Why Is The Weather So Crazy All Of A Sudden?

Crazy Weather - Public DomainAll over the planet, global weather patterns have gone completely nuts.  Just over the past few days we have seen “life threatening” heatwaves, extremely dangerous wildfires, vicious tornadoes and unprecedented flooding – and that is just in the United States.  And of course this is just the continuation of a trend that stretches back to last year, when extremely weird weather created “apocalyptic-like conditions” in many areas around the world.  So why is this happening?  For decades, we could count on weather patterns falling within fairly predictable parameters, but now that is completely changing all of a sudden.  All over the globe we are seeing things happen that we have never seen happen before, and the weather just seems to get even more crazy with each passing month.

Just consider what has been going on the past few days.  Let’s start with the “life threatening” heatwave that is currently hammering the west coast

The West Coast is in the grip of a ‘life threatening’ triple-digit heatwave that is set to continue well into next week, raising the risk of wildfires.

The National Weather Service has issued excessive heat warnings for southeastern California, southern Nevada, western and southern Arizona, western Oregon and far southwest Washington.

From Oregon to Nevada temperatures are set to top 100F tomorrow and into Monday, with Phoenix, Arizona, predicted to top out at 116F.

These are temperatures that you might expect to see in July or August, but right now summer has not even officially begun yet.

And as the article quoted above noted, these extremely high temperatures bring with them a much higher risk of wildfires.  In fact, firefighters in southern California are currently fighting a horrible fire that is raging wildly out of control and that has already forced thousands of people (including Kim Kardashian and Kanye West) out of their homes

A massive brush fire Saturday in the Calabasas area forced mandatory evacuations as rapid flames consumed 516 acres and threatened 3,000 homes, the Los Angeles County Fire Department said.

“This is a fast-moving, dangerous fire,” Los Angeles County Fire Chief Dennis Cross said. “It’s hard for people to see where this fire is because of the dense canopy and the canyons.”

If you follow my work closely, you already know that 2015 was the worst year for wildfires in all of U.S. history.

More acres burned in the U.S. last year than we had ever seen before.

And so far this year, we are more than a million acres ahead of the pace set last year.

Meanwhile, CNN is reporting that this “is the second year in a row that Texas has been hit by 500-year floods“…

“It could just be really bad luck,” said CNN Senior Meteorologist Brandon Miller. “A 500-year flood doesn’t mean you will go 500 years between them. It just means it is such an extreme event that the odds of it happening are very low, therefore it only happens on average every 500 years.

“It just so happens that parts of Texas have seen them now in back-to-back years, and maybe even twice this year. The odds of that happening are infinitesimally small.”

In a recent article, I noted that the United States has now been hit by 10 major flooding events since the end of last September.

Never before in U.S. history have we ever seen so many major floods in such a compressed period of time.

And the hits just keep on coming.  On Sunday, the east coast was bracing for a series of storms which appeared poised to produce very high winds, severe thunderstorms and even possibly some tornadoes.  The following comes from the Daily Mail

The East Coast is braced for an incoming storm that could see up to seventeen million people hit with tropical rain, thunderstorms and even tornadoes.

People from New York through North Carolina could be affected, as thunderstorms were expected to blast winds up to 55 miles per hour later on Sunday.

The Governors Ball in New York City was cancelled for safety reasons after organizers saw the forecast for lightning.

And on top of everything else, Florida is about to be hit by tropical storm Colin.

But don’t worry, because all of this is perfectly “normal”, right?

Across the Atlantic, Europe is also dealing with some extremely crazy weather.  Major flooding is being reported all over the continent, and the French just experienced their wettest month since 1886

Segments of France’s border with Belgium received six-week’s worth of rain in under 24 hours earlier this week, causing widespread flooding across the country. May has been the country’s rainiest month since 1886, Radio France Internationale says.

As a result of that rain, French meteorologists expect the already-swollen Seine in Paris to peak at 6.5 meters (21 feet) above its usual level on Friday. The Louvre is closed due to flooding concerns, and workers have been busy moving priceless works of art as a precautionary measure.

On the other side of the planet, many areas of India have been dealing with an unprecedented heatwave.  On Thursday, May 19th, the all-time record for the highest temperature ever recorded in India was broken.  And this was part of a crippling heatwave that pushed temperatures in northern India “above 104 degrees for weeks”

A severe heat wave warning is in place for much of India through Saturday. Temperatures in northern India have risen above 104 degrees for weeks, the BBC reported. The weather has killed hundreds of people and destroyed crops in more than 13 states, the Associated Press reported.

