WaPo: Trump, Adviser Carter Page are ‘Broadly Non-Interventionist’

US military magazine Stars and Stripes published a WaPo piece noting that Carter Page, an “American foreign policy adviser to Donald Trump”, says the US takes an “‘often-hypocritical focus on democratization, inequality, corruption and regime change’ in its dealings with Russia, China and Central Asia.”

Indeed, while its elites claim a desire to ‘spread democracy’, the US itself, as the largest academic studies indicate, is not a democracy, but an oligarchy.  It is common for a country’s elites to claim their undemocratic government is democratic (see the German Democratic Republic, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, etc.).

When this discrepancy is brought up to US elites, they tend to say something along the lines of ‘that’s because people are idiots and democracy would never work’.  They then go back to claiming they want to spread democracy.  Another common response is an admission that the US is not a democracy, but a ‘republic’ – another of North Korea’s choice euphemisms for its system of government.

WaPo notes that Page is less “adversarial” than the US Dems and Repubs over Russia’s role in “the war in Syria, the conflict in Ukraine and other issues”, adding that indeed, the “bilateral relationship” between Russia and the Dems and Repubs “has soured to Cold War-era levels in recent years.”  Washington is currently increasing its aggressive posture towards Russia in Eastern Europe.

WaPo continues that Trump is “broadly noninterventionist, questioning the need for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and calling for Europe to play a larger role in ensuring its security.”  Page, too, “has regularly criticized U.S. intervention”:

In one article for Global Policy Journal, he wrote, “From U.S. policies toward Russia to Iran to China, sanctimonious expressions of moral superiority stand at the root of many problems seen worldwide today.”

Page wrote that the war in eastern Ukraine was “precipitated by U.S. meddling in the Maidan revolution

WaPo ends with an ominous-sounding description of Page, noting he “has ties to former Soviet-bloc politics”, indicating that perhaps US citizens should still be worried about ‘the Communists’ taking over the world.  Or maybe it is still what the great Winston Churchill warned of: a “worldwide conspiracy” of “international Jews”, who “have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads and have become practically the undisputed masters”.

Even if we are facing down an international conspiracy of commie Jews – or is it crazy commie Russian Arab African Venezuelan Persians now? – since Russian and Western experts continue to note with increasing alarm that the US is pushing closer and closer towards nuclear war, maybe it would actually be a good idea to have people on staff in the US who can put themselves in the shoes of the other side and try to de-escalate?

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  • Brabantian

    There has been an extremely fascinating exchange on the 4chan /pol/ site, involving someone who claims to be an insider US government official, deeply involved in the criminal investigations affecting Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump etc

    The key take-away from this ‘US official’ is that, though Clinton & Trump are both corrupt, Trump’s corruption is minor relative to the Clintons & their ‘Foundation’… and that a Clinton presidency – which he thinks will not happen – would involve global war with Russia & China

    Whereas, the ‘US official’ says, honest US officials hope for a Trump Presidency, which will begin a pull-back on US war-making & a clean-up of US corruption including indictment of Hillary Clinton

    This ‘US official’ says that USA ex-President Bill Clinton will likely be dead this year

    This ‘US official’ says that, “The entire government is corrupt .. you cannot possibly ask the entire government to prosecute itself”

    This ‘US official’ says that the Clinton e-mail scandal is relatively trivial, the big crimes are related to the ‘Clinton Foundation’, not just bribery etc relating to the US, horrid crimes by powerful individuals, but also regarding issues of war & relations among nations

    This ‘US official’ says that Trump is also ‘corrupt’, sufficiently so that he could be criminally charged … but much less so than Clinton

    This ‘US official’ says that if Clinton would become President – which he thinks is actually unlikely, Clinton may be removed – there would be war with Russia & China, and a nightmare of corruption involving string-puller Soros & significant Jewish influence

