Attempted Coup in Turkey Must Be Denounced

There should be no equivocation. The answer to Turkey’s problems is not a military coup against an elected government and a return to decades of military dictatorship. The Turkish people pouring out on the streets to resist the military are not only Erdogan supporters, and they are inspiring in their courage.

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  • slorter

    Agree I don’t like coups either people get hurt and democratically elected governments should prevail, however the deposed leader did contribute to the events that have unfolded!

  • ShankyS

    We need a coup in the US.

    • Gorman

      Americans are obese and lazy (a breed slothful people); they believe that revolutions are handled from a comfortable couch in the living room, watching cable television while eating a double whopper and drinking a large soda.

      • Brockland A.T.

        Don’t knock a double whopper and large soda ’till you’ve tried it. Don’t forget the fries; although BK does better onion rings the tiny serving makes them a rip-off.

    • Brockland A.T.

      Coups and revolutions are fought by the ballot in Western democracies. The whole point was to avoid bloodshed and polarizing and weakening of the nation in real terms of lost lives and wrecked infrastructure.

      Trump 2016.

      Or Jill Stein 2016.

      Indict Hilary.

  • Randa Jaza

    Apparently the coup has failed. Dang. I was really hoping for a change in Turkey.

    I understand this “coup” crap was arranged by Erdogan. Another false flag. Yawn.

  • slorter

    Don’t be surprised if the coup was staged to beef up his position!

    • Brabantian

      Exactly … ZeroHedge argues that Turkey’s events were “increasingly likely a self-orchestrated coup” by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, in other words a ‘false flag coup’, which was

      « all that Erdogan will need to further cement his ruthless, authoritarian grasp over the country, which this morning began with the cleansing of all judges and prosecutors even remotely critical of the ‘president.’ »

      Within hours of the collapse of the ‘coup’ –
      – 2,745 judges (!) across Turkey, viewed as opposed to Erdogan, have been dismissed by the Turkish ‘Judges & Prosecutors High Council’
      – 10 members of Turkey’s highest Administrative Court have been arrested, & also high Constitutional Court member Alparslan Altan
      – Arrest warrants were issued for a further 140 Appeals Court members & 48 Administrative Court members
      – Turkish Air Force head Akin Ozturk has been arrested & charged with treason, and about 3,000 other military personnel have been arrested

      So, « As of right now, Erdogan has removed the two last hurdles on his way to absolute, supreme power: holdouts in Turkey’s judicial branch and in the army » notes ZeroHedge, adding:

      « The path forward for Erdogan – now left with no domestic opposition whatsoever – is all too clear

      The planning, organization and implementation of the attempted military overthrow were suspect at best and outright laughable at worst … When military coups take place in the middle-east, they succeed on virtually every occasion. But not this one.

      According to Hurriyet newspaper online, some of the privates who were detained told interrogators they were not aware that they were part of a coup attempt … They had been told by commanders they were taking part in military maneuvers … Some said they understood that it was a coup attempt when they saw civilians climb on tanks

      A top body overseeing judges and prosecutors has dismissed 2,745 judges across the country. The emergency meeting of the Judges and Prosecutors High Council was held Saturday, mere hours after Turkish forces quashed an attempted coup, & promptly purged the slate clean of anyone in the judicial branch who was seen as even remotely opposed to Erdogan.

      Promptly following that, authorities have detained 10 members of Turkey’s highest administrative court as the government pressed ahead with a purge of judiciary officials just hours after the coup had fizzled

      On Saturday arrest warrants were issued for 48 administrative court members and 140 members of Turkey’s appeals court: as if members of Turkey’s judicial system – long on Erdodan’s black list – were involved in the army’s failed putsch.

      Akin Ozturk, who was appointed as head of the Turkish air force in 2013, has been detained and will face treason charges … Local media have named Ozturk as the likely leader of Friday night’s coup attempt in Ankara. Also detained by the Turkish police was Alparslan Altan, a member of the Constitutional Court and most senior judicial official among the scores detained so far. »

      • Ewan

        Possible but doubtful – Even the smell of a coup will ensure Turkey never enters the EU – Erdogan will not risk that. Erdogan using the attempted coup to purge rivals and resistance. Consider that West.Israel might want Erdogan out of the way sensing a change of heart vis a vis Syria?

  • WorldEvents

    Washingtons Blog has really taken a turn for the worst…Now it’s just crypto-hippie horsecrap.

  • Jean-Luc Picard

    Um what? Does Craig realize Erdogan is trying to play Dictator?

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    • Brockland A.T.

      The EPA is just being pro-active; a Hilary regime and the Apocalypse Lobby might by deliberation or incompetence actually succeed in instigating nuclear war with Russia or staging a dirty bomb false flag.

  • Brockland A.T.

    Well, that’s the end of Kemalism, Turkish secular nationalism.

    Interesting that the MSM reported the coup from the very beginning as ‘attempted coup’.

  • ICFubar

    If the Americans have not been consulted, or either have not given instructions or their permission on this coup attempt it will fail. Then again the CIA may have given a “Kuwaiti go-ahead” to out the conspirators before they could become a larger and better organized clandestine force? And perhaps this also may have been the very sloppy work of outside agency?

  • Alabama Mothman

    Erdogan IS ISIS. His supporters are either ISIS fighters or supporters. We can only pray this is not the last of the coups against Erdogan.

  • This is all theater folks. Nov 16, 2015 What Happened Just Before the Paris Attacks

    If there would have been a meeting to devise a strategy for a false flag terror attack in Paris as part of a grand plan to keep the Western countries in line fighting a proxy war against Russia in Syria, it would’ve looked something like…

  • diogenes

    “The attempted Coup in Turkey Must be Denounced!” And by God I do! I denounce it! In no uncertain terms!!! I denounce the attempted Coup in Turkey!!!!!! Take that, you bad Turkey coup-makers! Take that!!! I denounce you!!!! In no uncertain terms, too!!!!!!!!

    Now, is America safe again?