America the Illiterate

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  • All going as planned for well over a century. Mar 10, 2014 Department of Education whistleblower Charlette Iserbyt about the deliberate dumbing down of America.

    The former US Department of Education Senior Policy Advisor suggests that the our educational system is not based upon children learning.

    This single chart demonstrates the truthfullness of Charlette Iserbyt and her statements as measured by student test scores.

  • MyWikiDisQus

    I’m guilty, count me among the population who do not vote in federal elections, not for the congress or the presidency.

    I don’t have the intellect to comprehend the nuances between the republican ideology and the democratic ideology. I have a simple mind and don’t see any difference despite the color of campaign paraphernalia, graphic images (jackass verses elephant) or scripted propaganda that tries to circumscribe a political shape opposite its adversary. I look at results to gauge them and all I see is the same pomp and palaver, no substance, no benefit and no economic or moral growth for the nation.

    We have a central government filled with pandering sycophants who lust for their own personal treasure and care nothing for the republic. I cannot in good conscience give my seal of approval to such a corrupt enterprise that resides in the kingdom of Washington, DC. There is no sanity in all of this, only a perpetual condition of inanity.

    There is a comfort in illiteracy, a joy in not knowing the shades of evil, only an awareness its dark shadow exists. I hope there is a modicum of forgiveness somewhere in the hearts of my fellow Americans who do vote their party favorite for it is obvious they are more “enlightened” than I.

  • madrino

    We live in a time when information is readily available, well researched and sourced. I have given books, papers, documentaries and resource locations for raw factual information to many people with plenty opinions, few facts and the incapability of being able to agree to disagree. Opinions have become absolute truth in the mainstream of life. Smedley Butler’s “War is a Racket” of little more than 10 pages, Gustav LeBon’s “The Crowd”, BBC’s “Operation Gladio” and “Century of Self”, documentary films, Howard Zinn’s “Peoples History of the United States”, Melanie Warner’s “Pandora’s Lunchbox”, C. W. Mill’s “Power Elite”, George Washington U’s National Security Archive website, JSTOR documents, US government spending documents and websites, National Law Enforcement Officers statistics pages, university think tanks… you name it, few even try to read it, watch it or look it up.

    I now realize that opinion trumps facts an most any subject as most people live in a comfortable manufactured reality they wish not to leave. Indeed, the lies we despise become the truths many are willing to die for. From local election petty lies to militarized mass murder in our name (and possibly the entire planet), many people from all backgrounds and status absolutely prefer to be willfully ignorant.

    Discussion and learning of a variety of concepts and ideas are important for learning and understanding new things, but it requires us to get out of our comfort zone. The payoff is the AH HAH! moments of realization of something new. Unfortunately, the preference to be comfortably numb and unavailable to learning has been stopped by indoctrination and the end of mental and social growth, regardless of direction it may lead to.

    The enlightenment age is gone. We learned to love money, wealth and power more than one another. Education is vocational and does not teach us how to think, especially between multiple views to make an informed decision (the information is available, just not searched for and researched). Living in competing silos, we fight with each other, just as the robber barons used to pit their workers against each other.

    I’m afraid, I have no answer to this situation of life limiting willful ignorance.

    • cstahnke

      Well written comment. Don’t give up your efforts because I and many others applaud you.

      • Lynseyjbailey3

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    • Beautiful comment.

  • cstahnke

    We are unlikely to ever go back to a literate culture and we need to say good bye to that period. Those of us deeply steeped in that culture have to hang our heads just a bit but all is not lost. We have a developing subculture of videos, podcasts, and performance pieces of various kinds that keep culture alive. There is, even among the semi-literate a hankering for authenticity that is building. The age of the image need not be ignorant and, with time, can develop a different language based on image. We see this in the Egytpian and Chinese civilizations. My intuition tells me that key to our presentations of the subjects of logic, facts, empiricism and so on is the development of the heart. The most destructive movements in society are not based on deficiencies of logic so much as deficiencies of love, compassion and joy because without those positive emotions people are subject to fear, anxiety and alienation. Negative emotions narrow the mind so that logical arguments can’t be grasped. Positive emotions expand the mind and open us to other people’s views and concerns and give us the “space” to listen to their concerns.

    I have read almost all of Hedges books and I admire him and his writing and I believe it comes from a caring place but his tone is dour and reflect a deep hurt which I share as an old leftist radical who loves and appreciates some of the same writers Hedges touts. But let’s face the fact that there is no going back to a former age it’s over and mourning it is fine but emphasizing the loss will blind us to the opportunity we have ahead of us. Our task is to move on, work with the new tools available to us and, above all cultivate virtue (in the old sense of the word) and compassion and we will each be able to personify someone others will follow for they are hungry for authenticity even if it is in a obviously tainted person like Mr. Trump.

    • That’s key. We can never go back. Nobody knows what the future is like, but black swans can be positive, too.

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  • Charlie Primero

    The inability to distinguish Lies from objective truth was purposely manufactured within the American populace.

    See Richard Grove’s episode 70 of the Peace Revolution Podcast for how this was accomplished by perverting the ancient Seven Liberating Arts…

  • sean

    A bit harsh on the Christian right. Keynesian economics, the philosophy the federal reserve is following and that is decimating our economy is a liberal economic philosophy. It’s the left where all this PC bullshit comes from. It’s the left that riot in the streets when they don’t get their way. It’s the left that make martyrs out of criminals and street thugs. It’s the left that attacked Trump supporters. It’s the left that actually picked Hillary over Bernie. Just sayin.

  • Anon.

    Anyone looking for an actionable solution to this problem should read the summary PDF at

  • No More Neos

    Nearly half of the US are Independents, who have long uncovered the corporate duopoly posing as Dems and Reps. This demographic, surprisingly, has steadily increased. Soon, it will increase to 75%, at which point the oligarchy will no longer be able to continue the D vs. R charade.

    If there is ONE THING that all Americans need to learn about history if they haven’t by now, it’s this: