More About a U.S.-and-Allied Hoax Against Assad

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UPDATE OF: U.S. Gov’t. Refused U.S. Entry to Jihadist It Employs for Overthrowing Assad

Eric Zuesse, updated from his original post at

On August 18th, the terrific “Moon of Alabama” blogger posted his brilliant exposé of an operation that the U.S. and its allies support and are lobbying to win the Nobel Peace Prize, but that’s really just a group of people who help Syria’s anti-Assad jihadists by medicating their injured jihadists, and by carrying off and disposing of the jihadists’ victims’ corpses. The headline is “The ‘Wounded Boy In Orange Seat’ — Another Staged ‘White Helmets’ Stunt”. This story concerns staged (faked) photos by that Western-funded-and-backed jihadist organization — photos which have prominently been spread in Western ‘news’ media (and here’s an example of that Western propaganda on August 20th, from NPR’s sanctimonious sucker Scott Simon, quoting the New York Times’s sanctimonious sucker Nick Kristof, both of them suckers of their own government’s hoax, and passing it on to their fools who trust their deceived and propagandistic ‘reporting’). It’s all being done in order to fool Western publics to support their governments’ financial and military assistance to (actually) the jihadists who have been imported by the U.S. and allied governments into Syria to overthrow Assad, who is supported by the majority of Syrians, while the United States and the jihadists it backs are despised by 82% of Syrians. They’re imported to conquer land there, and to help bring down the Assad government and to replace the existing secular Syrian government with a ‘pro-Western’ government run by ‘our’ jihadists, who (unlike the secular government of Bashar al-Assad) will allow the fundamentalist-Islamic royal families who own Saudi Arabia and Qatar, to pipeline through Syria into the European Union, their oil and gas, so as to supplant Russia’s oil and gas in Europe — the biggest-of-all energy-market.

Here, then, was my earlier report on the White Helmets — these U.S.-backed hoaxters and assistants to jihadists:

four-minute video that was posted to youtube on April 29th documents that the U.S. government has been lying about an organization, the White Helmets, the U.S. government hires to assist Syria’s Al Qaeda, called “Al Nusra,” to dispose of corpses of persons Al Nusra executes. Nusra kills Syrian government soldiers; and, according to Seymour Hersh and other investigative journalists, has, throughout the Syrian war, been supplied guns and other weapons by the governments of U.S., Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey, for that purpose. This is part of America’s operation to overthrow Bashar al-Assad, whom even Western polling shows to be popular amongst the Syrian general population. That same polling shows Nusra and other jihadist organizations (and the U.S. government, which arms them) to be extremely unpopular in Syria.

On April 19th, the U.S. State Department had blocked entrance into the United States by Raed Saleh, the head of the White Helmets, and refused to say why. Saleh had been invited to receive in NYC an award by USAID and NGOs that the U.S. government finances, but he was barred at the airport, apparently because the FBI had placed him onto its no-fly list as a known terrorist.

The White Helmets claim to receive no funds from any government, but the four-minute video shows a State Department official admitting “we supply through USAID about twenty three million dollars in assistance to them” (which might be annually, but that question wasn’t addressed in the video). The White Helmets’ founder, James Lemesurier, is himself funded by the governments of UK, Japan, Denmark and Netherlands, all of which are likewise trying to overthrow Assad.

Thus, U.S. and other Western taxpayers are funding this allegedly ‘non-partisan’ and ‘humanitarian’ but actually jihadist, organization, whose leader was, on April 19th, prevented from receiving in the U.S., a ‘humanitarian’ award, for processing corpses that Nusra — which the U.S. government also supports — is producing. The White Helmets also rescue jihadists (and their inevitable civilian hostages), who have been injured by Syrian government forces. That’s their ‘humanitarian’ work. This video shows jihadists cheering White Helmets. The anti-Assad ‘charities’ that were wanting to award Raed Saleh in the U.S., have said they’ll instead do it in Turkey, which is a U.S. ally — even a member of NATO.

As regards what the Syrian public think, it’s highly favorable toward Assad and highly unfavorable toward the jihadist organizations that now infest their country from abroad, and also against the United States, which they view as being the main source of this ‘civil war’ (which is instead actually a foreign invasion of their country).

The video also shows the British agent (and Britain is yet another U.S. ally) who founded and organized the ‘non-partisan humanitarian organization’, White Helmets, Mr. Lemesurier.

