UNCOUNTED: The True Story of the California Primary

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  • Balvin Canberra

    That video was unnecessary and irrelevant since FDR’s words about presidential elections in the US are the rule of the game:


    Mrs. Clinton has already been SELECTED to become the next president of the United States, and the ignorant and gullible masses in America have no say on this process.

    End of story.

    • Brockland A.T.

      It was still a great little documentary.

    • Alex Fieldman

      Yes, she was selected. Selected by the people of the democratic party. All primaries should be closed primaries. and why aren’t the Berniebros complaining about the even more UN-democratic primaries call3ed Caucuses?? oh yea, cause Bernie won those… To fix this problem we need to have all closed primaries in every state. no more caucuses and no more open primaries. that’s the only solution to make it truly democratic.

      • NoOneYouKnow

        Didn’t bother watching the film, did you. Obvious voter suppression and fraud in CA, NY, Iowa and elsewhere.

      • Patrick Hogan

        I agree caucuses are problematic, and unrepresentative. I disagree that “closed” is better than open. The fact is independants and those who believe NEITHER party represents them, should be a large part in swaying a party towards what they want. Many states do what I think is closer to right, which is semi-open primaries, AKA as long as you didn’t vote in the republican primary, you can vote in the democratic primary.

        IMO states like new york did things the worse. Where the deadline to chose your party alligence, came way before the candidates were visible.

        The primary is suppose to be about finding out which candidates represent the most people, and have the best shot in the general. Knowing who does the best with whoever is going to vote blue no matter who is up there, is not representative of who is going to reach accross the aisle, and get the purple voters.

        • JeffDB

          There’s definitely truth in what you are saying, but there is a potentially big downside in some elections.

          For instance, if a candidate sews up the Party X nomination early enough in the process his/her supporters can feel fairly confident in voting in Party Y’s primary with the express intent of tipping the scales towards a candidate that they think is weaker and easier to beat in the general election.

      • SeanSu

        The reason why open primaries are better is because it is generally voted upon by people that WANT that candidate. When you have closed primaries plus super delegates then you have a rigged primary. There’s a reason why even authoritarian nations with low level elections generally do not have super delegates – it looks inauthentic.

  • Brockland A.T.

    You’d think California would have no shortage of starving political science grads and undergrads willing to man the polls.

  • kimyo

    is sanders aware of the level of fraud which took place across the country? if so, why would he fail to fight for his supporters?

    one can only conclude that he never had any intention of winning the primary.

    if trump fails to make vote fraud 24/7 news, then, likewise, he has no intention of winning the presidency.

    • Brockland A.T.

      Er, Trump did complain about the lack of fairness in the GOP primaries. That’s how he got the GOP ticket. Sinking Ron Paul was almost crippling to the GOP; shafting Trump would be fatal and Trump leveraged that for all it was worth.


      Of course, Trump put up his own money, not that of his supporters, so protecting his investment was more of a priority. Business people are like that, as opposed to a socialist politician who might not be as concerned about where money comes from. Even though it is a great sacrifice on the part of working people to donate to any cause.

      There was every chance the rule abuses used against Ron Paul would be used against Trump. Trump’s ‘Fairness’ campaign, maligned as it was, worked because he was right.



      The GOP has resorted to scuttling fundraising, while the Electoral College is being readied as a last ditch attempt to thwart ‘The Donald’. So far, Trump hasn’t been reduced to begging funds from Adelson or the Koch brothers. He’s also so far prevented his sliding poll numbers from displacing him from the nomination; perhaps the polls are a little rigged; who knows. So much is at stake for the neocons.


      How far Trump is personally willing to invest in this venture remains to be seen; a matching funds gimmick might work, but likely everyone hopes Trump won’t ask for or need their money. This is the Republican party, after all.



      The clincher is the Electoral College where Hilary leads 332 to Trump’s 206. A strong Trump popular vote would certainly challenge that, but the anti-Trump media campaign is finally taking its toll on the popular numbers. The Presidential elections will likely grant the undemocratic Electoral College a measure of legitimacy it does not deserve, righteously siding with the voters against Trump in favour of the ‘first woman president’.


      The Electoral College was intended to blunt a tyranny of the majority. Unfortunately the majority wants things like accountable Constitutional rule, not rule by a minority oligarchs in control of the electoral college.

      A vote for Trump, would not be wasted even if it is, insofar as protesting the system. The Donald is not likely to get past the Electoral College whatever his popular numbers; it would take a substantial landslide to overcome cheating at the ballot boxes.

      • kimyo

        i continue to argue this one simple point: if trump fails to focus america’s attention on how clinton stole the nomination from sanders, then he’s just pretending to run.

        it’s not about money or polls. it’s not about his personality or the electoral college. it’s about whether or not this is wrestlemania 2016. all evidence suggests that the whole thing has been scripted to provide the ‘appearance’ of an election.

        • Brockland A.T.

