The Problem with Chanting “USA”

These were instructions passed around during the last night of the Wells Fargo Arena Anti-Russia Don’t-Say-TPP Call-It-Debt-Free-College-Not-Free-College Democratic Party Extravaganza. Noise Makers were deployed. Lights could be switched off on people as needed. Delegates were prevented from walking out. And chants like “Black Lives Matter” and “Love Is Love” were joined in by the corporatists.

However, if you chanted “Ban Fracking Now,” they would chant “Hillary” back at you, as if having Hillary as their beloved leader was better than banning fracking. Also if you chanted “Stop TPP” or “Walk the Walk” you’d be greeted by screams of “Hillary!”

But what if you shouted “No More War”? Wouldn’t they join in and try to own that one? Don’t Christmas decorations even today still sometimes say “Peace on Earth”? Didn’t Tim Kaine pretend in his speech that Woodrow Wilson was a peace maker? Doesn’t the Pentagon claim that it kills people for peace? Wouldn’t trying to shout down opposition to war be a step too far even for a pro-fracking, pro-corporate-trade, cult of personality?

The response of USA has got to be the worst choice they could have gone with. The poison of nationalism/patriotism is the driving force behind support for mass-murder expeditions. It turns clever shouts into mindless obedience.

Shout this over and over again, out loud: Hey You Ass Hey You Ass Hey You Ass Hey. Not the nicest thing to scream at a retired four-star mass-murderer, but still less repulsive than USA, USA, USA. This was supposed to be a convention marketing a candidate, an incredibly unpopular candidate, as the anti-fascist. Instead it became the convention of militarism, bluster, and blind loyalty to the god of war.

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  • A very good article Mr. Swanson. Jul 28, 2016 USA: Sanders supporters continue to protest in DNC despite Clinton’s nomination

    A group of Bernie Sanders delegates staged a protest inside Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center on the final day of the Democratic National Convention, Thursday. Scores of supporters worse glow-in-the-dark T-shirts, held protest signs and shouted during the speeches.

  • Kansas_Voter

    The people who support Hillary really are sickening.

  • ‘No more war!’ will be a good chant to use at Ground Zero in September. If you follow the 9/11 truth movement to its logical conclusion, the result is a radical curtailment of the military-industrial complex. Outside of the context of 9/11 truth, the chant ‘No more war!’ is akin to ‘Meat is murder!’ — some people will agree with the sentiment, but many will not. In the context of 9/11 falsehood, many will adhere to the basic premise that the Big American Death Machine protects us from Islamic Fundamentalism, but it all falls flat when we acknowledge the free-fall of WTC 7. The peace movement will continue to be completely ineffectual if pacifists cannot be bothered to look at 9/11 evidence.

    please join me in september.
    no more war.

  • USA_objector

    Wow, this is amazing insight. So this is total counter-programming to the Sanders delegates. Once again, this is the DNC conspiring against the Sanders faithful . . . no? Um, they had some infiltrators to come up with this list . . . no? Thank you David for putting this out there.

  • Brockland A.T.

    The Democrats were only projecting their fascist fantasies on Trump.

    Its not that crooked Kilary supporters can’t tell the difference between fascism and democracy, its that they yearn for fascism for themselves. That’s what it means to be exceptional.