The Syrian government is an ally of Russia, and America’s policy is to overthrow and replace the leader of any nation who is friendly toward Russia, such as Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, Manuel Zelaya, Viktor Yanukovych, or Bashar al-Assad. These governments then become failed states. When Zelaya was replaced in 2009, the country he led, Honduras, became a narco-state and has since had the world’s highest murder-rate. Jihadists weren’t even needed in the Honduran case. The U.S. government didn’t perpetrate that particular coup, but only helped it succeed and enabled the installed new regime to remain in power. The Honduran coup was actually perpetrated by agents of that country’s twelve aristocratic families, who own almost all of the country. However, normally, the U.S. government itself overthrows the leaders it doesn’t like, and doesn’t merely aid the regimes that a coup by the local aristocracy has already installed. Hillary Clinton, the U.S. Presidential candidate, was the key person in the Obama Administration who worked, behind the scenes, to keep in power the coup regime that took over in Honduras on 28 June 2009. Without her assistance to the Honduran coup-regime, Zelaya, whom virtually all other governments supported as being still the legal leader of Honduras, would have been restored to power; the coup-regime would have had to bow out. By contrast, her — and President Obama’s — efforts to replace Syria’s secular but nominally Shiite President Assad, by using Saudi-funded foreign-imported Sunni jihadists, haven’t been nearly so successful, unless creating the highest degree of misery among the residents in any country in the world, is viewed by Obama and Clinton as ‘success’.

As I had reported on April 16th, headlining, “Why Obama Prioritizes Ousting Assad Over Defeating Syria’s Jihadists”:

The “2016 Global Emotions Report” by Gallup, surveying over a thousand people in each one of 140 different nations, found that, by far, the people in Syria had “the lowest positive experiences worldwide,” the people there were far more miserable than in any other nation. The score was 36 (on a scale to 100). Second and third worst were tied at 51: Turkey because of the tightening dictatorship there as Turkey has become one of Obama’s key allies in toppling Assad; Nepal, on account of the earthquake.

So: America certainly doesn’t give a damn about the sufferings of the Syrians, and of the Iraqis, sufferings that the U.S. itself caused and which invasions by us (and by the jihadists we and our Saudi and other ‘friends’ have armed and assisted to get into Syria through our ‘friend’ Turkey) have produced the two nations with the most misery on this planet. Our Presidents mouth platitudes of ‘caring’, but, to judge by their actions, are merely lying psychopaths. But whatever they are, they’re causing the most misery of anyone. How much coverage of that fact is there in the American press? Hasn’t America’s press actually been complicit in this, all along?

So, this is the reason why the U.S. government refuses entry to a terrorist it hires to create hell for the people in Syria: it doesn’t want individuals such as Raed Saleh inside the United States. America’s leaders know that, if something like this happens, and if word of it becomes well known, the American public could become even less supportive of their leaders than they already are. It’s not what America’s aristocracy want. They might not care about the American public, but they care very much about staying in power, regardless whether under the “Democratic” or under the “Republican” label.

Back on 26 June 2015, Raed Saleh had somehow been allowed into the United States, to address an “Arria” briefing (named after the far-right aristocratic military Venezuelan diplomat and member of the U.S. aristocratic Council on Foreign Relations, Diego Arria) to the U.N. Security Council, where Saleh announced in his opening paragraph that his focus would be “to convey the message of the search and rescue teams in Syria about the suffering of the Syrian people due to the regime’s bombing with indiscriminate weapons, particularly barrel bombs.” Those were the cheap, even amateurish, improvised bombs that the Syrian Army were using to kill as many of the jihadists as they could, but which also inevitably killed and maimed also many Syrian civilians in the occupied areas of the country — there’s no way to avoid it. Saleh’s speech didn’t mention any of the many foreign jihadist groups such as Nusra and ISIS that were and are killing far more of everybody than Assad’s forces were. His focus was instead totally against Assad and the government’s forces, not at all against the jihadist mercenaries who had entered the country and made hell there; and, Saleh said, “The Syrian people who are being killed every day, Ladies and Gentlemen, hold you responsible” for not helping those jihadists eliminate the existing Syrian government. He said this without at all referring to what even Western polling of Syrians had consistently shown to be the case, which was the exact opposite: they hold the U.S. to blame and they loathe the jihadists and support the government. So, clearly, the United States did the correct thing when finally placing this jihadist of theirs onto America’s no-fly list. To the exact contrary of the U.S. government’s propaganda which says that he’s a hero and that he and his organization are ‘nonpartisan’ and that he is, as he calls himself, “the head of Syrian Civil Defense,” that appellation for him is like calling Hitler’s medics during his invasion of, say, France, “French Civil Defense.” George Orwell’s allegorical novel 1984 has clearly been surpassed in today’s reality. The extent to which Western publics accept the arrant lies they’re fed is exceeding, perhaps, even Orwell’s expectations.

