Unreported Mass Killing Leaves Thousands Dead

In what’s being called the worst mass killing by the United States in the past six months, numerous mentally disturbed individuals, with the extensive backing of a well-financed terrorist organization, and support from a growing circle of allied gang members, have gruesomely slaughtered 1,110 to 1,558 innocent men, women, and children.

This incident, which has left shocked and speechless a handful of people who’ve heard and thought about it, took place between December 1, 2015, and May 31, 2016, during which interval the killers got off 4,087 airstrikes, including 3,010 over Iraq and 1,077 over Syria.

Aiding and abetting the slaughter, and now also being sought by law enforcement, are France, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Denmark, and Canada. In what is widely understood as an appeal for judicial mercy, Canada has expressed remorse. None of the other alleged perpetrators has done so. Several have openly acknowledged their participation, including by displaying the gang symbol of a U.S. flag tattooed on their glutei maximi.

An offshoot terrorist group said to have been inspired by the United States and going by the name of “Russia,” during the same period has brutally murdered 2,792 to 3,451 innocents using similar techniques apparently copied from those of the U.S. gang.

Despite being well documented, these murders have gone largely unreported in U.S. media outlets working overtime to focus on a smaller slaughter in Orlando, Florida. The death counts are imprecise but highly selective, as they intentionally exclude all casualties deemed to be those of combatants.

In a coincidental connection, the Orlando killer blamed the U.S. bombings in Iraq and Syria for his own murderous rampage.

Adding to the bizarre connections, members of the U.S. public have been heard blaming the Orlando slaughter for additional airstrikes to come.

Commented an alien in a ship approaching the planet earth: “Reverse engines! Get us out of here! Let’s try back in 10 years and see if anyone is left.”

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  • MrLiberty

    Haven’t you heard? THAT is the true meaning of “American Exceptionalism.”

  • ICFubar

    Nice, very succinct and correct IMHO.

  • March 19, 2016 “The West Overthrew all Democratic, Peaceful Governments. …It then Manufactures Terrorist Cells”

    Western Media Do Not Cover Iran’s Humanitarian Contributions to Syria, The increased involvement of different state and non-state actors in Syria with conflicting interests has rendered the horror-stricken country’s future bleak and more capricious than before.


  • diogenes

    Thank you for this, David Swanson. It is SO right on and SO overdue. But don’t you see, these terrorists wear UNIFORMS and wave FLAGS and that makes ALL the difference. They’re the GOOD GUYS, don’t you see? Didn’t you attend American public schools and institutions of hired education? Don’t you read America’s Free Press (TM) and Media to learn the TRUTH? Plainly, you need to be re-educated. And any day now, some nice men in uniforms will be knocking at your door to see that you get the treatment you plainly need and deserve. After all, it’s a FREE COUNTRY. Have a nice day!

  • DonNeedNoStinkinUserName

    I have to disagree with the inclusion of Russia along side the proven psychopaths from NATO, etc. The reporting of civilian deaths at the hand of Russian airstrikes have come from the (((MSM))) & fellow travellers such as the Syrian Human Rights Observatory (or what ever he calls himself) along with Human Rights Watch, MSF & the Soros’s White Hats, etc. Considering the Russians are there in Syria at the invitation of the Syrian Govt. to help destroy the terrorists it does them no favours to be killing civilians.

    The US/NATO/Israel coalition is there to remove Assad from power & in the process do as much damage as possible to the Syrian state, it’s infrastructure & ultimately it’s citizens. Their killing of Syrian civilians & soldiers is well documented. The numbers attributed to the Russians I will take with a large pinch of salt.