Capitalism Alienates, Integrates ‘Psychology With Corporate Desire’ (Video)

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  • MyWikiDisQus

    True capitalism has rarely existed in America. It has almost always had the backing and support of the political establishment, who picks industries’ winners and losers via statute and regulation, similar to the symbiotic relationship between a parasite and its host. Fascism is the cancer that has infected the free market and distorted it such that competition no longer is fair but has succumbed to close door meetings where the jingle of the purse garnishes the grand table that serves avarice as the main course.

    Capitalism has evolved into fascism and soiled itself with corruption that eventually will lead to tyranny against the masses. That is where we are today.

    • diogenes

      The history of the industrial and corporate development of America in the post Civil War era and beyond is, specifically and exactly, a history of the development of structures to limit, control, and eliminate competition — whether in railroad, or oil (by 1890 Rockefeller controled 90%), or sugar, or steel, or meats, or grains, or credit. The standard story about “capitalism” and “competition” in America is complete and total bullshit that will not stand up to the briefest confrontation with well-recorded, fully-attested, incontrovertible historical facts, readily available to anyone who knows where to look — NOT in a newspaper or the History Channel or most college textbooks. Anyone who talks about the virtues of “capitalism” and “free trade” and “competition” and “entrepreneurial opportunity” proves himself either deceived or deceiving or both.

      It is a tragic commentary that so many people in America still parrot this prattle. It damns American education, and American political discourse, American media and American publishers, irrevocably and conclusively, and it is difficult to avoid the conclusion that it demonstrates the fundamental stupidity — or, or charitably, the terminal gullibility — of Americans at large. Maybe it’s the idiot box?

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  • It is not so much Capitalism as much as it is ‘Banking’ that is at the root of everything wrong in economics today.

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    • diogenes

      Banking (finance) took over control of “capitalism” (corprorate finance) over a hundred years ago in America, Lincoln. Your knowledge of the basics of American economic history has some catching up to do.

      • It would be better to engage in a conversation on this topic and ask questions first before making any and all assumptions. “Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won’t come in.” -Isaac Asimov

        • diogenes

          It would be better to employ language carefully. “Capitalism” is a totally useless word. Economists, trying to be more specific, over a hundred years ago started talking about “finance capitalism” — but by now, this word has been so abused for so long that it is meaningless. I was doing the best I could to extract sense and respond to your first sentence above. That’s what reading always involves — making assumptions. Your imprecise writing leads me to assume imprecise or ill-informed thinking behind it. Fix that, and intelligent conversation becomes possible. Meanwhile, your distinction between “capitalism” — whatever you mean by that — and “banking” does nothing but muddy the waters and confuse conversation and thought. Get it?


    The private-public “partnership” is a fact of life in our country.

    For over half of the United States and its federal government this has translated into the systematic incorporation of privately-operated prisons; throughout corrections, contracting has facilitated whole industries unto themselves, from video visitation to drone detection to food services, helping drive the direction of prison policy much more quickly through new technology, marketing, and the power of the commission than through data and debate.