Spread the Word: The TRUTH About Spying

Preface: A Good American is the best documentary I’ve ever seen.  It explains mass surveillance on Americans, why 9/11 wasn’t stopped, and how corruption has made us all vulnerable to terrorism.

This film has the ability to wake people up to the real story behind mass surveillance and unstopped terror attacks.

Please consider donating to the filmmaker (Fritz Moser’s) Kickstarter campaign, to allow the film to be distributed more widely.

We have launched a crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter to get our film A GOOD AMERICAN a wide theatrical release across US and EU – within the EU especially UK and Germany, where the most important surveillance reforms are pending.

Why a theatrical  release and not just VoD & broadcast? Because a theatrical release brings a lot of media attention through reviews etc. Otherwise they won’t do them. The biggest part of the cost of the release will be PR (US, UK, DE) and in the US also renting cinemas in New York and LA to guarantee good showtimes of the film.

We have different perks / incentives, some aiming at the end consumer, some aiming at cinephiles and privacy activists, some aiming at wealthier donors, foundations and corporations, giving them credits and exposure (if they want to – and they can watch the finished film first, of course, before committing). Our general rule is what comes from a country stays in that country. Therefore US contributions will be used to have a theatrical release as widely as possible in the US.

While the film is funded, the release is not. As you know, we are up against big budget Hollywood productions and their marketing machineries and can need any help we can get.

Please help us by spreading the word about our Kickstarter Campaign in your organizations, your networks and among your friends and political allies! This is the link to our Campaign:


Help us with our funding efforts on Kickstarter! This is an important story and the more people we reach, the more momentum for surveillance reform we can achieve!

Many thanks and all the best,



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  • Sharon Marlowe

    I’m convinced the 9/11 event was done by our government, so can’t support this documentary.