    This ‘US official’ says that, US Justice ministry staff are in general in fear of being killed, for taking any actions regarding the immense wall of corruption which they comprehend, which is much larger than most anyone would guess

    This ‘US official’ says that, for all his failings, if elected, Trump will actually do some house-cleaning in the US regime, criminally prosecute Hillary Clinton & do much against US corruption

    This ‘US official’ says that, the difficulty is, there is so much corruption that if it were all exposed, US government would collapse, there would be civil war inside the US, & perhaps global military alliance against the US

    This ‘US official’ says that, amidst the difficulty, a somewhat ‘controlled’ and step-by-step unveiling of the corruption – as Trump would do – is likely the best route to serve the public

    Here is the 4chan discussion with this ‘US official’ in a photo-image … the comments by the ‘US official’ are highlighted in peach-orange coloured boxes – click to enlarge


    • cstahnke

      Well, whoever he is sounds very credible to me from what I know about government. His specific references to the Clinton case I can’t vouch for but his general analysis of the situation is pretty solid. He is not a poser–he is either what he claims to be, someone who is trying to promote Trump, or he is someone in intel giving misinformation but if it is misinformation it is very subtle and I fail to see how the Stasi can benefit from this. So I would say he likely real or someone very subtle who is working for Trump to get a few memes going and I doubt that–Trump has little interest in people like us I’m sure.

      This is a great post and I thank you for it. I can say that the Deep State is very involved and complicated as the “official” suggest and that inside the government there are all kinds of factions and power struggles going on within the bureaucracy including parts of the Deep State–I “read” this by following the mainstream media which I read in precisely the same way I use to read the Soviet press–it works and my predictions are generally right when based on that analysis.

    • Brockland A.T.

      Interesting perspective. Even if Trump does get in, he might be a lame duck from day one, though and Presidential power over domestic issues is known to be weak compared to foreign policy.

      Trump is still preferable to crooked Kilary any day.

      • Yesenia Alston

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  • ICFubar

    I have written that Trump is controlled and controllable or else he would not be where he is. Think Robert Kennedy and the surging crowds in California, all of which were a very direct threat to the Apex Elites that they were not about to accept. Now we see that the Apex Elites are just beginning to exert their influence with Trump. Trump now having charges of statutory rape of two thirteen year old girls being brought against him, coming out of the whole Jeffery Epstein (dual citizen) menagerie of providing elite sex, drugs and gaining future leverage over those so inclined to be so easily corrupted….”Eyes Wide Shut”.

    • Brockland A.T.

      Trump is of the one-percent, but not of the one-percent of the one percent and that’s possibly in large part what this election fight is about; the narrowing space at the top. However, a rising tide lifts all boats.

      If Trump were really not a threat, there would not be such outrageous attempts to curb his rise. There is no alternative opposition to Hilary unless Jill Stein (Green Party) somehow catches on as the preferred ‘first woman POTUS’. She supports proportional representative electoral reform and paper ballots, BTW.


      Assassinating Trump now would be too destabilizing. Better to buy or threaten him off. The election of 2020 is where the assassination option becomes serious; pressure can be written off as the Curse of Tecumseh (or Tippecanoe). Its remarkably accurate; President Shrub got off on a technicality; he wasn’t ‘chosen’ by the people but stole the election by judicial ruling. Reagan got off on fortuitous astrology.


      Proportional representation (and paper ballots) – an idea whose time has come.


      • ICFubar

        Trump is controllable and poses no threat as RFK was not and did. There is no need to assassinate Trump as long as he doesn’t slip the leash by believing his own press. The attacks on him are par for the political game and his campaign and rhetoric has made use of the meme you describe as being an outsider or unknown quantity as the slickest bit of marketing I’ve seen in awhile, most of it false, as he is controllable by the .001%. Trump is of the same echelon as Clinton but has simply not been in the political game for the last eon as Clinton has. Both will do as they are told on what matters to the Apex Elites.

        Are you experiencing troubles with editing? I certainly am.