The New European Fascists

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  • hyperbola

    It is good to see that there are parts of the world that reject becoming peons of the Pharisees.

    The rest of the world needs to do the same. The Brits made a start in throwing out Cameron,

    Cameron’s ‘Torah’ government

    but now need to continue cleaning the zionist pharisees out of their government, politics, media and royal family.

    The Secret History of the British ‘Royals’

    …. …. And that’s why Queen Elizabeth II’s nickname is “Lilybeth la bonne” meaning “The Maid”. That meant, she was the daughter of the Maid, the daughter of the “Whipping Boy”.

    Then when King George V died in 1952, the very illegitimate Princess Elizabeth became ‘Queen Elizabeth II’. In 1946, Prince Philip became engaged to Princess Elizabeth under the extortion of Lord Louis Mountbatten. Lord Louis Mountbatten extorted the ‘Whipping Boy’, Queen consort Elizabeth and King George VI on the basis that the Royal Family had been fake since 1852.

    So in order to retain the crown, they sold their daughter into marriage to Prince Philip, and it appears that Lord Louis Mountbatten also included rights for under-aged sex with the firstborn — Prima Nocte, Droit du seigneur, Right of the Lord where the Lord takes the virginity of the serves — and that was Prince Charles. So Prince Charles was a paedophile victim from obviously a young age. Lord Louis Mountbatten was absolutely known for his paedophilia.

    Now Lord Louis Mountbatten introduced the well-known paedophile Jimmy Savile to Prince Charles. They used to spend quite a bit of time together and go to parties together. A lot of it was under the guise of charity events. On Jimmy Savile’s 80th birthday, Prince Charles sent Jimmy Savile a pair of gold cufflinks, a box of cigars, and a note saying “No one will ever know what you’ve done for this country”. There’s now just a phenomenal amount of children that Jimmy Savile abused……

    BBC accused of ‘cover-up’ as evidence from Savile inquiry is heavily censored

    …. Savile was revealed as Britain’s worst sex offender as the full scale of his abuse over six decades was disclosed in a damning report by the Metropolitan Police and the NSPCC last month.

    His reign of terror spanned 54 years, with the latest crime allegedly committed just four years ago. His 450 victims included a boy of eight and a dying child aged 11 or 12 who was abused at Great Ormond Street Hospital……

    Arch Paedophile Jimmy Savile was a devout Zionist and an Israel supporter

    It is far from being a big surprise that Jimmy Savile, a ‘predatory sex offender’, found many friends amongst Zionists and Israeli leaders. Just a year ago, the UK Jewish Chronicle saw him as a dear friend of the Jewish people and their State.


    Beauty and the beasts: Kate mingles with dictators and despots at Queen’s jubilee lunch

    LAUGHING and quaffing expensive drinks, the Queen and Duchess of Cambridge rubbed shoulders today with dictators accused of hideous human rights abuses.
    Angry protests erupted outside Buckingham Palace as the Queen lavished hospitality on foreign royals.

    The Monsters Of Middleton

    The Great Kate Middleton Scam…She, William and Baby are Jewish

    What we have been sold is no less than the groundwork for the imposition of a future Jewish Monarchy in Great Britain. And engineered by the House of Rothschild, estimated fortune $500 Trillion, whose relations and puppets on Wall Street and in the City of London are responsible for a deliberatly created international financial crisis; a permanent Western recession, aimed at creating a one world currency system, a one world bank and a New World Order.

  • hyperbola

    When Chris Hedges begins to giver as much coverage to this crime as to the standard propaganda, then he may have some credibility.

    Stalin’s Jews
    We mustn’t forget that some of greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish
    (,7340,L-3342999,00.html )

    Almost 90 years ago, between the 19th and 20th of December 1917, in the midst of the Bolshevik revolution and civil war, Lenin signed a decree calling for the establishment of The All-Russian Extraordinary Commission for Combating Counter-Revolution and Sabotage, also known as Cheka. Within a short period of time, Cheka became the largest and cruelest state security organization.

    We cannot know with certainty the number of deaths Cheka was responsible for in its various manifestations, but the number is surely at least 20 million, including victims of the forced collectivization, the hunger, large purges, expulsions, banishments, executions, and mass death at Gulags.

    And us, the Jews? An Israeli student finishes high school without ever hearing the name “Genrikh Yagoda,” the greatest Jewish murderer of the 20th Century, the GPU’s deputy commander and the founder and commander of the NKVD. Yagoda is responsible for the deaths of at least 10 million people. His Jewish deputies established and managed the Gulag system.

    In 1934, according to published statistics, 38.5 percent of those holding the most senior posts in the Soviet security apparatuses were of Jewish origin…..

    • Laura Green

      When you speak about 1917 Bolshevik “revolution “, you should mention that it was also a coup (not a revolution. Same like Ukrainian in 2013 ), instigated by Rothschild mafia and it’s puppets.
      America’s Dark History of Supporting Ukrainian Fascists and War Criminals —-

      • boggy4062

        Still, we are talking about history and real numbers – Jews, for some reason where represented in higher numbers than even Russians themselves in NKVD, and using logic of many today’s Jewish “intelectuals”. Communist Jews are as responsible for European mass genocides as Germans Nazis. Actually, they Soviet NKVD murdered WAAAY more people than Hitler ever did. BTW, in allegedly anti semitic country, to TOP people in Polish government are Jews. Does anybody remember former president Olek. Kwasniewski? How about the big crowd of Jews in Solidarity movement (Mr. Buzek, Adam Michnik, and company)? Some of them were Jaruzelski’s agents.
        And to disappoint some NY xenophobes, I do not hate Jews or Israel. Actually, I love them. I love Michael Savage, I admire Benjamin Netanyahu and support, have few of my own group of close Jewish friends. I simply hate liers and commies.

  • awb22

    from the article – “Immigrants are condemned as diseased, painted as rapists and excoriated for supposedly having barbaric religious practices.”

    It’s not ignorance, it’s fact. Since when is a sovereign nation required to open it’s borders? This was never what an EU was supposed to be, to allow free immigration from outside Europe.

    Palestinian sympathizers hate god, it’s as simple as that. Which is the only way the left can rationalize their support of Islam. The US promotes destabilization in the ME as a geo political strategy against Russia. Why would the EU take in the refugees? Why not support those who the Muslims persecute in their own countries, mainly non-muslims? Why invite them to your own country so they can persecute non-muslims there?

  • Paul Kane

    Populism is the answer, but not right wing ‘populism’.

    • boggy4062

      Same as Blacks or Hispanics…only those who vote for Democrats are true, genuine progressive good citizens. Any others, I.e. conservatives voting for Republicans, Trump are “Uncle Toms”, stupid, uneducated (not true for sure). Typical communist propaganda.

  • Mike

    The previous article ’13 minute video:Hillary Clinton a threat….”
    Is being blocked.
    An error message reading ;BAD LINK in bold type is all that appears after clicking
    the mouse on the article title!!
    Please confirm ……..hack,censorship…..martial law info attack ….or what?

    • Mike

      update:This is the message that appears on my monitor after clicking on the article title;

      “Error establishing a database connection”.

      Has/Is washingtonsblog being censored by the imposture/phony illegal US military government?
      Are we the people now under military government ?

  • Paweł Konieczny

    that is the worst journalism I’ve seen in years. Shows Poland in a very bad light, and these two guys Jaroslaw Kurski and Piotr Stasinski are employed by one of most hated and worst newspapers we have in Poland…

    • Brian McKeever

      So, the only “good” journalism is that which shows Poland in a good light? Seig Heil, doofus.

      • Ada Serafin

        “Objective” is the word you should be looking for.

      • Wiesław Rewerski

        Have you ever heard a basic rule of good journalism? All information should be confirmed by at least two sources. Mr Chris Hedges has used only one source of information. A bias against Poland and dishonesty of the article is the consequence.

        • Adreng

          A big problem with supporters of the party that won 37% of the votes in the last election and now disrespects the Polish constitution, purges the civil administration, has grotesque nepotist policies and made public media primitive tools of state propaganda is that they constantly claim that they they represent “Poland” and therefore everyone who is on the side of the Polish constitution and rule of law allegedly has a “bias against Poland”. PiS is not Poland.

          • Ra Be

            Did you read what you wrote? Ahhh… The Constitution argument… Let me remind you some articles of Constitution of Poland.

            Chapter 8, Article 173: “The courts and tribunals shall constitute a separate power and shall be independent of other authorities” but there is one more.

            Chapter 8, Article 197: “Organization of the Constitutional Court and the procedure before the Court specified by statute.”

            Opposition thinks that changing the organization of the Constitutional Cort by statute is a “attack on democracy”, but Constitution says different.

      • Alex Frost

        Pal! Mr Hodges didn’t even ask other side, he just used opinion of one newspaper (Gazeta Wyborcza) which is hard opposition to current Polish government. Let think about that someone want to write an article about Donald Trump (or Hillary Clinton), and talk only with ferocious opponents of that candidates. I don’t know American Press or TV very well, but let say an article about D.Trump based only on CNN or about H.Clinton only on Fox News. Do you think that article could be objective? Don’t you think that someone who is Pulitzer price winner, shouldn’t based his article only on opinion of one side of political dispute?

        • mikewest007

          He didn’t have to ask anyone, those cretins from the government and their cronies from the propaganda machine spout the same hateful bullshit all day long without even being asked.
          It’s like making an article on Trump based on the moronic soundbites he’s spouting all the time. Some people just don’t know when to shut up for their own good.

      • tomkloss

        Boy, you’re dumb. ‘Seig Heil’? This just disqualified you from this discussion.

      • Paweł Konieczny

        first of all doofus is the name of the guy that made you … not mine … second your lack of inteligence is really shocking… good journalism is the one that is objective and does not only show falsehood and lack of facts. And to tell you the truth you should really stick your head out of your ass you idiot – POLISH PATRIOTS are ANTI NATZI you bitch. We were attacked by hitler during II W.W. How stupid do you have to be to say Seig Heil to me … FUckin TWAT

  • Leszek

    Pulizer prize winner seriously ? check your sources ! how can you be objective if he did only interview people from one paper that was supporting the politics that lay the last election

    • Leszek

      lost last election ^^

  • Kalosh

    This is serious? Bunch of lies and misunderstandings of situation in Poland. Shame

  • Paweł Sty

    it is a big disgusting lie, I live in Poland from birth, only now the government is doing what from them citizens expect. The Committee for the Defense of Democracy (KOD) is organised by the previous thieving government. My grandfather, my uncle and other fought against fascists, and now you are calling us fascists?!?!?

    • RicharD Faramund

      “Defense of Democracy (KOD) is organised by the previous thieving government.”

      Yes – And cyclist and vegetarian. 😉

      • Alex Frost

        and by Gazeta Wyborcza (GW) too, it even added KOD membership declaration as insert to one GW issue.

        • RicharD Faramund

          Good idea. KOD is last chance to Poland.

          • blablabla

            Panie RicharDzie, polecam naukę angielskiego (podstawowe błędy gramatyczne)

          • RicharD Faramund

            Nie jestem autorem artykułu, tylko komentarza. Ważne, że jest zrozumiały.
            Co nie zmienia faktu, że Polska staje się fatalnym miejscem do życia, a z głów moich rodaków tryska faszystowskie szambo.

          • sct

            Piekłem, i to muslimskim piekłem staje się natomiast Europa Zachodnia.Wolę żyć w tzw.fatalnym miejscu jakim jest według Pana Polska, niż ze strachem wychodzić z domu w jednym z jakichś państw EuZach.

          • RicharD Faramund

            Jasne, bo w Polsce nie można przypadkowo zginąć. Nie ma wypadków i morderstw. Raj.

          • sct

            Kiedy był ostatni zamach muslima w Polsce, KIEDY???Oczywiście, Pan i Panowi podobni chcieliby też w POLSCE zrobić takie multi-kulti piekiełko jak np.w Niemczech…
            Łże Pan jak kulawy pies!

          • Jolanta Z

            “Multi-kulti” nie musi być złe. Wystarczy spojrzeć na Kanadę. Trzeba tylko zaimplementować odpowiednie zasady. Chociaż nie wiem jakby to się wam – prawicowcom – nie podobało, nie możecie ignorować faktu, że jednak terroryści to jakiś ułamek promila wszystkich imigrantów, wśród których jest wielu porządnych ludzi.

          • Piotr Grabowski

            Oh dear, oh dear. What a machiavelian misuse of words. Last chance indeed, but not to Poland. For a coalliton of former communist party activists, security agents, former rulling caste rejected in a FREE election, and last but not least banksters and their protegees. Truly, freedom fighters they are.

          • RicharD Faramund

            I’m not “former communist party activists, security agents, former rulling caste rejected in a FREE election”.

          • Piotr Grabowski

            So there’s another category left but I do not want to be rude.

          • RicharD Faramund

            Already you are. My brainwashed friend.

          • Piotr Grabowski

            I’m not especially fond of talks with leftie Rysios from Poland disguised as Richards (wow !) and desperately trying to prove unprovable – their wit. EOT.

          • RicharD Faramund

            If the right-wing = idiot, let it be ‘leftie Rysios’. 😉

          • zxc

            rysiu to wy3,14rdalaj do tajlandii albo innej arabii . tam będziesz miał wolność i tolerancję. nie? to zamknij mordę obłudny cieciu.

      • Piotr Grabowski

        You does not seem to know a thing about today’s Poland, do you ?

        • RicharD Faramund

          I know it well.

          • Ra Be

            You are like Jon Snow of this comment section – You know nothing

          • Piotr Grabowski

            That’s only your opinion. Not verified anyhow.

      • Matthew

        KOD has been organised by previous thieving government (PO) who has most of their affairs connected with bribes (and there were a lot of them), and PO 2.0 which is called .Nowoczesna (with politicians of left-wing views and would-be politicians of PO). KOD is a response to election of Law an Justice, and it’s desperate fight of PO to back in the game. It’s complicated, but I hope, I’ve made it clear. And more of it – Gazeta Wyborcza is one of the main propaganda source in Poland. None of sane and intelligent people treat it seriously, like TVN or Polsat. Nowadays it’s difficult to filter these lies from the truth.

        • Justine

          “Everyone who has different opinion than me is insane”. Yeah, I mean… Why even bother starting a discussion.

          BTW, whoever organised KOD – does this mean there are no normal people on the streets during KOD demonstrations? Every single KOD supporter is commie agent, right? Nice way of thinking.

  • Ra Be

    How dare you call Polish citizens fascists?! It’s sad that average U.S. citizen can read this pack of lies! You should get your facts straight Hedges!

    Autor of this balderdash was in editorial office of Gazeta Wyborcza – it’s a propaganda magazine of the leftists. Really “neutral” article but you forgot about the ethics of journalism. Shame on you!

    • Przemysław Stępień

      ‘propaganda magazine of he leftists’. Yes, nothing like the unbiased truths of wSieci…

      • Alex Frost

        So you think that listening only one side of political dispute (all Hodges article is based only on opinion of Gazeta Wyborcza journalists) is objective journalism?

        • Przemysław Stępień

          like Chapouri said: Journalists should be truthful, not neutral. it’s like with the global warming debate. Being neutral gave equal footing to the scientists and to the right wing nut jobs. that should have never happened

          • Ra Be

            If this article is true I’m a Santa Claus and all you can get for christams is a rod.

      • Ra Be

        I don’t read wSieci, but I’m sure that you only read G.W. and your whole outlook is based on that poor quality toilet paper.

        • Przemysław Stępień

          I don’t. I also read wsieci. for a laugh. I don’t follow any one specific newspaper. I use the same common sense that seems to have deserted the right wing in Poland to formulate an opinikn

    • moodforaday

      „propaganda magazine of the leftists”

      Okay, let’s see. Gazeta Wyborcza spearheaded, protected and evangelized for the neoliberal, free-market reforms and privatization: the exact opposite of the left position. Gazeta Wyborcza has derided, mocked and stigmatized workers and the poor who lost their livelihood due to the neoliberal reforms – the exact opposite of what anyone on the left would do. Gazeta Wyborcza cheered on for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan: the exact opposite of the left agenda. Gazeta Wyborcza condemned and ridiculed all the grass-roots social movements that worked for a meaningful change, from the alterglobalists to Occupy and the Indignados. How is this a leftist position, when it is its exact opposite? They absolutely hate Assange and Snowden, and regularly publish propaganda pieces against them (google Edward Lucas), how’s this leftist? Well, it isn’t.

      What you mean is that Gazeta Wyborcza is somewhat to the left on human rights issues and identity politics: they support (weakly) women’s right to choose, they support equality for gays and lesbians, they disapprove of (most) exclusionary politics and discrimination.

      When you put these two together, what you get is not “the left”. What you get is called free-market liberalism. Their human rights position is what they have roughly in common with the actual left (of which you seem to understand next to nothing), but this is mostly a smoke screen and hypocrisy, since a real stance for human rights also includes opposition to imperial wars, to any form of colonialism, and support for labor rights.

      Gazeta Wyborcza is indeed a propaganda machine: not of the left though, but of the free-market, neoliberal elites, who for the last 30+ years have been doing their damnedest to prevent any change to the system. And they have mostly succeeded, until now.

      But because all the leftist, progressive, grass-roots movements and initiatives over the years have been squashed, we’re now headed towards hard-right nationalism and fascism.

      • Ra Be

        Politic of open doors for refugees is the main domain of the left wing. They even wrote that Polish patriots are bigger threat for Europe than muslim immigrants. Does it sounds familiar?

      • mikewest007

        Well damn, you hit the nail on the head.
        Inane mumblings of half-awoke Jacek Żakowski don’t make GW a “leftist” newspaper. Particularly if you consider that spat he had a few months ago with his fellow GW journalists Dominika Wielowieyska and late Janina Paradowska. He was trying to push some slightly socialist point, and they were both going for that ridiculous neo-liberal bullshit. I found it ridiculous: over the last 27 years, there was nothing even remotely left happening in Polish politics, to point out SLD’s (nominally post-communists) support for CIA black sites. What post-communist supports what commie propaganda all over the world paints as the main tool of capitalist imperialism? Every political party in this sick sad feral colony of the Vatican believes in one thing, and that’s opportunism. Steal as much as you can before you get voted out. The current PiSsants are doing the exact same thing, robbing Poles blind and throwing them dimes just to shut them up. Too bad the youth has been so brainwashed by the propaganda they’re believing anything the former commie dime-dropper Kolonko and commie collaborateur Kornwinkel (aka Korwin-Mikke) spit in their ears.

      • Paweł Makówka

        Very good summary. And now they’re just mad, because their party (for which I have voted, by the way) lost. Not really a reliable source of information.

  • Rafał

    The worst article I’ve ever read. Not a single word of truth.

  • Radar

    Biggest compilation of lies and half-truths ever seen. You should be ashamed mr Hedges for such tendentious and false creation

    • Tom

      I’ve noticed some people complaining about people commenting “This article is full of lies” without justifying. But the problem is the article is a pure propaganda. It would take another article 10 times as large to explain each lie in this one… if you wanna know what is an attitude of a typical Polish catholic to foreigner, just have a look at videos from World Youth Days held in Cracow. 2 million of foreigners from all over the world are welcome in Poland and sleep in Polish homes. There are visitors from asia, africa…. and there was no single act of racism.

      • Raf

        “This guy beats his wife!”
        “No, I dont!”
        “Thats what every criminal says!”

        I rest my case.

      • Alex

        Christian World Youth Days, you forgot to add. Organized by the Catholic Church. This changes a little the acceptance plea.

      • topoi

        2 million CATHOLIC foreigners that came to celebrate – and there’s nothing wrong with that. but they are just visiting, not staying. Foreigners that fled and want to seek refuge because they had to flee from war and death don’t seem to receive such a welcome. Polish doors were shut in their faces!

    • Fryderyk Niecki

      One important thing to know. Jaroslaw Kurski and Piotr Stasinski are
      presstitutes of Gazeta Wyborcza – George Soros’s funded gadzinówka*


      Exhumation in Jedwabne was halted on demand of Jewish community. Rabbi Michael Schudrich said then: “Szacunek dla kości naszych ofiar jest dla nas ważniejszy niż wiedza, kto zginął i jak, kto zabił i jak / Respect for bones of our victims is more important then knowlegde who and how has been killed, who and how has killed”. It is interesting that exhumination was halted when archeologist began dicover empty cartridge cases, precious personal items and the head of the statue of Lenin. These findings clearly undermined credibility of the version of events that was made up by the author of lousy crime novels Jan Tomasz Gross.

      • RicharD Faramund

        “Jaroslaw Kurski and Piotr Stasinski are
        presstitutes of Gazeta Wyborcza – George Soros’s funded gadzinówka*”

        Of course, you realize that such texts confirm the thesis in the article? 😉

        • tomkloss

          Of course, you realize that you have said absolutly nothing?
          Gazeta Wyborcza is a laughing stock in Poland. A tabloid-level garbge that 90% of the population wants nothing to do with.
          If you have a counter-argument, state it.

          • TheDjsalem

            Nobody in Poland trusts even weather forecasts printed in Gazeta Wyborcza. You would get more truthful information about state of Jewish affairs from “Der Stürmer” than about Polish ones from Gazeta Wyborcza.

          • Jarek

            Re:tomkloss To be precise, Gazeta Wyborcza is actually the second most popular newspaper in Poland after FAKT and way ahead of PiS friendly Gazeta Polska Codziennie (by factor of 7 when one looks at sales numbers, therefore I am not sure where you get your conclusion from. I am certain that you “feel” that way but your feeling does not make it true

          • tomkloss

            Yes, the sales of GW are still high, mostly because of the sales agreements with public institutions which were a must under the PO government. This is all slowly
            coming to an end. GW’s downward spiral has already begun as those agreements
            are not being renewed anymore.

            Let’s stop talking about my ‘feelings’, this is a discussion for adults.

          • Jarek

            Re:tomkloss Certainly I agree that the sudden drop in sales of GW by 8.9% can be contributed to current PiS government and public institutions controlled by it essentially banning sales of GW, the same could be said about sudden increase of sales by GPC by 15% ( Jan 2016 when compared with 2015) , but this was one time correction rather then a trend; sales of GW April 2015 – 183784, January 2016 – 153929, March 2016 – 163088, April 2016 – 170554 so the current sales trend is actually positive. Furthermore looking at % is misleading just compare the January sales of 153 929 by GW to 21 894 by GPC (known as free speech mockery). If you want to talk like adult and be treated as such maybe you should use numbers and facts and not wishful thinking as well as “feelings” that you have. This is an interesting trend world wide where “feeling” often replaces facts, so tomcloss you are not alone. It time to practise phrase “I stand corrected” but I have the feeling(sic) that you will never be able to say that 🙂


          • tomkloss

            1. I do not understand your constant reference to GPC. It has nothing to do with the discussion here. ‘Oh ooh oh, but, but look at him!’ is not an argument.

            2. 10 year ago, GW sales were in the 450,000s, now they’re in the 160,000s. And it’s just continuing to slide downwards to the point that the GW staff is openly crying, whining and asking people to buy more subscriptions. If this, in your view, qualifies as ‘positive sale trends’ then I congratulate you on your positivity.

            3. Your condescending tone shows that it is impossible to discuss anything with you, since you are basing everything on an illusion of being superior to others.

            4. And again, you went back to talking about ‘feelings’…..

          • Jarek

            10 years ago all newspapers everywhere in the world were selling better, now we have internet and online editions, etc, so indeed in that sense there is a general trend for newspapers to lose sales, but it is hardly exclusive problem of the GW. Angora has diversified its business model and as a company they are doing just fine, there is a difference between crying/whining and marketing, but I understand that you “feel” that staff of GW is begging for subscriptions because it fits into your narrative.

            Comparing GW (which you are trying to degrade, aren’t you) with CPC (essentially a voice of PiS and its electorate, exactly on the opposite spectrum of Polish political divide to GW) is interesting. Your claim that 90% of Poles consider it a garbage is simply not true. Stating that makes me neither superior nor condescending, though it is not surprising that it makes you defensive.

            Furthermore, to see how accurate Hodge’s conclusions are you need to go no further then the online discussion forum of GPC ( so called the free speech zone). The intolerance, venomous antisemitism, and rampant xenophobia of many of its readers and some of its writers is plain to see. (Thankfully they are minority among Poles ) The “fascist tendencies”? Well, lets see … -to avoid “the Hitler hyperbole”- General Franco certainly was not a vegetarian eccumenical multikulti kind of guy, and most people in the world think of him as a fascist dictator, but for sizable (albeit still short of majority ) group of Poles he is a hero, not only of Spain but of the whole Europe. What actually the Europe thinks be damned.

            Personally I think of him as a leader of an ultra-Conservative (itself a thousand ideologies in the name of one) rather then fascist regime, which shared with Fascism and National Socialism their opposition to bourgeoise-liberal society (including democracy, individualism, capitalism). Salazar and Dollfuß regimes were the same, and Kaczynski waddles in that general direction. Kaczynski’s ideas might be regarded as ultra-conservative to the extent that they seek to re-create his own ideal version of previous ( good question here which one: pre-Enlightenment, pre-partition, pre-war, or all the above?) Poland. On the other hand far right, syncretic or both, true Fascist regimes (including Nazi Germany) sought to create new elites, new doctrines, and a new society, let be an inhuman and hideous one. Mr. Kaczynski is not that caliber kind of guy.

            On the bright side Franco had forty years during which the propaganda machine of both the Franquist government and the catholic church had free reign to invent its own history. PiS and its catholic phalanga apparently are trying to do the same; it will last maybe several more years but in the end they will fold. When you look at it from a long term historical perspective they always do 🙂
            Call it a historical hiccup.

            This will help you to understand how feelings that some people may have do not necessarily represent the reality

          • kk

            Mentioning fascism in context of Polish politics is completely irrelevant and bears signs of an attempt to discredit some political party basing on no arguments. And Franco as a symbol or reference for someone in Poland? This seems even more irrelevant (Besides the article you linked to simply describes reaction of some Spanish leftists to a church ceremony in Valenzia commemorating Franco – no deeper link or parallell with Poland).

            On the other hand I agree with you that anti-Semitism is really rare in Poland.

