The 1 Percent’s Useful Idiots

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  • andrew1212

    There were about 800 Bernie delegates who weren’t very happy at the DNC convention on Tuesday–because they were never let in:

    Tony Brasunas on Twitter: “Yes, confirmed. ALL 700-800 Bernie state
    volunteers barred from open convention tonight. Hillary’s all to be

    • Brockland A.T.

      The scary thing is all the other Democrats – Hilary neocon partisans – who not only allowed this to happen, but actively support it.

  • Brockland A.T.

    Generally a good article, but globalist crony capitalism is not capitalism.

    Genuine liberal capitalist thought railed against monopoly, which is what crony capitalism is, and also against government interventions on market forces, which the TPP most definitely is, being a maximal government restraint on the consumer.

    The government’s primary duty is to enforce the free market; the TPP impedes government ability to do so.

    The trouble with leftists like Hedges is that, although often irreligious, anticapitalist leftists share rightist religious Apocalypse sentiment insofar as the system must totally collapse for the savior of communist central planning to come forth and reign.

    • andrew1212

      Chris Hedges went to Harvard Divinity School and spent quite a lot of time outside the US as he worked for The New York Times as a Middle East correspondent.

      …as for a “free market” who was it that said: “The more laws a society has, the more corrupt it is.”
      Last I checked the USA had 80,000 pages of federal tax code.

      • Brockland A.T.

        Argumentum ad verecundiam doesn’t excuse getting basic economic theory wrong. Crony capitalism is a form of monopoly, and monopoly is the villain of classic liberal economics.

        So… a smaller tax code wouldn’t be an expression of smaller government in liberal capitalist thought? Government only needs to be big enough to protect the free market from corruption.

        An objective definition of the free market recognizes the primacy of the consumer to make free informed choices. Which the TPP denies.

        • Sarastro92

          “Crony capitalism is a form of monopoly, and monopoly is the villain of classic liberal economics”… tell it to the capitalists…alas , monopoly capitalism is the inevitable outcome of Anglo-American style capitalism… there is no utopian version of capitalism.

    • Joze

      Crony capitalism is not capitalism … maybe. But then, Soviet style communism is not a communism either, but hey, that is what we’ve got.

      After the socialist/communist rule in [any EE-country] was dismantled, yesterday’s high ranking communists became overnight #1 capitalists. Has nothing to do with communism, capitalism, or their personal belief. It is just that, given enough time, this kind of people surfaces to the top. Different system, different subset of them [this type of people, that is], but the same kind.

      Hence, liberal capitalism is as much a unicorn as whatever Lenin dreamt about.

      • Brockland A.T.

        Crony capitalism and resultant economic collapse is seen by Marxists as the inevitable end to liberal capitalism – which is demonstrably obvious.

        Its objectionable, however, to want collapse to happen and try and make it happen to make way for an uproven utopian ideal. This seems to be a driving force in leftists today; trying to ensure capitalism is given enough rope to hang itself.

        The point was that liberal capitalism combined with liberal democratic controls can theoretically stave off the inevitable, not unlike how healthy living can theoretically prolong life and quality of life. Its not a guarantee of political immortalty.

        In the long run, we’re all dead. Its all in the quality and nobility of life for all.

        • Joze

          You can certainly try, and you will fail. People will *always* attempt to help the offsprings, and this will ultimately result in corruption.

          Within constrainst of the concept of “having” as we have it today, crony (capitalism/communism/something) is the endpoint.

          • Brockland A.T.

            Are the elites truly helping their offspring in killing the world over the long term? Or are they just seeking their own validation?

            Through the lens of mental illness they may very well hate their spoiled-rotten little spawn. Or hate them for not being spoiled, as the case may now and then be; little riles the corrupt more than an incorruptable’s failure to validate corruption and ‘respect’ the ‘sacrifice’.

            The traditional left-right paradigm has always been recognized as false by libertarians. The reality is, the X-plane of the right and Y-plane of the left is crossed by the the Z-plane of freedom. Try and envision a three dimensional graph rather than the traditional cartesian plane. For some reason the political compass is envisioned in two dimensions, which is inadequate for complex systems.




            Another fundamental error the liberty-minded make, is to define democracy as a separate form of government on a scale from monarchy through republic to anarchy. Its not. Democracy is in essence, a group decision making process used by all forms of government. The only question is, who gets the franchise and how is the franchise regulated.

            Oligarchy would restrict the decision making franchise to those who qualify as oligarchs; republic would restrict the franchise to whomever can enforce the rule of law. The more abstract agency of republic is naturally disadvantaged against the direct agency of oligarchy, but usually an empowered group of people (even if one person is particularly empowered) makes the calls.

            One of the better reference videos, to be taken with the above abridgement.


            The political compass certainly generates a fair amount of debate, particularly over political labels. Many of the labels developed over the years have been made under the uni-dimensional left-right spectrum, blind to the z-axis.


            Western science is stuck on linear progression. All natural systems tend to operate in cycles of was and wane. The political economic system is likely cyclical.