If this happened where you live, you could just go inside and turn on the air conditioning.

But most of those people do not have air conditioning, and that is why hundreds of them have been dying.

At the exact same time when the crust of our planet is becoming increasingly unstable, our weather is starting to become really crazy too.

Some people are going to dismiss all of this as just a bizarre series of coincidences, others will want to blame “global warming”, and yet others will see all of this as a sign that Jesus is coming back soon.

But what is truly frightening to consider is this…

What if our weather just keeps getting crazier and crazier?

If our weather continues to spiral out of control, it is inevitable that there will be major famines, widespread riots and tremendous political unrest all over the planet.

Is our world equipped to be able to handle seven billion people going absolutely nuts all at once?

Let us hope and pray for weather patterns to begin to return to normal, because I don’t think that we are.

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  • jadan

    And there you have it, folks, Michael Snyder reveals his true identity. Jesus is coming back and he’s pissed! He’s a vindictive god, an angry god, and he’s going to punish all you sinners. Unless you kiss his divine butt and learn the secret handshake, you are toast…..for all eternity!

    You’re joking, right GW?

  • Just Watching

    The activity of the Sun and the higher than normal solar wind in this part of the galaxy has everything to do with weather on Earth.
    Our solar system is being pulled along by our Sun through a very active and intense part of space. The Sun’s heliosphere can only blunt so much of the focus energy hitting earth and negative effects. Our planet system is passing through a very sketchy part of space and the Sun just isn;t up to protecting us a good and it could in it’s past.

    • jadan

      Now that’s a huge relief! I thought the world was coming to an end!

  • nomadfiles

    ‘If our weather continues to spiral out of control’
    An enigmatic phrase. As if the weather were something that ever had been under control. Suggests that it is possible to control. Makes one wonder who could possibly control it. Perhaps the losing control is not the issue, but the battle to control it. Maybe the wild weather is whiplash from being disrupted by competing spheres of attempted control. If one could control the weather couldn’t one engineer for ones own geopolitical purposes “major famines, widespread riots and tremendous political unrest”?

  • Nick Smegg

    Global average temperaure for the 10,000 years prior to industrialisation = 14C. Global average temperature during ice age = 11C. Global average temperature during Jurassic Park = 22C. Global average tempaure now is 1.57C above pre-industrial.

    The effect of carbon dioxide far outweighs any other cause. We are on track to a future where food crops don’t grow.

    • kimyo

      if your concern is for the viability of crops, then focus your attention on monsanto and bayer.

      co2 levels have been far higher than today in the past, why didn’t the crops die off then?

      View post on imgur.com

      • Nick Smegg

        Humans didn’t grow crops when CO2 levels were higher than they are now because there were no humans on the planet. (Double, double face palm).

        • kimyo

          the present day existence of each and every plant we grow proves, beyond any shadow of doubt, that all survived an incredible variety of circumstances, from significantly higher co2 levels, to ice ages, and beyond.

          the presence or absence of human based agriculture is irrelevant. if the plant exists today, it has survived much, much higher levels of co2 in the past.

          monsanto is the problem. monoculture is the problem. bringing production forward is the problem. the plants know how to get along just fine.

          • Nick Smegg

            No, you had different plant species in the past. Try looking up ‘mass extinctions.’

        • ckozzy

          CO2 is plant food. Our world is turning green: http://phys.org/news/2013-07-greening-co2.html

          • Nick Smegg

            CO2 is plant food but if temperatures increase photosyntheiss begins to break down and eventually halt.

          • ckozzy

            Then why is the desert greening? We are not talking 100c we are talking worse case about 1c. Trust me I live in Wyoming it could stand to warm up. Mankind can’t cause it to warm though. Worldwide plants would do better with higher temperatures we do have tree ring and fossil data to prove that.

          • Nick Smegg

            We are headed to a 4C rise in global average temperatures by the 2030s. Maybe Wyoming would improve in winter but many areas of the world would become uninhabitable, just as they were during the Cretaceous and Jurassic (apart from snakes that is).

          • ckozzy

            That is as idiotic as the first Earth Day predictions back in 1970, Don’t you remember they were predicting the earth would end within 15 to 20 years.


            Not to mention the earth hasn’t collapsed in the last 400,000 years with closer to a 10° variance. Mankind would actually be better off with warmer temperatures but we are more likely to see an ice age than the catastrophic idiocy your religion has been proposing for the last 45 years.


