Chomsky on Noble Intentions, Self-Deception, and Relation to Acts of State Terror like Iraq Invasion

Clip from Chomsky interview with Professor of Anthropology and Biological Sciences at Rutgers, Robert Trivers.

Full interview.

We may also draw analogies between liberal-intellectual rationalizations for mass murder by state and those given by executives at companies pushing and selling harmful products like junk food and tobacco, which may be the number one and number two leading causes of death in the US, respectively.

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  • Kilomon

    Noam Chomsky = Zionist shill + controlled opposition leader

    Chomsky always avoid to discuss about Israel’s involvement on 9/11 (specially the collapse of Building 7).

  • kimyo

    i only made it 5-10 minutes into that video. it’s hard to respect chomsky any more.

    a team wired the buildings to come down on 9/11. it’s certainly possible that they weren’t aware that the buildings were to be brought down with people inside. however, someone, a planner, certainly knew this, and chose that path because the spectacle would be more effective with actual victims.

    likewise, fdr, keeping commanders in the dark re: pearl harbor, to achieve his ends, he needed dead soldiers.

    chomsky seems almost to forgive such actions, comparing them to the acts of a child fighting with a sibling. i wish i could respect him, but his position is reprehensible and fails to acknowledge the extent of the evil which animates cheney, clinton, bush, obama, fdr…..