          • Jarek

            Maybe you did not understand my intentions as in:
            The “fascist tendencies”? Well, lets see … -to avoid “the Hitler hyperbole” etc

            To clarify let me put it in a different way. In my opinion Kaczynski is NOT a Hitler,and not Hitler’s caliber, and PiS is NOT a fascist movement as far as the definition of the fascist movement goes. I have used fascism to compare it, or differentiate it, from ultra-conservative movements in Spain circa 1936. Should I have use ( ) (empty space) instead? Indeed current Poland is not Spain from a century ago, but there are parallels between certain aspects of what the Franquist government achieved and what PiS government tries to do.
            Kaczynski’s ideas about what Poland should became might be regarded as ultra-conservative in that context, and that Kaczynski consistently waddles (pun intended) in that general direction has been obvious for years.

            Mentioning fascism in context of PiS is perhaps a hyperbole, but mentioning fascism in the wider context of Polish political spectrum is relevant because it does exists.

            In regard to your agreement with me about prevalence of anti semitism in Poland – it is rare among people that tend to read GW, and it is much more common among readers of GPC, and it is widespread among guys and girls joyfully greeting themselves with the “Roman Salute” and painting symbols of auspiciousness ( wink wink) on walls and graves.

          • kk

            No, there is no place for anti-Semitism in Poland and in fact it is scarce. You intentionally distorted what I wrote.

            “(…)Franquist government achieved and what PiS government tries to do.”

            This way one can compare any non-leftist government to the rule of Franco.

            As for the guys in the image you posted – you are greatly exaggerating as they constitute an absolutely small margin, their influence is negligible and one really treats them seriously in Poland.

          • Jarek

            Indeed, one WOULD think that after the horrors of WW II there is no place for anty-semitism in Poland yet here we are.
            Below are quotes from straight the top of comment sections of 2 articles posted at Niezalezna forum found within 30 sec; I was not even trying.

            “Kiedy do tego pazernego narodu dotrze że nie Polacy wywołali wojnę i nie są jej winni a komunę w Polsce zawdzięczamy tylko i wyłącznie żydom więc co oni chcą bo żeby polakom zapłacić za krzywdy jakie im wyrządziła wojna i komuna to nie starczy całego żydowskiego majątku.Więc niech ktoś w końcu tym cwaniakom powie dość bo w końcu ta ich pazerność doprowadzi do następnej wojny a z której już mogą się nie podnieść.”

            ” Zydzi zapomnieli, że to oni służąc Hitlerowi sami sobie zafundowali tzw.holokaust /słowo etymologicznie zupełnie bez znaczenia/.”

            “Bo “świat” dał się Żydom otumanić, znarkotyzować mitem tego ich świętego holocaustu. Jak to możliwe, by narody, które same poniosły takie ofiary w II wojnie światowej (Rosjanie – 25 milionów ofiar, Polacy a nawet Niemcy ex aequo – 8 mln ofiar itd.), zgodziły się uznać ofiary żydowskie za takie wyjątkowe, że wręcz jedyne? By narody te zgodziły się bić pokłony przed Żydami z tego powodu? Jak to możliwe?”

            “11 września też wiedzieli, aby nie iść do roboty w Word Center.”

            “Żeby jeszcze z Polski ta cała spiskująca przeciwko Polsce żydobolszewia chciała wyjechać, byłoby pięknie….”

            “Precz z Miedzynarodowa Lichwa i Banksterstwem Zydowskim. ..Powstan Polsko,zrzuc kajdany dzis twoj tryjumf albo zgon..
            Razem! Zwyciezymy zydowsko-bolszewicka Germanie i EU !”
            I don ‘t know kk what angelic enclave you live in but the family of one of my friend living in western Poland are truly Jewish, they even kept the Jewish name and faith; the staff they go through now is worst than it was in eighties when we were in highschool, and even then it was not a picnic either … where there are no authentic Jews one can always label somebody else as such. “Beggars can’t be choosers does not” reflect well “na bezrybiu i rak ryba” in that context.

            So what did I distorted? You wrote you agree with me that anty semitism is rare in Poland. I then clarified what I thought about its prevalence. My words not yours.
            Is anti semitism rampant in Poland? No it is not, but it does exist and is not negligible either. It may be often – lets call it – “anty semitysm light” but pig with lipstick on is still a pig. This needs to be confronted rather then swept under the rug (like swept here perhaps because it is shameful to do dirty laundry on an international forum). If some Poles commit such acts, we as Poles have to own it. I am Polish, I am not an anti semite, and I try to confront it whenever I see it, regardless how “scarce” it may be. You need to put your money where your mouth is.

            to be continued

          • Robal

            Kudos to you Jarek. All one needs to do, is to visit a couple of soccer stadiums during matches.

          • kk

            Those comments you quoted prove nothing. And there’s no need to write emotional essays on how this “alleged” anti-Semitism fares, because it is a hard fact that Poland is now one of the safest countries in the Europe for Jews to live in. This is exactly what many of them confirm.

            If you want to be trustworthy, put comments from Gazeta Wyborcza to similar scrutiny and analysis – I wonder what conclusions you might draw from that hate speech.

            When I wrote that you had “distorted my words” I referred to your lowly trick of alleged “agreeing with me” when you literally agreed with the opposite to what I stated (and suggested that these were my words!).

          • Jarek


            “Jews are safe”. As in ” they are not physically harmed ?”. You’re joking, right?

            It seems to me that you have set the bar of your antisemitism Litmus test fairly low. Let me explain it. If you decree that all people having height over 160 cm should be called tall then Poland is a country of true giants, go figure

            They are safe, sure. What about prejudice, hostility, etc.

            Quotes gathered in 30 sec from the major government supporting paper, by talking few first in a row comments in two random articles prove nothing. That maybe true, but they demonstrate a disturbing trend. I have other things to do then write dissertation on that topic. You should at least consider it or find quotes negating my thinly supported assumptions. On the other hand it is just easier to cover you eyes and plug you ears and convince yourself that all is well. Good luck with that.

            Or let me help you. For fair and balance view let me present quotes of comments from these articles defending Jews:

            Are you ready?:

            Here we go:

            ” ……………………………………………………………………………”

            and when you try their guardian (straznik) often will try to ban you without a cause, and before you say anything, I know that because I have eventually had such bans lifted so that they could avoid (internal) arbitration processes.

            When it comes to photos I have been trying to find more relevant pictures, maybe one with ONR guy putting wreath on a Jewish grave, or Father Jacek Międlar hugging a Syrian Muslim girl, but so far no luck. I am sure you could help me with that, couldn’t you?

            There are antisemitic comments in GW for sure, they are written by the same antisemites that write on

            I have never said that all people who write comments on GW are fair or that some of them don’t use so called hate speech. As far as I care you can write what you want, they can write what they want, I can laugh at you both, or agree based on merit. It is a different and rather sinister story when such opinions are voiced by Polish administration officials. Now when it comes to the degree of verbal abuse let’s say counted by suggestions that people having opposite world view should be hang from trees or shot – your ( I presume) side wins. Yeeeee kk 1 : Jarek 0

            Which reminds me you claim that I don’t present any positions or arguments, but you yourself write nothing at all beyond empty accusations and deflections.

            Pot calling kettle black, you keep doing it all the time now!

            Oh! and there is nothing wrong with having emotions, it is a prove that you still care. Can you express yours?

          • Jarek

            I write about empty accusations because in fact it was you that agreed with me, and you agreed with me first, not the other way around.
            First I wrote in conversation with somebody else:
            ” online discussion forum of GPC ( so called the free speech zone). The intolerance, venomous antisemitism, and rampant xenophobia of many of its readers and some of its writers is plain to see. (Thankfully they are minority among Poles ) ”

            then you commented:
            “On the other hand I agree with you that anti-Semitism is really rare in Poland.”

            in fact – now that I think about it- you were trying here to put caveat of “really rare” onto my ” minority”. I have never said “really rare” therefore it is YOU that tries to change my words. You see – pot calling kettle black

            then commenting on your statement I wrote :
            “MAYBE you did NOT understand my intentions as in:
            … then lengthy paragraph on Kaczynski nit being a hitler but something ultraconservative also bad for Poland….

            then in a new paragraph:
            “In regard to your agreement with me about prevalence of anti semitism in Poland – it is rare among people that tend to read GW, and it is much more common among readers of GPC, and it is widespread among guys and girls joyfully greeting themselves with the “Roman Salute” and painting symbols of auspiciousness ( wink wink) on walls and graves.”

            How on earth you can say that
            ” in regard to your agreement with me”
            can mean
            ” I agree with you”
            is beyond me, but this paragraph clarifies my position as to what I ment by using word “minority”.

            Your accusation – [that I had “distorted your words” or used “lowly trick” ( I guess you meant something demeaning – I have not come across such idiom yet)] – is disingenuous or perhaps you just don’t know how to read.

          • kk

            I prefer to stick to the meritum instead of writing bloated in size posts which convey no real information, let alone convincing arguments.

            When it comes to the comments from the internet that you quoted here – these don’t prove anything because single persons could write most of them. Just take a look at your comments here and amount of bulls%^* you produced (one person), yet your opinions are surely not representative for any part of the nation.

            Polish-Israeli foreign relations have always been friendly, at least since collapse of the communism in 1989. Any single instances of vandalism directed against Jews are on purpose exaggerated by Gazeta Wyborcza, even when these are sparse and committed by few frenzied individuals. Just check this article:


            And I won’t respond to your attempts to bring this discussion to personal level.

          • Jarek

            Sure you are not going to get down to the personal level (anymore), because you falsely accusing me of trickery and distortion was not personal at all. Me calling you out on your ( highly compact I admit) bulls%^* is in you eyes bulls%^*ing as well, … we are circling the wagon here.

            I will be concise. The Tyrmand’s article has some good points and I don’t disagree that antisemitism in current Poland can be/ is demonized and exaggerated by many, but I also think that antisemitism that does exists in Poland is being swept under the rug. The much more prevalent antisemitism in pre post war Poland even more. Dr. Tyrczyk among others is apparently is not on your favorite reading list but being historian he appears to have more credibility than Mattew Tyrmand ( economist, trader, analyst and portfolio manager at hedge funds) who has his specific Breithbrat’s axe to grind.
            Grups of Jews feeling safe in Poland also write this or this

            and are not happy about that,Szef-MSZ-pytany-w-USA-o-slowa-Anny-Zalewskiej-ws-Jedwabnego

            I wrote about GW in a different context, specifically showing tomkloss that his premise -about GW being not popular in Poland and close to demise- was wrong.

            I am ambivalent about warm relations between Poland and Israeli government in the light of human effects of Israeli occupation, and Chris Hedges incidentally is a great critic of illegal acts committed there, I consider him a great authority about conflicts in the Middle East.

            Don’t get me wrong, some of his observations are valid I have admitted that but find more examples perhaps written by somebody else then Matthew Tyrmand,

            Mattew Tyrmand, the Milo Yiannopoulos wana be, the same guy that said Trump (as future president) will be the best ally of Poland, Trump who is the same guy that just yesterday invited Russia to hack the american government,
            that has been endorsed by Putin
            Trump that emulates Putin

            How he is going to square that peg … ? Well, he must have some previous experience

            It is ironic that Tyrmand himself gets lots of love from the Nationalist corner ,” Matthew Tyrmand – następna koczownicza wydmuszka, M Tymrad to klasyczny przykład wgryzania się koczownika w środowisko Gojów niezadowolonych z władzy.”

            you can’t make up stuff like that

            I hope you find the references helpful.

          • kk

            Do you even read your own comments? Perhaps you should start. This time you pasted some links to articles which either completely don’t refer to what we were talking about or that are very loosely connected. So far you’ve only tried to discredit the author of the article I referred to without giving any reasonable arguments.

            This doesn’t make your stance any more trustworthy.

          • Jarek

            Tyrmand discredits himself, this Trump business is just laughable – I just pointed to how he does it. I have found that Wiadomosci is short on facts in that regard, while some people may be interested . Furthermore, I have acknowledged where I agree with him in relation to antisemitism in Poland and where I do not

            Tyrczyk’ s book about lack of acknowledgement of antisemitism ( which you did not read) and provided links referring to position of Jewish organization in Poland on “pogroms’ perpetrated by Poles and Polish Government officials now denying them are not related to what we talk about?!

            We are done here.

          • kk

            Presidential election in the US clearly has no reference to what we are talking here about. And the fact whether one supports that candidate or the other one is of no importance, so I believe Matthew Tyrmand is a reliable reference for what current sentiment in Poland is.

            The book you mentioned, which is not a direct reference to our topic, as it purports to be a historical writing (although the author is not a historian), has a clear thesis assumed from the beginning and its methodology is questionable. No wonder why it was largely ignored or otherwise considered pseudo-academic.

            Farewell and good luck.

          • Jarek

            part to re:kk
            Well, “as for the guys in the image ( I ) posted” to make it easy you could replace anti semit… with guys in brown shirts, my sentiment is essentially the same. Again we could argue about the numbers and sphere of influence (some -I hear- after replacing brown shirts with white, have been elected to the Parliament so I guess a few souls must have voted them in after all), but it doesn’t matter.

            My “weapon” of choice is free speech because the longer they are allow to talk the crazier they became with their lost inhibition and all. It is just easier to ridicule them afterwards, it is easier to show their true colors.
            “Free speech for all !”

            to be continued about “waddle a la Franco”

          • kk

            So far you’ve mostly resorted to playing on simplistic associations or posting photos, but refrained from any real arguments or clear justification. This isn’t the way to prove anything.

          • boggy4062

            Sure, I go anti-semitic when I listen to Jews like Michnik or Adlin Halfbright, or Soros, or Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein… and the rest of atheist who claim Jewish “cultural” roots.
            I am also Israel supporter and love entire bunch of most famous Jews like – Jesus, his mother and St. Joseph… Well, the list is too long.

          • Robert

            Jarek, why are focusing on antisemitism here? It is the most popular form of defense because it turns the attention away from the real issue. There is no effect without the cause and not only in Poland. The fact is it occurs all over the world. The real question is “Why?”. This refocuses the question to a real issue however politically incorrect. As an intelligent beings we should explore all the options without obscuring the source of the problem. Why is it ok to openly speculate about Polish people or any other nation but not about Jewish? The question stated in this way gives a beginning to an open dialogue. Who is really interested in it though?

          • boggy4062

            Jarek, fact that YOU call him ultra, means shit. Obviously you a leftist, probably former commie, who will call anybody going to church once a year on Christmas, an ultra-Catholic extremist. Jarosław Kaczyński is a classical socialist who goes to church, and loves his country (unlike you, and the rest of KOD). That doesn’t make him conservative in a classical sense, or American sense (free market, etc). His pro-social policies are evident, and only a fool or a liar can denied it.
            BTW, going back to Spanish Franco times, Well, his country WAS attacked by international communists, so I will take him over Stalin goons any time of the day. He WAS fighting for his country against external enemy.

          • Robert

            I am pretty sure you post comments full time for a living and are being sponsored from the same source as the writer of this propagandist article.
            Follow the money and you will know the truth. That’s all I will say.

          • boggy4062

            It is also ignorant. Today’s EU is more fascist then Mussolini’s Italy. That is fact. Nobody in Poland is being fine 1200€ for speaking out on current islamic invasion . No priest went to prison for reading a bible (like Norway, Sweden, France or even UK). Atheist Jews like Michnik are in a total war with Poland, They have been for decades. Let’s remind people who Stefan Michnik was. Why is he still protected by the leftist government of Sweden who refused his extradition in 2010 (former government request). Would Sweden protect Nazi prosecutor? Why do they protect murderous communist then?

          • tomkloss

            1. Agora doing ‘just fine’.

            2. GW staff ‘not crying and begging for subscriptions’.

            3. The fascism subject. Not even going to respond to that. It’s like talking to an UB agent in the 40s or 50s.

            4. Since you do not seem to understand what condescending means, here you go:

            now, read your comment again, all should be clear:
            ”If you want to talk like adult and be treated as such maybe you should
            use numbers and facts and not wishful thinking as well as “feelings”
            that you have. This is an interesting trend world wide where “feeling”
            often replaces facts, so tomcloss you are not alone. It time to practise
            phrase “I stand corrected” but I have the feeling(sic) that you will
            never be able to say that.”

            Have a good day.

          • Jarek

            I will start with # 3
            my posts to kk above actually explain the issue of polish ultra-conservatism vs fascism etc, but since you don’t bother to come up with an argument, anything of substance other then calling me an UB-ek I wont bother either.

            I do not worry about future of GW, sure there has been drop by 73% since it was listed at the Stock Exchange and there are many reasons for that, but in comparison its value dropped only little since 2008 has been relatively steady since the 20011. So again you appear to be selective with the numbers.


            ” … to the point that the GW staff is openly crying, whining and asking people to buy more subscriptions”

            I thought I can read Polish well, I did search the entire link and nowhere have I found words such as “cry”, “beg” or “whine” . They are asking for subscriptions sure, and why wouldn’t they. They have to adapt to the change in market and in political reality. I sense your glea in the phrase you used above, but I doubt you were gleeing when GPC and Niezalezna were asking their readers for subscriptions a while ago. Do you glee when you click on The Economist or NYT when they ask you to subscribe to their services after reading a few free pages?

            You see, the difference between us is that I am perfectly happy for GPC and company to exist and function well, as they pander to and reflect the opinions of their readers; having such outlets is necessary in pluralistic democracy. I think everybody should be able to say what they want, can, or indeed feel, as long as the others are free to criticize or ridicule it. That is all.

            Which brings the point of “me showing that I believe I am more intelligent or better than other people” ( as per Webster). Was I? Certainly I was critical but … . Now that I think about it, if supporting pluralism of opinions is better then opinions suppression then maybe I am better.

            Because you see, as I said I am happy for other to voice their opinions, you -on the other hand- for example can’t wait for GW to fold, so they will not be able to voice opinions which you find offensive.
            Myself by disagreeing with you you label “condescending”.

            Well, that matters little to me. You being offended does not constitute an argument.

          • boggy4062

            Nazism was a LEFTIST ideology “genius” . Many progressives of the world were fascinated by it. Also by fascism. John F. Kennedy for example traveled to Nazi Germany and glorified Hitler. Same was with FDR for whom Mussolini (fascist, if you forgot) was the idol. Of course, you will not read about it in Washington ComPost or NYT. Agora is drowning, and will go down with flames, as any other leftist media rug. CNN, MSNBC,…NBC, ABC… all of them are marching into bankruptcy. They will be backrolled by leftists like Amazon or Microsoft billionaires, but, majority of the audience are turning to conservative media.

          • boggy4062

            To be even more precise Jarek, the rug WAS “popular”because it was sponsored by the corrupt government of PO. Now, when government agencies stopped buying this schmatta, Mr. Soros had to intervene and provide financial support.

        • boggy4062

          Why? Are you afraid the anti-Polish xenophobes are going to call you names like…let me see…. anti-semite? Let them.
          The fact is the industry of Holocaust is NOT interested in facts and truth. They are only interested in extorting more money from more governments. Even thouse, who were clear Hitler’s victimes.

    • Woot

      He’s just a propaganda tool. Der Sturmer would be proud to have a journalist like Mr. Hedges back in the day.

    • Jacek Kubicki

      To add some facts:

      “There is no left-wing party represented in the parliament.”
      First thing, what You mean by “left-wing”?
      a) There were SLD post-communists party. They didn’t get into parliament this time.
      b) There’re pro UE, liberal (political-correction, multiculti etc.) parties like PO and Nowoczesna, and they got representation.
      I think You should be more precise.

      “It blocks state media coverage of the fading political opposition”
      Non-sence. Have You research news, or You write what You hear from oposition reporters?
      “especially the Committee for the Defense of Democracy (KOD)”
      KOD claim to be non-political organisation, or coalition of all liberal, post-communists parties – depend witch form is more comfortable in current moment. Nobody knows where they got money for structures and events.

      “nationalist propaganda” – accoreind to “Gazeta Wyborcza” almos every representation of beeing Pole (having polish flag, celebrate independence day, takign care of Poland state interest) is fascism. They’re got soviet mentality “every one whos not with us is fascist”.
      If this what PIS doing is “nationalist propaganda”, then July 4th in USA is most “fascist, nationalist and hate propaganda day” this world ever see…

      “twisted President Barack Obama’s recent criticism of the Polish government’s assault on the judiciary into praise for Polish democracy”
      One again. Check the source before You write someting.
      Foirst thing Obama ddidn’t criticise “Polish government’s assault” (homies from gazeta wyborcza told You to write like that?). He talk about he’s concerned about impact in this case.

      The problem with constitutional court is general law architecture since ’90.
      In very short version:
      There’re (I don’t konow how to translate those terms) “presumption of constitutionality” – until nobody sue some act – by default it’s treat as compatible with constitution.
      Second think is that only President can sue act BEFORE it become law.
      At last, constitution doesn’t describe details about constitutional court work. Qualified number etc. are described in act defined by parliament (article 197 of constitution)

      Current constitutional court judges were chosen and support previous party (PO). It’s used to political fights against PIS. PIS want to neutralize it. PIS can chose 3 from 15 judges. PIS change “constitutional court organisation act” and set qualified number to 13. Having only 3 PIS
      judges in PO dominated court, PIS can neutralise it. If Current constitutional court won’t be neutralise it will be used to increase chaos in Poland, because it’s only way to make people tired with situation and vote again for PO.
      Current constitutional doesn’t want to accept new “constitutional court organisation act”, claiming that it’s “non contitutional”. Their problem is that:
      1) they can’t said that parliament act “non contitutional”, because accorgind to constitution, organisation are described by parliament act…
      2) they can’t decree without at least 1 of 3 PIS judges (to have qualified 13 form 15). It’s because new parliament act is already in action, because of “presumption of constitutionality” law.
      3) From the same reason constitutional court can’t cancel “presumption of constitutionality”, because they need 13th (non PO, chosen by PIS) judge, that will block wthi decision.

      This is only begining of article. I colud write book in counter to almost every second sentence of this article. Very weak. work (or rather just copy-pase form gazeta wyborcza homies)

      • moodforaday

        “a) There were SLD post-communists party. They didn’t get into parliament this time.”

        They were left-wing in the name only. Seriously, name one significant
        leftist policy that they implemented while in power. They support NATO,
        the party leaders have always supported (and implemented) neoliberal
        reforms, and oh, SLD is responsible for the secret CIA prisons in Poland
        where detainees were tortured. SLD is not a left wing party.

        “b) There’re pro UE, liberal (political-correction, multiculti etc.)
        parties like PO and Nowoczesna, and they got representation.
        I think You should be more precise.”

        PO and Nowoczesna are both liberal, right-wing parties. (While
        PiS is not liberal but conservative, and _radically_ right-wing).

    • Jan Kołodyński

      Chris Hedges is working for Russia Today (he has his own weekly magazine On Contact). Russia Today is well known for its anti-Polish propaganda. A pity is that Hedges was published in WP.

  • A.

    I am sorry but is this for real or are you trying to write political fiction? Because everything you wrote is either a complete lie, a half truth, or a crazy hyperbole. No Pullizer for this one, that’s for sure lol.

    • A.

      I also have to say that, as a Pole, I am a bit afraid of you Mr. Hedges. I hope you realize some day what you wrote. Still, I hope you take care.

      • Raf

        I agree, it sounds scary.

  • mm

    idiots…. the same idiots like gazeta wyborcza… its not a newspaper its a shit paper.. poor

  • Pole

    Xenophobic leftist BS. Anti Polish hate speech at its finest. Full of lies and leftist propaganda. Absolutely disgusting.

    • Brian McKeever

      “Absolutely disgusting.” You sure are.

      • Raf

        If thats your idea of contributing to conversation, you better stay quiet.

      • Stan R

        Brian, you have a limited knowledge of Polish history and current politics in Poland – name calling makes you a poor contributor to discussion.

    • John

      Dude. You can have leftist political views and still see this as disgusting piece of propaganda.

  • DR

    Interesting analysis. What drugs were you under the influence of when writing this article, Mr Hedges?

    • Zap

      Sorositol. Sorositain, Soroset and alcohol……perhaps

  • Mariusz Egert

    you should be ashamed of yourself – it is NOT jurnalism. It is deeply offensive bunch of lies.

    • A.

      This is a truly polonophobic “article” if I ever read one.

  • Zap

    Well we see here how the $125 million Soros recently pledged to bring “Democracy to Poland” is being spent.

    • mikewest007

      And to think it could have been spent on wetwork specialists. Wipe three targets out of the picture (or maybe just two and wait until the third’s rampant paranoia does the rest), calm down the eurocrats, watch as the now-headless PiSsants, deprived of their mouthpiece in Radio Maryja, tear each other apart in a pointless power grab, further alienating the society.

  • Zap

    “Poland, like Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, has rejected the
    European Union’s call for its nations to accept refugees fleeing the
    chaos in the Middle East.”

    Aye and there is what is bothering this crypto fascist bankers moll.

    • Krzysztof Radzikowski

      And we hadnt any muslim mental disorder suicide bomber since … 90 years ?

  • toni1965

    Chris you wrote some serious piece of journalistic garbage. Sober up!

  • szopen

    Jesus. ” The minister of justice in 2000 halted exhumation at the site where Poles massacred Jews in Jedwabne” and this is a proff of antisemitism, I presume. It’s hard to get more outrageous example of manipulation, typical for “Gazeta Wyborcza”.

    Exhumation was stopped because leaders of Jewish society said it would be against Jewish religious law. RIght-wingers pressed for exhumation.

    But hey, technically there is no lie in the sentence.

    Unlike several other sentences. AK DID gave Jews the weapons, though not much and not willingly and it DID accept Jews into its ranks.

    As for Gross, not that every time he choses the highest possible estimates of victims. In case of Jedwabne, he published number of 1700 victims, while it is most likely now that the number of victims was clsoer to 300. ‘

    As for “dysfunctional democracy”, first let us remember that there are countries in Europe (for example Great Britain) in which there is nothing similar to Polish constitutional court and no one calls them failed dysfunctional. Let us also remember that previous government was cleansing the media from right-wingers, was spying upon opposition newspapers, and special forces under previous government actually RAIDED opposition right-wing newspaper headquarters Let us also remind words of Niesiołowski, who said, when Law and Justice complained that “if you want something, win the elections” (which in Polish sounded much worse: I cannot express the contempt within the phrase “wygrajcie sobie wybory” in English).

    • Krzysztof Radzikowski

      Prtevious ruling party -PO – set the constitutional court to be elected by the parliment – they set it political – there was no independence and all nominates was from Politics only.

    • citronelle

      To make your argument valid, you should name a democratic country with Constitution but which does not have a court/tribunal that keeps the power hungry maniacs at bay.As for “dysfunctional democracy”, first let us remember that there are countries in Europe (for example Great Britain) in which there is nothing similar to Polish constitutional court and no one calls them failed dysfunctional.”

