Worst Human Being Alive: Tony Blair?

I realize that, living here in the United States, the nation doing the most in the world to create wars, proliferate nukes, and destroy the habitability of the earth’s climate, I really have a duty to pick someone in the United States as the worst individual human being alive.

But the United States operates by incestuous swarm. We have another Cheney running for Congress and another Clinton running for president. We have Trump’s campaign manager in trouble for taking money from Russians, much of which he funneled to Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair’s brother. Meanwhile, Trump’s daughter has been hauled before a virtual Un-American Activities Committee for vacationing with the supposed girlfriend of Vladimir Putin who may or may not have cheated on Rupert Murdoch with Tony Blair — Yes, the same Rupert Murdoch who raises funds for Hillary Clinton, and yes, that Tony Blair — the one whose corrupt deal with Murdoch put him in power in the first place.

These characters, including Blair, are at least honorary Americans. But Blair is something even worse than the worst of the worst of them. Blair did to the Labour Party what Bill Clinton did to the Democratic Party — what Jeremy Corbin is trying to undo and Hillary Clinton trying to permanently entomb. Blair did to Kosovo and Afghanistan and Iraq what Clinton, Bush, and Obama did to those places. But while Bush went home to paint pictures of himself in the bathtub, Blair went on a Clintonite mission to get rich and evangelize for war and corruption.

I don’t know if it’s fair to hold this against him, but Blair took into wars on Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq, a nation with far greater resistance to such lawless mass killing than the United States had. That is, he had people telling him openly that his actions would be criminal and reprehensible. He may now be the least popular person in Britain. He can’t go outside without being protested. George W. Bush, like his daddy, in contrast, is just another respectable old retired emperor.

I do think, however, that it is perfectly fair to hold against Blair the fact that he shifted from mass killing straight into mass money making while promoting more death and destruction. Money grubbing British prime ministers from now on will know that they can become stinking rich upon retirement if they do the bidding of their corporate and foreign overlords while in office.

If you think I’m exaggerating, go watch George Galloway’s new film, The Killing$ Of Tony Blair. This film tells the story of Blair’s whole career, and it’s ugly. He cuts a deal with Murdoch to allow media monopolies in exchange for press support. He takes money from a car racing plutocrat in exchange for allowing tobacco ads at car races. He sells out to corporations left and right. He peddles BAE jets to Indonesia for killing people in East Timor. He sells BAE air traffic control systems to Tanzania which has no air force. He simply shuts down a prosecutorial investigation of BAE’s Saudi corruption in the deal that saw Bandar Bush pocket $2 billion. He privatizes schools and hospitals, anything that can make a buck for anybody who knows how to kick some back.

Blair joins with Clinton the First and then Obama in the killing in Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq, and then shifts into former-prime-minister-now-“consultant” mode, taking millions from JP Morgan Chase, Petro Saudi, and other companies for providing his connections to other corrupt people around the world. He takes obscene speaking fees. He hires himself out to dictators in Kazakhstan, Egypt, Kuwait, and Libya. The film juxtaposes their atrocities with Blair’s purchased praise of their many merits. Blair persuaded Bush to protect Gadaffi from lawsuits by alleged victims, but apparently forgot to tell Hillary not to bomb Gadaffi or get him killed.

What really wins Blair the prize of worst person on earth, though, is his acceptance of an appointment as Middle East Peace Envoy to Israel and Palestine, a job he apparently held right up until enough people realized it wasn’t a fake report meant to be funny but an actual no-kidding job that he was actually engaged in.

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  • Sharon Marlowe

    Excellent article, David Swanson:) If you can stomach watching a movie made by a rapist then Roman Polanski’s film “The Ghost Writer” is supposed to be somewhat based upon Tony Blair.

    • animalogic

      Gee Sharon, 40 odd years after the event, when even the victim has basically forgiven him, you have to not only play the rape card, but do so in the context of his art.
      Here’s what the woman herself said in the context of a Polish court refusing to extradite him to the US for his 1977 crime:
      “I’m sure he’s a nice man and I know he has a family and I think he deserves closure and to be allowed to put this behind him,’ she said. ‘He said he did it, he pled guilty, he went to jail. I don’t know what people want from him.’

      She also expressly said she was glad they didn’t extradite him.
      So, Sharon, by all means hop on a moral high horse, but choose your targets a little better….it’s not like there aren’t a million & one disgusting things in this world…like the US drive to hegemony at any price of death, destruction & gold.

      • Sharon Marlowe

        He drugged a 13 year old girl and raped her. Your “argument” is idiotic.

        • animalogic

          Oh, hi-ho Silver, Sharon ! The air must be darn refreshing up there!
          SHE can forgive, but you, you CAN’T.
          Oh, the joys of self-righteousness !!
          Pedophile-rape apologist !! 40 years, oh you whose heart pumps piss– 40 YEARS !
          Oh, and you sad little trogladite, like I said, can’t you find anything better to ooze your bile all over ?
          And Sharon, we all have personal moral beliefs, however some people have the good taste to not seek excuses to interject them. IF the film you refer to IS worthwhile then just say that. IF one of its creators is SO FAR BEYOND THE MORAL PALE that the film is not worthwhile then DON’T mention it.
          But don’t expect every reader to sit back while you try to have your moral cake & eat it too.

          • Sharon Marlowe

            I knew it, you don’t understand what this blog is about. It is clearly about pointing out the immorality of government and corporate/military crimes. You sound disturbingly annoyed that someone would criticize a rapist/pedaphile. I’d rather not talk to you anymore.

          • animalogic

            ” It is clearly about pointing out the immorality of government and corporate/military crimes.”
            Excellent point, Sharon ! So why are we babbling about another Hollywood disgrace that happened 40 odd years ago ? Like I’ve said a number of times: there’s more important issues.
            (Oh, and Sharon, I become “disturbingly annoyed” with self righteous, prigs of ALL types. And Sharon…? I’m not “apologising” for Polanski’s disgusting behaviour 40 years ago, but, regardless, I think he is an artist of merit, whose art should not be judged within the context of his years-past crimes.
            Also, Sharon (boo-hoo) I’d rather not talk to a modern day Pharisee like you either)

  • I like this gentleman from across the pond because he is unafraid of speaking the truth!

    Jun 19, 2014 MP George Galloway: ISIS Western American Allies and Enemies


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    A new Department of Defense Inspector General’s report, released last week, has left Americans stunned at the jaw-dropping lack of accountability and oversight. The glaring report revealed the Pentagon couldn’t account for $6.5 trillion dollars worth of Army general fund transactions and data, according to a report by the Fiscal Times.


  • Brian McKeever

    What we need now is for someone to do a similar but HONEST documentary (not that ridiculous Dinesh D’Souza garbage) on the Clintons.