may be connected to an ancient god that nobody seems to worship anymore?

Well, the truth is that “Baal” is mentioned in the Bible more than 100 times.  A very high percentage of current world religions can be traced directly back to this ancient deity and to ancient Babylon, and the practices involved in ancient Baal worship are “eerily similar” to things that go on in society today.  The following comes from an excellent article by Matt Barber

Ritualistic Baal worship, in sum, looked a little like this: Adults would gather around the altar of Baal. Infants would then be burned alive as a sacrificial offering to the deity. Amid horrific screams and the stench of charred human flesh, congregants – men and women alike – would engage in bisexual orgies. The ritual of convenience was intended to produce economic prosperity by prompting Baal to bring rain for the fertility of “mother earth.”

The natural consequences of such behavior – pregnancy and childbirth – and the associated financial burdens of “unplanned parenthood” were easily offset. One could either choose to engage in homosexual conduct or – with child sacrifice available on demand – could simply take part in another fertility ceremony to “terminate” the unwanted child.

Modern liberalism deviates little from its ancient predecessor. While its macabre rituals have been sanitized with flowery and euphemistic terms of art, its core tenets and practices remain eerily similar.

We tend to think that we are vastly more “advanced” than the pagan idol worshippers of the ancient world, but is that really the case?

They killed their babies by the thousands, but we have killed our babies by the millions.

They had “free love” around the altars of Baal, but we have turned it into a permanent lifestyle.

Multitudes would gather around the altars of Baal to watch the bisexual orgies, but we have turned watching others having sex into a multi-billion dollar industry.

Just like ancient Israel, our society has turned away from following the God that created all things, and instead we are embracing the ways of the ancient pagan world.  Unfortunately, there are very serious consequences for doing this.  Just consider what Jonathan Cahn recently told George Noory during an interview on Coast to Coast

“Western Civilization was once totally pagan and then in a sense it got cleaned up,” Cahn said. “But what [one of these mysteries is] saying is, if it turns back away from God and turns to evil and immorality, it’s going to be seven times worse than it does before. And how that translates is, before you had the Gospel you had Nero, you had Caligula. But when you have a post-Christian civilization, it’s much more dangerous than a pre-Christian one. But that’s when you produce Hitlers, you produce Stalins, you produce ultimately the Antichrist. That’s end-time prophecy. We are witnessing that as well.”

I believe that it is quite appropriate that an arch that once served as a gateway to the Temple of Baal is going up in New York City on Monday, because we are going down the exact same path that ancient Israel once did.

Sadly, if we keep doing the same things that they once did, our ultimate fate will end up being very similar as well.

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  • diogenes

    An article concerned with “infants burned alive … and the stench of charred human flesh” — you might image was about the latest drone attack on a wedding in Afghanistan of maybe the Israeli’s defending themselves against their Gaza concentration camp. But no. Some people are compelled to walk 3000 years to get their panties in a knot, when they didn’t even have to cross the street. But hey, “sources”! Have we got sources! Matt Barber and Jonathan Cahn, eminent ancient historians if there ever wuz. There’s I.Q. and then there’s D.Q.

  • madrino

    Digs around the beginning of the 20th century at Tell el-Hesy, Gezer, Jericho, Tell Sandahannah and others show a very disturbing view of the reality of Levant religions, some that still exist today. Burning flesh and rendering fat was something that was done to people, not considered to be human but in human form. It was considered a satisfying sacrifice to god. While most of these “religions” are dead, some just get kicked until they find a home. They are secretive, and would never withstand scrutiny by anyone except for the extreme psychopaths that see it as enlightenment of a chosen few. Followers of this anathema make up global virtual states. John Kennedy was talking of these societies which covet all things, considering them as their own. It also shows that religion should NEVER be an active partner in any archeological dig, or anthropological thesis.

  • cityspeak

    Wait? What?
    Pagan equals child sacrifice and sexual behavior that varies from the “norm” free of usual societal restrictions. Oh my the vapors get me my salts darling.
    Christianity and the the “true God(?)” ok because the slaughter and enslavement of “the others” and forced conversion at the cost of and destruction of identity, group cohesion, language and culture ok?
    Not to mention the looting of any natural and material resources the “ignorant savages” may have.
    Christianity isn’t lacking in atrocities, many of which are fairly current and ongoing.
    Is this the first time that an established empire has dragged great monuments from previous empires into their own centers of power? No it is not.
    No need to look at it as some form of “Satanic takeover of a once virtuous nation” but just another sign that imperial rot has settled deep into the marrow,

    • Yamz

      true christianity does NOT promote slavery, harm of others or forces conversion. That is all doctrine created by man. In the OT there were slaves in culture at that time. It is no longer socially acceptable or legal. If people had followed agricultural and health laws of the bible people would be MUCH healthier and the planet wouldn’t be so depleted. So don’t blame christianity but blame man for twisting it into doctrine that suits their own need and lines their pockets. If more people would read it as it was written they would find it to be so straight forward and simple even a child could understand it. This being displayed in NY is just another sign that time is growing short and proof that society as a whole is becoming even more depraved and twisted.

  • Yamz

    I think it’s a double standard. They will allow statues/displays representing pagan deities but have fits when someone displays a cross or copy of the 10 commandments. If they aren’t going to allow us the freedom to display our religion then they should NOT be paying for this “object” to be displayed with our tax money.

  • David Fox

    Since Baal worshipers aren’t a big voting block trying to *uck with our Government? I’m not too concerned.

  • Darill

    It is sad how this country has change so much for the worst. First Bush, Obama, and now Clinton. This country is getting destroyed by pure evil. I am ashame of how my country is being run by crooked governments and crooked system by letting this happening.

  • carol howell