      Maybe that’s because Great Britain does NOT have a Constitution?
      To make your argument valid, you should name a democratic country with Constitution but which does not have a court/tribunal that keeps the power hungry maniacs at bay.

      • Ra Be

        You have similar situation in US with your Supreme Court and Obama urge to put new judge before the end of his cadenza.

        • Przemysław Stępień

          sure. the exact same right wing disregard for democratic rule as in Poland. the republican party is similarly fascisizing.

          • Ra Be

            If you think that PO had right to change 3 judges of Constitutional Court on last parliament meeting of the cadency is different than changing 1 judge in U.S.
            Supreme Court just a few months before election you need to consult your psychiatrist.
            Discussion with you is like wrestling with a pig in the mud. After a while I realized that you like it. You have your own opinion and I have mine. I’m incredibly happy that people with your views were thrown out from parliament and I hope it will stay that way.

          • Przemysław Stępień

            Objectively speaking they had the right. Objectively speaking PiS could have blocked this by calling in parliament a week earlier. PO used the situation to their advantage but those three judges were correctly cchosen. Now PiS is destroying the entire rule of law because they weren’t clever enough.I only need to consult logic. The current situation in the supreme court in the Statest is a similar travesty.

          • Ra Be

            No they didn’t have that right! Parliament of the VII cadenzy
            stepped into competencies of VIII cadenzy parliament. You have your experts and I have mine – we can talk all day but there is no point.

          • zxc

            przemuś antypolska michnikoidalna kłamliwo v kolumno – wez niepierdol.

          • Przemysław Stępień

            I’m just happy I’m on the right side of history not in the same place where Mussolini is on history books

          • Adreng

            Well, PO did not have this right, the constitutional court decided this and PO accepted this.
            What the current government does – electing judges for seats that are already occupied (not by these three judges, but by judges that had been elected correctly), ignoring the constitution, not publishing decisions of the constitutional court and attempting to paralyze the constitutional court – PiS does not have the required 2/3 of seats necessary for changing the constution, therefore, they want to be able to disregard the constitution they cannot change legally – is something completely different and something that should never happen in a civilized country.

          • Ra Be

            It all comes down to the fact that the opposition believes that Art. 173 of Constitution of Poland is more important than the Art. 197. , but those two articles doesn’t vary.

          • Maciej Strugała

            No. It all comes down to a simple fact, that the Constitutional Court couldn’t have had sentenced basing on the Resolution that they were sentencing about. PiS shouts as loud as they can, that the sentence is invalid because the Court has to operate basing on Resolutions enacted by the parliament. And it did! They concluded the sentence basing on the previous Resolution and every single law expert that is not connected to PiS states that it was the only rightful way to process this case.

            That said, it all comes down to simple logic. Let me use an extreme and – might seem so – impossible scenario: the parliament enacts a Resolution wich states, that the Constitutional Court’s sentences are invalid unless all judges are naked during the examination. Absurd? Yes. But does it mean that the Court has to analyse the accordance of this Resolution with Polish Constitution while being naked?

          • szopen

            It couldn;t because… of your opinion? The fact is that constitution does not have a say in that matter at all. The situation was not predicted by constitution. Moreover, the problem is that every expert who said that CC has no right to decide on its own how it would procede was immedietely called “Law and Justice” supporter (casus Zaradkiewicz).

            With your scenario: yes, they should proceed naked. The constitution is quite clear that CC has no right to decide how it would procede and this the law of parliament. Blame the creators of constitution.

          • Maciej Strugała

            It couldn’t because it would be irrational. My opinion doesn’t matter, but the opinion of an overwhelming majority of law proffessionals and courts supported by foreign institutions such as the Venice Commission does. Or is it just another conspiracy generated from fear of the one and only justified party in the country?

            Taking your statement under consideration (that the Constitution itself is at fault), doesn’t it make you question a government which deliberately breaks the Constitution just because they enacted a law that blocks the only institution competent to state this fact?

          • szopen

            If the constitution is silent about this situation, how can it be broken? Constitution clearly states that the way Constitutional Court precedes is regulated by parliament. Constitutional Court have no right to decide in this matter. Hence, it was Constitutional Court which broke the constitution.

            And remember, this was the same CC which decided that voting with normal majority in case of fiscal pact was constitutional, despite fiscal pact affecting Polish sovereignty and despite constitution clearly states that in such case 2/3 majority is required. CC argued basically that yeah, fiscal pact will impact sovereignty, and yeah, Poland is required to enter european fiscal area in future, but this will happen in future, so right now the pact might be signed. Quite frankly, I stopped to trust CC long before the elections.

          • Maciej Strugała

            Like I said, CC did act on the grounds of a praliament’s Resolution. The previous one. Because basing the sentencing on an act that is the subject of sentencing would be pure nonsense. It even sounds ridiculous. As I don’t have the need of conducting discussions endlessly that is the end of topic form my end. Thanks for a calm exchange of views though. Not often appreciated these days.

          • szopen

            I reciprocate the same sentiment. Thank you and EOT.

          • szopen

            To be honest, I understand arguments from Venice comission and lawyers. However, I do not trust them – especially when they claim that parliament had right to pick 3 judges – which technically does not violate the laws, but definetely violates the spirit of parliamentary democracy. Moreover, the new law takes into account Venice Commission opinion and yet it is still not enough for the opposition, pretty much proving that it is not about the constitution.

          • Ra Be

            Yes, they should analyse the accordance of the resolution naked – read again Art. 197.

      • Przemysław Stępień

        great Britain has precedential law. it acts as their constitution.

      • tomkloss

        Switzerland. Constitution = yes. Constitutional court = no.

      • szopen

        Netherlands has a constitution. Netherlands has no constitutional courts. Moreover, according to wikipedia:

        ” According to Article 120 of the Constitution, courts may not rule on the constitutionality of laws passed by the States General and treaties.”

        I guess Netherlands is dysfunctional democracy.

        Moreover, in Luxembourg there also was a discussion about whether Constitutional Court should be liquidated.

    • TheDjsalem

      Go an win yourself an election. – that’s sound about right.

      • szopen

        This was one Law and Justice complained about the way Niesiołowski was presiding. The sense as “if you want to have rights in parliament, win an election”

        • TheDjsalem

          Yeah I remember. Niesiołowski is a twat. Always was always will. He should be in mental institution not in parliament.

  • Polak w Kanadzie

    What is this BULLSHIT?

  • Pole

    Is there anything about Semyon Krivoshein, Salomon Morel, Abraham Gancwajch, Koniuchy, Naliboki, Helena Wolinska, Stefan Michnik, Jakub Berman, Stella Kuebler, Maurycy Diamant and others at Yad Vashem or in the Holocaust Museum in Washington ?

    • boggy4062

      For some reason their “contribution” to disappearance of millions in Eastern Europe is nowhere to be found there. No Jewish Museum wants to acknowledge their “achievements” in mass extinctions of Poles, Russians, Ukrainians, and even Jews.

      • Pole

        Let me quote Norman Davies:

        “The Situation of the Jews on Territories Occupied by the USSR”

        The Jews here feel at home, (…) But what is worse, Jews are denouncing Poles (to the secret police), are directing the work of the Stalinist militia from behind the scenes, (…) Unfortunately, one must say that these incidents are very frequent.

        The Yad Vashem archive in Israel, too, provides detailed substantiation of the same picture. “The Jews welcomed the Red Army with joy. The young people spent all their days and evenings with the soldiers.” In Grodno, “all sorts of appointments were filled predominantly with Jews, and the Soviet authorities entrusted them, too, with the top positions.” In Lwów, “I must admit that the majority of positions in the Soviet agencies have been taken by Jews.” A Jewish observer to the pro-Soviet demonstrations in Lwów related, “Whenever a political march, or protest meeting, or some other sort of joyful event took place, the visual effect was unambiguous—Jews.” In Wielkie Oczy, the Jewish doctor recalled how local Jewish youths, having formed themselves into a “Komsomol” toured the countryside smashing Catholic shrines.

        In Pinsk, where the population was over 90 percent Jewish, young Jews built an “Arc de Triomphe.”

  • boggy4062

    Luckly,the ‘fascist” hired an American law firm, which will be dealing with slender like this one. Soon enough Washington Compost will belong to the cat of Jarosław Kaczyński.

    • Hubert

      He is using the opposite logic – guilty until proven innocent – DISGUSTING !!!

  • PL voice

    Gross – historican, what a shame 🙂 The worst article I’ve ever read. Washington Post is like Russia Today and . Shame, shame, shame.

    • Jan Kołodyński

      But Chris Hedges is working in Russia Today leading weekly “On Comment”! :-))

  • Hubert Rabiega

    .Excellent piece of bullshit. Germans call that sort of journalism “Lügenpresse”

    • Sulfur12

      No. Lügenpresse is much, much MUCH closer to the truth. Because they describe event, and then put absurd spin on it. Here first comes absurd and then more absurd. This is North Korea Level of BS. Its so absurd that you cannot be even enraged. You just laugh.

  • 2nd box

    Hilarious 🙂 But the author forgot to add they still keep Elvis there. It’s so true, as the most of facts in this article are. Seriously speaking – it can’t be called journalism – knowledge is from one source only and unchecked. Writting this way is absolutely unprofessional. Shouldn’t you, as journalist, be trying to get to the real nitty -gritty of what you are depicting?

  • Pawel Pobudkiewicz

    For this bullshit you deserve a walk

    • Przemysław Stępień

      Nothing like popping up a meme featuring ultraradical religious zealots without a shred of self-criticism shouting ‘shame!’ to hit home a point… Beautiful own goal.

      • Raf

        You didnt notice what happpened to the left, dude…

  • Hubert

    This is the most disgusting piece I’ve read for ages. Are you an undercover nazi?

  • Beret

    Information about Polish government based on Gazeta Wyborcza? Really hardcore.

  • Michał Karpiński

    I don’t understand. As a Pulitzer prize winner, you sir, should be one of the best journalists in the world. And yet, you wrote article biased so much, that it is just terrifying. You, sir, literally accused Poles, for loving their own country. You based whole antisemitism argument on a book, written by an author who is not recognized among historians as the most credible. Norman Davies describes Neighbors as “deeply unfair to Poles” (

    You have not mentioned as well that Poles are the most represented country in the Righteous Among Nations ( despite the fact that in Poland there was a death sentence (given and executed by Germans) for rescuing Jews.

    That being said, I, as Pole do not deny that atrocities have been done by Poles. Every country has bad apples, we had, have and will have them as well. But they do not represent, us a nation, and you sir, seem not to see a difference. And that’s a huge difference.

    I’m not a fan of the newest government – still it’s not worse then the one, that we had before. For the past year, they tried to reform the country – which is good, because the state was robbed as much as possible by the previous government (in the country where 500e is a monthly wage, president would spend 20k of euros for porcelain, and 5k euros for a logo “with a squirrel” [ ] ). Again, not a fan, but what you are saying, is like comparing Bernie Sanders to Stalin at his worst…

    You spoke with two “journalists” from one, and the same paper, and again base your article on their views – which however honest, don’t have to be unbiased. Specially “gazeta wyborcza”, which among youngish people (those who know, how to use internet and check the facts) is known as the most propaganda they’ve seen (that includes me). I found, hundreds of manipulations, ignored subjects and articles recognizing previous party, as the best government possible, ignoring massive bribery scandals and anything that doesn’t fit their view of the world. This “newspaper” is not being hated for having different opinion – it’s being hated for lying. And yet, you never challenged what they say with any other opinion – is that the new journalism?

    It’s hard not to offend you sir, as you spat on my country, and I love my country as much as my mother – as it raised as well. But, I sir, won’t spit on you – I have more dignity. At the end of a day, it seems that I’m smarter then Pulitzer price winner 😉

    • FernandoManuel DuarteGomes

      Just like Hitler love Germany …? Or just like this monster said in the end “… I don’t care about people. They choose us, so now they are cutting their necks. I don’t care….” He loves Poland you say… maybe I love Poland more than you, much more, and what you love is the devil again with an angel face and lovely words to your ears. Like before, you are blind, like the people in Deutschland 100 year ago. But you know, in the end, for them, you are just like shit, with a lovely necks to cut. Maybe you are not crazy, just blinds, … but they are crazy, Michael.

      • Jan Sliwa

        What do mean with the monster? Are you obsessed? If you compare Kaczynski with Hitler – are you afraid that Poland will invade Germany and put Germans into the gas chambers? It looks like a serious case of paranoia.
        Some people argue Poland should stick to the European values. IMHO supporting eternally a government of inept corrupt crooks does not belong to the European values. Even if Schulz, Verhofstadt and Juncker (inept Eurocrats) are they friends.

      • boggy4062

        What was the last time you took you medicine. Clearly, you need some medical attention. Comparing current DEMOCRATICLY elected majority goverment to Hitler is a clear indication of some mental illness.

  • Marek

    Go to Yad Vashem Mr.Big Slanderer: read there all the names of Poles who risked their lives to rescue Jews! No other nation has lost as many pple (procentually) as the Polish – NEVER EVER FORGET THIS!!!

  • Jan

    Lies, lies, lies…. Don’t believe in this bullshit. Poland is democratic country not the Third Reich

  • rski

    What I am really curious about is whether the author was misled by the two “journalists” who are deeply invested — not just politically — with the previous, failed government, or if he produced that article knowing he was merely serving as echo chamber for someone’s blatant propaganda. Either way, was it simply forgetting to cross-check the bile he got served with a different source of opinion, or shameless deliberate bias, it’s shockingly far from the standards one would expect a Pulitzer Prize winner to uphold.

  • Kk

    I Read this something and I want to puke. Bunch of lies and nothing more. You should be ashamed mr. Pulizer- this is not journalism, it’s called anti-polish propaganda.

  • Elizabeth

    Lies and slander.
    Shame you do not have.

  • Miroslaw Grabietz

    I am simply shocked! I have never read such a vile article before. Unfair, one sided and poorly researched.

  • Grobisher

    Such biased and unfair journalism has no place in public debate. I think the Pulitzer commitee should take back Mr. Hedges’ prize for this.

    • Sulfur12

      You want to drown this man?!

      • Ra Be

        Your comment deserve more votes.

  • Lukasz

    What a piece of shit…

  • Paweł Wolszlegier

    What is interesting, that Jaroslaw Kurski is the older brother of Jacek Kurski. The first one is the top editor of liberal newspaper “Gazeta Wyborcza”, the second one is now the Editor in Chief of Polish television “TVP”. Jacek is conservative (from ruling party PiS), Jaroslaw is liberal. Both brothers are on the other side of political scene 😉 … What I can tell to my dear American readers, as a Polish citizen, that liberal newspaper “Gazeta Wyborcza” always strongly support the previous goverment (todays oposition). They recived a lots of financial benefits from previous government, and now it’s all gone! That’s why they they hate so much the today’s polish conservative government and they try to put a bad light on them. I personally read both conservative and liberal newspapers and I don’t support any of the sides, but all I can say about this article, that it is incredibly low quality, totaly deceitful and all of the facts are fake. Shame on you mr Hedges.

    • Adreng

      There is a big difference. Of course, Gazeta Wyborcza is a more liberal newspaper, and they have little sympathies for nationalism and demagogic movements. But they also criticized the PO government on many occasions.
      In contrast, the public media, after they have been taken over by the PiS party are a pure party channel, and within the right-wing press you certainly don’t find as much criticism of the current right-wing government as you could find criticisms of the government in Gazeta Wyborcza during the PO governments.
      “Conservative” is an extremely misleading term for describing the current Polish government with the party PiS. They don’t want to conserve anything. They had a narrow victory (37% of votes, it narrowly gave them a majority in parliament), they do not want to accept that they do not have enough votes for changing the constitution and therefore attempt to paralyze the constitutional court in order to be able to violate the Polish constitution without interference from courts. They have replaced masses of apolitical people in the civil administration and state companies by people from PiS. “Reactionary revolutionaries” would be a much better description than “conservatives”.

      • Paweł Wolszlegier

        Well that’s your point of view and I respect it. However when I watched before the public debate in Polish TV, there were 2-3 liberal politicians and 1 liberal journalist (eg Tomasz Lis) disputed against 1 conservative politician. Right now, when I watch the public debate in TV I see that the journalist only ask question and number of liberals and conservatives in studio are the same. There are invited people like Sienkiewicz from far left “Krytyka polityczna” and Żakowski from “Gazeta wyborcza”. No one is interrupting them, they have the same time as the conservative journalist/politicians to say their arguments.
        In the last 8 years, the PO rulling party, removed gradually all of the conservative journalist from public media. When PiS came to the power, they have done exactly the same thing, but in just one week.
        If we speak about the Constitutional Tribunal, we all have to admit that most of the judges were also nominated, by PO party in last 8 years and they will to block all of the reforms made, by the new goverment. So, or PiS is blocking the Constitutional Tribunal, or they prevent the Constitutional Tribunal to block they reforms. Look at the head figure of the Tribinal, professor Rzepliński. His wife Irena Rzepliński was nominated, by PO on a high government position in one of the ministeries, his daughter Róża Rzeplińska received over one milion donation for her NGOs.
        Previous government was a completly corrupted and that is why PiS have won the last election.
        They corrupt the judges, they corrupt the journalists (eg Tomasz Lis from Newsweek received over 65 mln donations for his “Na Temat” portal) and they lost the last elections.
        If you will look at the polls, you’ll see that after all of the controversies around the Tribunal and TV, PiS have a support on 30-35% and PO have around 15-20%.
        In my opinion all of the judges of the Constitional Tribunal shoud be exchanged, and elected by 3/4 of parliament. Unfortunatelly the PO oposition don’t want it … and I wonder why.

      • Geralt

        Let’s recall what Michnik, editor in chief of Wyborcza said about chances of Bronislaw Komorowski to win reelection. He said that Komorowski can only be not elected if being drunk he will drive a car over pregnant catholic nun on a crosswalk.

  • July 23rd, 2016 Massive police operation follows deadly attack on Munich shopping centre

    German security forces have been conducting a huge anti-terror operation in the city of Munich, after several people were shot dead in a shopping centre near the Olympic Park last night. 10 people have been killed and at least 21 injured. Witnesses reported they had seen three men with guns. Police urged people to stay at home and avoid all public places. Public transport was suspended and Munich’s central railway station evacuated. Shortly after the reported attack, police helicopters flew over the city, additional security forces were deployed, GSG9 German elite counterterrorism units arriving.

  • Borys Horoneskul

    Why do you hate us so much?

    • Geralt

      Maybe because he is employed by Russia Today?

  • paulina

    Mr Hedges who pays you for writing such lies about Poland? We the people in Poland have the government we democraticaly elected and we condone its actions. This article is simply offensive

    • citronelle

      Please speak for yourself. Maybe YOU condone the actions taken by Polish government (and I feel sorry for you). This does not allow you to use “we” instead of “I”. Go back to primary school where they should explain the difference.

      • paulina

        I used plural form
        because many people have the same opinion, just look at the posts on this
        forum. Implying something about my education is offensive, I deliberately used
        “we” as I speak for the certain group of people, and there are many
        of us

  • John

    And you’re the old European idiot. Try to understand first and then create, otherwise it’s just good old soviet-style propaganda.

  • Jakub Marcin Czapkiewicz

    Learn some history of Eastern Europe and then sit to write this article again. Bunch of lies. My elders fight with Nazi German’s arm to arm with polish Jude’s. Is that a journalism ? Don’t think so … shame…

  • Saper Vodiczka

    Thank you Mr Hedges, now I know what Pulitzer Prize journalism means. One source, lies and manipulations. Quoting “Gazeta Wyborcza” and its journalists opinions on Poland is like quoting “Pravda” as a source of information on situation in the Soviet Union. Yes, you can. But that means that you are propagandist not journalist.

  • Krzysztof Radzikowski

    How about Turkey ?

  • Sulfur12

    LOL I laughed trough entire article, this guy should give back Pullitzer prize, because this is so inane and absurd… “neo-fascist ideology” XD Have you considered the possibility that two guys whose newspaper was dependant financially on government hand-outs that were cut to zero under new gov may be not really reliable source of infomation? Do you realize that “Gazeta Wyborcza” DOES NOT have status of respected and reliable anymore? That people if they are reading it-are doing so only to see how much absurd it can get? They are on he level of SJW-BLM-KKK-Alt-Right combined. Esentially you interviewed guys who in US would be saying things like this: “This is all because of patriarchy. The social construct of gender and race has created structures of opression that must be done with.” Just remvoe “right-wing’, “catholicism” etc and replace it with “patriarchy” white male” and so on. “neo-fascist ideology”-I almost died from laughter. “Something something-catholicism-something-something-projection-something-something-no democracy-something-something-absurd”. Washnigton Post, you pranksters!
    Read Mancini and finally get this to your skulls: Poland is a classical example of polarized-pluralist media market. If you want truth, you won’t get it from journalists working here. You have to investigate yourself. Or at least compare what TWO sides are saying and then make conclusions.

    This was TERRIBLE, WP, if you paid for this article even a cent, you were ripped off!

  • Matt

    What the hell? This article is nonsense.”Gazeta Wyborcza” lieee!

  • Tomasz Wiltinek

    I live in Poland. This Chris Hedges’s article is pure disinformation.

  • asdzxcqwe

    A guy with Pulitzer award who don’t know basic principles of journalism, like having at least 2 sources of information before writing about something. Now that’s embarrasing; dear mr Hedger, you got tricked. Your only source of information were 2 journalists from a left-winged newspaper that is known for supporting one side of our political dispute while taking a dump on the other side, even if it means lying their asses off. For the last 8 years, when Civic Platform was in charge, they (the newspaper we’re talking about) were lavishly supported by government donations to continue their work (by work i mean being basically a propaganda platform for this one specific party). Now, since the government changed, the donations ended and the newspaper is broke, so you can see why they’re so mad. Even people from the left side of political spectrum are boycotting it for being such a disgusting sellouts.

    And im saying that even through im a strongly against the now ruling party.

    Literally every sentence in your article is just bunch of lies or misinformation, but the most disgusting part is the insinuation that Poles were cooperating with Germans to slaughter Jews on a massive scale. The one person that you’ve mentioned, Jan Gross, was debunked years ago, and his famous work is focusing on one accident in Jedwabne. Even though it was proven that guns used there were German. Mr Gross just found a way to make money and keeps spreading his bullshit that is blaming his own country for murdering Jews even though Poland is the only country that being occupied by Germany never collaborated with Nazis, also Poles have the highest rate of people saving Jews from death even through in occupied Poland there was a death sentence for doing so. But since it’s controversial and convenient for Germans to blaim other nation for the horror they created, he gets massive attention and money.

    The fact that this guy won any award for his work proves what journalism is nowadays.

  • Tomek

    Lies, lies, lies, this is shit not article!

  • Eva

    This isn’t even sophisticated bullshit. Just bullshit.

  • Tomasz Wiltinek

    Washington Beobachter

  • Dominik Sieradz

    Both article and polish comments below are highly biased and don’t reflect the current situation. So, if you need to know what’s going on in Poland, go on and read other sources.

  • arerton

    OMG, Wyborcza- liers and extreme leftist Skwiecinski, Kurski – what a shame!

    • Tomasz Wiltinek

      stasinski a nie skwiecinski debilu popraw to.

    • Pani_Dubito

      Stasinski, not Skwiecinski!!!!!!

  • Sep 19, 2000 Euro-federalists financed by US spy chiefs

    The documents confirm suspicions voiced at the time that America was working aggressively behind the scenes to push Britain into a European state. One memorandum, dated July 26, 1950, gives instructions for a campaign to promote a fully fledged European parliament. It is signed by Gen William J Donovan, head of the American wartime Office of Strategic Services, precursor of the CIA.

  • Mariusz K.

    Well I, for one, totally agree with the author of this article. Hopefully not only the supporters of PiS-communism will voice their opinions here. Wake up people!

    • Sulfur12
    • Pawel Pobudkiewicz

      If you are thinking that PIS =communism you can not agree with author claiming that PIS = neofascism. Basic logic.

      • Adreng

        There are quite a few things the non-democratic goverments in “real socialism” and some interwar fascist goverments had in common. The current Polish government also has some tendencies in that direction (disrespect for the Polish constitution and the rule of law, nationalism, …).

    • Alex Frost

      Pal, rly? So e.g. you think that Museum of Warsaw Uprising should be dedicated (so called) Polish antisemitism problem. And the fact that it is dedicated to 200 thousand Poles killed and murdered by Germans during Warsaw Uprising means that Polish authority which founded that Museum are Fascists?

      • Przemysław Stępień

        I think the Warsaw Uprising Museum was badly projected here by the author. Despite its iffy beginnings it a pretty good museum and don’t think it deserved the bashing. The rest however is pretty spot on.

  • Pani_Dubito

    Never read such a biased article in my life! Making heros of Jaroslaw Kurski and Piotr Stasinski. Dear Author, this is genuinely funny! And unfortunately proves you have no idea whatsoever about the Polish modern history. Where’s your journalist’s integrity? The text reads like a political declaration, not an objective description of reality. Making fascists and antisemites of PiS? That’s downright absurd. And btw, I don’t vote on PiS, I’m not Catholic and I’m a filosemite.

    • Sulfur12

      So you are guilty! because PiS are also philosemites. That means-using logic of this article-that you are a follower of neo-fascist ideology. But shhh! dont spoil surprise for mr. “Pullitzer winner”.

      • Pani_Dubito

        The logic of the author beats me! Let him wallow in complacency 😉

  • Polak Katolik


  • Alex Frost

    None of so called “facts” in this article is true. Mr Hedges I’m afraid you won’t get another Pulitzer award for it, but don’t be sad, you will be “Golden Goebbels Award” nominee for sure.

    • Przemysław Stępień

      Almost all of the so-called facts are true. A few misconceptions here and there, but overall spot on.

      • Sulfur12

        You are a true life-saver here, everyone is so sincere, serious, enraged ‘this is scandalous blah-blah-blah” but YOU…you are the LIGHT! without your sarcastic remarks and wink-wink-coments this would be too depressing… Thank you, you have heart of a true jester.

        • Przemysław Stępień

          Not sure if interested if serious 😉
          Typical right wing spamming. They get a whiff of something ‘anti-polish’ anywhere and they flock to it like flies to dung.

          • Sulfur12

            Be careful here! because Im flying around you right now! tee-hee!

          • Alex Frost

            So you agree with author of that article that Poles are responsible for killing 3 millions Polish Jews?