          • Nick Smegg

            Yes, we could have a 10 degree centigrade rise in global average temperatures band Earth would still be here. However, the plants that keep humans laive would not. 232 Million years ago, at the end of the Permian, there was a rise of that magnitude, over a longer period, perhaps as much as a million years, and 95% of )plant and animal) species went extinct. Contrary to what you believe, food does not come from Walmart.

          • ckozzy

            Actually I hate Walmart and have a tendency to grow my own food. As a matter of fact my greenhouse runs a good 10 to 15°F warmer than the air temperature outside even during the summertime and plan still grow.

            Again we go back to 232 million years you do realize there are natural disasters like meteor strikes and massive volcanoes? Events with the sun?

            Any prediction of 5° warmer is just that a prediction. The the religion of man-made global warming has been predicting these things for 50 years and have always been wrong.

            You guys have cried wolf way too much. If temperature warms 5° the Antarctic will melt Methane will be released and the world will end in hundred degree rise in temperature., well it didn’t when ir happened in the past. The vast majority of that scientific predictions are stating 2 to 3.5°C temperature rise by 2100 not in a few years. And even these goobers have been wrong on their previous predictions, always overstating the temperature rise.

          • Nick Smegg

            The fact that previous mass extinctions were due to natural causes does not invalidate the argument. You can be killed by a falling meteorite as much as by an out-of-control car. Your body is indifferent to the source of a high energy impact.

            Will your plants grow outside the greenhouse? If so, why do you use the greenhouse?

            As to your last paragraph you are simply spitting in the face of reality. In the past temperature rises have set off even bigger rises and this has led to mass extinctions. Sure, new froms of flora and fauna have emerged but not on any timescale that will be relevant to human beings, so humans will die out.

            Your anti-science attitude, fed no doubt by the fossil fuel funded Heartland Insitute and the American Enterprise Institute, ignores the reality of what is happening now. 1.57C rise; ocean acidification, death of much of the Great Barrier Reef, rising sea levels, melting of the Arctic sea ice and eruption of methane, and the extinction of 150-200 species every day.

          • ckozzy

            A model to prove a negative however temperature and climate change have been going on since the dawning of time.

            The answer to the reason I got a greenhouse is no, my plants do not have a long enough growing season to produce. The greenhouse gives me at least a month both in spring and fall which allows me to grow something other than salad greens.

            I am not spitting in the face of reality, the latest idiotic theory is that if temperatures rise your 5°C methane will be released into the atmosphere causing even more warming, help me help me the sky is falling. We have had higher temperature increases than that in the methane wasn’t released, so why are you linking to some idiot that claims that?

            I’ll actually propose something to you if you look at the development of mankind over the millions of years and the temperature changes during that time it’s actually massive temperature shifts in the African Rift Valley that is caused our brains to develop so we could survive.

            Humans are not going to die out due to CO2.

          • Nick Smegg

            So you are using a greenhouse because the plants won’t grow in the natural environment. Mmm. What are you going to do when the crops grown in the continental interiors of the northern hemisphere won’t grow because it’s too hot? You can’t construct a greenhouse over Kansas or the Ukraine!

            I think you are confused betwen normal everyday swings in temperature that we may experience and an increase in global average temperature. 3 – 4 degrees centigrade is what separates us from the ice age ages, and not much more than that from Jurassic Park conditions. BTW, during Jurassic times, it wasn’t just the crops that we need that didn’t grow. the largest mammals that could survive were no larger than mice.

          • ckozzy

            I realize that 3 to 4°C is a huge swing in the average temperature.

            So you’re saying there’s going to be a 3 to 4° temperature rise in the next 10 years or so, when you prediction is as idiotic as the predictions from every Earth Day were then will you concede that man is not causing the temperature to change? And let me answer that question for you, the answer is no, because you really are basing your science on fantasy and a religion and you push the next big collapse 10 more years down the line.

            Again you are forgetting a 3 to 4°C temperature change would benefit me. Something tells me I will need the greenhouse for the next 50 years or so of my life.

            You are also being an idiot a 3 to 4° temperature change might possibly make crops not grow in summer in Kansas (I doubt even that) however they would grow fine in winter. I’m not sure you’re aware of this but crops do grow in Texas which is about 3 to 4° warmer than Kansas.