            The end of a cycle may be crony capitalism, but its not necessarily the end; not the natural, stable, and permanent condition of capitalism. In fact the convolutions of the current political situation, appears to be a desperate attempt to sustain crony capitalism against natural forces demanding its dissolution, but also, like a game pf psycho musical chairs, to jockey for lead position in an anticipated, but perhaps not yet defined, renewal.

        • ICFubar

          The economic collapse for many in the west already arrived twenty or more years ago as economic apartheid under neo-liberal policy advances globally. For others around the world there never has been anything other than exploitation under capitalism.

          Too many seem to be stuck mentally, internalizing a system of human organization that has changed little over the last twelve thousand years or so. Today it has morphed from the last paradigm, feudalism, to be epitomized by the capitalist pyramid we see today, all based on an assumption of scarcity. Starvation of all manner of body and soul in the midst of plenty. While I believe capitalism is a strong factor pushing human economic dynamics it can be antithesis to human nature and morality when controlled and run solely for the benefit of the owners of capital. Capitalism is by its very nature an unstable system which if left in the hands of those who understand its nature and seek to enrich themselves at the expense of others by using capitalism’s intricacies, unfettered, then we reap the whirlwind.

          • Brockland A.T.

            Whirlwind, huh? That’s just air… oh, w8… Trump…

            Curiously, obesity has been reliably related to malnutrition.


            The qualitative spiritual/emotional deficits of capitalism expressed as excess and empty compulsive consumption mirror those of the individual body starved of essential micronutrients and becoming addicted to carbs, sugars, salts, and fats. Its a remarkable intersection of individual and en-masse biology and psychology.


            Essentially the person is fooled into self-destructive behavior trying to fill a qualitative void. Once the system is understood, it can be gamed as any other natural system.

          • ICFubar

            I always enjoy your comments as you see through the many veils that obstruct the individual and by extension human kind from achieving that which our species must attain as the natural consequence of our being. Cheers.

    • Peanutzdad

      Good luck getting your “genuine liberal capitalist thought” instituted anywhwere in a sustainable way. Next brilliant idea?

  • Lynn Walker

    I’ve always respected Hedges work, but I’m getting the opinion from this article that he may have actually bought into the Bernie revolution, something I would have considered him too intelligent to fall for.

    Everyone should be clear on this point: Sanders was/is a shill for Wall Street from the very beginning of his campaign, and if you didn’t catch that fact you weren’t really paying close enough attention. I do specifically mean shill, Sanders talks tough about the banks but his talk dances around the key issue, a deliberate act of protection for the banks. Sanders said he would break up the big banks. If anyone thinks that solves the issue please review past breakups and what the companies did after the breakups. The point isn’t that the banks shouldn’t be “too big too fail”. That’s a straw man argument. There is no legitimate reason why one group of people deserve the privilege of creating money – counterfeiting, a crime when done by anyone else. Which is just to say that banks must be dissolved. Banking has one purpose, to steal the productive fruits of every person on earth. There is no other reason for their existence. When Sanders, Warren and the other phony progressive politicians start talking about making banking illegal and putting an end to fiat money then you may begin to consider them human and humane. Until then they serve the interests of the wicked and degenerate only. Every politician is as wicked as degenerate as the financial fraudsters who bought them off.

    • Marycbianco4

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    • ICFubar

      Hedges has condemned Sanders as a faux progressive and just as venal as the rest of the sycophant politicians that infest Washington for as long as I can remember. At about the 3.50 minute mark he begins his speech to the Orange county Greens with a short remark on Sanders that gives us his opinion on Sanders. While I’m not in full agreement with Hedges on many issues he does have the basics generally correct if not a complete view of the extent of neo-liberal globalist machinations.

  • Pierre Marlais

    Sanders is old and tired, and he was acting on behalf of his grandchildren. HRC and her people promised him they would not harm them if he followed orders. He’s now a supplicant to the criminal oligarchy but at least his grandchildren are alive. He still had things to lose so he decided to buy time for future generations. Many Americans have nothing left to lose and they’ll pursue revolution in their own individual or collective ways. Things will get much uglier in the US and world after 2017 regardless of the election results this November. That’s about as plausible an explanation as any other one out there.

  • Zap

    This guy Hedges is a Soros sock puppet, he proved that with his recent article on Poland. He is just another globalist banker moll.

  • Phyllis Johnston

    Bernie’s plan should he not have gotten the nomination was to continue the fight which I’m sure he will. Any change does not happen overnight. It will take time and things will happen. You can leave this country if you feel it is doomed or you can stay and try to change the things that you don’t like. And it doesn’t have to be violent change it should be peaceful change. Because violence never changes anything.

  • Jess

    Excuse me? Bernie DID NOT give Clinton his vote by Acclamation. I would suggest that when you write articles be at least accurate. Good grief. No wonder the people are pissed with Berns. Another Washington Post BS story.

  • PatBryanTX2

    You don’t follow the news much, eh?