          • Przemysław Stępień

            Maybe poorly worded, but logically correct. Some Poles were complicit, others weren’t. Poles were on both side of the line.

          • rep

            Very poor and disgraceful eristic. However quite typical to Russia Today i.e. Mr Hedges employer.

          • Stan R

            Przemyslaw Stepien – Poles during the war, as a nation, were on one side of the line – fought Hitler and Stalin – had to fight two enemies at once. I don’t know where you learned skewed version of the history – you can still repair it with some effort.

            Stop calling right wing those who know history. Name calling cannot substitute facts.

            I assume that you were raised in Poland – it is troubling what you write.

        • Alex Frost

          Pal! There are so many frakkin lies in that article. Like that one: “Polish complicity in the Nazi extermination of nearly all of Poland’s 3 million Jews. ”

          WTF complicty!? Germans killed 3 millions of Polish Jews and also 3 millions of Poles. For hidding Jews were death penalty in Poland occupied by Germany.

          • Alex Frost

            Sorry, I meant to comment P.Stepien post.

      • Alex Frost

        Rly? and this one about Warsaw Uprising Museum too? So you think that this Museum is an example of Polish antisemitism cuz it’s not focused on Polish antisemitism problem? Instead of that it is dedicated to 200 thousand Poles killed and murdered by Germans during Warsaw Uprising.

  • michal

    What I fail to understand is, if my country was so antisemitic and fascist, how come we had the biggest Jewish population prior to World War 2? It’s not like all these people were thrown out from Germany between 1933 and 1939.

    • Sulfur12

      Yes, and instead of being with Hitler it was against him… confusing, isn’t it?

    • Adreng

      How should a large number of Jews be a proof that there was no antisemitism in interwar Poland? Yes, there had been no such mass genocide as the one the Nazis perpetrated later, but that would be an extremely low standard for comparison. You find lots of sources that confirm that there was a lot of antisemitism in Poland, especially from the endecja many current right-wing politicians in Poland now want to refer to.

      • kk

        There were some instances of anti-Semitism in Poland before the WWII, but definitely not “a lot”. And verify your sources – very few active politicians in Poland refer to pre-war endecja.

      • Stan R


        Antisemitism that has its roots in Catholic Church’s politics, since the Church origin, was not pertinent to Poland/Poles. Historically, Polish Catholic Church in the Polish Lithuanian Kingdom, was often in conflict with Vatican over refusing to follow Vatican’s antisemitic rulings, and chose to protect wellbeing of Polish Jews. In the XX Century and particularly in the interwar period, when Poland regained independence – after over century lack of it – antisemitisn in Poland, that unfortunately cannot be denied, was not different from antisemitism in the rest of Europe. Moreover, when one compares restrictions and antisemitism that Jews were facing, at the same period, in the Unites States – often manifestation of antisemitic an in US was stronger, more widespread.

        How come antisemitism became a ‘Polish specialty’? – as it is viewed nowadays is US – it can be only explained by anti-Polish sentiments and ethnic anti-Polish bias that are somehow permissible.

        It should be laudable that there are enough Poles who lately are actively protesting such bias. These Poles are not some ‘right wing thugs’ only well read in history serious defenders of facts.

        Why don’t you study history of antisemitism everywhere and stop stereotypying Poles, because you will become engaged in discussion that will require fact checking.

  • bite yer legs

    Do you know that in Polish a word hucpa means something diffrent then chutzpah which is a Jewish word. Our hucpa comes from Jewish chutzpah but …… . Jewish chutzpach means that somone represent boldness, audacity. You can even admire such a person. Polish hucpa means deeds of persan that are scam, vulgar, pushy, brush, impertynent and mainly describe scam, cheat, lie, freud and deception. And this scam is not a little but on the big scale. I wonder why Poles have changed meaning of jewish word of chutzpah? OK. What do you think Mr Hedges this peace of shit is hucpa or chutzpah?

    • Sulfur12

      That he is journalistic shmata? (another jewish-borrowed word in Polish).

  • Avator

    Gazeta Wyborcza is anti Polish newspaper

    • Przemysław Stępień

      And with such a comment you’re basically confirming what is written in the article. Thanks.

      • Jan Korbut

        He’s right. Geoege Soros is one of the owners of GW. He is anti Polish and he made his fotrtune by cheating and hurting milions of people

  • Kłopotowski

    Mr Hedges, your journalistic dishonesty is beyond contempt.

  • hurkis

    I am sorry to say, but it is the most unfair article I have read in ages.

    Regardless if I agree with the main thesis and author’s view (which I don’t), choice of examples is simply unacceptable. What makes it worse is that both, Polish journalists and Mr. Hedges are fully aware of it.

  • ancymon

    I think it is a good time to remind what Israel Singer, who was secretary general of the World Jewish Congress (WJC) from 1986 to 2001, said about Poland.

    “(…)more than three million Jews died in Poland and the Polish people are
    not going to be the heirs of the Polish Jews. We are never going to
    allow this…. They’re gonna hear from us until Poland freezes over
    again. If Poland does not satisfy Jewish claims it will be publicly
    attacked and humiliated.”

    And we are witnessing this policy all over again.


  • Szczepan

    Bunch of lies…………. Shame on you….

  • bite yer legs

    You don`t help Gazeta Wyborcza in Poland with this shit. Nobody can help them. Mr Soros has boondoggled his money. [this strange word i`ve found in dictionary and it should mean “wyrzucić pieniądze w błoto]. Such propaganda is counterproductive because we are resistant to “goebels propaganda”. Germans, Russians, Jews, communists, fasists, crazy lefties all tried to vomit on us but in vain. Our history is behind us. We had two enemies last war Russians and Germans [maybe three], Jews had one Germans. We are, Jews gone.

  • jd2020

    There seems to be a lot of nationalistic pride here and almost zero understanding of what Hedges was driving at (nicely summarized in his 2nd paragraph). Go ahead and bicker over details while your country is being stolen from under your nose by the neoliberal fascists.

    • Ra Be

      Please come to Poland and then you know that this article is an offensive lie.

  • Sauelios

    Wonder why so many people in the world laugh off “the greatest media” such as “The New York Times” these days? Because of texts as above, you bolshevik.

    “There is no such thing as human nature” – really? I’ve got better quotations for you, e.g. the one from Marx and Engels, who wrote that for the progress we need to do genocide of nations which are deemed backward such as the Polish nation. So you wanna get rid of all those crosses, huh? You need a genocide of the Polish nation then.

  • Maciej Panikowski

    Pulitzer prize just became a tad less meaningful.

  • Michał Białkow

    This guy calls himself a journalist? He relies completely on a word from the current opposition and does not bother to check the facts himself. Where are all these fascists? I haven’t seen one. I see Jews, Blacks, Asians everyday on the streets and nobody bothers them.

  • brodude

    This isn’t journalism. This is pure, undistilled defamatory propaganda. This is something Goebbels could spin in ’39 to justify the German invasion of Poland. This is hate-speech through and through. I don’t doubt that the author had ill-intentions while writing this horrendous article. I don’t except him to listen to any criticism, counter arguments and discussion. Why? Because nobody could be so dead wrong and clueless. Nobody. I understand that mr. Hedges doesn’t know a damn thing about Poland, maybe he can’t even find it on the world map. But then, if one chooses to write a piece on a subject he’s not familiar with, he’d get at least some basic facts straight. Unfortunately, this thing consists of lies, lies and lies, every line, every sentence is wrong and unbelievably hurtful. This article is an insult to Poles, those living today (regardless of political affiliation), those who fought the Nazis and Soviets in WW II, those who risked their lives to save Jews, and those who fought the communists when Poland ended up on the wrong side of the Iron Curtain.

    And i assure you, if this garbage gets some spotlight in Poland, the author will be asked to visit Poland to confront his views with reality. And i bet he’ll decline. They always do.

    • George G.

      Nice rebuttal. You forgot to tie in some conspiracy that Mr. Hedges is in cahoots with I dunno… Jews, EU, the former ruling party (PO), and I dunno, George Soros.

  • J.

    The whole thing written above is just ridiculous. The author either knows nothing about Poland, or is deliberately distorting the image. In either case he serves a clique of people from wyborcza, who have been voted out of parliament in a democratic election, and the ones that are losing power and money, because their newspaper (and other media) are abandoned by its former followers. The level of hatred and absurd provided by wyborcza is indigestible even for zelaous left-wingers… The whole article is simply a piece of s*it…

  • Przemysław Stępień

    All these Poles… not able to accept the truth… we’re heading for neo-fascism in Poland. Its the truth and its good to say it out loud.

    • Jan Korbut

      I stongly recomend you a medical attention. Don’t lie, buddy. Don’t lie…

  • Tomel

    Symptomatic and hilarious – wherevere there is a piece that critically covers recent upheaval in Polish politics, there’s a bunch of Polish commentators who furiously defend each and every action of the new regime (often through a discourse that vividly confirms what has been written about a nationalist state of mind – words by Mrs Janicka are especially accurate). As a native Pole and a representative of the local left-liberal minority, I must say that here we have one of the best summaries of what has been going on – truly a vertigo, to say the least. A wise choice of a cultural anthropologist, I must add. Anthropology seems to have a fitting aparatus to analyze this madness that just happens to be our reality. Thank you for this piece, Mr Hedges!

    • J.

      It is not a piece that critically covers anything. It is just a collection of untrue statements. There have always been people happy when Poles were subject to outright libels. People happy with Poles being accused of crimes they have not committed. And people (born in Poland unfortunately) happy with Poland being torn apart by foreign powers. Mr. Hedges knows nothing about situation in Poland, or is lying about it, and this is evident for each and every sane citizen of our beautiful country.

      • Przemysław Stępień

        Interesting choice of words. ‘Each and every sane citizen’… If you have a different opinion you are therefore ‘insane’. Thanks once again for a comment that proves the gist of the above article.

        • J.

          You are very welcome. But… One must be insane to overlook the Museum of Polish Jews and the Gettho Uprising monument, and claim that crucifixes are put in Warsaw to dishonor the Jewish people. And if one claims otherwise (meaning supports this ridiculous thesis put forward by Mr. Hodges at the end of the article) must indeed be insane.

          • Przemysław Stępień

            The Museum part was largely erroneous which seemed to service the overall theme of the article. Disagree with his perception of that museum, even if there is some truth to the beginnings of the concept behind the institution. Its just a damn good museum, that however can be used as a tool by right-wing politicians. So far I don’t really think it has. Nonetheless, overall the author is right by saying that Poland has issues with accepting the darker sides of history and nit-picking what he didn’t say does not derail the essence of what is written.

          • Alex Frost

            Pls, show me at last one thing which MR Hodges is right. I can’t find any. Oh wait maybe this one: Monte Casino Monument is another example of Polish antisemitism.

          • Ra Be

            Yep! We fought in Italy against Nazis to kill the jews hahahaha

          • Ra Be

            If you have an issue with accepting the darker sides of history of Poland it’s your problem. Stop generalizing!

          • kk

            Perhaps it’s you who should deal with own historical ignorance.

      • Tomel

        What do we have here? Someone’s sticking fingers into his ears, shouting ‘la-la-la, I can’t hear you!’. Actually, the case of Jedwabne is already settled. Thousands of pages of reports have been written (and are easily accessible in some of the libraries, I have read the copy of the Warsaw University Library), including testimonies from the perpetrators themselves. And Jedwabne was only a tip of an iceberg; if one ventures into the country and makes the elderly speak of their memories of the war – a lot of them are eager to do that – then one can hear, and learn a lot. Some of those things may not fit into a narrow frame of a picture one may have of the wartime. What then?

        • kk

          Your statements are very fuzzy and misleading, while a person who wants to adhere to the historical truth speaks clearly.

    • Przemysław Stępień

      I just love how half of the below comments inadvertently confirm what is written in the above article and the people responsible don’t even seem to have noticed.

      • Michał Karpiński

        I don’t know what you love about it? Someone wrote something that is unfair towards Poland, and we are disagreeing with it? What wrong about it? I also mind you, we all speak English here, so all of us have pretty good knowledge about current world – and all of these people (who most don’t support current government, but still think this article is unfair) are wrong? I’m not saying PiS is good(as a supporter of Libertarianie), but it’s nothing like the article… I think you should ask yourself, if your ideology doesn’t cover your vision.

        • Przemysław Stępień

          Actually a lot of the below comments inadvertently confirm what the author wrote. The article is unfortunately not unfair and most of the below comments confirm this. The article does have a few questionable moments, but the essentials are founded in a constructive outsider analysis.

          • Michał Karpiński

            You literally said now – you are wrong because you are wrong…
            Constructive analysis – a journalist who spoke to only one side? You are being silly. That’s my problem with leftwing – democracy is ok as long as you win, freespeech is ok as long we speak what you think is alright, and journalism ok as long as it is talking only to people who share your political views…

          • Przemysław Stępień

            That’s my problem with rightwing – democracy is ok as long as you win, freespeech is ok as long we speak what you think is alright, and journalism ok as long as it is talking only to people who share your political views…

            And its not leftwingers deconstructing the check and balances of the current political system in Poland, obliterating media / justice system independence. No previous government impeded journalists like the current one (in the example stated above prior L&J public administration provided both Rzeczpospolita and Gazeta Wyborcza). No previous government toppled the very foundation of democracy by subverting the justice system. And so on. The previous governments weren’t angels, by no means, but they weren’t essentially

          • Michał Karpiński

            Wow, I didn’t know PiS was impeding of articles in gazeta wyborcza… That something new. As far as a I know, they replaced old propagandist with a new ones – in PUBLIC, GOVERN BY STATE, radio and tv

          • Przemysław Stępień

            They replaced mildly biased news with a total blowout of personnel including Poland’s beloved weather guy and massively biased media channels that put FOX news manipulation to shame and would make Goebbels proud. It’s not comparable. In the slightest.

          • Michał Karpiński

            That is your OPINION. I disagree with you totally. I remember krasko who would say that democracy is choosing one of the 4 biggest party, who was example of propaganda, or lis who would put on national TV fake tweet of president Duda daughter, couple days before election – but reporting unconfirmed information is normal for left wing sympathics.

          • Przemysław Stępień

            Singular acts that were not systemic. and there is no explanation for the hack job on national televisions main news daily to manipulate Obama’s speech. It may be my opinion, sure. But there is no denying that the extent of clean outs in national media is unprecedented. and people have noted this and stopped watching

          • Michał Karpiński

            Yes, there were clean outs, because whole television was not achieving it’s goal – which was to educate, not to get biggest number of viewers. And during the last 20 years, under power of left wing, tv degraded to not funny stand-ups, soap operas and things, like that.
            I understand that in left wing mentality, even if you don’t do your job you should be fired – as the old saying sais “czy sie stoii czy sie lezy, 10 zl sie nalezy”.

            That being said, I’m not a fan of TV at all, but the previous government, set the bar so low, that you have to try to be worse than that.

          • Przemysław Stępień

            Mann… Torbicka… Trojka… Jedynka… no justification. They were apolitical and fully in line with the mission of polish tv. I’ve seen the new programming… if this is improvement than black is white. good thing I don’t have a tv. won’t have to pay for that crap.

          • Przemysław Stępień

            two words:Studio YaYo

          • Michał Karpiński

            Fair enough. But what you are asking, is perfect situation. What I’m saying is that, it’s not that different then then previous government/establishment/power. The only thing that has changed, is public outcry. So my question is, where was mr. Chris, when PO broke laws time and time again, when was mr. Chris was polish court said he is not interested in video material from independence day, when “policeman” kicked in the face a person? And we both know that this list could on and on. Where were those articles ? What has changes – I’m pretty sure, I know. I don’t think mr. Chris Hedges is stupid. So it has to be another factor. Big, ugly, unmoral factor – Soros.

          • Przemysław Stępień

            right wing nad delusional Worldview seem synonymous nowadays. you’re comparing singular journalists, known to be independent and not necessarily employed by the state, to wholesale changing of television and other media in propaganda outlets of xenophobic antihistoric right wingers bent on destroying democratic rule, the environment and common sense.

          • Przemysław Stępień

            And come on… That news montage of Obama’s speech happened. Yet the law and order faithful pretend like nothing happened.

  • cstahnke

    Looks like the government of Poland and its supporters have a little campaign here. Note very little substance to these comments but ad hominem attacks. Anti-Semitism has been rampant in Eastern Europe for centuries and particularly around WWII–the Ukrainians were worse than the Poles but the Poles were pretty bad–to all you Poles–check you sources–starting with history maybe? Many national chauvinists always eliminate from their minds that little problem called recorded history and Americans are no different.

    • Michał Karpiński

      Sir, you are the ones that accuse Poland for this atrocities, I think you should be the one providing sources…

    • Sulfur12

      Im cheking my source right now!
      -Hey, grandma, how it was with you and jews? Oh, you were sent as a small kid to concentration camp because you were telling german kid how to course in polish? and what happened? Oh, whole family gathered everything they had to buy you out thanks to rampant corruption in german ranks? oh, there was enough money to buy out also another person? And family bought-out a jewish girl? really? whata anti-semitic bastards!
      -Hey grandpa, how it was with you and jews? Oh, you took some of them into underground conspiracy? gave them weapons? and how did that tourned out? oh, they were communists and were bragging about how wonderful it is under Uncle Joseph? And were hated for that? and what happened? nothing? despite the fact that this was similar to hearing from someone that Hitler is wonderful and his nazis are angels? Especially since you and your mates were captured by soviets days after collapse and were sent in first trains to Katyn to be executed, but you were one of the few that escaped? Well, thats interesting and so-anti-semitic!

    • J.

      I would love to see you verify why Jews actually lived in Poland for 600 years before the II WW… Probably because of the rampant anti-semitism. And ask yourself why Americans did not save one Jewish life when they could. Why did they turn ships with Jewish refugees around without letting them on the American ground, and thus sentenced them to death? Why were they content with poor Polish Jews being killed in German death camps? Sir, you do not seem to have appropriate level of knowledge to pretend to be an expert on this…

    • George G.

      Quite sad that the fascist underpinnings of Polish society are so readily observant in the comments section. As you said, ad hominem, no real rebuttal, but the bleating of “lies lies lies” and attribution to internal and external enemies. Reading them over, it’s life these Polish commentators were forwarded the same style guide. First, slander Gazeta Wyborcza as a leftist propaganda mill, then tie in that any criticism of Poland is the work of the former ruling party as simply revenge for having lost the election, tie in something about them or anyone critical being a former communist (???), and end it in international conspiracy land involving either Jews (how ironic], multinational companies, the EU, and even Soros (I can’t believe someone actually wrote that).

  • Hubert

    It’s really hard to find any statement in this article that is correct and not really twisted. Most absurd and ridiculus picture of my country I’ve ever read. Just please, someone explain to me what does “proto-fascists” means? Proto-what? It’s like they don’t go full facism becouse of what? They just wait that Constitution to be burn and… wait… Isn’t that happen a while ago? So why we don’t have facism? Becouse we don’t have any facism. People just don’t like that.

    • Sulfur12

      “proto-fascists” are what you can find in Ghostbusters “proton-packs”. Don’t you know anything about science?

  • bite yer legs

    Dou you know who was treated worse even than Jews in Warsaw Jewish Ghetto. Christian Jewish and there were such. For Germans they were a vermins as Jews themselves, but for Jews they were treated as ………. . You should remmember that Judenrate and Jewish police had some power which could decide about fate of any person in ghetto. Gazeta Wyborcza refuses a cross on an area of Jewish Ghetto? The same in Aushwitz. Until 1942 it was mainly Polish camp and we have a right to memorialize our victims as we want. Main victims of Islamic murders on the Near East are Christian communities and any dog even with Pulitzer price and from so called Amnesty International say no word.

  • Alex Frost
    • Alex Frost

      and this one shows high standards of journalism (nearly Pulitzer’s standard) before dark ages of oppressive dictatorship that came to Poland.

      • Ra Be

        If you know any Pole ask them about Tomasz Lis or Ryszard Petru. I can assure you that most of them would say that they are a disgrace for jurnalism and politics. Lis was thrown out from public television and thats how he pays for it.

        • Adreng

          I know many Poles who like Tomasz Lis and think the PiS goverment (that received the votes of 37%) is a disgrace.

          There are different viewpoints. The problem is that people with a certain viewpoint (right-wing, in favor of disregarding and violating the Polish constitution) constantly claim that they represent Poland as a whole.

          • Ra Be

            Then I have an advice for you – you should change your friends because they are idiots 🙂

  • Flash Thunder

    Dear American friends . Do you remember the story of liner MS St. Louis ? This is just one example of your hypocrisy .

  • Jan

    I’m Polish. My grandfather was murdered by Germans in the concentration camp Dora-Mittelbau. I support my government and the party Law and Justice. How dare you accuse us of being fascists? Polish people fought with Nazi-Germany from the beginning of WW II to the end. You know nothing about Poland and Polish history. What a shame!!!

    • Przemysław Stępień

      My grandfather went through Treblinka, Auschwitz. You have no right to speak for everyone. Protofascism is exactly what is happening in Poland. As long as democracy is being subverted that is the reality.

      • Jan

        Protofaszyzm ha ha ha. Lecz się koleś.

        • Przemysław Stępień

          Wow. Dumbfounded by your conversation skills. Much respect.

          • Ra Be

            Protofascism? You are funny sir!

      • Stan R

        Mr Stepien – if you grandfather survived/escaped Treblinka (there were only handful escapes from Treblinka), and later ended up in Auschwitz – a pretty amazing story – then you should know that these were German camps – and you should know first hand about German responsibility for Holicaust.

        Why are you insisting on generalization of marginal behavior of criminal Poles during the war on the entire Polish nation – you must know that is an unaceptable historical lie. A nation that list 6 million population including 3 milion Jewish Poles has to be given a chance to grieve, after 70 years, all who perished Jewish and non-Jewish – and not to ignore the 3 million non-Jewish Poles – who in the altered version of Polish history are not even treated as victims (ask statistical German about guilt over non-Jewish Polish victims of German war crimes – he would most probably deny the fact).

        What was the story if your grandfather – how did he survive the war – was he liberated from Auschwitz? Did he escape? Who helped him? Sheltered him? What was his story after the war? This is important to understand why aren’t you appalled by this article?

  • Marcin

    It seems Mr Hedges does not know that Gazeta Wyborcza is the mail neoliberal force in Poland that GW and its redactor-in-chief Adam Michnik was fervent supporters of invasion of Iraq and did lots of pro-war propaganda in Poland. The fact that there is no genuine left in the parliament is primarily their responsibility (not PiS).

    My advise would be to do a little bit more research especially if the topic seems to be very new for the author.

    • Adreng

      This is partially true. But it would be wrong to call Gazeta Wyborcza a purely neoliberal newspaper. People with different views write there, including leftists. It also seems that in recent years, Gazeta Wyborcza has reduced extreme neoliberal tendencies, and left voices are more frequent.

  • YoyoMa

    Finally the chickens are coming home to roost for Poland. Due to its unique history and situation, Poland has often been excused and pardoned for its behavior on the domestic and international stage. But no more, and I hope that this article by Mr. Hedges will pave the way for more criticism of Polish society and politics and give more writers the stomach to combat the nationalist and populist scourge bubbling in Poland, one similar in structure but not content to what is happening in the US with Trump.

  • Krzysztof

    This.Is.Bullshit. What is your problem with crucifix? Are you mad?

  • Alex Frost

    At last an article that shows oppressive dictatorship in Poland. You can see more about lost freedom of Polish media here:
    and there are more about oppressive Polish dictatorship.

    • Alex Frost

      Sorry for double posting. I thought my post was removed.

  • Sophie

    Law and Jusice is a right wing party?! Oh for god’s sake . Learn some elementary differences between right wingers and left wingers. Law nad Justice is noting more than bunch of socialists who use in most disgusting way patriotism to brain people’s brains. They are national socialists. And apropos Gross – He was many times accused of manipulations and many historians are aghis works and say he’s a joke not a historian. Besides what did you expect from a guy who said that Poles killed more Jews than nazis. Now we killed more than 6 millions…Interestinng. For someone who won Pulitzer your knowledge about politics and history of Poland is very poor

    • Przemysław Stępień

      Actually you need to get back to analysing the left wing-right wing divide. Conservatists by definition are right wing. Liberals are left wing, but those split between liberal socialists and free market idealogues. The basic and historical difference between left and right is rooted in conservatism / anticonservatism. Thats why Law and Justice is right wing.

  • Jacek Drewnowski

    The biggest piece of bullshit I’ve ever seen. Shame on you, Mr Hedges.

  • Locke

    “armed militia of more than 30,000 whose loyalty, it seems certain, will be to the ruling party” – WHAT??? Dear Sir, this “armed militia” is called Territorial Army, and it’s part of Polish Army just like US National Guard is part of US Army. Do you call US National Guard an “armed militia” ?

  • Krystian Walczak

    Discusting. Really!

    Even a kid knows that Jan Gross is not a “Polish born American”, but a lying Jew who is not even a historian. He is a well known liar. He is convicted in Poland for the sentence that “Polish resistance killed more Jews than Germans”. You know that, right? Mr. “Pulitzer”?
    You also know that the Jews dont want the truth about Jedwabne? THE ONE AND ONLY alleged “Polish massacre on Jews”? They stopped exhumation when the story broke down, and on the site historians found shells from German rifles… Oh what a shame…
    Now the exhumation cannot be continued becouse Jews are crying that is bad for their dead ones and a disgrace. Convinient 😀

    I assume that you heard about Jews who want from Poland 65 BLN dollars of “compensation” for the WW2? Is that piece of S**T article a part of that holocaust industry?
    They are paying well for s***ing on my nation?
    A NATION who was risking lifes of many for Jews is now an object of a brutal propaganda. They have one goal – to have a little more dollars out of a holocaust candybox… No matter what!!!

    Why you are a part of this and for what price Mr. “Pulitzer”?????

  • steve lambda

    Nazi Poland attacked Germany and killed all jews in the europe. Hitler was polish. Jews were like angels they were saving everyone, germans were helping them, those are known facts, Gross will put it in hes next book. Poland must feel guilty otherwise holocaust industry cannot prosper. Btw great article its about reality and country that doesn’t exist you should tag it “science fiction”

  • 100% of truth. Thanks mr Hedges. World should know the truth about living in Poland. Government and fascists from Ruch Narodowy, ONR, NOP, Młodzież Wszechpolska hate LGBT, Jews, atheists, leftists. We need help.

