The Sniper Shooting in Dallas Was Both Murder and Blowback

By Dan Sanchez,

Five police officers were killed and six were injured in Dallas yesterday when snipers opened fire during a protest of the recent police killings of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling. This mass shooting was a despicable act of murder.

It was also blowback.

“Blowback” is a term generally reserved for foreign policy. It refers to the reverberating ill effects of foreign interventions. Ron Paul famously and persuasively characterized the 9/11 attacks as blowback from decades of US warfare and imperialism in the Greater Middle East.

In the 1980s, American support for the anti-Soviet Mujahideen in Afghanistan helped lay the groundwork for what would become Osama bin Laden’s jihadist network, Al Qaeda. And in the 1990s, further US interventions in the Middle East spurred the jihadis to turn on their former sponsors and to wage a terrorist war on the west that culminated in the attacks on September 11, 2001.

The outrage elicited by those attacks provided cover for a massive US-led war for the Greater Middle East that rages to this day. That Long War has only served to plummet the entire region into chaos and carnage, which has caused the number of jihadis and would-be terrorists to grow exponentially. As a result, western civilians continue to suffer blowback in the form of terror attacks in San Bernardino, Orlando, Paris, Brussels, etc. These attacks are fueling Islamophobia and driving calls for further violence and repression against Muslims.

Collective Punishment

The motor of this spinning cycle of reciprocal bloodshed is collectivism. Seeing fellows attacked prompts fear and anger. Fear and anger focused by the lens of reason pinpoints individual offenders for the delivery of justice. But refracted through the lens of collectivism and primal reaction, fear and anger disperses into indiscriminate terror and hate, which scatters to cover whole populations who are ascribed collective guilt and prescribed collective punishment.

This collective punishment of innocents then prompts fear and anger among the targeted population. If they too are afflicted with collectivism, some of them will also succumb to terror and hate, which will be expressed in retaliatory indiscriminate violence: blowback. This collectivist retaliation begets further collectivist retaliation, and the cycle of violence spins out of control.

The Home Front

But this phenomenon is by no means restricted to international affairs. It can characterize civil unrest as well. Again, what we saw yesterday in Dallas was, if not something even more diabolical, blowback.

The American people feel under siege. Different populations feel besieged by different forces. Black Americans especially have suffered decades of persecution by the American “justice” system: police brutality and harassment, mass incarceration, being nickel-and-dimed by tickets and fines, etc. And especially since the summer of 2014, they have been seeing a litany of viral photos and videos of black Americans having been gunned down, throttled, and broken by the police.

This violence too is driven by collectivism. Law enforcement officers are granted an exceptional status in society: a special dispensation to mete out violence with impunity. This caste privilege has instilled deep tribalism in many police officers, which is amplified by training and police union propaganda. Cops are trained to be obsessed with “officer safety” and to effectively treat those outside the “blue tribe” (whom they ostensibly “protect and serve”) as an enemy population: as if every American they detain is a potential quick-draw gunman ready to shoot them down in a millisecond. This paranoia, combined with the impunity of the badge, is what makes an encounter with the police so potentially lethal: especially for black civilians.

Take the collectivism of “blue” tribalism explained above and add, for some individuals, the collectivism of racial terror (irrational, hateful prejudice that every black male is a potential super-predator), and you begin to understand the epidemic of police violence against American blacks.

Hate and Terror

This police violence has elicited thoroughly justified fear and anger. Virtually all of this emotional response has expressed itself in peaceful protest, led by the Black Lives Matter movement.

However, for some already-unstable individuals, it can boil over into terror, hate, and indiscriminate violence: blowback. Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley was filled with hate when he killed two off-duty NYPD officers in 2014 following the killing of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. So was whoever killed five police officers in Dallas yesterday following the killing of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling.

True justice is always individual and never collective. Badges do not grant extra rights, but neither do they negate the human rights of officers. Victims of police violence have a right to protect themselves from current attacks with proportional defensive force against actual perpetrators. They or their heirs also have a right to secure restitution from the specific individuals who violated their rights. But collectivist “retribution” is neither defense nor restitution.

Just as international terrorism is often blowback from international war and occupation, the sniper attack on cops in Dallas yesterday was blowback from American police acting as a domestic army of occupation. And just as the victims of terror attacks do not deserve to be killed for the crimes of war-making politicians, the victims of yesterday’s shootings did not deserve to be killed for the crimes of other cops.

