Corporate Government Complicity with Big Tobacco

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  • kimyo

    the story might actually be more complicated: Carcinogens in Tobacco Products

    Radioactive materials are in the tobacco leaves used to make cigarettes and cigars; the amount depends on the soil the plants were grown in and fertilizers used. But this means that the smoke from burning these leaves has small amounts of radioactive material, too, which smokers take into their lungs as they inhale. These radioactive particles build up in the lungs, and over time can mean a big dose of radiation. This may be another key factor in smokers getting lung cancer.

    Lung cancer: is the increasing incidence due to radioactive polonium in cigarettes?

    This paper presents clinical, experimental, and epidemiologic evidence to help explain the rapidly increasing incidence of primary lung cancer, with recently observed reversal in leading cell type from squamous cell to adenocarcinoma. It postulates that this may be due to changes in modern cigarettes, with or without filters, which allow inhalation of increased amounts of radioactive lead and polonium and decreased amounts of benzopyrene. This hypothesis is based upon measurements of increased concentrations of radioactive polonium in the lungs of cigarette smokers, in modern tobaccos grown since 1950, and in high-phosphate fertilizers used for tobacco farming in industrialized countries. Critical support for this thesis is based upon experimental animal studies in which lung cancers that resemble adenocarcinomas are induced with as little as 15 rads of radioactive polonium, equal to one fifth the dosage inhaled by cigarette smokers who average two packs a day during a 25-year period.

    • Robert Barsocchini

      Good additional info, though it seems to make the story equally complicated, not really more so. Suggests corporate government complicity with another big corporate industry. Any rational person would conclude this would be taking place and would not be confined to the tobacco industry, and indeed the above video covers this.

      • kimyo

        litigation-wise, there’s rather a profound difference between selling a product which may cause harm to some and hiding the fact that the changes to your production process have caused millions of your customers to contract a completely novel form of lung cancer.

        tobacco labeling laws are in reality the most amazing shift the blame to the victims coup ever.

        another example of this kind of deceit is the use of crop dessication with roundup/glyphosate in the harvesting of grains for beer. did you die from liver failure from drinking too much? or did anheuser-busch kill you with unacceptable/unsafe levels of a ‘probable carcinogen’?

        please don’t think that i’m trying to argue with you. perhaps i should have said ‘slightly more complicated’. clearly the problem is that industry is in full control of the fda, usda and epa.

        which means one will probably live a longer, healthier life by ignoring every single piece of health advice given by these agencies.

        cell phone radiation exposure causes tumors in rats
        imagine the millions of kids raised within immediate proximity of half a dozen cell phones/i-pads/laptops.

        High cholesterol ‘does not cause heart disease’ new research finds, so treating with statins a ‘waste of time’
        70,000 patients examined, those with higher ldl lived longer.

        Reducing Salt Does Not Lower Risk Of High Blood Pressure Or Deaths
        the low-salt section of the supermarket is probably not going to like this.

        Fluoridation May Not Prevent Cavities, Scientific Review Shows

        “There’s really hardly any evidence” the practice works, Sheldon adds. “And if anything there may be some evidence the other way.” One 2001 study covered in the Cochrane review of two neighboring British Columbia communities found that when fluoridation was stopped in one city, cavity prevalence actually went down slightly amongst schoolchildren, while cavity rates in the fluoridated community remained stable.

        • Robert Barsocchini

          It makes it equally complicated as opposed to more complicated because smoking tobacco kills you, and apparently the added pesticides, as you point out, also add even more harm. So we have two examples of corporate/government complicity. That’s not more complicated, it’s another example of the same thing, which the video already points out as an obvious occurrence.