    • Pawel Pobudkiewicz

      Yes you need help, psychiatrist help

    • Ra Be

      Few of my atheist friends are in ONR and in Młodzież Wszechpolska so you need to check your info but in one case you are right – you really need help. Compulsive lying is a disease.

  • Baltazar

    What a lies! I live in Poland 36 years. Political parties always have lied and swindle us – citizens. They were thieves and liars. Now PiS is ruling and having 40% popularity becouse they re doing all the promises they gave us. Stasinski and Kurski are post comunistic propaganda media authors – comunist occupied poland 25 after 1989… Dont believe these liars!

    • Adreng

      Compare the many promises PiS made before the election and the small part that has really been implemented. Has the level from which taxes have to be paid been raised? Has the retirement age been lowered? There is a large list of promises that were made before the election and were not realized (and probably cannot be realized because there is not enough money, which PiS knew very well, the promises were only needed before the elections, now they want people to forget about them). Before the election, PiS said about many of these promises that they would be implemented by January 2016, and it still does not look like they are going to be implemented. There is only one, 500 zloty for each child from the second one that has been realized in spring (and even for that, it will be difficult to find the money because, like many populists, PiS is good at saying whom they want to give money, but bad at saying where the money should come from).

      Instead, PiS did a lot they did not talk about before the elections. I doubt that PiS had received the same 37% of votes if they had said right away before the elections that they would violate the Polish constitution, attempt to paralyze the constitutional court, place PiS people to many previously apolitical positions in the civil administration and state companies, make extremists defense minister and someone who previously abused his power chief of secret services and extend nepotism to a grotesque level of nepotism.

  • Bartosz Bilinski

    It is time to start banning anti-Polish shitheads like that from entering Poland.

  • Jan

    Mr. Hedges. I inform you that Constitutional Court in Poland and its chief BREAK POLISH LAW AND CONSTITUTION (articles 197 and 7). They don’t respect legal acts of polish Parliament. It is just anarchy. I can not imagine similare situation in any country in the West!!! Besides the chief of Constitutional Court Rzeplinski plays a role of oppositional politician!!! Do you understand??? THE JUDGE is fighting with the government breaking acts of law! He also crticizes ruling party in his addresses. He was elected by former government and has still links with it. It incredible but it’s true.

  • Piotr Grabowski

    Bunch of lies and blatant vile accusations by a Pulitzer Prize winning reporter. Sweet indeed. ‘Name them fascists and they’re done’. It tells quite a lot about state of American ‘independent’ (sarcasm) journalism. Sorry to inform you, but your story is based on utter ignorance and distorted perception of reality. Basic professional code requires to study the subject, you prefered to listen to leftist mythology instead. People you mention are no heroes at all, their agenda, for the past 25 years has been petrification of old system. Slightly disguised so it might seem western-style democracy at first. On the surface. They come from a circle of people who were hired by communists for a show named ‘transfer of power’. Commies used to call them ‘constructive opposition’, most came from hardline stalinist families. Surprised ? And what’s more they remained loyal, desperately opposing any attempts to publish the contens of secret police archives, or accept Poland’s aspiration to be truly independent. SHAME !

  • Jacek

    Ok guys, mr writer should check his medication because he flew far with his fantasies. Things are rather good in Poland than bad and surely better than in last years. As every nation we also have rich and powerful people who does not feel comoftable with changes. Our demoracy is fine, elections every 4years, people are happy to see thiefs being pushed away from ruling others. Thank you

  • Steve Cobain

    So typical – Article full of lies, and deleting comments, for showing those lies with details. Goebbels would be proud.

  • Michal Rosa

    Sąd but true. Please ignore the government paid trolls

    • Ra Be

      Both of my great grandfathers fought against Nazis and just beacause I’m ready to die (as they did) to defend my country I’m a fascist and paid troll. I wonder if you would call e.g. US Marines fascists beacuse they are also ready to die for U.S. Think before you post!

      • Michal Rosa

        You are confusing fascism with Nazism. Your grandfathers, and mine, fought against the Nazis. What we now have in Poland is a right-wing, fascist government. Just look up what is fascism and compare it to the current, official ideology in Poland.

        • Ra Be

          I know that those two notions are different but Nazis weren’t fascists? The is no such thing as official ideology in Poland! Most of the society voted for Law and Justice and lef wing is mad that they don’t have any representation in parliament so the only place they can say/write their “wisdom” is in internet.

          • Michal Rosa

            You should be proud of yourself. At least you are making a fool of yourself anonymously. Sadly logic is not your forte.

          • Ra Be

            You are wrong again. As you can see by the comment section you are a minority in your opinion. Your stupidity is on international level and everyone can read your balderdash.

            BTW: I must have been in coma when Law and Justice changed contstitution of Poland adding official ideology phrase.

        • Adreng

          I would not call the current goverment in Poland outright fascist (and they certainly are not Nazis). It is even significantly more moderate than the “illiberal democracies” in Russia and Turkey. But there is a disregard for the constitution and the rule of law.

  • Richard

    Dear Chris Hedges, as a Pulitzer-winner you should be really ashamed of writing this article. You have based almost a whole article on information from just two people that are clearly biased. Not only biased. They work for Gazeta Wyborcza, which for many is one of the worst propaganda newspaper in Poland. After last elections they have lost funding from the previous corrupt government, so it’s obvious they are criticizing current government. Another important person in your article is Jan Gross, who was criticized by many historians for telling half-truths – you can check it by yourself on his Wikipedia page. If you were really interested in the situation in Poland, especially situation of Jews then why didn’t you ask… well… Chief Rabbi of Poland, maybe? As a good start you can read an article in The Guardian based on his words. It was named: “A Jewish renaissance in Poland” and there is even a short part about Jan Gross. Michael Schudrich, our Chief Rabbi, said among others: “Gross writes in a way to provoke, not to educate (…)”. I’ll say it once more: you should be really, really ashamed.

  • Chris

    Ten artykuł, powołujący się na tę tę ścierkę Wyborczą, to ostatnie skurwysństwo. Od góry do dołu wyłącznie same ohydne, bezczelne kłamstwa.

  • KB

    During ww2 Poland, unlike many countries, stood on the right side of history, being first country to say no to fascism and fighting alone against their terror. Polish government never collaborated with the Nazis and Poles were 4rth ally force, fighting for France, Britain and during allies offensive. Poland had largest underground resistance against nazis and largest in the world grassroot organization “Zegota” where non-Jews were helping Jews. Polish government was first to bring to the world the report about holocaust atrocities (while world didn’t give a rat ass). At the same time almost 3 mln of non-Jewish Poles were killed because of the Nazis. Unfortunately this is how the western world paid respect to Poland for this: the Yalta betrayal, banning Poland from ww2 victory parade, 50 years for communism, oblivion, refusal of proper mention in the history books (too ashamed for betrayal of Poland it was better to swipe all the Polish part of ww2 history under the carpet?) and now – also a shitty Goebbels style propaganda. Thank you Western world, you are truly showing your class again.

  • JW

    I haven’t lived in Poland in years, but from what I glean during my visits there and my conversations with family there the current government is not “fascist” but religious-conservative; think Mike Huckabee rather than Trump, Putin, or LePen.

    The lack of research into critical facts and context as to Poland in during WWII in this article is appaling. The question of the degree of Polish anti-semitism during that time is extremely complicated, and many historians (I recommend Norman Davies) have spent years of research and written thick, thick books without coming to a simplistic conclusion about whether Poland was or wasn’t anti-Semitic. Yet here came CH and in three pages declared “yup, fascist Jew-haters.” So for some balance, here are some corrections and context:

    CH writes that Jan Gross “reminded” Poles that they killed more Jews than Germans as if this was a hard fact and not an unsettled question. Fact is, it’s certainly not true if you include all the Germans killed by Polish soldiers on the Western and Eastern fronts, and highly questionable if you compare numbers of Germans killed by partisans to number of Polish Jews killed by Poles. Fact is, if a Pole wanted to get rid of a Jewish neighbour, he didn’t need to take the risk of killing him, denunciation was safer and encouraged by the German authorities. However…

    Poland was the only occupied country that did not have an organized group or ethnic minority dedicated to cooperating with/denouncing to the Germans. There was no equivalent to the Vichy in France or the Henneicke in Holland to help the Nazis track down Jews in Poland. All collaboration/denounciation was done individually, therefore it was less efficient and risky: the main resistance group (AK) frequently executed collaborators. At the same time…

    Poland was the only occupied country where there existed an group organized to help Jews find places of safety: Zegota. Irena Sendler was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for her role in saving hundreds of Jews (Al Gore won the prize that year). Speaking of Poles saving Jews…

    There are more Poles memorialized at Yad Vashem for saving Jews than any other nation, despite the fact that the punishment for doing so was harsher than anywhere else, in an occupation that was longer and more brutal than anywhere else.

    Now about Jedwabno: it’s a dark spot in Polish history that can’t be excused, but does need some context.

    First off, CH casually throws out that there are “dozens” of examples like Jedwabno out there. I take an interest in these things, but have only heard of another couple possible examples, none of them as big or as definite as Jedwabno. Also, something that’s rarely mentioned: Jedwabno happened in 1941, after a couple brutal years of Soviet occupation. The German SS unit that entered Jedwabno was known for being particularly brutal and had previously tried to encourage people in surrounding villages to help them round up Jews. Those other villagers, and villagers in literally thousands of villages just like it, had more courage to refuse than those in Jedwabno. So does that mean that most Poles were like those in Jedwabno or like the ones in the thousand other villages? Before you answer, remember this: Tuvia Bielski led Jewish partisan groups with the support of the Red Army and possibly participated in the massacre in Naliboki and certainly massacred villagers in Koniuchy when they refused to supply his group with food during the winter. However, most Jews in the Soviet occupied zone did not denounce the Poles that the NKWD was looking for and did not cooperate with the Soviets.

    • Adreng

      How would you call an American president who would disregard decisions of the Supreme Court, elect new judges on places that are already legally occupied by judges, refusing to acknoledge decisions of the Supreme Court and attempt to paralyze the Supreme Court with new laws that prevent it from judging about important cases about the constitutionality of laws for a long time? A conservative?

  • Radek

    This is a pack of lies, unreliable journalism, basing only on GW. How do you dare to call Polish people fascist?! Listening to what GW (an anti-Polish newspaper) has to say is like covering your ears and eyes to what is really happening in Poland, use your brain and try to write something that is true!

  • big ben

    @Chris Hedges I’m pitty for you..

  • Michal

    Thank you! We, in Poland, need the world finally understands what is going on in here.

  • agnes

    Shame on you.

  • Mike

    Typically, I agree with Mr. Hedges. Not this time. He exaggerates SO much in this article as to hugely misrepresent the facts here in Poland. Shame. Old age?

  • Grzegorz Ocio

    Chris how close your personally being fascist? You lay , offend political oponent in mode “liberal intolerance&facism”, dehumanizing them in antypolonizm furious….

  • Jojo

    This is absolutely outrageous. The paper quoted here as the source is as reliable as tabloid horoscopes. The difference is those horoscopes are meant for fun, and Wyborcza paper is meant to mislead and brainwash. Unfortunately for its owners and creators of stories, many ppl have already realized that, hence their sales went down dramatically. This bunch of lies is their answer… Shame on the overseas papers who spread this BS without checking it.

  • Hermes89

    I live in Poland. And when I see such compilation off lies, propaganda and half-truths, I can only say:

    You’re a piece of trash Chris Hedges. I always knew, tha Pulitzer doesn’t mean anything. And – as I can see – I was right.

  • Misza

    There are so many false infromation, why do you write it? Mayby ask some real people what is true and whats not. How a person that did get a Pulitzer price can write this. I just dont get it.

  • Grzegorz Stańko

    Really that should be a horristic joke! Lies, half-truhts and misunderstanding nearly in every sentences. And that man have a Pullitzer???? Americans – I started to worry about you….. 🙁

  • balech

    Who wrote this? So many lies… Shame.

  • Jan Korbut

    This article is an amazing lie. The author should apologize all the Polish people. I live in Poland and I can assure You that nothing of this is truth. I’m speechless, shocked and embarased that serious journalist could write so many lies and rubbishes.

  • Ewa

    “.. and pressured distributors throughout the country not to display or sell copies of the newspaper” – can you please provide a source of this information?

  • Jan Korbut

    And one more thing. A paper that was quoted, Gazeta Wyborcza (GW) belongs to George Soros, a man who hates conservatives and Church. Their journalists are not respected in Poland and many Polish citizens consider them as something like nazi-propagandist paper called Der Stürmer.
    Shame on you, mr Hodges. You should give your Pulitzer back!

    • Adreng

      As far as I know, Gazeta Wyborcza is still the Polish newspaper with the largest number of readers.
      Of course, there are newspapers with different political viewpoints and not everyone likes Gazeta Wyborcza. But it is certainly one of the most important Polish newspapers that is respected among a large part of Polish society (of course not among PiS followers and ONR extremists).

      Where did you get the idea that Gazeta Wyborcza belongs to Soros? As far, as I know, Soros, indeed bought GW shares, but only a small part of shared (perhaps 11%) belongs to him. Gazeta Wyborcza is one of relatively few newspapers in Poland (including right-wing ones) where foreign owners only have a small percentage of shares.

      • Ra Be

        Largest number of readers? Gazeta Wyborcza? Indeed delicious wit. Please change forum to Comedy Central cause you Sir have a amazing sense of humor.

  • Kamil Roman

    This is one of the most stupid, untrue and probably consciously manipulative piece of writing I’ve ever read.

  • Kazo

    Dear Mr Hedges, “Gazeta Wyborcza” is the most anti-Polish, anti-gov hated piece of sh*t (Newsweek as well) in Poland. They are like parasites stricly connected with former governments. Now the river of money from gov is over and they have only 1 target – to get this back. So they brainwash stupid minds of simple people with their lies. “Gazeta Wyborcza” with their mappets like Kurski i Poland its a synonim of lies, hate, stupidity, leftists insanity and everthing what is worst. So its hard to understand how someone who took Pulitzer refers to the lies these traitors

  • tuciu

    The comments proove the point of the article: “if you criticize Poland or our nationalistic government, you must be a very very bad person. It is almost as bad as talking about our national complicity in killing of the Jews during WWII and afterwards. It is now only allowed to talk about the crimes perpetrated by the Germans. The Poles are blameless by the definition, centrist or leftist ist worse than nazi, (by the way you have to be German in order to be nazi, Poles can only be nationalistic and true patriots,) people who served prison sentences for fighting against the communism were complicit with it and those who were a part of the communist system, collaborated with it or sat on their hands are the real heroes of the anti-sommunist resistance, foreigners are evil, especially if they are of other race or religion than us. If you do not get it you are biased against us.” People can get alternative views from foreign press but are so brainwashed by the nationalist and generally anti-liberal propaganda and so convinced of their self-rightheousness that they simply will not accept any facts that do not suit their convictions. It would be funny if it wouldn’t be so sad and so dangerous at the same time. Our younger generation has apparently grown the mentality of small town Russians and has similar political affiliation: love for the strongman rule.

    • Raf

      Its completely normal and expected to answer to accusations. It a bloody human right, but you deny it to Poles. Why?

  • Filip Jan Powstaniec

    I write as a Pole living in Poland, in Warsaw
    This guy is ignorant having no idea what he writes because he copies everything that someone slid on his desk.
    Personally, as a patriot respecting my homeland and ready to defend the family and homeland, I feel offended – and for such a text he should get a punch in the face from everyone.

    • Przemysław Stępień

      your opinion. you don’t speak for all Poles. you probably don’t even speak for the majority.

      • Ra Be

        Yep, he didn’t said that for all Poles but he said what most of Poles think.

        • Przemysław Stępień

          not most. Law and Order were voted in by less than 40%. even if we add Kukiz and Mikke that’s less than 50%. The rest are antiPiS. the only reason PiS is ruling is because the left wasted 12% of their vote

          • Ra Be

            “The rest is antiPIS” – where did you get this research? Did you called or visited the 19 milions of Poles to ask them about their political views?

          • Przemysław Stępień

            did you? all we know is the voting was split in half. Opinion polls say the same.

          • Ra Be

            No I didn’t and neither did you. You are a Pole assuming on your surname and you don’t know that opinion polls in Poland are coruppted? Some of them favor right wing, others support left wing. There are also some polls that are totaly unrealistic like CBOS. Point is that those polls doesn’t show all the image. I live in Poland for 27 years and I nobody ever asked me about my political views.

          • Przemysław Stępień

            omg. no comment. take the election results if you don’t believe the polls.

          • Ra Be

            Election results are not related with that case beacuse lots of Poles didn’t vote and how can you know that they are pro- or antiPis? This time voting on Pis doesn’t mean you agree with them. It was a choice of the lesser evil.

          • Przemysław Stępień

            True. But it obviously doesn’t make you anti-PiS.

          • Ra Be

            I am neither for nor against PIS. I’m antiPO because they were arrogant in relation to voters.

      • Filip Jan Powstaniec

        You have a profile photo with a flag of Zambia so don’t say anything about Poand.

        • Przemysław Stępień

          Because? I have two homelands. Right now I prefer the other because it isn’t under the rule of antidemocratic ideologues. Yes. I am your multicultural enemy!

          • Ra Be

            You really want to be a victim here. I don’t mind different look, religion or opinions since you are my Pole brother.

          • Przemysław Stępień

            I’m a brother to humanity.

          • Ra Be

            Good for you!

          • Filip Jan Powstaniec

            So you prefer bomb attacks, massacres of innocent people and prefer racism. Because Multiculturality is racism in pure form, leading to the extinction of the white people.
            See what brought multicultural policies in France and Germany, etc,?
            Every day they have some accidents related to murder of EU citizens by visitors.
            Even today
            Even today there were two attacks, one in France in the church and second in Germany, in one of

          • Przemysław Stępień

            OK. Neutrals – read the above post and you will understand what is happening to Poland. (‘Leading to the extinctiion of the white people…’)

          • Filip Jan Powstaniec

            I don’t need to read this imbecile because he wrote complete nonsense.
            I live here and I know how it is.
            KOD is disconnected from reality and is sponsored by SOROS, who wants to destroy European countries and our civilization.
            If here is no democracy, how they can protest freely in the streets?
            Kiewski just said that Christianity is a bigger threat than Islam. ! – moron
            Somehow so far in Germany and France, Christians did not blew up nobody, they’re not ramming people with trucks, tehy not kill with machine guns innocent people.

            It is as I would wrote about a failing democracy in the US
            So stop shitting

  • OctavianPL

    This article is an absolute disgrace. Mr. Hedges should feel shame and throw his Pulitzer into garbage.

  • Marcin Michalik

    A pile of lies and manipulation! But it does not surprise me – this author works for Russia Today…

  • Jan Sliwa

    What a bull..t! Already the first sentence: “Jaroslaw Kurski and Piotr Stasinski embody the hope that once was Poland.”. Gazeta Wyborcza represents the ultraconservative leftists that don’t understand the world: and you better start swimming or you think like a stone, for the times, they are a’changing”.
    In Poland such People supported the upper 10% that blocked any change, lived on corruption, protected by friendly judges and friendly media. The national TV and two biggest private chains were supporting them, all journalists with different opinions have been fired.
    The Constitutional Court having 100% of members of the previous regime have to protect them from the results of the lost elections.
    Yes, now media are more diversified, and we hope for more plurality in the Constitutional Court.
    And you, Mr. Hedges, as a Pulitzer winner, should know that asking just one side is a crime for a decent journalist.

    • Adreng

      While Gazeta Wyborcza criticized every goverment (of course, they criticize the PiS goverment that violates and disregards the Polish constitution more than they criticized previous governments that also made mistakes but remained within the constitutional order and rule of law), the rightwing propaganda in the public media that have been taken over by PiS and rightwing newspapers are pure propaganda tools for the reactionary anti-consitutional revolution.

      It is completely absurd to say that the Constitutional Court had 100% members of the previous regime. They were elected constitutionally and many of them received the votes of members of all parties, including PiS, many of those who are now claimed to be PO judges even received the votes of Jarosław Kaczyński.

      The problem is that PiS does not recognize the result of the elections. They received 37% of the votes, which gave them a narrow majority in parliament. But they are very far from the 2/3 of seats that would make it possible to change the constitution. Although they do not have any mandates for this, they want to completely change the political system. They placed many PiS people in previously apolitical positions in the civil administration and state companies (to a much larger degree than previous goverments did so), and since they cannot change the consitution and many of the radical changes they started are unconstitutional, they want to make it difficult for the Constitutional Court to pass sentences about the constitutionality of laws, and when there are sentences by the Constitutional Court, the government illegally refuses to publish them.

      This is the first time that there has been such a radical anti-democratic revolution in an EU member country.

  • Pulizer prize winner seriously? Shame!
    Shame to the jury and this prize

  • Janusz

    lies and trash, it’s awful that you posted it on your website

  • Jan Sliwa

    Poles & Jews
    Yes, Poland in its majority is a Christian country, so crosses exist in our landscape for 100 years. Do you make excuses if you put Stars&Stripes in a public place.
    Let’s take just one sentence (of many):
    “Polish majority stances and behaviors proved to be an important factor
    within the German machinery of extermination. Sealing it, they made the
    extermination complete and irrevocable.”
    No, dear friend, Even Polish nationalists called for helping Jews and set an organization for this purpose (Zegota). Look who has most trees in Yad Vashem? Among them, my mother and my grandfather. The underground Polish authorities executed people who denounced Jews.
    And for your sentence: It would be correct if you changed “Polish majority” to “Judenrats”. Without cooperation of Judenrats the process would not be as smooth as it was. Read Hannah Arendt if you want to write about a subject you know nothing about.
    Look for Chaim Rumkowski, head of the Council of Elders in the Łódź Ghetto:
    “Rumkowski is remembered for his speech Give Me Your Children, delivered at a time when the Germans demanded his compliance with the deportation of 20,000 children to Chełmno extermination camp.”

    And before you write – learn, learn, learn…

  • tuciu

    Mr. Sliwa is a perfect example of how the current government’s propaganda uses the boogeyman arguments: he “quotes” the sentences that do not appear in the article that he is commenting and blames the victims for their plight. Thanks to him you have just learned that it were the Jews themselves who were responsible for the Holocaust. Maybe with time he will correct it and add some Germans too. The polish nationalists who propagated antisemitism and organized pogroms before the war have also been killed in nazi german concentration camps during WWII, so by this token their morbid ideology, whose german version killed them in the first place, gets cleansed in the eyes of Mr. Sliva. Unfortunately some of our public buys into such argumentation.
    He apparently proposes for Start&Stripes to moph into a sing of one religion and than to to put it on the graves of as many citizens as possible, whether they like it or not. This is the polish version of “christian values”.

    • Jan Sliwa

      Have you read the article? Don’t you find the sentence I quote? So read again.
      And I repeat – read Hannah Arendt’s relation from the Eichmann process:
      “Wherever Jews lived, there were recognized Jewish leaders, and this leadership, almost without exception, cooperated in one way or another, for one reason or another, with the Nazis. The whole truth was that if the Jewish people had been really unorganized and leaderless, there would have been chaos and plenty of misery but the total number of victims would hardly have been between four and half and six million people.”
      Of course the time was tough and they didn’t have many choices.

    • Jan Sliwa

      I read your comment again:
      “…their (Polish) morbid ideology, whose german version…”
      Sorry for wasting my time for a discussion with a fanatic ignorant.

  • Mietek Mietislaf

    You lie and you know that!
    The constitutional court is to operate
    based on Governement act, according to the constitution, but this court
    neglect the constitution and wants to operate within rule stated by its
    president Rzeplinski.
    The thing is that Poland breaks the chains
    right now, chains of post soviet era hidden bonds, bonds which are
    connecting politicians, special forces and many judges. So, please be
    honest, dont lie!

    • Przemysław Stępień

      lies. the constitutional court can not operate based on an act that is flagrantly unconstitutional. the constutional court did the only logically thing it could and dismissed the act on the basis of the constitution. and Vienna backed them

    • Przemysław Stępień

      Law & Order meanwhile with this act and the newer one attempt to topple the constitution despite not having the public backing for such actions

      • Raf

        Panie Kurski, już daj pan spokój. Nakłamaliście temu biedakowi, a teraz sami się zdziwiliście że wszystko tak ładnie łyknął. No i głupio wyszło, bo tylko dureń w to uwierzy.

        Bardzo jestem ciekaw, czy gazeta wyborcza da “przedruk”. I czy będzie można komentować…

  • Nieraz Nie Dwa

    You are a cunt. Good day Sir.

  • Jan Sliwa

    “The Troubling Case of Chris Hedges” – a good eye-opener
    …A leading moralist of the left, however, had now been caught plagiarizing at one of the oldest magazines of the left….

  • andy

    Shame on you, Mr. so-called reporter. Shame on you, your biased, programmed propaganda. Shame on your agenda. This is not reporting, rather helping shameless narrative. Since you prefer nazi- arguments, I will use your own narrative – dr. Goebbels would be proud of your recent achievement.

  • MarcinJerzy

    I’m Polish and i can say only one think – this article is huge bullshit. Great sort of lies. Its shamefully, but people gouted in here just say lies about their own country. Why? Because they are involwed in connections whit former authorities – thiefs and lies. They try using lies blackmailing new government, so they are yelling bullshit like “fashists” and so one. About history of Poland – lies as well. In real in Poland nothing wrong is going on. There is normal, quite country. But why serious juornalist belive them? Why didn’t ask other people? Is this a standard o pulitzer or just big shit named propaganda, journalism for the dumb?

  • Micjur

    Who gave this Mr that Pulitzer prize….? Shame!

  • red neck

    A Pulitzer Prize winner, just like Walter Duranty.

  • Leszek

    There are lies , big lies and Chris Hedges .You are not even worth to run discussion with you.

    • Przemysław Stępień

      Mostly the truth with a few misconceptions that don’t change the gist of the article

      • kk

        Sure… “mostly the truth” written by a Putin troll. Seems legit.

  • Georg
  • Patryk Jastrzebski

    Dear Mr Chris Hedges, could You write something about democracy in Russia? As I know, You are working for Kremlin’s “Russia Today”. What moral competencies do You have to judge democracy in Poland as a Putin’s employee? (See: With Best Regards

  • John

    Never believe Gazeta Wyborcza goals they attack the Polish government because their pals from the PO lost authority and influence and money.Gazeta Wyborcza lies and manipulates! .As You seek the truth about Poland to seek her in :,, never trust GW !

    • Micjur

      Z tą niezależną to żeś przesadził w 2 stronę….