          …. First of all, Trump wouldn’t care how Bernie loses as long as he’s gone and away from the spotlight. He isn’t likely to risk coming off as a Bernie supporter and attacking the Dems for doing him the favour of knocking off the one Democrat with the best chance of burying him embarassingly in a national election.

          Trump is saying Hilary needs to be indicted. In a fairer, saner world, that should be a slam dunk. The Democrats are the party of Hilary.

          Second, yes, the greatest show on earth is more of a show than ever. However, it still has to look like an election, get it? Bounce that rubber stamp off the oligarch’s heads.

          A massive Trump turnout is pretty much the only real act of rebellion there is unless Jill Stein (Green Party) catches fire among women as the infinitely more preferable First Woman President of the United States. At least she favours proportional representation and paper ballots.



          Used to be, the Democratic umbrella covered groups like the Greens; no more.

          Of course, Jill Stein is on no-one’s radar. The fix is in for Hilary; how best to showcase popular rejection of this inevitability other than Trumping her?

          …. Bearing in mind that opposing Hilary seems to be kind of dangerous…


          • kimyo

            a ‘massive trump turnout’ will be easily thwarted by the same clinton apparatus capable of delivering millions of fraudulent voter registrations.

            if trump fails to alert his supporters of this crime, then, just like sanders, he’s not actually running. he’s there to drive people into hillary’s camp.

            is it your position that trump is honestly pursuing the presidency?

          • Brockland A.T.

            My position is, he’s there. On the ballot. Use him. Or use Jill Stein (Green Party), but she seems like a really nice person.

            There are more than enough Hilary partisans to give Hilary a plausible victory, especially combined with cheating. The only question is how best to cheapen that and make it as difficult as possible to maintain the facade. Dubya’s first Presidency was arguably a stolen one; the truth can be seen if not always enforced.

            It doesn’t matter how seriously The Donald is running. Most people should know how fraudulent elections are anyway. How much Trump spam can those cheap little voting machines handle?

            Pride would keep Trump on the ballot and talking tough, but running seriously against Hilary looks obnoxious to self preservation. Bernie Sanders has yielded to Hilary, and so has Elizabeth Warren. The FBI won’t indict.

            There is nothing and no-one seriously opposing a Hilary regime. Except The People’s vote.

          • kimyo

            i wish you had answered my question. it was a simple, yes / no affair. so be it.

            just one more thing: is it your position that sanders was honestly pursuing the presidency?

          • Brockland A.T.

            Actually, I did answer your question; I said no-one is seriously challenging Hilary for the presidency. Most people read the opening lines and end line of a wall of text.

            No-one ever was running against Hilary. Even Jimmy Carter, way, way back, acknowledged the nomination was Hilary’s for the taking. What was at stake was legitimizing the crowning process, not who was chosen to win.

            As in, Trump is not seriously running for the Presidency and neither is Bernie. Maybe Gary Johnson and Jill Stein are sincerely trying, but their intentions hardly count as as serous challenge.

            Trump and Bernie would like to win, love the attention and the drama, and will accept any plums dropped in their lap, but that’s not the same as going-all-out doing-what-it-takes to win. Hilary on the other hand, will (figuratively of course) kill to win.

            The smoking gun on Trump and Bernie, stated in some other thread, is that neither really went out of their way to court the minority vote. Trump could never pull it off anyway, but Bernie during his entire political career never cultivated the minority vote and when he needed it most, did not apply his longstanding stumping experience to doing so.

            No serious attempt to appeal to minorities, no serious attempt to win the Presidency. Trump’s appeal to the LBGT vote after Orlando doesn’t count; his main constituency hates LBGTs. Sanders is fighting for his place in history, promising great things he never has to deliver on and ‘influencing’ Hilary’s campaign even though his real influence is long over and the illusion ends when Hilary’s nomination is formalized. Sander’s probably shot down any chance of being VP for good measure; again, a plus for the history books.


            The great thing about it though, is that the contest looked too real. Rather than validating Hilary, the elitists invalidated the system more overtly than it has ever been before. Some people may even know who Gary Johnson and Jill Stein are as a result.

          • kimyo


            yes, quite so. thank you. i don’t agree with you on everything, but we’re closer than i first thought.

            one issue upon which we totally concur on is the mystifying complete lack of interest by trump and sanders in courting the minority vote. i found sanders’ few/lame attempts to be astonishingly inept.

          • Brockland A.T.

            One could write off Trump, even bearing in mind he must do good business with non-whites to be where he is, but Bernie? Nope, makes no sense at all he couldn’t connect if he wanted to.

  • kimyo

    jill stein disqualifies herself: Green party’s Jill Stein invites Bernie Sanders to take over ticket

    Bernie Sanders has been invited to continue his underdog bid for the White House by the Green party’s probable presidential candidate, who has offered to step aside to let him run.

    sadness. he completely let down his supporters by failing to stand up for himself as clinton stole california, brooklyn, etc. stein should be aware of this, especially given the above video. now she’s sold out the green party. shame.