          • Nick Smegg

            Look at the temperture data. The increase above pre-industrial temperatures was 0.7C in 2000; 0.85 C by end 2014 and now stands at 1.57C. The rate of increase is accelerating. Plot a trendlne on this data and we will smash through the 4C barrier by the 2030s. Do an internet saerch for climate dat worse than predicted or some such and you will fidn plenty of stuff. Search for climate data better than expected and you won’t find anything.

            The AEI article on which you are relying for your false comfort contains a basic flaw. it seems to assume that as much was known about earth science in 1970 as is known now. It makes no allowance for the growth of knowledge. This is why your dismissal of human actions is so misguided.

          • ckozzy

            I was around in the 70s when the chicken Littles were claiming were going into the next Ice Age. When it became apparent they were wrong they switched over to global warming amazingly CO2 and man was going to cause both. Surprisingly when you learn to actually read history you will find the temperature fluctuates for the last 5000 years. At one point it was significantly warmer and the Vikings were farming on Greenland, try that now. Couple of decades later they were in the mini Ice Age and the Thames river froze over. We’ve had about 18 years of almost no temperature change and we are probably heading in to the next cooler timeframe. Which funny enough is much worse for mankind and crop production.

            You’re not going to convince me your correct because over the last 60 years I have seen many examples where the quote unquote scientist were exactly wrong.

            I will ask the question again if we have a five-year cooling period will you finally realize that anthropomorphic global warming is a falsehood?


          • Philip Moore

            You believe all of this chemtrailing mess won’t make a greenhouse heating happen as it seems to me to be doing? They’ve been spraying since the late 90’s at least….

    • colinjames71

      Yes it’s abnormally hot here today in western Washington and there are some concurrent disasters, but apocalyptic? Hmm. I don’t know. I can tell you the geoengineering was in full force yesterday like almost every sunny day here, and the last few hundred years have seen some of the most stable and moderate weather the earth has ever seen, as far as we know. Could just be our luck ran out, could be weather warfare, could be just a cycle. Personally I think Gaia wants to get rid of us, because she’s pissed. But that’s just me, it’s more gut feeling than anything, and if so we haven’t seen nothing yet.

      • Nick Smegg

        Climate scientists have been generally blindsided on this – maybe because they are often drawn from physics and astronomy. Biologists complete the circle. The grains we rely on for civilisation are adapted to particular environmental niches. A four degree centigrade rise in global average temperature will nean higher than 4C over continental areas where crop mainly grow.

        You could check out guymcpherson.com

        And if you want a perspective including the geoengineering try geoengineeringwatch.org

        You could try “Tyhe Sixth Extinction” by Elizabeth Kolbert.

        • kimyo

          a grain-based civilization is doomed. semi-dwarf hybridized wheat arrives, then shortly after we get a global epidemic of diabetes, obesity and severe mental health issues.

          monsanto introduces crop dessication and shortly after we get cancers galore. the potential link must be examined.

          although we disagree as to the cause and direction of climate change, we agree that it is happening. if the crops we’ve engineered are too fragile to survive it, they will be abandoned.

          stop defending monsanto’s business plan. they are destroying the planet.

        • colinjames71

          Thanks for the suggestions. As an electric universe advocate I have a distant take on climate. Familiar with two-way, it just drives me crazy that Dane W. is all in on AGW. I’m very curious about biologist’s take though thanks for that especially.

    • nomadfiles

      Oh yeah, it’s the CO2 alright.
      “Here’s the awful truth: even if every person, every automobile, and every factory suddenly emitted zero emissions, the earth would still be headed, head first and at full speed, toward total disaster for one major reason. The military produces enough greenhouse gases, by itself, to place the entire globe, with all its inhabitants large and small, in the most imminent danger of extinction.” — Barry Sanders, The Green Zone

  • mark g.

    When I first started reading this article, I thought it was satire. Unfortunately, no. This small-minded writer thinks that the sky is falling. Such an impressionable lad. For one thing, present levels of CO2 are below their historic norm (from what science can determine). And CO2 is great for plants. It also boosts food production. It is a trace gas and not a pollutant.

    Keep in mind that weather and climate fluctuations occur normally and naturally and continuously. As for ‘extreme weather’, the number of major tropical storms have actually decreased over the past 15 years. So the ‘climate news’ is not all bad by any means. Plus, there’s been no appreciable warming on most of the planet. The South Pole has actually gained ice. This has surprised most climatologists.

    Looking back, over the past one million years, planet Earth has gone through some eight ‘glacial periods’. And these brutal cold spells generally last for over 100,000 years! There was so much water trapped in ice during the last one (which ended about 13,000 years ago) that you could literally walk to Alaska from Siberia since world-wide ocean levels were hundreds of feet below where they are now.