    • Przemysław Stępień and as icons for truth… for those outside of Poland even the worst FOX news presenters look objective in comparison.


      The so called journalist, is well don’t want to call him idiot, but apparently it’s the word we have to use. Don’t try to be polite, sensitive and so on.
      He knows nothing about Polish history. Refers to so called idiot who tries to be popular.(need source will provide ) Knows nothing about Polish-Jewish history. He can sue me. He won’t be cause he can’t ‘ afford it(unless his editor will do it) We will deal with it too. We should not mention lies about present times or let’s say avoiding truth. His advisors loosing ground in general . Well , in fact we could sue him but it’s waste of time IDIOT WILL BE AN IDIOT Though we should say THE IDIOT is person who doesn’t think and doesn’t compare sources. He is a PUPPET. Well i have never thought about voting for LAW AND JUSTICE party but this, so called article convinced me to do so. GOOD JOB GW next time you will have 50 thousand sale

  • tom

    Polish government has set a liar, Chris Hedges on trial for lying and manipulation.

  • Zap

    After reading the comments I realize I was correct in assuming Hedges to be a crypto fascist banker moll and Soros funded CFR, Tri Lateral Commission, Bilderberg Group central banker sock puppet and mouthpiece because I had no knowledge of “Gazeta Wyborcza” and it’s connections to Soros.
    These guys are too obvious now.

  • Wawiak

    I’m really shocked. How it is possible, that journalist, who have been granted Pulitzer award can write such a bunch of nonsense and lies… This article has nothing common with reality or historical facts.

    • tomkloss

      It’s just a reflection of what ‘journalism’ means in our days. Sell-out propagandists willing to write anything for the right price.

  • Gordon Black

    “Chris Hedges spent nearly two decades as a foreign correspondent in Central America, the Middle East, Africa and the Balkans.” And so, with some name recognition and NO experience in Polish affairs, he is an ideal prospect to sign his name to this standard and oft-repeated list of lies.

    Poland has been struggling to overturn communist and post- communist rule, and did so by popular vote in the last elections, but the freshly displaced Soviet heirs want their jobs back. This is their screed to which Hedges has added his signature.

    The Nazi German 1941 massacre of Jews at Jedwabne, despite Professor Jan Gross’s claim that it was conducted by the Poles, is confirmed as German by the presence of German bullets among the corpses in the graves. The Polish communists and their heirs, including two presidents of Poland, need to smear the conservative opposition, the real patriots (“fascists!” “nationalists!” “anti-semites!” etc., etc.) because the artificially installed “Polish” communist government had no backing in Poland other than the obvious Soviet Russian military might, which withdrew by handing over power to the post-communist heirs, who have been unable to keep it.

    As for refusing to arm the Jewish uprising against the Nazi Germans, Hedges is truly despicable in passing along that propaganda. Here are some facts: Stefan Korbonski was chief of the Polish underground government, the Delegate to the London Government. This excerpt is from pp. 130-131 of Stefan Korbonski’s The Polish Underground State, 1939-1945 (Hippocrene 1978, 1981, ISBN 0-88254-517-5).

    “7. Uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto

    “Beginning with January 1943, officers of the Home Army and representatives of the Jewish Fighting Organization held meetings to plan for a joint action on both sides of the ghetto walls at the outbreak of the uprising. Three Polish units led by Captain Jozef Pszenny (peudonym: Chwacki), were to break through the ghetto walls, attacking the Germans on the Aryan side, and blowing up the walls with explosives. Since it was assumed from the start that the Ghetto Uprising must inevitably end in disaster, this action was planned only to open the way for the retreat of the Jewish fighters.

    “At this time the Home Army delivered to the Jewish Fighting Organization 1 light machine gun, 2 submachine guns, 50 handguns (all with magazines and amuunition), 10 rifles, 600 hand grenades with detonatiors, 30 kilograms of explosives (plastic, received from the air drops), 120 kilograms of explosives of own production, 400 detonators for bombs and grenades, 30 kilograms of potassium to make the incendiary “Molotov cocktails” and, finally, great quantities of saltpeter to manufacture gun powder. The Jewish Fighting Organization also received instructions on how to manufacture bombs, hand grenades and incendiary bottles, how to build strongholds, and where to get rails and cement for their construction.”


  • Adam

    Let’s hope that this fit of anti-Polish sentiment will end simillary as in the case of Stephen Fry ( Anti-Polish racism in any form cannot be accepted, just as any other kind of racism. There should be no acceptance for offending several million people just because they are Poles.

  • Alex

    It takes a lot for me to actually have a vomiting reflex while reading something, but this piece did the trick. The Warsaw Uprising Museum was opened in 2004, 12 years ago for God’s sake, during the period when Poland was ruled by former communists. Warsaw is also the site of the monumental Museum of History of Polish Jews, which the author conveniently chose not to visit.

  • Piotr Chmielarz

    What a bunch of lies Mr Hedges if Poles were fascists who kills more Jewish that Germans during II WW as you write how you can explain that only in occupied Poland and Jugoslavia and former Union Soviet punishment for people who hide Jews gives them food water help them in escaping punishment was death. How can you explain Mr Hedges that most of olive trees in Yad Vashem are for Poles. Strange things. How Mr Hedges explain that during investigation in question of Jedwabne Jews are those who doesn’t want exhumation. Maybe because after exhumation forensic can find proof for example bullets for Mausers that Germans do it. And Mr Hodges who in 1941 has power to kill this Jews Germans or Poles which army move to Jedwabne Werhmacht or polish army.

    Mr Hedges I’m not journalist but once I have to prepare work in connection with journalist job and I read some books about this in one book was written that duty of journalist is to check information. So tell me mr Hedges why don’t you ask politician from PIS about question of constitutional tribunal.

    Mr Hedges how can you explain that your sources works in media who belong to so called in Poland industry of hate and disdain. Maybe they don’t tell you too that during former goverment they were in fact on payment list of Civic Platform who in fact bankrolls Gazeta Wyborcza.

    Mr Hedges why people who talks with you your sources as you say doesn’t say you that in fact in 2015 Civic Platform broke constitution and make a jump on constitutional tribunal in order to make it their instrument which they use in order to destroy goverment of Law and Industry Party. The brokening of constitution was that they choose judges who in fact has to be choose by new parliament.

    Mr Hedges why your sources doesn’t tell you about criminal past of leader of KOD Mateusz Kijewski who doesn’t pay separate maintence which he is guilty of former wife and children.

    Mr Hedges if goverment of Law and Justice party is fascist as you write in your article why goverment allows on registration KOD and why police doesn’t surpress manifestations of KOD. Why this goverment doesn’t send to prison politician connected with so called totally Opposition PO Nowoczesna SLD.

    Strange thing as on fascicts goverment don’t you think Mr hedges.

  • xxx

    All lies and propaganda. Newspaper Wyborcza is controlled by the opposition. Shame on you if you believe it. First of all, begin to use your brains.

    • Przemysław Stępień

      good idea. if only the right wing started to do that…

      • Ra Be

        Yeah, like left wing is using it all the time e.g. Merkel in Germany


    Sad and scandalous lies in the best Putin propaganda style. Mr Hedges is now working for Russian Today and his credibillity is rater dubious. But even then it should be some limits. What purpose and agenda are you serving? Encouraging Putins attack on Eastern European? You should be ashamed.

  • tweedy



    Jaroslaw Kurski and Piotr Stasinski embody the hope that once was Poland. They struggled against the Communist regime for years in the underground press and as Solidarity members.


    They built Gazeta Wyborcza, now one of the most influential newspapers in the country, after the 1989 fall of communism.


    They helped usher in a period of democracy and open debate


    one that included cultural space for historians such as Jan Gross,


    a Polish-born American who courageously confronted the taboo topic of Polish complicity in the Nazi extermination of nearly all of Poland’s 3 million Jews.

  • Patryk Bałałajka

    Chris Hedges is working with the Russian propaganda television Russia Today (RT). That says all about his journalistic “independence”.

    • Piotr Grabowski

      So it’s all about ‘money talks’ 🙁 Seemed to me a bit strange a Pulitzer Prize winner could have composed such a crap, but that info explains everything. Nothing to do with proffesional ethics whatsoever.

  • Kristine

    What a bunch of lies! In his book entitled “The Warsaw Ghetto: The 45th Anniversary of the Uprising”, published in London 1990, published by Interpress Publishers, Marek Edelman writes: “[As early as] at the end of December [1942] we received our first transport of weapons from the Home Army. It wasn’t much – there were only ten pistols in the whole transport – but it enabled us to prepare for our first major action”. In addition, Armia Krajowa distributed propaganda asking the population to support Jews and broadcast calls for Allied support. PKB (Panstwowy Korpus Bezpieczenstwa – Eng., National Security Corps; Polish Patriot: military) even infiltrated into the Warsaw Ghetto to fight alongside the Jewish resistance. In a coordinated raid the Zoska Battalion of AK rescued Jewish prisoners of Gesiowka, a death camp at a small converted military prison, seizing a Panther tank on August 5, 1944 and using it to shell and strafe SS emplacements and troops. More than 350 prisoners were saved and most joined the AK (pol. abr. Armia Krajowa – Home Army – Polish Patriot military). Heralded by the communist propaganda machine as Anti-Semitic, the NSZ’s Holy Cross Brigade, liberated concentration camp in Holiszow, freeing 280 Jewish women destined for certain dead at the hands of the Nazis.

    Ryszard Bialorus, nom de guerre “Jerzy”, who commanded the Home Army “Zoska” Battalion reminisced: “We were surrounded by a crowd of excited people. We were showered with blessings and with a pleading chorus of voices asking us – ‘Give us weapons! Give us uniforms!’ ‘We want to fight along with you.’ As we found out, many of them were defenders of the Warsaw Ghetto. I looked at their happy faces and my thoughts returned to those horrific moments, when faced with the tragedy that befell our Jewish countrymen in the besieged Ghetto, we fell such hopelessness. We had only few Stens paid for with the lives of our friends, and all we could do then, as ordered by General “Grot”, to give them to the heroic defenders of the [Warsaw] Ghetto. This time our consent to let them become part of our unit and providing them with uniforms was received with an incredible enthusiasm. How much happiness radiated from the faces of those whom so many times before the death starred into their eyes.”

    In the forward to his much need book entitled “Two Flags, Return to the Warsaw Ghetto”, Marian Apfelbaum writes: “I am aware of the iconoclastic character of this book. After all, it amounts to accusing the extensive and venerable literature on the Warsaw ghetto insurrection of not only lying, but lying by omission. All I can ask is that the reader judge the contents of this book on its own merits, sparing no indulgence for the author because he was supposedly once a victim, but also sparing no indulgence for those who, because of now-obsolete ideologies, have distorted the truth since the time of the uprising itself, and deliberately persisted in its error ever since.”

  • tt

    Dear Sir, this is absolutely bullshit written here. full stop.

  • tweedy

    check the number of awards by country…

  • Piotr Grabowski

    Well, Mr Hedges, how is it to be in old commie’s shoes ? Joseph Stalin himself, in 1930’s issued strict instruction to all party followers, ordering calling any opponents ‘fascists’. No matter socialists, conservatives, monarchists, all non communists have been labelled as fascists ever since. In the name of democracy of course.

  • ajt

    Jews During second World War Have been killed by Poles and… (wait for it) nazis… There is no need for any other comment , and I wrote it as a buyer and Reader of gazeta wyborcza

  • Lukasz

    This article is a disgusting pile of lies. “taboo topic of Polish complicity in the Nazi extermination of nearly all of Poland’s 3 million Jews” – No one is denying that there has been incidents of polish people taking part in atrocity (like Mr. Gorss’ Jedwabne) but the killings of three hundred Jews that was overseen by Nazi officers doesn’t warrant implying that Polish people participated in death’s of THREE MILLION.

    • Adreng

      “No one is denying that there has been incidents of polish people taking part in atrocity”

      Unfortunately, in Poland, there are many people who deny historical facts like the massacres in Jedwabne and neighboring villages. That is bad. On the other hand, it is, of course, true, although there was antisemitism in Poland and there were cases when Poles killed Jews without being forced to do so by Germans, these crimes permitted by Poles were very small in comparison to the extreme crimes committed by Germans, and a significant number of Poles helped Jews although that was very dangerous.

      On one hand, it would be wrong to deny that there was a significant amount of antisemitism in interwar Poland, especially in the endecja. But on the other hand, talk about Polish complicity in the German atrocities does not make sense, there is no serious evidence that points to this direction. It should be kept in mind, that the German occupation of Poland (and parts of the Soviet Union) was something very different from the German occupation of many other countries (in Western Europe, but also in other parts of Europe). The occupation in Poland was much more brutal, and while in many countries, the Germans collaborated with locals, in Poland, they ruled by pure terror and did not even hire Polish people except on the lowest levels. In contrast to many other countries, in Poland, there was no significant co-operation between local extreme rightwing groups and the German Nazis (partly probably because the Germans did not want this, they wanted to rule with pure terror in Poland and Germanize a part of the country, partly also because even extreme right-wing groups in Poland fought the German occupation).

  • Daniel Connelly

    Let us deal with one lie which is the foundation for this article.
    “half of the Polish town of Jedwabne murdered the other half,” Jan T. Gross, Princeton Press
    It is a absolute statement saying “All the Poles killed all the Jews “.
    It is a provocative statement meant to sell books and promote Gross. This obvious lie is taken as fact, then transferred to a whole country as past history and more importantly as a current agenda.
    Understand the core of this lie and you can better understand the articles written against Poland and the current Polish government.

  • Marcin Stradowski

    Best: “of Polish complicity in the Nazi extermination” Dear sir how you can show us such incompetence in history?

  • tomkloss

    Wow. This article is mostly pure hatespeech. There are laws against such behaviour.

  • nevermind

    “And then neoliberalism,
    imposed by global capitalism and international banks, began to spread
    its poison. Legions of unemployed or underemployed were cast adrift. Two
    million Poles, many of them young people desperate for jobs, have left
    to work abroad. Governmental austerity programs devastated cultural
    institutions, including public schools, the arts and public
    broadcasting.” – Gazeta Wyborcza legitimized it as a transformation from communism to democracy. They during 26 years said is a success of Poland. As a result people didn’t believe them anymore, that is the true.

  • dude

    I like how ‘collaboration’ becomes ‘complicity’ these days. To some this may be mere semantics, but history bears out little proof of to any official collaborators in Poland on the scale of Ukraine, Belorus and the Baltic countries.

    I don’t think ‘complicity’ is inaccurate, yet such denouncements always lack context, and like the “Polish camps” must tirelessly be corrected. Westernsplaining it all away like Hedges does as a binary between nationalist anti-Semite and academic truth seeker (Gross) creates the false impression to the less savvy that Poles and Germans were allies, rather than conquerer and conquered, exterminator and genocide victim. Yes victims can be victimizers, even under German duress, as we have seen in Jedwabne and in recent scholarly work, but such assertions as Hedges makes never acknowledge the gory reality of the war.

    The binary the West has accepted, from Gross and scholars in his corner, and from nationalists and scholars in their corner, has created paralysis, with both camps digging heels in deeper and deeper.

    • kk

      All this reasoning about collaboration and complicity is simply
      historicaly irrelevant, because such incidents were very scarce and
      create no ground for any “generalisations”. And calling Gross an
      “academic truth seeker” is a bad joke.

      (double post doble reply)

  • Agnieszka

    Shame, shame, shame. Stop wrting lies about my country’s history you know nothing about (talking to Russians doesn’t count). Do your research. How much did Russians pay you for this Mr Hedges. Shame on you.

  • Torayasu

    You have got to be kidding me … That is an incredible set of nasty lies, dictated by the last government supporters. Someone should get sued over this piece-of-steaming-crap of an article.

    • Agnieszka

      I agree with you however your comment will be deleted in a few minutes like mine. Maybe because I mentioned Russians.

  • Olimpia

    What a rubbish! Hedges, sorry but you hit the bottom. You are citing the liers, Poland’s enemies from the Wyborcza rag, it’s just disheartening…You’ve just lost the reader…

  • Kuba

    Polish complicity in the Nazi(German maybe?) extermination of nearly all of Poland’s 3 million Jews? Wow! Next thing we will read from Chris Hedges is that it was Poland that started WW2. He is supposed to be an educated person. What an idiot! I red almost all of his articles in Truthdig and now something like this. Some Poles for sure killed manny jewish compatriots when poland was under German occupation but claiming that they are complicit in killing 3 million of them… !? That is one stupid, ignorant statement. Chris! WTF! I noticed that americans are dumb and their historical awernes is subpar but You? You are using the term “Nazi”. Some extraterestial race that started the war with Poland and then they flew back to the stars? Who build death camps? Poles? Who governed Poland for 5 years? Whose plan was to exterminate jews? Who was next in line? Who has the most citizens recognized by Yadvashem institute for saving jews? In what only country in the occupied europe for aiding jews was death sentence? One more time. WTF Chris Hedges?!
    Other outrageous statement is that Poles killed more Jews than they killed Germans. Either Hedges is paid by German revisionists or he is just an imbecile. How can anybody with basic knowledge about history of WW2 say something like this? Maybe Poles also commited massacre in May Lai? Never in my life would I imagined that author so respected by me can be able to produce such stupid, revisionistic, unfounded garbage like this.

  • kali którego czasem smali

    This article is so outright wrong, that I had to comment on it, which is something I never do.

    Whoever wrote this garbage is a complete ignorant – a chronic leftist, who possibly starts howling in pain whenever he sees a Cross, or a Catholich Church. I’m astonished how someone can seriously write a line suggesting, that Catholics have a structural fixation on Jews. This seems like a hard agenda pushing, without really knowing anything about what you write about – especially in polish context.

    It’s incredible, how uninformed (and straight ignorant) a journalist can be. I’m honesty shocked.

    Calling Poles facist is wrong on so many levels, that I don’t even know where to start. Poles were the only nation in Germany-occupied Europe that never collaborated with Germans. Germans killed millions of Poles, destroyed their country, levelled their capital. Till this very day, Poles still didn’t fully recover from destruction of II WW. Calling PiS a neo-facist, or proto-facist organization implies that a person writing something like that doesn’t have any idea about what facism actually is. But then again, I suppose, left-wing ideologists use this term whenever they feel like it, without even trying to coprehend what they are saying.

    If this passess as ‘journalism’ in USA, no wonder you guys have no idea about world around you. I honestly pity the guy who compiled this bunch of utter nonsense and pushed it for publication.

    You have no idea about Poland, Poles, and polish history.

  • Mirek Bal

    Just as I thought – a lot of PiS supporters rallied and protest here about article stating truth about PiS. No wonder we have such a “fabulous” government right now when we have so many… mentally challenged voters. Sigh…

    • Ra Be

      We know that you voted for PO but I promise we won’t make jokes about your disability 🙂

      • Mirek Bal

        Yaaawn. Sure, sure, whatever. It’s not that my choice in the last elections made Poland a country widely criticized by politicians, lawyers and journalists fom both Poland and other countries after all. Oh, wait, except dumb, populistic and authoritarian “friends” like Orban. Yeah, we should be really proud that we are harming our image in the eyes of the entire civilized world. There are also independent analysis of the political preferences and somehow it happens that PiS electorate is always poorer and less educated than PO’s. Curious, but also explains a lot. Dumb people chose dumb government, because you can’t expect of a dumb person to choose wisely. They usually choose dumb options and then are even unable to understand the idiocy of their choices. But this whole discussion is pointless. Discussing with you alike is similar to the situation described in this funny, but also true, sentence: “Debating [idiots] is rather like trying to play chess with a pigeon — it knocks the pieces over, craps on the board, and flies back to its flock to claim victory.” So, farewell.

        • Ra Be

          Firstly, education does not determine intelligence, and
          secondly wealth does not play a major role here. You can find fools among both,
          rich and poor. Follow your logic, I should vote for the PO. Let me explain to
          you why I didn’t do that in a few arguments.

          Pis won elections because the PO had those stupid and poor in the ass. They
          were arrogant (recordings from “Sowa i przyjaciele“ restaurant), wasted a lot
          of public money on lavish dinners and gadgets, paying themselves bonuses and
          allowances at the expense of increasing taxes (eg VAT), but the straw that
          broke the camel’s back was raising of the retirement age (60 to 67 years for
          women and 65 to 67 years for men). These poor people had had enough of contempt
          of lies about our history on the international stage – for example, the law about
          “ethnic cleansing that has the characteristics of genocide” in order to
          do not fret Ukrainians which was a sign of contempt for the nation and our
          history, but mostly for victims of this genocide. If these people would rule Poland
          thus it is better to let them govern, those whom you call dumb and poor. They
          will not allow terrorist attacks because they do not agree to let in refugees among whom are known to be terrorists. ISIS
          already wrote about this. I should allude here that PO has agreed to 7000 refugees.

          I know
          this quote and I politely inform you that I think the same thing of you. Farewell.

  • Filip Piotrowski

    incredible lies :O

  • Marcin Piontek

    A level of bad will and anti-Polish prejudices is plain unbelievable. One would need to write a book to address all the issues. E.g. the author insists that:

    “nationalists and demagogues of the right-wing Law and Justice Party (PiS). There is no left-wing party represented in the parliament.”

    while Law and Justice Party won the election with a left-wing programme. It promised support for the families, a general access to the health protection etc. … and nationalists are in opposition to the govenrment (Ruch Narodowy).

    Next, Mr Hedges writes that ruling party:

    “blocks state media coverage of the fading political opposition, especially the Committee for the Defense of Democracy (KOD), which has held a series of protest demonstrations.”

    which is a total fiction. One may see opposition every time. E.g. today, when the leader of KOD, in comment to the murder of a French priest, father Jacques Hamel, said that there is no difference between catholic and muslim terrorism.

    Next Mr Hedges says that the ruling party

    “preach hatred of the outsider and glorification of obedient and “true” patriots. This lurch to the right will be augmented in Poland later this year with the establishment of an armed militia of more than 30,000 whose loyalty, it seems certain, will be to the ruling party.”

    First, there is no evidence to support any of the the allegations. Next these allegations say more about the author than about the facts. E.g. one may see the people of all races and from all over the world who converged to Poland to participate in the World Youth Day. No incidents. The other way round: pure joy.

    Second, a national guard is part of a dfence of several states, including the USA. The rest is obsession of a left-wing Gazeta Wyborcza, which is well known for articles making patriotism a synonym of racism (“Patriotyzm jest jak rasizm”:,0,4927451,20070817RP-DGW,PATRIOTYZM_JEST_JAK_RASIZM,.html ). I remember that President Obama (e.g.) signed a Patriot Act. Is he a racist?

    “When Gross, who teaches at Princeton University, decried the hate campaign against immigrants and made the links with anti-Semitism, reminding Poles that they killed more Jews than they killed Germans during the war, PiS began legal proceedings to challenge Gross’ assertions and called for his Polish Order of Merit to be revoked.”

    Mr Gross presented no evidence to support the allegation. One may notice that while it is fashionable to accuse Poles of everything from witchcraft to cannibalism, such allegations, as purely xenophobic, would not be accepted agaist any other ethnic groups.

    Mr Hesges insists that:

    “AK, now sanctified in the museum, did not accept Jews and refused to give them weapons.”

    First, one needs to learn about the Polish Home Army (AK) and the Polish undeground. E.g. here: Next one needs to learn, that a number of Jews were members of the Home Army. Including its command (e.g. Kedyw).

    Honestly a list of allegations, half truths and outright lies of the article is way too long to address them all. Plain unbelievable.

  • Piotr Kaminski

    Great article. Thanks for writing and sharing.

  • Jacek

    Ty baranie zajmij się swoim krajem i rasizmem w waszym ogłupiałym kraju. Ja jestem polakiem i w końcu mamy rząd który będzie dbał o Polaków a nie o układy z zachodem i wspierał korporacje. W dupie mam wasze pieniądze jesteśmy polakami a nie ogłupionymi idiotami. Wara baranie od polski

  • Agzaim BarTholomei

    Interviewed two guys from the same newspaper, the same room, sharing the same desk.
    This is what you call “a journalism”?
    Oh wait, this is what you can expect from “Russia Today” host.

  • rebisz

    Polish people in majoryty are not antysemitists, I am not for sure, if happens that is a margin, Judish and Polish culture are very alike – literature, films musics, article very unfair, biased, Nazists that is not a nation – Germans were occupants of Poland in II war and murders of Judish

  • plendz

    Thanks for an attempt to describe the actual atmosphere in Poland. It’s getting increasingly acid and
    dark (or brown). Comments below illustrate it well – there are such under each article criticizing current government, president and their supervisor (The ‘Chairman’) in Poland.

    • kk

      Describing the situation in Poland as dark or acidic is far from truth and reality. And when it comes to this article, some people simply call lie a lie, by its name.

  • tommy

    Mr Hedges! What kind of prize do you want to win now? None of honesty, surely not..

  • Paweł Graczyk

    So bias… I have no idea if Author is ignorant or if he just hates my country. One thing I’m sure, he does not know it, and its history…

    1. Mixing stuff from 4 generation ago with modern polish politics. It is like to say that current democrats are racist since Democratic Party tried to maintain and expand slavery couple generation ago. Plain crazy…

    2. To write an article, after talking only with people from Gazeta Wyborcza and other left, is like to write about US politics taking view only from Noam Chomsky.

    • Jan Kołodyński

      The author is working for Russia Today with his own show named “On contact with Chris Hedges” – it explains his point of view and, yes, hate against Poland.