So: one typical piece of Republican propaganda about the White Helmets is the May 1st article in the Wall Street Journal, “White Helmets Are White Knights for Desperate Syrians”, while a typical piece of Democratic propaganda about them is the New York Times eleven days earlier, on April 20th, which headlined “Leader of Syria Rescue Group, Arriving in U.S. for Award, Is Refused Entry”, and it reported there that “Joshua Landis, a Syria expert at the University of Oklahoma at Norman, called the denial of entry ‘a scandal.’ ‘The White Helmets are one of the few organizations in Syria that have been above reproach,’ he said. ‘They have tried to observe strict neutrality in order to facilitate their humanitarian work and save lives. To do this they have worked along side all sorts of militias in order to get to victims of the fighting.’” He didn’t say that the “militias” are overwhelmingly foreign jihadist groups paid by America’s fundamentalist-Sunni allies the Sauds, and Qatar’s royal family the Thanis, to overthrow the secular Shiite Assad. But, after all, it’s only propaganda, anyway. Right?

Furthermore, the Syrian public might view that conception of ‘strict neutrality’ much the way Jews in Hitler’s concentration camps viewed the conception of ‘strict neutrality’ as between themselves and their oppressors, or the way Chinese in the Nanjing Massacre viewed that ‘strict neutrality’ between themselves and the Japanese invaders. And, polls in Syria do show they view the U.S. and its allies as the invaders. Instead of ‘strict neutrality,’ the U.S. and its allies are the foreign invaders, and not at all ‘neutral’. And, to state this documented fact (documented here by the links) isn’t propaganda at all; it’s news-reporting, in an entirely verified historical context (which is very different from propaganda).

What that four-minute video shows is news-reporting, in exactly this sense. That’s why it’s presented here: it brings all of this together, succinctly; and what I’ve done here is to document some of its important historical context, to help people who are skeptical of it (and, in such a lying world, everything should be viewed with a scientist’s skepticism) understand and evaluate it, at a deeper level than a mere four minutes can possibly present, even in a video.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.


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  • jo6pac
  • Whether the scene is real or staged, it is grotesque. There is no way to test its authenticity, so it is pointless to speculate.

    The official account of 9/11 is demonstrably false. Thermite is present in all World Trade Center dust.

    Please help me to get through September.

  • Rehmat

    Americans are world’s top gullible people when it comes Zionist-controlled media lies.

    Earlier this month, Bangladeshi Muslim cleric Alauddin Akonjee, 55, and his assistant Thara Uddin, 64, who were gunned-down while returning from mosque in Queens.

    Bangladeshi community leaders have called the shooting a HATE CRIME linked to anti-Muslim hysteria created by GOP nominee Donald Trump, and former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani, the ‘defender of Israel’.

    Henry Sautner, NYPD deputy inspector, however, refused to call the murders ‘anti-Muslim hate crime’. Most of NYPD officials are trained in Israel. In April 2013, top Israeli police chief Yochanan Danino visited NYPD headquarters and held a long friendly meeting with NYPD police commissioner Raymond Kelly, a frequent visitor to the Zionist entity.

    Later, NYPD charged Oscar Morel, 35, on two-counts of second degree murder. He was arrested originally on charges related to a hit-and-run traffic accident on Saturday, the day of the shootings.

    NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio who visited Israel last year to show his support for Netanyahu regime against Hamas, Syria, and Iran, also sympathized with city’s Muslim community.

    Some worshippers claimed that Alauddin Akonjee sort of liked Donald Trump despite latter’s anti-Muslim rhetoric.

    Several bloggers and others at social media have claimed that Muslim cleric and his assistant like Seth Rich were murdered to get Israel’s favorite Hillary Clinton elected.

  • wehaveseenthisb4

    Weepy distraction photos provide us the opportunity to feel sad while confirming our humanity and goodness. Done. Thanks for your service. Done.

    Why? Why what? We’re sad. Don’t want to know why.

  • iseeit

    If “folk’s” would believe in climate change more then our leaders would be able to use that instead of war.
    The biggest thing is money.
    After that it’s either climate change or war.
    Those on the left must demand that we use climate change.

    • Silverado

      My motto?? Anything the Govt is for (especially climate change. What a fraud…) and I’m automatically against it. I can’t think of anything they do that I really agree with. Especially all this military adverturism all over the globe on our dime and with our blood. I’m surprised so many support and condone it and then wonder why the country is on that..wrong track we’ve all heard so much about…

  • Shay Davis

    I hate our country more every day.