    During this frigid era, the area that’s now Chicago was under hundreds of feet of ice. Hundreds! Then global warming occurred. Why? No one knows for sure. But as the earth warmed up and human civilization flourished. Coincidence?

    Climate is a chaotic system. But dramatic changes in our planet’s climate occur constantly. Plants and animals adapt.

    Today, on an average day, the temperature can vary 50 degrees or more. This is normal. Yet these natural fluctuations do not threaten most plants or animals. Weather varies enormously, as does climate Therefore, a modest warming (if it happens) will not be catastrophic for plants and animals (provided it’s not accompanied by drought).

    What should the optimum climate/temperature on Earth be? No one knows for sure. No one can say. But it’s been far colder as well as far warmer in our planetary past.

    • Nick Smegg

      CO2 was between 180 ppm and 270ppm during the pre-industrial era, In 1958 they were at something like 315 ppm and now they are at 408ppm and increasing by 2-3 ppm (parts per million) each year). We haven’t seen this level of atmospheric carbon dioxide for 20 million years.

      Civilisation did not arise during the Ice Age. It has arisen in the last 10,000 years because of the favourability of the climate and its stability. By careering uncontrolled into a hothouse workd we are headed fro disaster.

      • Philip Moore

        NASA has a video one of their scientists made, showing how C02 gas actually cools the planet, so from that one fact alone, you can see how the global warming then turned into talk of global climate change (after global cooling of the 70’s time forgotten) is nothing more than a big farce. I trust these actual truth sources, including the founder of the Weather Channel who you might have seen doing the weather on ABC Good Morning news ages ago, showing too, this is all a manipulation to do “carbon taxes” on all the nations, trying to make a one world government happen.

        • smoink

          Carbon is a GHG, so you claim probably doesn’t take into account the other factors they were talking about (in other words, seems like you were taking them out of context). Concentrated carbon in the atmosphere traps humidity (water mist), which is an even more potent GHG. Furthermore, methane is an even more powerful GHG (which is why it’s important not to support fracturing – fracking – which leaks methane). Yes, the sun is a huge factor in global warming … and GHGs are a huge factor as to why. GHGs trap radiation that the sun emits. So in other words, you can’t just say “CO2 cools the planet”, without understanding what they were talking about.

          Also, your “global cooling” argument has already been proven to be a false talking point, thousands of times. That miscalculation was made by a small group of people, and was spread by the media, even though the majority of scientists, at that same exact time, were operating off of the opposite calculations. Because the media isn’t run by scientists. … Although that would be a fantastic frickin idea (as long as they’re independent scientists, not financed and controlled by oil interests or politicians).

          And your “one world government” fear is irrational. Even if that idea succeeds, areas will still have to be independently run and operated. It’s really irrelevant if we have one government or 192, just so long as business interests can’t bribe politicians, the whole thing has enforced permanent transparency, if it’s a democratic model, and if power is decentralized and represents all the peoples’ interests.

  • tom

    ‘Meanwhile, CNN is reporting that this “is the second year in a row that Texas has been hit by 500-year floods“…’

    Well, obviously they are not “500-year floods” then. A bunch of “experts” thought they were, until they happened tow years running. The obvious conclusion is that the “experts” were wrong.

    • nomadfiles

      well no. that would just mean that the 500 year record was immediately broken or matched, which would make the crisis even more alarming.

  • Matthew Beck

    I wish I had the last 5 minutes of my life back.

  • Roy Rogers

    There is no weather event occurring nowadays that hasn’t occurred hundreds of times before

  • Philip Moore

    NASA has a video one of their scientists made, showing how C02 gas
    actually cools the planet, so from that one fact alone, you can see how
    the global warming then turned into talk of global climate change (after
    global cooling of the 70’s time forgotten) is nothing more than a big
    farce. I trust these actual truth sources, including the founder of the
    Weather Channel who you might have seen doing the weather on ABC Good
    Morning news ages ago, showing too, this is all a manipulation to do
    “carbon taxes” on all the nations, trying to make a one world government

  • Anno Anno

    I honestly think its planet x/ nibiru causing all of this and this would make sense too ,the closer it approaches the worse things would get and thats exactly wtf is happening ,all this global unrest with the weather and geological problems like volcanos and earthquakes getting exponentially worse by the month and every year would by no doubt indicate something huge approaching earth as nothing else could possibly do this, atleast not this fast anyway.