Collectivist retaliatory violence is not justice. It is despicable warfare and murder. That does not change the fact that refraining from collectivist violence is not only the right thing to do, but is also the best way to avoid collectivist retaliatory violence: that is, to avoid blowback. We are not “blaming the victim” when we counsel a foreign policy of peace. It is not only right; it is also the best way to be safe from terrorism. Neither is it “blaming the victim” to counsel a domestic policy of justice. It is not only right; it is also the best way to be safe from civil unrest and domestic terrorism.

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  • Bob

    The blowback scenario for 911 is only valid if you believe Al Qaeda was behind it. And if you think they rigged the buildings with explosives I have a bridge to sell you.

    • Brockland A.T.

      Blowback in the classic sense means the people being victimized bite back unexpectedly.

      Blowback in the postmodern sense means blowback is accounted for a part of the disinfo plan (ie.: DAESH made by CIA)

      In this case, the official Dallas narrative is that after years of propagandizing white on black violence, a black man decided to shoot back proactively against whites and white cops.

      In reality, its as open season on whites as it is on blacks and other minorities; its just that middle and upper class whites still have some social protection from the militarization of the police.

      Whites die to police at a high rate as well; its just a bit more vicious for blacks because they are more likely to be economically disadvantaged and appearing middle class is not necessarily a protection the way it is for whites.

      These shootings are a convenient diversion from Indict Hilary; since 2012 blacks die at a reliable rate of two per week; it would be easy enough for a handful of national news directors at the various MSM networks to cherry pick the worst to highlight.

      So it is blowback in the post-modern sense of the word blowback; real yet contrived by the same Deep State actors determined not to let a crisis go to waste.

    • wunsacon

      More than one group can be “behind” something, making multiple incomplete narratives “true”.

      I imagine bona fide patsies improve the credibility of the false flag and thus the success of any plan. I imagine the patsies are encouraged to believe their group is the prime or, preferably, sole mover.

  • Charlie Primero

    If only there were some way to overcome this natural human instinct to collectivize into mutually-beneficial social groups.

    Tell us how to successfully ignore or circumvent human nature. The Soviets couldn’t do it, but you can, yes?

    • Brockland A.T.

      Eh what? … Human nature is basically good; the problem is the successful circumvention and ignoring of human nature, and conditioning us to be nasty, brutish and short-sighted.

      Everything is rigged to benefit the sociopaths and psychopaths among us, who are not the norm of human nature.

  • Jul 8, 2016 Dallas Ambush Follows Pattern of Provocateured False Flags

    In February 2014 paramilitary snipers (later identified as Gladio operatives) opened fire on protestors and police forces in Ukraine, escalating the crisis and putting the final nail in the coffin of Yanukovych’s rule. In March 2011 the “spontaneous democratic protest” in Daraa led to carnage as trained snipers killed seven policemen, escalating the crisis and launching the five-year long devestation of Syria. In July 2016 unidentified snipers opened fire at an otherwise peaceful protest in Dallas, potentially sparking America’s next civil war. Do you see a pattern?

    • Brockland A.T.

      Yes; the Maidan snipers shot at both sides at once triggering an immediate revolt.

      In Dallas only one side was shot at, indicating a more well-thought out strategy based on the routine killing of blacks by police designed to torpedo public morale and solidarity against state violence against all races.

      If middle class whites ever figured out they aren’t as safe as they think they are, effective democratic action might be taken.

  • ICFubar

    Is Sanchez afraid to call it like it is? Bin Laden was one of many recruited by the CIA when they began using Islamic political and religious idealists in their machinations. Al Qaeda being the CIA file name, meaning in Arabic literally “the file”, for the multitude of jihadists groups they were supporting against the Soviets, who were giving their support to the democratically elected progressive socialist government then in Afghanistan. The CIA used the same Islamic groups in Kosovo and this habit of using these groups by the CIA became a fixture in their operations. We see this same multitude of Islamic groups still today, still operating under CIA control in Syria, still doing the same dirty war under they same cover.

    On the American domestic front, from the Oklahoma Murrah bombing through 9/11/2001 and to the Orlando event and many more before and to come, I believe that these have all been orchestrated for political expedience and for the manipulation of public consensus in favor of instigating political agenda sought by the ruling Apex Elites. Herding the public if you will, while at the same time utterly confusing and dividing the public along fault lines by propaganda and disinformation programs on a massive scale as unprecedented in history. So not blowback but blowforward.

    • You are spot on target ICFubar!

    • Brockland A.T.

      Contrived blowback is still blowback; Sanchez isn’t that far off.

