Legalized Murder and the Politics of Terror

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  • Brockland A.T.

    The discrete steps being?

    Ending the War on Drugs is essential for dismantling the prison industrial complex. However, the legalization of marijuana, an important first step, is proceeding at a glacial pace.

    Requiring the police carry professional liability insurance would help weed out the bully cops. Few if any have ever heard of this remedy.

    Great article and all, but it has that ‘ivory tower’ quality insofar as neoliberalism isn’t understood in terms of discrete remedies.

    • Yesenia Alston

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    • Tobara

      The current social discontent taken place in America is merely a distraction from the upcoming currency crisis (or GLOBAL RESET) caused primordially by China’s Renminbi ascension as a reserve currency, starting officially on 10/01/2016.

      “People as uninformed and as gullible as Americans have no future. Americans are a dead people that history is about to run over.”
      Dr. Paul Craig Roberts – Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy during the Reagan Administration.

  • wildeyedliberal

    “Neoliberalism, like all utopian ideologies, requires the banishment of
    empathy. The inability to feel empathy is the portal to an evil often
    carried out in the name of progress. A world without empathy rejects as
    an absurdity the call to love your neighbor as yourself. It elevates the
    cult of the self. It divides the world into winners and losers. It
    celebrates power and wealth. Those who are discarded by the corporate
    state, especially poor people of color, are viewed as life unworthy of

    Recent drug work suggests that Tylenol (acetaminophen) and other NSAIDs destroy empathy. Interesting, eh? And use is almost ubiquitous.

    So is there any solution other than insurrection and a redo of the cycle of wealth consolidation and oppression? Are we wiser because of the sophistication of our mental constructs? Will our sophistry keep us fed? (Answer sheet – No.)

    Are we trapped by biology? (Turn to the back of the book to see the answer – Yes.)

    Will the desire for there to be an up-welling – an outburst of good vibes – of good feeling and community, and heroic action leading to positive outcome to all this, be adequate to channel events to some positive outcome?

    Do you really need an answer sheet for this one?

  • Jackie

    When these leftists learn, and they wont!
    You take LE on in the court room, not on the street!! It’s just that simple. Chances are they’ll run have a Leftist Judge acting as a 5th Column anyway.
    You get stopped, it’s yes sir , yes ma’am. It’s politeness, it’s co-operation. Even if it’s a SOB cop. All the more reason to be polite and co-operative!!
    It’s not “I know my rights”, “you can’t do that” or worse.
    Simply put, ya wanna be confrontational, show your constitutional prowess, show off you lawyerin skills, Do IT !!,in the GD Courtroom.
    It ain’t rocket science.

    OUT, i’ve had enough of this Radical, Leftist, Activist crap.