    • Brabantian

      Ironically, as ‘wrong’ as USA gov monsters usually are … they are sometimes right without good intention … they are right about the South China Sea & China’s brutal theft of Philippine islands etc. … and apartheid Israel along with USA, is right about the Kurds in Syria

      This weekend, Russia’s Putin & Assad have begun murdering Syrian Kurds, very tragic … If the US intervened to save them I would cheer … The recent ‘deals’ amongst Vladimir Putin, Turkey’s Erdogan, Iran, & Syria’s Assad, is that they will all be murdering Kurds together … very sad… a profound turn of events, as M K Bhadrakumar reports

      Assad has now begun murdering the Syrian Kurds whom he had promised autonomy … cheered on & assisted by Russia, by Turkey & Iran Despite Kurdish leaders involved in drug dealing, being close to Israel etc … they yet have a right to their own country as they were promised in 1918 … better their own native mafia than 4 foreign mafias dividing up their homeland

      Such striking pictures and videos of beautiful Kurdish female soldiers, fighting for their homes … whom Assad & Putin have now begun killing … Tho quite true the Syrian horrors were begun by the Western powers … and that many Syrians in the end prefer Assad over the various Muslim extremists … It is nonetheless true that Assad is no saint, he is a butcher too

      And Vladimir Putin is no ‘anti-Western hero’ … he finished the killing process of perhaps as many as 100,000 Muslims in Chechnya, Russia wanting the revenues from Chechnya – Dagestan oil & gas … Putin approved the Nato Libya bombings etc etc … he is just a rival oligarch with similar tactics

      Ditto China, bullying ASEAN and stealing islands in the South China Sea … All oligarchs and imperialists it seems, all of them … It is a sad world … and ‘heroes of opposition’ are in very short supply

      Even tho it is Oded Yinon plan, I say: God save the Kurds & give them their homeland … break up Syria, Turkey, Iran & Iraq, 4 artificial countries partly built on colonised stolen land from others

      • Silverado

        Maybe everything you say is true. All the more reason to pack up and get everyone of our people out of there ASAP. We have no interests there unless you’re a globalist, a neocon or a warmonger or all three. Let the people who live there solve the problems there (a novel approach completely unheard of in what passes as the media in this country) while we elect Trump and Make America Great Again because we’re back putting America First unlike those criminal neocons who actually belong in a cage. So maybe GitMo would really have a use if it was up to me because that’s where I’d ship them off to so they could be dealt with on the order of how they deal currently with religious prisoners picked off the battlefields in places we should have waved good-bye from decades ago. And we didn’t even keep the oil (which I said YEARS ago we should have). On this Donald Trump is exactly right…again.

      • Eric Zuesse

        Re. your “Tho quite true the Syrian horrors were begun by the Western powers … and that many Syrians in the end prefer Assad over the various Muslim extremists … It is nonetheless true that Assad is no saint, he is a butcher too”:

        That’s plain silly. All wars are barbaric; all have plenty of innocent maimings, deaths, and property-losses. The U.S. with England perpetrated not only the firebombing of Dresden. The U.S. perpetrated not only the nuking of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The U.S. perpetrated not only the napalming of Vietnamese villages. But to say that FDR (and Truman, and Johnson) were “butchers” is silly. It’s not post-tragic, and it’s not even tragic; it’s pre-tragic — it is childish and oblivious to the natural reality. What Assad is doing is what he needs to do in order to prevent Syria from being broken up and taken over by various conflicting gangs of jihadists, plus by Kurdish gangs in the Kurdish areas — but mainly by allies of the Sauds, who really are “butchers,” but they’re friends of the Clintons and the Bushes and the U.S. aristocracy. You’d be lots more credible to say that Hillary is a “butcher” and that Obama is a “butcher” and that the Bushes are “butchers” — but Assad is supported by the majority of Syrians because he’s doing the best that can be done with a horrible U.S.-Saud-Thani-Erdogan-backed importation of jihadists into his country who are trying to overthrow him.

    • Silverado

      Dude…the country isn’t the problem. You have to…hate correctly. It’s the criminal psychopaths who are running it, at least for a few more months, that you should hate. The criminal warmongering neocons which can be from either political party are the specific problem. And they should be rounded up en-mass and jailed before they launch WWIII. Financially and morally this country would finally be on that right track so many currently recognize that we’re NOT on under Obama and crooked Hillary. Will Trump be any better?? That’s the wrong question. Could Trump be any worse?? He’s no neocon nor is he a warmonger (so far) so again the enemy of my enemy is my friend and that’s why he’ll get my vote in November and I predict he’ll win by a landslide…

      • cettel


  • Saint Jimmy

    F*ck the “united states”.

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    Nov 20, 2015 The One Thing You Need to Know About ISIS

    ‘Americans please wake up!’

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    While the US is pointing fingers at all kinds of ‘violations’ on behalf of other countries, it is one of few countries in the world (besides perhaps, their most devoted vassals) that routinely ignore international laws and international protocols, without facing any kind of repercussions. The psychological warfare that is the monopoly over the world’s mainstream media, sees the world inching closer to global conflict against, what is essentially, American fascism.

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