  • kk

    The author of the article didn’t even refrain from lying about the history. The Polish Resistance supported the Jewish Ghetto Uprising to the extent it was possible. And Marek Edelman, one of the leaders of that uprising, stated the opposite to what is claimed in the article. Edelman wrote in his book “The Ghetto Fights” that at the time of Ghetto Uprising, Polish Resistance had been in the early stage of its organisation, therefore they encountered difficulties in supplying Jews with arms. However he states later that: “At the end of December, 1942, we received our first transport of weapons from the Home Army. It wasn’t much – there were only ten pistols in the whole transport – but it enabled us to prepare for our first major action.” [page 69]

  • Agzaim BarTholomei

    And we got a comment from mr. Kurski and Stasinski:
    “Były dziennikarz “The New York Times”, a obecnie prokremlowskiej
    telewizji Russia Today, Chris Hedges opublikował na łamach amerykańskich
    mediów artykuł, w którym sugeruje, jakoby “polski rząd promował
    ideologię neofaszystowską”. Hedges przyznał, że informacji dostarczyli
    mu dziennikarze “Gazety Wyborczej” – Jarosław Kurski i Piotr Stasiński. –
    Nie wiedzieliśmy, że Hedges współpracuje z RT, a on nie zdradził nam
    tego faktu. Gdybyśmy to wiedzieli, oczywiście odmówilibyśmy spotkania.
    Słowa “faszyzm” i “proto-faszyzm” są słowami Hedgesa; myśmy ich nie
    użyli – powiedział Kurski w rozmowie z Onetem.”
    “”An ex The New York Times” journalist, and now the pro-Kremlin television Russia Today, Chris Hedges published in the pages of American media article which suggests that ‘the Polish government promoted the ideology of neofascist.” Hedges said that the information provided to him by journalists of “Gazeta Wyborcza “- Jaroslaw Kurski and Piotr Stasiński. – we did not know that Hedges is working with RT, and he did not tell us of this fact. If we knew, of course deny meeting. the words” fascism “and” proto-fascism “are words Hedges; we have them They did not use – Kurski said in an interview with Onet. “

  • Tomenable

    “Polish complicity in the Nazi extermination”

    How about: “Antisemites’ complicity in the German extermination” – does it sound more biased?

    “coupled with a right-wing Catholicism”

    If Catholicism is right-wing, what is Judaism, Protestantism or Islam? Religions have no “wings”.

    “reminding Poles that they killed more Jews than they killed Germans during the war”

    There is no proof for this. Gross is notoriously exaggerating numbers of Jewish victims of Polish collaborators, as he did in Jedwabne case when claiming that 1600 Jews died there, while IPN investigation established that only 350 Jews died, killed both by Germans and by ca. 40 Polish collaborators. A number of witnesses testified that the Germans drove the group of Jewish victims from Jedwabne’s town square to the barn, where they were killed (these testimonies are found in the expanded 203-page “Findings” published by IPN in June 2003). Also 46 “Mauser” rifle shells and 60 “Walter” pistol shells were found at the site of the pogrom – both types of weapons were used only by German forces – suggesting that Germans were also shooting Jews, and not just monitoring the crime and controlling the town (as Jan T. Gross claimed – he claimed that only Polish collaborators were actively involved in the killings). A separate investigation by the West German Zentrale Stelle der Landesjustizverwaltungen zur Aufklärung National Sozialistischer Verbrechen in Jedwabne case (signature 5 AR-Z 13/62) established in 1962-1964, that guilty of the massacre was first of all Einsatzkommando SS Zichenau-Schröttersburg under command of SS-Hauptsturmführer Hermann Schaper. Why should we doubt the validity of that ruling by German court? Investigation by Polish IPN in 2001-2003 did not exonerate Germans, but only established, that also around 40 Polish collaborators from Jedwabne and neighbouring villages participated in the killings. This investigation also established that the rest of the inhabitants were utterly passive, which contradicts Gross’ claim that “half of the population of the town murdered the other half”. Moreover, some Jews were also saved by Poles from Jedwabne – for example seven Jews were hidden by the Wyrzykowscy family.

  • Robal

    What a deluge of blind self-righteousness. The whole right wing ( geographically as well ) becomes so defensive all of sudden. Chris, you must be loving this !

    • Raf

      Defence against false accusations, infact against any accusations, is basic human rights.

      But thanks for showing the mindset to everyone.

  • Piotr Grabowski

    According to our dear Mr Hedges is not only Presbyterian minister’s son, he is a Presbyterian minister himself too ! So, let me remind you, dear man-of-the-church, just ONE sentence. Perhaps as a busy person, you accidentally let it slip your mind. It goes like this : “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour’.

  • Lidia Izabella

    To respond properly to this article by Chris Hedges, a Russia Today employee, one must quote almost each sentence, correct false information and explain multiple other problems contained therein and follow with links to sources of reliable, correct information. I do not think that the author and his work here deserve such extensive critical effort. However, the memory of victims does. So, let me leave the proper response to the Polish foundation dealing with defamations and state here the obvious: the Polish citizens, at first, mostly Polish Catholics with its intelligentsia and clergy targeted systematically, and then, predominantly Polish Jews (please note that the number of victims in both groups is comparable, with over 3 mln Jewish and close to 3 mln non-Jewish, mostly Catholic, Polish victims of the WWII genocide by the German Nazi and Russian Soviet aggressors), it is outrageous, for what ever low motives, to try to falsify history as much as to attempt to make the victims responible for the genocide! I think that the Pulitzer’s prestige has just received a serious blow by association with such piece of substandard and unethical work by its former recipient.

    Although I would not place much importance on such journatistic parody, I think that the respect for heroes and victims of WWII demands to remove the transgression from public sphere and to correct the outrageous lies immediately and – in case it is not corrected as soon as possible – for a legal action and huge damages to be paid by all responsible to those injured, thr Polish victims still living and their successors, whether Catholic or other.

    • Raf

      Well said.

      Let me just add, that the polish citizens of jewish descend were as much poles as black americans are US citizens. Those people were POLES.

  • 3RD LT Rico

    What’s wrong with White people sticking up for themselves?

  • Martin Curitek

    Bronislaw Wildstein, a very influential Polish Jew and a good friend of Mr Kaczynski is spinning this story on Polish State Television (run by Jacek Kurski – Chris’s informant’s brother) as a Russian smear campaign because of Mr Hedges’ involvement with RT. Is it true, Mr Hedges?

  • Stan R

    This article is such a sheer nonsense that would require a long reply to deconstruct each of the ridiculous arguments.

    Why does Piotr Stasinski who was fighting once for truth, for respecting History, is being quoted in this nonsensical publication that states, for example, that Museum of (1944) Warsaw Uprising was built as a response to Jan Gross’ (questionable) research on altering Poland’s history.

    Nobody rational in Poland who knows history would claim that Poland was the only victim of WWII – Poland was WWII victim of Nazi Germany and Stalin’s Soviet Union. This seems to be in the recent years systematically denied, turning Poland, as a nation, into a WWII aggressor and perpetrator. This historical lie about Poland tends to be repeated by some ignorant of evil people – but to hear it from a Pulizer recipient is beyond troubling.

    I would like to sit with him and check his knowledge of history first, before recommending basic sources to read.

    Stereotyping AK (Home Army) – heroic Polish Underground – that after the war was hunted by Stalin’s murderers and eliminated in the Stalinist prisons by thousands – reminds nothing more than Stalinist rhetoric to justify murders of many patriots. Why such Stalinist propaganda that many devoted communists after the war gladly believed in, is still alive?

    Again, from an American journalist one can anticipate lack of knowledge of complex Polish history – from Polish journalists like Stasinski or Kurski one should expect honesty. This is pathetic and low, Mr Stasinski and Mr Kurski, to provide arguments for feeding anti-Polish stereotypes in American press.

    Educated Poles should be able to look beyond the polarized binary Polish circus – Poland and Poles are not mapped into PiS and KOD – both ends are similarly pathetic. If us not understood outside of Poland to what extend these two sides contribute to current skewed image of Poland. Can this behaviorsl pattern be stopped.? Can Poles concentrate on building a new movement that would be independent of Church but also would care about History based on facts – and such movement could become a party that can win the next elections.

    Can for Poles WWII history be just history not some relevant material and source of false accusations to describe Poles now, who were born geberations after the war. Why representatives of these two sick ends of the spectrum: PiS and KOD, stop providing reasons to smear Poland further, PiS is behind ridiculous statements and decisions, KOD and company plays a role if a low life agent who sells to foreign journalist lies that Poles alway were and still are fascist. Has ever been more destructive nation than Pokes that never learned how to control such urges.

    Shame on you all, the author of the article, and those quoted in it. You all lost your credibility. Washington Post is known for providing platform to publish nonsense.

    • bite yer legs

      You are above that. It stinks. What a lie to write: both ends are similarly pathetic. Since 1939 until now orwellian retoric were directed against Poland from outside and inside. And PIS doesn`t smear Poland like KOD do. Nie bądź facet taki hej do przodu. Jedyny sprawiedliwy. Tacy jedyni sprawiedliwi przeważnie głosowali na PO, UD, UW i pozwolili na grabież państwa i jego obrzyganie a teraz im trudno przyznać się do tego i wypisują bzdety, że wszyscy są do dupy i umoczeni.

      • Stan R

        Poland’s future will be decided by younger generations – they must learn history based on facts, must resolve for once WWII and postwar tragic Poland’s history – and close the chapter that pretty soon will 100 years old. History as an area of scholarly research in Poland is based on biased emotions – we must note that historians have only one obligation – to be truthful about facts and provide solid evidence for each one. Young Poles in general have poor knowledge of Poland’s history – that can be blamed on destruction of Polish intelligentsia during and after the war – and breading iafter the war special kind of people: Homo Sovieticus – rootless creatures who lost sense where they came from – followed by generations if their descendants. Thus repairing History by objective historians us the only chance that something may change in the core thinking of Poles.

        What Hedges wrote is a ‘summary’ of ridiculous version of Poland’s skewed history that some do ‘export’ from Poland and call themselves proudly ‘Polish Scholars’.

        What is important – in the future, Polish government must insist on implementation of separation of the State from the Church – what is happening under PiS’ government, Church is meddling into almost every public domain becoming too interfering. This makes too many in Poland upset.

        Young generations of Poles should demand to ‘keep History intact’ and at the same time,insist that religion should’ve a private matter – and Catholic Church should only tend to those who are Catholics abd provide solely religious services – Church must stay away from politics.

        Let us discuss it. This is future if Poland.

        • bite yer legs

          First event in Polish history is Baptism and if anybody meddling that are those who want to eject Church from Polish life. If I might to trust sombody its Our Polish Church because Our Church didn`t fail

          • Stan R

            Inhabitabts of Polish Lithuanian Kingdom, and what is left in their descendants who live now in Poland, is the most diversived genetic mixture comparing to any place in Europe. Due to history with wars, invaders, invitees, refugees, partitions, constantly changing borders – and 120+ years of attempted ‘depolinization’, Russian, Prussian and Austrian, genetically, Poles carry inherited features from all over Europe, north, west, south, east, and beyond, Asia too. What kept Poles together over the centuries, and provided sense of togetherness was language, culture, sense of continuity and identification Thad the families were coming from the Kingdom. Catholic Church played important role, still besides Catholicism, there was Russian Orthodoxy, Judaism, Protestants if different ‘shades’, and Muslims. All these religions coexisted.

            In 1918, Poland inherited the most diversified population within its newly regained borders.

            If us not true that with Stalin who after the war in his mad plan was moving different ethnic groups to make his Eastern European satellites according to him, etnically monolithic, he was nig able to come up with idea if ‘pure Pole’ – since such concept does not exist.

            What exists is the sense of belonging to the same History, that means that in the past our ancestors made a decision to be identified as Polish anc this identity survived generations till now.

            Even though Catholic Church has played crucial role in history, itd main role and obligation was to tend to religious services of those who are practicing Catholics.

  • Robal

    Stan R., are you a historian or politician ? If not, do you have a life besides obsessing whom’s said what, how many times and when ? Why don’t you petition White House about condemning this author. And lastly, have you read what you’ve written? How many times ? I think your response is bit too short.

    • Stan R

      What is your point?

      As you may know Piotr Stasinski is now crawling ashamed, explaining that he did not know with whom he was talking? Really, somebody who is technically running with Kurski a major daily, did not know who Chris Hedges was? How more pathetic it could be?

      Piotr Stasinski once was an ambitious smart journalist who wanted to be honest.

      So this is what Poland has achieved after 27 years of freedom: a government that makes too many nervous, and on the other side an opposition with clowns whispering evil thoughts to foreign journalists who are equally evil or just plain ignorant. I worry about Poland.

      What are you trying to be smart about – waiting for a praise from Chris Hedges, singing to his false tune?

  • Stan R

    Another observation: until PiS won the last year elections – there were no articles about Poland – in the American press – identifying Poles, as a nation, as neo-fascist, and searching for alleged perpetual neo-fascist traits in each statistical Pole – that now only shows the need to malign all Poles.

    How it is possible, that with PiS winning last year, Poles became overnight evil – and in the past, under PO in power, this was not observed.

    I am personally, troubled by many decisions made by the current government ruling in Poland, as many in Poland are similarly troubled, still the government is not fascist, neither Poles are fascist. These slurs should not be published by a newspaper that has a long history and once had a reputation.

    Should this article be classified as instigating ethnic hatred – using ethnic slurs do not fall under free speech.

  • Kamil Stańczyk

    The situation in Poland is that basically pis party is loading Poles with lies and manipulation. The opposition are a bunch or brainless pus…es who do nothing to fight off the lies propaganda – which is an easy job to do really – instead they just go on repeating empty love-talk and “politically-correct” rubbish that simple people just dont understand.
    Our media are the same f id….ts who allow anybody to lie as they want and flame anybody they like with any baseless accusation they like. They dont verify or check nothing so steadily repeated lies become truth – just as Goebbels said.
    Hence pis – the party of liers and manipulators – thrive.
    The Poles dont support pis. Poles dont understand what is happening because of the above.
    Sad, ridiculous and shameful – but true.
    I hoped Obama could flame pis in a way that will be so unambiguous that pis liers will not be able to make it over. But he did not. Just diplomatic fancy-talk.

    Hope the author reads this.
    If you want to help our country – flame our mass media and opposition for being so ridiculously stupid, pu……sy, thoughtless and detached from reality. That might help.

    • Jan Korbut

      Don’t lie! The Poles DO SUPPORT PiS. 40 % in the last survey. Yo, people, don’t listen to the guy above. He’s a part of antiPolish propaganda, just like mr Hedges. The truth is that mr Hedges, who wrote that article works for Russia Today which is an instument of Putin’s state of terror

      • Kamil Stańczyk

        See this proves my words. Pis are absolutely brilliant in media propaganda. They hire sc_m like this one, with our gov money, to go around internet and viciously but quite brainlessly counter any pis-unfriendly information.
        Why would any honest person who believes in that pis is honest be worried that I want you to flame the opposition and free media for being ridiculously stupid ?
        pis is engaged in 21 century lies propaganda warfare, perfect just like Putin`s. Opposition retarded idiots are stuck with mid-20 century media understanding. And free media – seem to not care at all and they keep propagating any lies, any false accusation and any villainy.

        Please try not to use ‘Polish’ and ‘Poland’ any more – call it pis government and pis decisions and pis lies. Most people in Poland are not brainwashed (so far) and we are angry to the bone for what is happening. And lion portion of people who ‘support’ pis are brainwashed with lies and manipulation which nobody, nofuc…ngbody counters in this crazy country – hence its such a ‘success’

        We are talking Goebbels taken to 21 century media capabilities.

        • Jan Korbut

          Another lies. Mr Stańczyk is a lier. Nobody pays me. He seems to be a fascist or nazi-lier. Because he doesn’t accept the result of democratic election in Poland and he’s calling to the revolution against legal authority. We have freedom, free media, responsible government and there is nothing wrong with us. We restore our country after the rles of traitors and thieves. See the great scenes from catholic days with pope and you’ll see that we are the the safiest and the most free country in Europe now!

  • Peter B.

    You are stupid russian jerk mister- our government is doing well for now. What do you know about Poland? You have never been to. And good advise to you – behave yourself you’re watched to liar.

  • Jolanta Z

    I’m often called a “leftist” cause I’m not against taking refugees in. I hate that in whole EU we see more and more nationalistic movements. But… This article… I thought a Pulitzer would mean that author will talk with both sides of the argument before making a statement. That’s just silly.

    And yes, some Poles hated Jews even during II WW, but many Poles helped and hide Jews during war. It’s never black and white.

    • kk

      But when you realy dig in history you’ll recognise that people who turned against Jews were singled-out criminals and many of them were eventually punished during the war with death sentence by the Polish Resistance .

  • Filip Czwarno

    Dear Mr Hedges. I do not know what to say. You use pictures like ‘Jews’, ‘Catholics’, ‘the Nazi’, ‘ Poles killing Jews’. I have impression that you might be paid by the PiS. Such articles are one of the reasons why the PiS is strong. Poles know their history – at leasr some of it, if you would like to writer about my country such things please do your research – Kapuscinski ones said 100 pages for a page of article.

    You mix word from a different levels and classes. You say ‘the Nazi” and at same time you said ‘Poles’, “Jews”. When you go into nationality level please say Germans or if you would like to be precise Nazi Germans.
    Also I do not fully understand why you segregate Polish citizens into native Poles and Jews (Ukrainians, Belarusians, Germans and so one). For me I they were willingly part of a country called Republic of Poland they could be all called Polish people.
    As for Jedwabne the crime happened. I do not know if it was inspired by the occupant, Christian religion, greed, inherent hate or legacy issues. I do not know why it happened but I know that in the independent Poland such things have not happened. I know it sound bad but please keep the proportion. Many have done heroic things a few showed their bad nature. By many I mean Poles, Ukrainians, Jews, Belarusians and Germans all the citizens of that Poland.
    I think there is no point to continue.

    • bite yer legs

      You are right this article is paid by PIS. This is a way chutzpah works

      • Filip Czwarno

        if you want to go in this direction ‘cabal’ is the word you are looking for

        • bite yer legs

          I don1 want to go in this direction. Are you serious while writing: I have impression that you might be paid by the PiS.

          • Filip Czwarno

            Honestly speaking I do not know if author is doing this on purpose and for money. But the fact is that the article is written to make an impression of liberal / ‘leftist’ and yet it presenting unbalanced facts, showing half-truths. Instead of reconciliation people get more divided based on their manipulated emotions. This is from what the PiS benefits the most. This is how it got elected – by feeding people’s fears. Divide et impera.

  • Warszawiak

    Everything in this ‘article’ is ridiculously exagarated. It’s almost funny, until one remembers that this is part or a larger scheme to demonize sovereign Poland. Then it becomes scary.

  • Onlyfacts

    The above article written by Mr Hedge lacks important information , especially with regard to the World War Two in Poland .So let me present some significant facts :
    1.Each Pole who had courage to help Jews during WW II could be killed be German Nazi.Brave Polish citizens who hid Jewish were very often executed by the occupation forces.
    I hope that Mr Hedge will read true and confirmed story of great Polish heroes – The Ulma family,who were killed for helping Jewish people,

    read more here

    2 During WWII Poles created a special underground organisation for helping Jews called “Żegota”.
    More info. available here

    3 Poles were victims of German nazi terror.Poles were were murdered executed,tortured,sent to concentration camps ,our cities were bombarded, but despite the terror Polish people managed to create one of the biggest underground army-(Armia Krajowa-Home Army) resitant movement which in 1943 had 380 thousand soldiers.

    4.Polish villages were also subjected to horrible act of terrors.
    817 villages were pacified by the occupation forces,Poles were burnt ,children were killed,there was no mercy.
    One of the most horrible pacification-was in Michniów.The German Nazis killed 204 people(54 women and children were murdered)…Michniów was burnt to ashes,because the residents of village supported polish partisans.

    5.Irena Sendler a famous polish hero-during WWII lived in Warsaw,She was the social help worker and a nurse,Irena Sendler managed to smuglle out of Getto 2500 Jewish children.
    Please read more here about Irena Sendler

  • bite yer legs

    Do you know why Warsaw Uprising started? To help as in this article says: to seal, to made the extermination complete and irrevocable. Due to Warsaw Uprising Stalin`s Red Army had to stop until January 1945 [from August of 1944]. This half year was the time Auschwitz death machine worked on full. For example Jews of Lodz ghetto, Jews of Hungry died then, it was possible to start death marches and at last to destroy evidence. And Stalin couldnt move and had to stick on the right side of Vistula river. Probably he didn`t know what was happening in Auschwitz and I`m sure that he would give an order to liberate Auschwitz in July 1944 as his army was on the Vistula river near Sandomierz at that time. Stalin had dilema to help these antisemitics Poles and let them to survive knowing that thay are nessesery to seal, to made the extermination complete and irrevocable but not liberating Auschwitz or to let them to survive and liberate Auschwitz knowing that he would let to survive people who were nessesery to seal, to made the extermination complete and irrevocable. I alwaways feel sorry for Jews that they celebratie day of liberation of empty Auschwitz camp. It`s real chutzpah. By the way I always wonder which direction the death marches from polish concentration camps went?

    • anks

      There was no such thing as polish concentration camps. There were only Nazi’s concetration camp organized on the territory of occupied Poland.

      • bite yer legs

        Do you know what is irony. Read back and think. Pozdrawiam

      • Jan Sliwa

        German concentration camps.

    • kk

      Yet another vicious and ignorant post written absolutely in bad faith. Red Army stopped and didn’t help the Warsaw Uprising to let it bleed and become destroyed by the German Nazis. This was a perfidious Stalin’s move, who wanted to subdue all the Eastern Europe and in particular Poland, because of the crushing defeat Bolsheviks received in the 1919-1921 Polish-Bolshevik war. The rest of the comment is similarly absurd, including a lie and an insult of anti-Semitism.

      • bite yer legs

        Wiesz co to ironia? I później Żydzi nas rozgrywają jak chcą. Napisz jeszcze, że Żydzi przydzielili Polakom najwięcej drzewek. Czort z ich drzewkami jak za sekundę obrabiają nam dupę. Hucpiarski artykuł a my próbujemy przemawiać do rozsądku i prawdy

        • kk

          Taka ironia to na niewiele się zdaje, a przynosi efekt wręcz przeciwny. Suaby żart.

          • bite yer legs

            Ironia to nie żart tylko cała prawda, prawda, że Żydzi świętują wyzwolenie pustego obozu i wychwalają Armię Czerwoną a ona przez pół roku stała 100 km od Auschwitz. Nie pytają się czy Stalin może nie wiedział co się dzieje w Auschwitz? Dla cynicznych celów by załatwić Polskę [brak pomocy dla Powstania] Stalin wstrzymał front, jednocześnie pozwalając na dokończenie zabijania i marsze śmierci; i to my jesteśmy odkażeni prze Żydów a nie ruscy [co świadczy o ich intencjach{Żydów i ruskich}]

  • Realfacts

    After reading an article written by Mr. Hedges I conclude that the article lacks important information,especially with regard to the World War II in Poland,
    So in order to describe real facts about WWII in Poland let me present the following facts

    1.Irena Sendler famous Polish hero-helped to save over 2500 Jewish kids from Warsaw Ghetto.More info here

    2 During WWII Poles created a special underground organisation called Żegota-the aim of Żegota was also to help Jews to survive
    Read more info-here

    3.Mr. Hedge probably did not read about Poles who were murdered by German nazi for helping to hide Jews.
    One of the most known and confirmed example is the history of the Ulma family-they were killed by German Nazi for hiding Jewish family.
    Read more here

    4 Poles were killed murdered,executed ,sent to concentration camps-despite the terror the occupant did not manage to break the spirit of Polish nation.

    Poles created Armia Krajowa(Home Army) which in 1943 had 380 thousand soldiers.
    And the German with their collaborators used different form of terror.
    They pacified 817 polish villages.
    Poles were killed,women ,men ,children were burnt,there was no mercy.

    The village Michniów is the best known example .Michniów was pacified for supporting and giving shelter to Polish partisans.
    In Michniów 204 residents were killed(54 women,48 children)
    more info here.

    I hope the information presented above will help the readers of this article to learn true about WWII in Poland

    • bite yer legs

      Irena Sendler is one of link of Jewish and GWno propaganda because probably she was naive [although nobody could say that she wasn`t a hero] and they use her. How it was possible go to PZPR and not to see what Soviets and commies did in Poland after the war. Ladies as Zofia Kossak Szczucka or Wanda Karhelska are deliberately ommited. Kossak`s Protest is a sting in Jewish and co narration.

      • kk

        ?? What’s the purpose of your comment?

        • bite yer legs

          Bo mię wkurwia ciągle narracja Sendler, Sendler. Ona [narracja] ma swój cel wyżej opisany. Sendlerowa była tylko małym ogniwem. Co ona by zrobiła z tymi dziećmi jakby je wyprowadziła z getta a nie było ludzi jak Kossak, Karhelska, księży, zakonów etc. A pozwalamy by zapomniano o tych dwóch wielkich Polkach. Jak kogoś promuje GWno to temu trzeba się dobrze przyjrzeć.

          • kk

            But it’s obvious that Irena Sendler didn’t act completely alone in saving people’s lives. And no one wants to detriment the role of other people responsible for Jews’ rescue operations.

  • bite yer legs

    Such articles are good for Poles to train the English language. Big elaborates. If I was a Jews I would be scary that they [the Poles] will have a tool [English language] to spread their narration.

  • Łukasz Gos

    This article is one-sided. Essentially, a rather shameless propaganda piece attacking not even the current government (though that also — by becoming the mouthpiece for two journalists of a paper openly allied with the opposition as opposed a greater number and more balanced selection of sources) but Poles themselves, trying to pin the Holocaust on the nation. It’s one thing to express one’s opinions, and a whole different thing to try to disguise partisan propaganda and manipulation as independent and serious sort of journalism. And no, Wyborcza does not embody Poland as a whole (or any that ‘was’ Poland), nor do Messrs Kurski and Stasiński — they are simply two journalists working for one of the country’s papers and representing one of the multiple different outlooks that are present in the country. The author simply chose to zero in on them and exalt them. It’s a pity that many members of the American public, not having access to better sources, are going to end up believing in the contents of those shameless attacks (cui bono?), according to the principle that if you keep throwing mud at least some of it will probably stick.

  • Oliver

    The leftish prorussia fashists as you will be coming to an end. Your stinking lies will be uncover.

  • Łukasz Gos

    Also: ‘Government leaders in Poland are promoting a neofascist ideology’ — fat lie, simply put.

  • Mike

    Mr Hedges mind your own business please. Poland is my country not yours.

  • JetHag

    Stalinist canards regurgitated 60+ years after the death of the Soviet dictator who allied the USSR with Nazi Germany. Unlike Russia, Poland was never complicit with the Germans.

  • Rafe klopotowski

    This made my day. It reads like propaganda attempted by a child. You sir would do great at Pravda.

  • anks

    Pulitzer Prize just lost so much in my eyes.
    I live in Poland my entire life and kinda see what’s going on. This article is disgustingly one-sided and full of exaggerations. Most of comments here seem to share my opinion.

  • bite yer legs

    I wonder why Lech Kaczyński interrupted the exhumation in Jedwabne because: 1. acknowlaged that it is not necasarry [o! tak]; 2. was frighted that the exchumation can broke Gross narration and Jews will be angry on him [and for example start accusing him that he is antisemite]; 3. Jewish lobby was so strong that he balanced his decision and said to himself that it is not worth to continue the exhumation in the name of Poland interest even knowing that he will be accuse for ……..; 4. he was so sensitive to Jewish customs 5. something else?

