Only Muslims Are Terrorists. It Is Now Official


The “anti-semitism” witch-hunt that accused so many human rights advocates for supporting Palestine, has weirdly come to a dead halt when confronted with an actual anti-semite. Thomas Mair has been judged competent to be charged by two doctors, yet the right throughout both new and old media still hide behind his mental illness as an excuse to avoid the issues of right wing terrorism. As a bipolar person, I find a great deal of the comment around mental health deeply insulting.

Let me avoid hypocrisy. I do not think Thomas Mair should be charged with terrorism because I do not think anybody should be charged with terrorism. I have held that the law-making orgy of new “terrorist” offences was legally unnecessary and purely political propaganda. Murder and conspiracy to murder always were perfectly adequate offences and that is what terrorists ought to be charged with. Murder is the same sordid murder whatever the motive, and to have terrorist murder as a separate offence imbues it with a nobility it does not deserve.

But now terrorism has been created as a separate offence, the blatant discrimination in non-application of terrorist charges to right wing terrorists is indefensible.

Mair is not an isolated case. Ryan McGee – who built a nail bomb to attack Muslims – and Pavlo Lapshyn – who murdered a Muslim and bombed mosques – were not charged with terrorism either. Mair, McGee and Lapshyn would all, beyond any possible shadow of a doubt, have been charged with terrorism if they were Muslims. The decision is made by the Crown Prosecution Service, which has also recently decided that Tony Blair, Jack Straw, John Scarlett, Mark Allen et all will not stand trial for extraordinary rendition and complicity in torture, despite overwhelming evidence presented by the Metropolitan Police, including my own.

There is a dark cloud of Islamophobia hanging over the Crown Prosecution Service. Given the totality of these decisions, there has to be.

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  • hashtag_agitated

    Yes these accusation of “special” types of murder such as terrorism and hate-crimes are clearly politically motivated to foment division, polarization, emotional reaction, etc. What is most important is that the people do not engage in quiet, centered reason, self-reflection, and analysis of facts. This would expose the true enemy and so must be avoided at all costs. It appears it will take the pain and grief of possibly unimaginable loss before we collectively face reality.

  • Fee-fi-fo-fum

    Whites know who the people are that hate us. The name calling is not going to count for beans anymore. Was Jo Cox a friend of whites??

    • Nick Smegg

      You’re not addressing the points raised in the article.

      • Fee-fi-fo-fum

        Murray is just like Cox, a white hating prick that has got it coming to him.

        • Nick Smegg

          And you should be locked up – clearly you are either evil or mentally deranged.

          • Fee-fi-fo-fum

            Who made you God, fuckhead. You must be a kyke supremacist.

          • Fee-fi-fo-fum

            anything else prick??

    • Jonas

      There is no such thing as a white race, even in the eyes of Adolph Hitler you will be a Mischling…stop living in denial “white mestizo”

      • Fee-fi-fo-fum

        So says the Jews, but they are the ones that hate us and want us all dead, right kyke?? There is no such thing as the Jews you stinking little cunt.

        • Lorenz Demeers

          Amazing how a dirty “white mutt” can react when is being told that he is not a pure breed.

          • Fee-fi-fo-fum

            and you remember fag Lorenz every dog has his day. You are going to get the chance to fight with more than words. Lets see how well you mock when your life is in danger, punk faggott.

          • Fee-fi-fo-fum

            so you hate whites just like a Jew. Care to deny the obvious truth, kyke?? The stench, how do you stomach the stench of your own flesh?

          • Fee-fi-fo-fum

            Is there anything else you want to say to me, you snide kyke??

          • Fee-fi-fo-fum


  • Rehmat

    Craig Murray supports and independent Scotland. He is no friend of Muslims. He believes Israel has the rights to exist within pre-1967 borders. He also doesn’t allow criticism of Holocaust and Zionism. His second wife is a Christian singer from Uzbekistan.

    MP Cox was murdered because she was critical of David Cameron’s blind support for the Zionist entity. Her killer Thomas Mair, is a member of the White anti-Muslim racist group “Britain First”, which was founded by a Zionist Jew Paul Golding, a former councilor of the British National Party (BNP).

  • That is how the Neo-Con propaganda rolls from the single D.C. war party!

    Aug 5, 2015 British Special Forces “Dressing Up” As ISIS…What Could Go Wrong?

    The “elite” British SAS special forces are dispatching over 120 troops to Syria to dress up as ISIS fighters and attack Syrian targets. In today’s Thought For The Day, James looks back at a couple of the lowlights of the bumbling SAS forces and examines the 2005 incident where the SAS was caught in Basra dressing up as Arabs and shooting Iraqis in order to fuel ethnic tensions in the country.

  • DebL.

    “All Muslims are Terrorists”…for now. There will be a time when that becomes “All Christians are Terrorists”…you know, during the Tribulation… and I can also see many so-called “Christians” believing this as well…you know, the fallen away… But true Christians know EXACTLY who the terrorists are!