      Few Americans know the difference between simple plurality, winnier-take-all elections and proportional representation; democracy loving they may be, but ill-informed as to how democracy can best serve them.

      Proportional representation – an idea whose time has come.

    • marley engvall

      ‘…dividing the public along fault lines by propaganda” That is beautifully phrased, and describes exactly what is happening to the ‘truth’ community. The shootings and the hoaxes are getting weirder and more frequent, and I find myself having to just ignore all of it. Who knows what is real or fake anymore.

      It is time for us to stand against the American terror state.
      9/11 was a big ugly lie, and everybody knows it.
      Please join me in September.

      • ICFubar

        Your comment reminds me of the quote attributed to William Casey when CIA chief…..”We will know we our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes [is true] is false.

        Is that you in the first photo, rather dark, with what looks like a Fender Tele? Pete Seeger used a banjo with the inscription “This machine surrounds hate and Forces it to Surrender”

        I live way out west but if circumstance should find me in New York I’ll stand there physically with you. If not I will be there in spirit.

  • Brockland A.T.

    The sniper shooting immediately followed the murders of two black Americans by police, however, its not necessarily about them; it was about removing Indict Hilary from the headlines. With black men shot at a rate of two per week, making these cases national stories all at once is a ready-made headline reset, but also an almost guaranteed trigger to violence.

    With the year half over, ~182 days, so far 123-136 blacks have been shot by police in 2016, below average. This is not necessarily a reflection of better policing but of less reportage since people began paying attention. Despite repeated legislative attempts to get national stats on police shootings, there has been no compliance.

    All reportage now relies upon civilian efforts and police shootings can elude the counts simply by not being reported by regional news.

    Still, its important to remember, these police killings are routine. It happens all the time. They should be covered, but there seems to be an alternative motive in the MSM for suddenly playing this up; it takes Indict Hilary out of the headlines. Never let a good crisis go to waste, after all.

    In the meantime the State Department has re-opened its investigation into Hilary’s mishandling of emails.

    The FBI continues to investigate Hilary and the Clinton Foundation for influence peddling.

    • wehaveseenthisb4

      “Hilary represents a massive 30-year investment of political capital; tens of billions of dollars and favours owed, all to be cashed in her presumptive Presidency, and it will not be spent in favour of blacks.” Spot on.

  • JosephConrad

    MUSLIMS had nothing to do with 9/11. Cheney, Bush, the NEOCONS, the CIA, MI6, Mossad and Saudis did the deed. Osoma & SADDAM Had Zip To Do With It !


    • MrLiberty

      But were the government story true (and nobody should think it is), it still does support the inevitable consequences of US foreign policy in the middle east over the past 100+ years. Sadly, most Americans NEVER want to believe in the concept that the bully actually deserves what he has coming. It makes for good movies and TV, and makes good PSA’s when talking about cyber bullying, but when it comes to acknowledging that your government and your military are global bullies that have directly and indirectly caused the deaths of several million people throughout the middle east since oil was discovered there (the root cause of course), nobody ever wants to face that truth or possibly understand why the folks who have been picked on/murdered, would ever want revenge (or be deserving of that right). I can’t help but wonder sometimes if it comes from the Christian concept of absolution – namely that you can do whatever you want and get absolution for your actions. And that somehow that absolution means that nobody should ever want to get revenge for your actions. Whatever the reason, Americans need to grow up and realize that actions against others have consequences (not that violence is appropriate).

  • Dottie Derewicz

    I use to read this blog, but not anymore. I mean what kind of insanity to say that the Dallas shootings were blow back. It is the Marxist agenda..If you can’t see that then you need to get out of the writing business because evidently you aren’t looking at the facts..geez. Now I don’t have any regrets not reading this paper anymore..

    • A Marxist agenda is the opposite of what’s happening: a fascist corporate takeover of the government, and wealthy elites. Marxism is the exact opposite. I don’t get when people say it’s Marxism. Can you expand on exactly how this is Communism?

  • marley engvall

    The story of multiple shooters becoming ‘a lone gunman in Dallas,’ reminds me of another violent tragedy from a few years back- November 22, 1963. These isolated violent incidents are impossible to study, and therefore anything that could satisfactorily be called ‘objective truth,’ impossible to ascertain.

    In the case of 9/11, however, the official narrative is demonstrably false. 9/11 was a big ugly lie, and everybody knows it. Thermite is present in all World Trade Center dust.

    If you have read this far into my comment, please join me outside the World Trade Center PATH station in September. I begin a hunger strike there on 9/11, and hope to end it, along with the 9/11 myth, as quickly as possible.