Please Join Me in Supporting RFK Jr. for U.S. President

Eric Zuesse

TO: [That’s the way to contact Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., personally, as I just did today, with the following note:]

Hearing that Sanders will vote for Clinton removes all hope. Unless you declare your candidacy for the U.S. Presidency as a write-in candidate.

Anyway, you’d probably get almost as many Democratic write-in votes as Clinton would get Democratic ballot-votes; and you’d probably get more Republican write-in votes than Trump would get Republican ballot-votes; and you’d get lots more independent write-in votes than any candidate would get independent ballot-votes. (All the ’third party’ ballot-candidates are just bad political jokes.) So, you’d probably win IF YOU CAMPAIGN FOR THOSE VOTES (which means: show you’re really serious about becoming President). You could save the world — and that’s no joke. headlined on May 5th, “Americans’ Distaste For Both Trump And Clinton Is Record-Breaking”, and the only candidate who had a net-positive favorability rating from the American public was Sanders — who is now gone from the contest. You would be campaigning against two extremely unpopular candidates. Sanders is blocked from being a write-in candidate in many states because of their “sore loser” laws. You could take up his banner, and win the White House with it. I hope that you’ve already filed in California to be a write-in candidate, because the deadline there was very early, May 17th.

You are the only person now who could actually win the U.S. Presidency via a write-in campaign. Are you doing it?

I ask each one of my readers here — everyone who is reading this — to send a similar message to Robert F. Kennedy Jr., as I just did today.

Please click onto that form at the top, and tell him how desperately the nation and the world need him to campaign for the U.S. Presidency as a write-in candidate and so to salvage this country and the world from the intolerable two-person choice, of either President Clinton, or President Trump.

This article by him, “Syria: Another Pipeline War”, about the seed and roots of the ‘civil war’ (actually U.S.-Saudi invasion) in Syria, shows the depth of his honesty, and of his penetrating understanding, regarding not only foreign policy, and environmental policy, but of the forces at home in the U.S. that are behind the war in Syria. How many politicians can write something like that, or would have the guts to? He didn’t hire some ‘speech writer’, nor anyone but himself, to write it. That’s the work of a serious historian. And, other than his being also a longtime environmental-law attorney, those two preoccupations — as a historian, and as a lawyer — have been his occupation. In his private life, he has been the type of male Kennedy that has been famous, both for better and for worse, for decades, but there is no reason to believe that, after a conviction for possession of 0.0064 ounce of heroin in 1983, he’s had any run-ins with the law, despite his being tracked relentlessly by Republican investigators and newsmedia in order to stir whatever scandal against him they can stir, to block him from entering politics. Now, at the age of 62, he’s nearing the end of the do-or-die phase of his long-expected, never-yet-realized, jump into Presidential politics as a principal, no longer merely as a political cheer-leader. And, in this historically unprecedented campaign-season of 2016, that time for him may finally have arrived. After the popular non-aristocrat Sanders quit the race on June 24th, the best opportunity ever has finally opened up for RFK Jr. — and maybe for America too.

He’s the only proven progressive who has the name-recognition and the proven track-record as an environmental champion and as a passionate opponent of the Republican-Clinton-Obama-Saudi war — a hot war now in both Syria and Ukraine, and with NATO buildups against Russia on Russia’s very borders — aiming to conquer Russia (and maybe, in their brinksmanship, to precipitate WW III thereby). He would instead refocus U.S. foreign policy onto authentic issues of U.S. national defense, and restore a democratic America, and equality of opportunity — at least to the extent than an aristocrat might be hoped to be willing to fight for those progressive objectives.

One thing is for sure: his seriousness doesn’t come from a mere speechwriter’s or other PR person’s bag of tricks. He really does care about public policy, and he has no need for reality-TV stardom in order to achieve the name-recognition that can propel someone into serious contention for the White House. But perfection doesn’t exist, as all of ‘Bernie’s supporters are forced to recognize now. Everyone will fail one’s highest hopes and expectations, and compromises must be made, just not such compromises as ‘electing’ the most-lowly-regarded two-Party Presidential options ever in U.S. history. A nationwide write-in campaign by RFK Jr. seems to be the best pathway available as a fallback, for disappointed supporters of the Sanders-for-President campaign — and for the current, very disappointed (as shown by those high unfavorability ratings), entire American public.

