Report from Rio

By guest author Daniel “No Passport” Bruno, reporting from Rio de Janeiro. Daniel is from Manhattan, is an author, inventor, specialist in 9/11 studies, and the interview host at which publishes over 1000 censored articles per month.

The Olympics have concluded successfully and by all accounts Brazil did an outstanding job of hosting half a million guests. The mammoth public works projects, from stadiums to new metro stations to ribbons of highways laid through miles of mountains, have to be seen to be appreciated.

Brazil went to great lengths to protect south America’s first Olympiad from a Nice or Brussels type “Islamic” attack. I want to personally thank beleaguered president Dilma Rousseff, who in 2015 presciently cancelled the Israeli “security” firm ISDS’s US$ 2.2 billion contract to “safeguard” the Olympics:

As readers will recall, the MOSSAD and/or an Israeli “security” outfit usually has more than a casual connection to terrorists and their performances, e.g. Dulles airport security on September 11, the Richard Reed shoe bomber, the Underwear Bomber and many more before and since.

The superpower United States garnered far and away more gold medals and total medals than any other country, yet this writer cannot wish away the sobering realization that our mighty “superpower” nation is circumscribed by a repugnant gnome that won a whopping two bronze medals.

The crime hysteria and Zika doom porn propagated by the lamestream media discouraged many people from attending and even caused some American athletes to pull out. In fact, during August, more mosquitoes are to be found in Manhattan than in Rio de Janeiro city and the most high profile criminal attack turned out to be a soft false flag. Ryan Lochte, the 32 year old gold medalist swimmer, fabricated a story about being robbed at gun point by men dressed in police uniforms after he was caught peeing in public and vandalizing property.

The hoax was taken at face value by the lamestream media, which was more than happy to trumpet the standard good looking western victim/dangerous third worlder perp meme.  Brazilians are furious. The fiasco has given the reputation of the United States yet another black eye, and is now a teachable moment viz, the pathological lying of the bully/brat who portrays himself as the victim.

Election 2016

The alternative media is sweating bullets about the prospect of a Billary Clinton presidency. The dread and panic are palpable that the corrupt Clintons will rig the election. Circumstantial evidence points to the Clinton crime syndicate bumping people off even as we speak.

It is true that assassination, e.g. Vince Foster, is an old standby in the Clinton toolkit, and the 2004 Diebold scandal is proof that computer election counts are easily manipulated by programmers.  But this time, the gods are not with the Clintons as they were back in 1992.

As I explained back in April, the Democratic nominee has a tiny probability of winning in November. Cynical readers insist that the whole rotten system is a sham, and Clinton will seize power come Hillary or high water. However corrupt the system may be, a November win for Clinton is a far more complicated affair than fixing the final vote tally on television. In an election that is not a close call, thousands of local election results would need to be manipulated to ensure the vote count needed to pull off the fraud without the other side calling foul. Bush achieved this in 2000 and 2004 through a combination of voter suppression, intimidation and confusion at the polls. Ultimately, the Supreme Court had to step in to close the deal. Of course, the Electoral College has the real vote, but a dichotomy with the popular vote will further erode the legitimacy of a candidate who is already widely hated by Bernie supporters and Republicans alike.

In all likelihood, the nominal Obama regime will give way to the nominal Trump regime, which will win 56% percent of the two party vote.

The Fair Model has a standard deviation of 2.5%.  This means that Billary would need to be at 2.6 standard deviations above 44% to get, say, 50.5% of the vote. 97.4% of the time, this does not happen.

This implies that Clinton has a 2.6% probability of winning a clean election. I know this seems implausible, but there is more to consider: the incumbent Democrat party has only seven of the eight keys needed to remain in the White House.

It’s going to take a whole heck of a lot of backroom dealing and voter fraud to fix the 2016 election for Billary.

Either way, the real seat of power, the NeoCon regime that brought us the September 11 terrorist attack, will remain firmly entrenched and nothing will change until we, the American people and the American military, take our country back, jail the usurpers and establish the Second Republic of the United States of (Great) America.


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  • Brockland A.T.

    …. So the U.S. election is a big deal in Rio?

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