  • bite yer legs

    Mr Hedges you probably didn`t win Pulitzer Price. Your Pulitzer Price You probably bought yourself in the second hand shop with Pulitzer Prices

    • Raf

      “Pulitzer like that can be bought in any shop with Pulitzers” :D.

  • Alicja Kocinska

    “The Warsaw Rising Museum, dedicated to the failed 1944 armed uprising by the Home Army (AK) against the Nazis that left 200,000 Poles dead and saw the center of Warsaw razed, is the cornerstone of the rewriting of history and the state hagiography of the nation’s martyrdom. It was opened in 2005 as part of what is called the “repolonization” of the country. Schoolchildren and youth groups are bused from across the country for tours. The museum does not acknowledge Polish anti-Semitic crimes”

    – that whole paragraph just makes me angry. Rewriting of the history? What does the Warsaw Rising Museum rewrite? Please, give me ONE EXAMPLE. You say there is nothing on anti-Semitic crimes, but in the next paragraph you acknowledge, that there is a part of exhibition dedicated to that exact theme. Mr Hedges, you seem to know nothing about history of Poland, AND you forgot to mention that there is a whole ANOTHER museum dedicated to the fate of polish Jews. Yes, we, anti-Semitic Poles care and remember about ours and our jewish neighbours tragic and dramatic history.

    Speaking with only mr Stasiak and mr Kurski about situation in Poland is like reading one interview with Donald Trump and claiming to know everything about US. Poland these days is no more fascist than UK, France, Netherlands or USA. You’ve been misled. I’m sorry to say this, but this article is a one-sided, uber-political, and unprofessional.

    • bite yer legs

      You are not the 1st person to make a mistake: Stasinski not Stasiak and not mr. They don`t deserve to write to them mr

      • Alicja Kocinska

        Thanks for the catch. And I think that you should always have basic respect for people, just because they’re people – so calling them mr and mrs is a must.

  • Pollack

    Polish complicity in the Nazi(German maybe?) extermination of nearly all of Poland’s 3 million Jews? Wow! Next thing we will read from Chris Hedges is that it was Poland that started WW2. He is supposed to be an educated person. What an idiot! I red almost all of his articles in Truthdig and now something like this. Some Poles for sure killed manny jewish compatriots when poland was under German occupation but claiming that they are complicit in killing 3 million of them… !? That is one stupid, ignorant statement. Chris! WTF! I noticed that americans are dumb and their historical awernes is subpar but You? You are using the term “Nazi”. Some extraterestial race that started the war with Poland and then they flew back to the stars? Who build death camps? Poles? Who governed Poland for 5 years? Whose plan was to exterminate jews? Who was next in line? Who has the most citizens recognized by Yadvashem institute for saving jews? In what only country in the occupied europe for aiding jews was death sentence? One more time. WTF Chris Hedges?!
    Other outrageous statement is that Poles killed more Jews than they killed Germans. Either Hedges is paid by German revisionists or he is just an imbecile. How can anybody with basic knowledge about history of WW2 say something like this? Maybe Poles also commited massacre in May Lai? Never in my life would I imagined that author so respected by me can be able to produce such stupid, revisionistic, unfounded garbage like this.

  • Patriota

    Everything written here is happening in Poland. It’s sad but it’s real. And to those who criticize Gazeta Wyborcza it is one on a very few news sources that aren’t controlled by PiS. Critical comments under this text must be coming from supporters of PiS and readers of Gazeta Polska.

    • Stan R

      I bet that most having problems with the twisted statements in this article are not backing PiS – one must lost decency to call Poles fascist – and generalize some marginal criminal war incidents on the entire nation that was suffering during and after the war.

      Even these two journalists who were duped into being so unfortunately quoted are trying to wiggle out of this international public embarrassment.

      What are you trying to say?

      World is not divided into PiS or GW followers – if us about decency or lack of it

    • Włodek

      Oh my, another one. Gazeta Wyborcza IS NOT one of very few news sources critical of the ruling party, it is one of many. And quite frankly with shady reputation. Seems you’re Troll.

    • kk

      “Everything written here is happening in Poland. It’s sad but it’s real.”
      Then you must have a specific sense of reality.

    • Robal

      I totally agree with you but the rest of the posts ? Well, this overflow of bile is newsworthy. Not that long ago those people would have a fit if anyone wrote about wrongdoing of even one pole, anytime in our history. Now, I must admit, it has gotten little better as they do admit of some wrongdoing by poles, here and there but overall they deem Polish nation as one made up almost entirely of heroes and “angels”.

      • kk

        They admit that some individuals might have acted wrongly. But those individuals were few and didn’t even create any distinguishable subgroup of the nation.

  • Paweł Makówka

    “taboo topic of Polish complicity in the Nazi extermination of nearly all of Poland’s 3 million Jews”. Whooooaaa! I’ve heard before about some rather shameful things that some of my countrymen took part in during the war, and about massacres of Jews by polish peasantry like in Jedwabne, but this one’s something new entirely. So, one election lost by the liberals in Poland, and we are officially on par with Germans now? What’s next? PiS wons the next term and we become the principal perpetrator of the Holocaust? This is Pulitzer-level of hilarious!

  • George Schwan

    He may be Pulitzer’s price winner but more importantly he works for Russia Today. Finding out that, I am no longer surprised by his full of lies text. Moreover, I think that what he wrote is not a result of his lack of knowledge, but it is rather done with full premeditation and malice.

    • kimyo

      list the lies, rather than engage in character assassination.

      just one or two will suffice, should be easy if indeed his text is full of them.

      • George Schwan

        Well, title is the first one, for starters. I am assuming that you are actually not very much into the subject and not just trying to provoke. Just read comments below – most of it is there. And, if again, you’re not into the subject and cannot read Polish, for your information: both of Gazeta Wyborcza journalists that Hedges mentions in his text said they would never speak with him if they knew he works for Russia Today (they are apparently not great with doing research, or simply hypocrites).

        • kimyo

          both of Gazeta Wyborcza journalists that Hedges mentions in his text said they would never speak with him if they knew he works for Russia Today

          did hedges misrepresent any of kurski or stasinski’s statements?

          • Łukasz Gos

            They also say ‘fascist’ is not the word they used, it came from Hedges.

  • Obłuda Stop

    The entire article is a lie.

  • Obłuda Stop

    The entire article is a lie. Throughout the article, you see hostility to the right-wing parties. Why Soros and the article attacked the right-wing Law and Justice party? It is the citizens of this choice. Citizens chose PiS. Why Soros and left-wing parties do not respect the democratic choice? The image that illustrates this article is not true. Committee for the Defense of Democracy (KOD) is a hypocritical institution. Committee for the Defense of Democracy has nothing to do with democracy, this institution is funded by George Soros. The committee consists mainly people connected with communism. It is hypocritical committee.
    Polish citizens are called variously the committee (Committee for the Defense Ass elite, informers Committee, the Committee of Fools) People of this committee are output to the street by an opposition party at the request of George Soros. Committee for the Defense of Democracy acts on behalf of George Soros. But really, this right-wing party Law and Justice weapon democracy.
    Soros and his Committee for the Defense of Democracy act on behalf of the Zionists. They plan to implement the NWO. Right-wing parties stand in the way NWO plans. That is why right-wing parties are attacked. Our common enemy is the Zionist and Islamic globalism. They seek to subjugate our people, to destroy the traditional cultural and religious values ​​and the settlement of our countries Asian immigrants.
    This Constitutional Court broke the law. The Constitutional Court did not respond to the numerous scandals of the previous left-wing ruling party PO. The Constitutional Court did not respond to the theft of national wealth by the previous party PO. Jaroslaw Kaczynski respects sentence poles, he is a good man, and he cares about democracy. About the true democracy. Why is this article that attacked Jaroslaw Kaczynski? Please ask yourself the question on whose behalf was made this article? Refugees from the Middle East are financed by G. Soros to wreak destruction and bombings in Europe. G.Soros implementing a plan to destroy the traditional cultural and religious values ​​and the settlement of our countries Asian immigrants. Immigrants are condemned not without reason. Poland does not want immigrants murdered, raped, destroyed in our country. The last time such a Polish immigrant killed with a machete in the bar. Francia takes these immigrants and they are destroying the country. Here is what the French women on immigrants in Calais:

    Just look on YouTube, and we have the whole picture.
    Jews murdered Poles. Who was the invader? Who unleashed World War II. Poles only defended. Now they want to do with the Poles scapegoats. Torturers want to wash their hands in the blood and put the blame on Poland. It’s called hypocrisy.

  • Stp

    Mr Hegdes, you should feel ashamed. As a Pulitzer Prize winner, you should know, that basing article only on one source, is not a good practice… You had really bad luck, as your callers are not objective persons – they lied even about their own story: Mr. Kurski didn’t build Gazeta Wyborcza, he joined it in 1992 and before that time, he had been working with Lech Walesa (haven’t you mentioned that Walesa’s period in the article?). He is also a brother of important politician from PiS – they use media to fight with each other and you were used as a tool of this fight. Mr. Stasinski joined GW even later. It’s not very important, but it shows, how reliable your article is. But, not crying over split milk – The only way, you can recover honor is to apologize and make some deeper studies about Poland and Polish history and write new, more fair, article.

    This one got nothing with current moods in Poland, nor with our history. Didn’t you know, that Polish people were not killers, but most helpful nation for Judes during war? This are facts. What Mr Gross is writing in his books is political-fiction, no longer believed or confirmed by other scientists – he become follower of conspiracy theory in which not Germany, but Poland is responsible for II World War and Holocaust. He is no longer part of serious public debate. If you want facts – Check the Righteous Among the Nations list (remember, that in Poland Germany set the death penalty for helping jews, not like in the western Europe). Didn’t you know, that even wife of our current president (“political puppet”) is from Jewish family? Didn’t you know, that Lech Kaczynski started tradition of firing Hanukkah candles in president’s palace? Didn’t you know, that Poland is hosting 1.000.000 of Ukrainian emigrants, now? Didn’t you know, that we hosted 100.000 Muslim refugees from Chechnya? You didn’t. So you haven’t prepared correctly before writing this text. How do you feel now?

    • Raf

      “How do you feel now?”

      Thats what I would like to know. I bet hes just like “they hate it, because they are fascists”.

  • Andrzej Kowalewski

    “And then neoliberalism, imposed by global capitalism and international banks, began to spread its poison.”


  • Obłuda Stop

    Every time when the elite Round Table in Poland are moved away from money, screaming about the attack on democracy.
    The aim is teasing PiS’s attention and Poland. Involved in this opposition, as well as European politicians, including Donald Tusk. (…) No one bothered as used secret services to suppression of journalists by the previous government PO. All this is grotesque.
    One of the reasons for the failure of the Civic Platform, was a terrible justice. There are still many areas that throughout the Third Republic they be disturbed. The quality of the justice system in Poland is very low. (…) What we do not have a previous government is the courage to stand up to corporations. We have the courage.
    We have the right not to accept the judgments that do not comply with the law. LGBT represent the streets passwords that are far from the provisions of the Constitution. Citizens have the right not to support this type of environments. If the court orders this type of behavior, it means that we are dealing with indoctrination courts.

  • Stan R

    Is anti-Polonism rampant in global press? Yes.

    Should anti-Polonism be protested? Yes.

    Should those practicing rampant anti-Polonism be asked where does it come from? Yes.

    Should European History curriculum that will cover balanced history of Poland (including pre-, war, and postwar period) be introduced into American schools’ program? Yes.

    What has to be done to implement such curriculum? Let us discuss it. This could and should be pursued.

  • Seb

    To the author of above material as used with your permission on this website/ as indicated. There is a quite an interest in your sick in my opinion blog you have submitted and provided with above, to my knowledge you have misinterpreted many ongoing changes within the country of Poland due mismanagement and corruption as well as destruction of values of Polish people by previous government and unnecessary involvement of persons as yourself, it is clear you have received a financial reward from somebody,somewhere for such article and it is understood that no matter how educated you may be or how many awards you may have achieved in your life you will always be known for lack in touch with reality, there must be someone who has contributed to this whole process in some way in order for you to release such text without providing any evidence at all as to start with, beside it was your nation also involved in giving up on Poles at the end of 2nd World War and passing the stick onto country which for over 50 years kept destroying the majority of eastern Europe hence you can blame your past generation for inappropriate, untrue and sick in my opinion way of presenting country in such a way as you have done so above. Beside what can you know about values while living in a country which unnaturally has became a superpower as you think you are in very short period of time of couple of hundreds of years comparing it to European nations with their rich culture,history,values so the question I do have for you if possible to review and study actions of your politicians and presidents which as we all can see destroys world’s peace and stability in name of what? Sick ideology? It has always been clear and understood that your country has made way too many mistakes (purposely) by so many on inappropriate positions effecting so many and yet again we can all see by you to get involved in such a way for what purpose? To prove what? To tell people and users of this blog of lies you have put together in this article to start process of negative effect towards Polish government? Or is there another reason for such introduction of your thoughts in such a way? Or maybe simply you have had a bad day while preparing this article….? Hence the negativity throughout the material?
    Not sure have you ever have had a chance to visit Poland or to live there among others in order to understand current ongoing changes as masses of people can only take on their shoulders as much as they could and the days of PO as it appear to be your favorite party are or should be over as their lack of understanding how to manage masses in conflict free environment,greed and poor management has contributed to their exit from political scene, as result of the changes ongoing currently it will only be a matter of time before the ones who used to run the country will be brought to responsibility for their excessive use of power,bribery and other criminal activities hence please be patient as it will take time to bring the responsible to justice as what sense it would make to bring them to courts ran by judges chosen by the same ones which will need to be tried for for example…. beside wide audience of your work the influence of your negative lies must be said will of course have its consequences however I still have some news about activities of your government bodies/agencies forcing governments of eastern Europe block countries including Poland with use of their facilities in order to carry out forced and illegal activities like water boarding under threats of ending trade between the two or even sanctions as these processes of interrogation could not have happened on US soil as we all know hence before you criticise any country,anywhere at any time I would advise to look and start with investigating your own government with how their processes,laws and all other aspects of their work are carried out. It’s not new to be big, strong and powerful and to use and abuse weak and small as it was revealed in European Court regarding the case of illegal treatment of so called extremists also from Guantamo Bay as it is the case isn’t it Mr Chris Hedges….

  • John Katharsis

    Hedges. You were cheated.

  • 4trooth

    I do not think this guy Hedges is any better than Walter Duranty. Duranty allegedly took money from the Soviets to overlook the murder of millions of Ukrainians. The NY Times and the Washington Post was always anti-Polish. One has to wonder if, and how much money they got from the Soviets. Apparently it came out in court that a well respected newspaper in France took money for promoting a pro-Soviet narrative. That, by definition, means anti-Polish. It also came out that the Soviets were pumping their athletes with illegal substances. That is the world we are dealing with.

  • 4trooth

    Interesting. This is why you read the comments. Apparently, Hedges writes for Russia today, a Russian propaganda publication. Why didn’t I find that out from the Washington Post?

  • Dominik

    There is another Pulizer prize winner Anne Applebaum-Sikorski, that doesn’t verify sources. Both made the same mistake. They follow well known propagandist. I believe in good faith, but, please, don’t spread malicious lies, just because you hit the first version you like and don’t bother to analyse the situation a whole. This is harmful for Poland.
    Situations described by Jaroslaw Kurski and Piotr Stasinski are extremely marginal and only used as a propaganda tool to harm people they hate.

  • Jan Sliwa

    Hiroshima in Warsaw
    Today we remember the 72th anniversary of the German massacres in Warsaw (district of Wola) during the Warsaw Uprising. 40-50’000 Polish people killed in 7 days (5–12 August 1944), almost like Hiroshima (70’000). No high technology, just painstakingly hand-made by laborious German soldiers.
    Do you feel our pain? Does it make you think?
    Will you say that I “rewrite history”?

  • Jan Sliwa

    Jews, Poles, communists
    (for Mr. Hedges, who asks only one side and believes in his illusions)
    For Polish speaking readers I quote the article of Jan Hartman “We, judeocommunists!”

    Explanation: Jan Hartman is a philosopher of Jewish origin, notoriously writing hate speech in this column in “Polityka”. Famous for praising the the virtues of incestuous love.
    On the picture in the quoted article he sits next to Jerzy Urban, the spokesman of the communist junta of general Jaruzelski. Among others, he orchestrated the hate campaign against the priest Jerzy Popieluszko that resulted in the killing of the latter. Real masterminds were never found, even after the (apparent) fall of the communism, 27 years ago.

    And in the paper he presents himself as a judeocommunist, proud and healthy, still going strong.

  • Eryk

    I don’t know did you know that recently Polish Minister of Justice is trying to struggle with court judgment which punished worker of printing house penalty of 200 PLN (about 52,50 USD- very low) for refusing realisation of service becouse order was placed by LBGT organization (by Association LGBT Business Forum). Worker wrote that he refused only becouse he don’t want do support LBGT.

    Polish Minister of Justice says that the judgment is wrong becouse it’s OK, to do so. It’s looks like that Polish Minister of Justice don’t see nothing reprehensible in segregation and refusing, maybe for example selling of the bread, water etc. to persons LBGT if conscience don’t let it to do it.

    Only 71 years ago from polish streets were gone signs “Nur fur Deutsche”, “Fur Juden”, “Fur nicht Juden” set by fascists. Now Polish Minister of Justice is doing things which shows that signs “Not for LBGT”, “Sexual straight only” would be fine and claims that it’s not fascist behavior, but behavior in accordance with own conscience.

    Well – opponents of this article, the defenders of the Polish government must have in their heads strong mechanisms of denial and rationalization.

    I only hope that not all members of Law and Justice party participate in opinions of mr. Minister and see him that conservatism is not fascism.

    • kk

      Is it the most “convincing” example you can give? If so, I’d suggest that you stop this hysteria.

    • Jan Sliwa

      Let’s try with an advertisement of Mlodziez Wszechpolska in Gazeta Wyborcza. Then we’ll see.

      BTW I understand the fascists in 1933-45 didn’t want to print Jewish texts in Völkischer Beobachter or was it harsher than that? Today “fascism” is almost stripped of any meaning. The teacher is a fascist because he requires the pupils to do their homework. It is totally overused, also by the author of this article.

  • xoxo oxo

    The author is a total morron! Polish nation decided in legal elections to choose PiS (because Po was a EU puppet) as their main ruling party -nothing was cheated and we are not that upset -its even better coz of rising funds for families & safe borders due to accepting everyone and not those so called “immigrants” with no brains. We have many ukrainian people not to mention mulicultural country but those people think, work, enrich the country & are polite towards eachother. Personaly I’m living a good life, nothing bad happens. So cut the bull.shit. Only KOD and LGBT, Wyborcza are making a mess and the world is having a bad word towards our country because of that -shame yourself!
    “Neofascist groups are gaining strength in France, the United Kingdom, Austria, Denmark, Sweden and Greece.” -hmm apart from paid dudes which are ordered to make a mess I see only smart partriots of certain country, fighting for normal living, oposing Merkel cruel orders and “we welcome you” strategy.
    “These movements are rabidly xenophobic, racist, Islamophobic and homophobic.Immigrants are condemned as diseased, painted as rapists and excoriated for supposedly having barbaric religious practices.” -duuddee trying to cover the truth as those people are doing it for real! cut the rightness of politic and open your eye: citizen died in attacks, were bullied, raped and treatened, their car was burn, were chased out of certain country zones coz isla;m dudes decided to make country district their own.

    As a Polish I will repeat. Do not write something which isn’t true -this is propaganda against our country.

  • Eyton Shalom

    I am a Jew. Leaving aside whether Gross’s books are accurate or not, your gross oversimplification, and misrepresentation of Poland’s record in WW2 is morally reprehensible and historically ignorant. No country collaborated LESS with the Germans than Poland. No people suffered MORE at the hands of the German’s than Jews, Roma, and Polish Catholics.

    To remind you, there were NO Polish SS, while there WERE Dutch, English, Belgian, and Bosnian SS. There wer NO POLISH CONCENTRATION CAMP guards, while there were Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, and Ukranian guards. The Lithuanians and Rumanians began slaughtering their Jews BEFORE the Nazis got there, en mass. The Poles did not? The word Pogrom is a Russian word, not a Polish one. There is a reason for that. Poland was the ONLY country with an active ‘save the Jews” program, Zygoda, and the Polish Home Army was the most effective resistence movment, far more so than the romanticized French resistance. And while the French totally ignored their role in the Shoah, in the post war (when was Klaus Barbie brought to justice?) including the famous work of the French police force in rounding up Jews for the Nazis, see: Drancy, AHEAD of the Nazis, the Poles have done lots of self examination. And painful as it is to use the word collaboration and complicity, let’s also look closely at the role of the hated Jewish Police in the Warsaw ghetto (see: Ringleblum). You can whitewash the role of the Jewish police by referring to the pressure they were under to try to save themselves and their families at the cost of the lives of other Jews, but when in Poland ALONE, to save a single Jew meant the risk of the Germans slaughtering your entire extended family (compare with Holland, where the civil service assisted the Nazis with nordic efficiency, or in Denmark where the famous rescue of the nations tiny number of Jews was done with great financial profit for the fisherman heroes, or look to see how the family who hid Anne Frank were punished, were they killed? NO!) And to save a single Jew in Poland took a dozen rescuers, each of whom was in turn doing that knowing if they were caught the Germans would slaughter their grandparents and grandchildren as well as cousins….

    No one says there were not antisemites in Poland then or now. But more than in France or Russia? No way. Probably not now either. The issue is that there were 3 million Jews in Poland, 10% of the population, so of course there were more antisemitic incidents to report.. Factor in the nature of Nationalism, and the fact that Jews were over represented in the Stalinist regime that also committed genocide in Poland, and the situation becomes even more complex. Its also true that in Poland Jews, in the main, WERE a separate nation, demanding rights that would have been a threat to the idea of setting up a Polish state for the first time in hundreds of years after Poland had been carved up by Germany, Russian, and the Dual Monarchy. It did not help that the bulk of Jews in the villages, esp the Litvaks, spoke a Germanic language, Yiddish, and did not even speak fluent Polish. Many also spoke Russian as a second language, which was one of the two languages of the oppressors of Poles….So its more complicated, the history.

    About the current fascism, that is a different matter. But clearly, see Bispuski on Hollywood’s war with Poland, there has been a demonization of Poland in the USA from before the war….that involves both a kind of familial dispute (see the bitter vitriol online between Ukranians and Poles) and also the left wing pro-Stalin orientation of many screen writers and even the FDR govt for both ideological and real politik reasons.

  • Miip

    This article claims supposed barbaric practices of Islam. There is nothing supposed about it! Yes, it is true: Islam is barbaric whereby, rape is legal under sharia law in every Muslim country as well as females do not have any rights and they worship a pedophile prophet by the name of Mohamed who married a 6 yr. old girl named Aisha! They believe in many wives and female genital mutilation and the marrying of little girls in Muslim countries. They are networked together around the world for a global caliphate (whereby Islam rules over all) between the majority Sunni and Shia factions along with Saudi Arabia aiding this spread by the building of mosque and the training of religious leaders to spread the Salifast interpretation of Islam. Then there is the Muslim Brotherhood networked in the United States and abroad. Iran is on a path to dominate as well with the same kind of radical Islam. This new uprising of Islam has been going on for years now with the wars that have been perpetuated by the United States in the Middle East that has helped spur a crisis whereby the Muslims are literally marching in to Europe and the sycophant EU who are not even a democratically governed body take it upon themselves to DICTATE to each European country that they must take in the Muslim population. Islam is FASCISM! All one has to do is look at what is happening in parts of Europe like in Britain, Germany, Sweden and France and see what has happened with the push for Islamic sharia law by Muslims and the raping of non Muslim females, the honor killings, the intimidation for not covering yourself in a Muslim neighborhood. The Muslims prove themselves to be creating a parallel society and for political domination. There birth rate is higher. They are on the path of out populating non Muslim populations and will surly turn in to a totalitarian oppressive Nazified regime because of Islam! Poland knows very well what is going on and that is why they do not want Islam in their country and I do not blame them. Leave them the hell alone! What right do have to push a people who are tyrannical and for total submission, rape and mutilation of the female. The author of this article is ignorant of Islam and of it’s destructive nature and intent on a none Muslim society. They have proven not to assimilate to the lands they go to but instead want to conquer them. Let them stay in their own lands. Stop with your unfair criticism of those who are polish who do not want the ideology of Islam foisted upon them!….. The left wing mainstream media have been ignorant and out and out right liars about it’s defense for Islam! They actually think they can change people who are have been brainwashed to follow Islam in their Mosque…. They are mistaken. Very few leave Islam…..”One Hour Compilation of how Islam is Ruining Europe” and America…….

    Taqiyya – Lying For Islam…..

    Britain: A woman in a mosque in Britain teaches the children to kill the un-believers when there are more them than the non believers!……

  • Robal

    Hahahahah, wystarczyl jeden artykul zeby objawila sie prowincjonalnosc i kompleksy pewnej czesci Polakow. Prawica, tradycjonalisci, konserwatysci czy raczej prawdziwi patrioci oderzwali sie sila jednego. I to z takim animuszem, ze o malo co a serwer WP mogl wysiasc. Gdyby tacy ludzie byli caly czas u wladzy ( jak swiat dlugi i szeroki ), do dzisiaj chyba jezdzilibysmy konno do pracy. Bohaterowie narodu zwalczaja ” antypolakow” poniewaz ci opowiadaja sie sie za wymazywaniem bialych plam z historii Polski, traktuja Kosciol Katolicki jak kazda inna instytucje a nie jak jedyna wyrocznie czy tez czuja sie zrezygnowani, kiedy TVP czy inne “powazne” ramiona mass mediow, znowu przypominaja o rzekomym zamachu nad Smolensknim niebem. Po prostu, zyja w XXI-m wieku, w samym sercu Europy. Polowa D.C. juz sie smieje, ze pewnym Polakom wystarczy pomachac palcem a Ci blyskawicznie beda gotowi, nawet na walke wrecz aby tylko postawic na swoim. Przeciez w Polsce nikt i nigdy haniebnie nie postapil. Sloma z butow brzmi przy tym jak eufemizm. Kloccie sie dalej oszolomy.