So, please send RFK Jr. that note. He needs to hear from all of you, right now. Every one of us needs every one of us to urge him to do it — because he’s the only person who can. There is nobody else; there is no other fallback position. RFK Jr. will man the barricades, or no one will — because no one can. He’s got the name-recognition; he’s got the name; he’s got the track-record as an honest and earnest fighter for the public, against rapacious international corporations. He has never been doing this for himself. He has really been doing it for all of us. Let’s show our appreciation, now, and then let’s get our friends to join him in the battle, if he decides to take it on!

He’ll know, he will understand, that this would ultimately mean (when he wins the White House) his starting a new Party that will soon replace the Clinton-Obama ‘Democratic’ Party; but, Abraham Lincoln succeeded in replacing the old dying Whig Party with the new Republican Party in 1860, and just as big a turning-point has come in American history now, except that the stakes this time will be to prevent fascism from replacing FDR’s democracy, not to prevent slavery from continuing to exist in a ‘democracy’.

Writing someone’s name in on the write-in line of the Presidential ballot is easy. But campaigning for the Presidency that way will be a big challenge — even for a Kennedy!

It’s do-or-die time in America. For all of us. But we need a leader, or else this revolution will never come — at least not peacefully. It’s up to us. And to RFK Jr.

Please do your part. Please join me in requesting him to do this.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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  • Fee-fi-fo-fum

    How can you support this garage after what he did to his wife Mary Richardson??

  • kimyo

    Writing someone’s name in on the write-in line of the Presidential ballot is easy.

    sure. but having confidence that your vote will be counted is a tad more difficult.

    the deadline for texas write-ins has already passed. florida’s is 7/15, pa/nj: 8/1, ohio/nh: 8/10. six states don’t allow write-ins at all.

    rfk is gonna have a busy couple of weeks ahead of him if he responds to your plea.

    • cettel

      Thank you kimyo! I have modified this article accordingly.

  • MrLiberty

    Is this a joke? You lost me at Kennedy, and completely lost me at “proven progressive.” Aren’t the legacies of the Progressive Era – The Federal Reserve, the income tax, the alphabet soup of criminal government agencies, prohibition, the destruction of BOTH major parties, WW1, the Great Depression, the establishment of permanent big government, etc. enough to show that America still have enough progressive cancer to still remove from our economy and politics to restore some semblance of health? Why would we EVER want to put more cancer into the system?

    • diogenes

      Nothing that you describe as “legacies of the Progressive Era” were Progressive initiatives although many were disguised as “progressive” by traitors like Woodrow Wilson (the Federal Reserve). Your ignorance of history is demonstrated by this comment to be total. Given the general character of your comments, this is no surprise.

  • Baby_Jesus

    As far as garnering votes is concerned, I think Cynthia McKinney would be the best choice for VP, if announced early enough.

  • Brockland A.T.

    Does RFK want to be President? Also, the Primaries are over; the delegates at the convention are set.

    It seems a little late and questionable use of resources to be pushing for RFK instead of a Hilary indictment.

    A Hilary indictment solves pretty much all the problems most Democrats have. However much some may want her to run anyway, she’d be done for in the election.

  • diogenes

    Eric Zuesse, back when you first started advocating on this site for Bernie Sanders’ candidacy I explained exactly how the scenario would play out to herd Bernie’s supporters into the Hilary camp, and that’s exactly the way it has played out. I’m not pointing this out now to say, ‘I told you so’ but to suggest that the obviousness of the scenario suggests that we need to move beyond the Two Party hoax and start thinking in terms of creating an alternative rather than playing along with the same predictable scenario every four years. My essay, the Distribution of Wealth In America, posted elsewhere on this site, makes concrete specific suggestions along these lines. They may not be the best idea but the offer a place to start thinking. Don’t you think, now, at last, that it IS time to START THINKING like adults, about facts, rather than behaving like childish puppets playing the same stupid charade over and over and over while our country sinks daily further toward tyranny and ruin?

    • Eric Zuesse

      Forming “action groups” of a dozen people each, would stand no chance of changing U.S. politics. Indictment of Clinton prior to July 25th would throw the Democratic nomination to Sanders, who then would easily win the White House. If either the Libertarian or the Green Party obtained ballot-access in all 50 states, there would be a chance of electing a President who isn’t either Trump or Clinton (if Clinton becomes the Democratic nominee). If RFK Jr. secretly filed in time write-in access in all 50 states, he might win against Clinton and Trump. Otherwise, the only possible next President will be either Clinton or Trump.