German Intelligence Service to Become Branch of U.S. CIA

Eric Zuesse

(NOTE: The following news report was offered on the morning of June 7th as an exclusive, to the following newsmedia, all of whom ignored it; and so it’s now being distributed free-of-charge to all newsmedia, but the following were the newsmedia that had already declined it as an exclusive news report: The Daily Beast, Slate, The Intercept, Huffington Post, Salon, Common Dreams, Truthout, ProPublica, Harper’s, Atlantic, Foreign Policy, National Journal, AP, Globe and Mail, National Post, Telegraph, Guardian, Financial Times, The Economist, Daily Mail, London Times, London Review of Books, New Statesman, The Spectator, Bloomberg, NYT, McClatchy, CBS, CNN, Politico, The Nation, The National Interest, The New Republic, Reason, Rolling Stone, Buzzfeed, Newsweek, Time, USN&WR, Consortium News Service.)

According to a news report in the June 7th German Economic News (Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten, or DWN), headlined “Merkel entmachtet BND: USA kontrollieren Spionage in Deutschland” or “Merkel Ousts BND: US to Control German Espionage,” a new law will soon be passed in the German parliament and be approved by Chancellor Angela Merkel, which will make Germany’s version of the CIA, the Bundesnachrichtendienstes (BND), nothing more than a branch of the CIA, to such an extreme degree, that even U.S. corporate espionage against German companies will become part of that ‘German’ operation. The independent capacities of the BND will become emasculated, no longer operational, under the new law. 

“In practice, this means that the US intelligence services [NSA] will be allowed to continue to listen in on every company and every individual in Germany.”

(That includes the Chancellor herself, whose phone-conversations were previously embarrassingly revealed to have been listened-in upon by the NSA. Now it’ll be legal.)

This could be part of the West’s buildup toward a global war. According to a report issued on June 6th in German Economic News, the German government is preparing to go to war against Russia, and has in draft-form a Bundeswehr report declaring Russia to be an enemy nation. DWN said there: “The Russian secret services have apparently thoroughly studied the paper. In advance of the paper’s publication, a harsh note of protest has been sent to Berlin: The head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Russian State Duma, Alexei Puschkow, has posted this Twitter message: ‘The decision of the German government declaring Russia to be an enemy shows Merkel’s subservience to the Obama administration.’”

Back on February 17th, DWN had reported that German Chancellor Merkel “will develop a new military doctrine” declaring, “The ‘annexation’ of Crimea by Russia is the basis for military action against Moscow.” Apparently, that prior report will soon be fulfilled.

Taken all together, these news reports from DWN indicate a clear subordination of the German government to the U.S. government, in a period of preparation for a NATO war against Russia.

However, not mentioned at all in the DWN articles — nor anywhere else in Western ‘news’ media — is a crucial fact, a fact that the head of America’s ‘private CIA’ firm Stratfor acknowledged only when addressing a Russian-speaking audience, because it reveals the fraudulence of the West’s alleged ‘justification’ for all of this economic and now also military action by the West against Russia: that (in English) the overthrow of Ukraine’s President in Russia’s neighboring nation of Ukraine during February 2014 was “the most blatant coup in history.” That coup, in turn, led to the separation from Ukraine of the two regions of Ukraine that had voted overwhelmingly for the President whom Obama had just overthrown. Extensive video documentation exists demonstrating that the overthrow was a coup, and even demonstrating that the Obama Administration had selected Ukraine’s post-coup leader 22 days prior to his being formally appointed by the Ukrainian parliament. Furthermore, the only detailed scholarly study of the evidence that has been performed came to the same conclusion — that it was a U.S. coup. The last month before the coup was incredibly violent, with Obama’s hired fascists attacking the government’s securitly forces brutally: Here is some of the bloodshed from the prior month, on January 21st, then January 22nd, then January 25th. Moreover, immediately after the overthrow, when the EU sent its own investigator into Kiev to report back on how the overthrow had taken place, he too reported that it had been a coup. Subsequently revealed was that the Obama Administration had started preparing the coup inside the U.S. Embassy in Kiev by no later than 1 March 2013 — almost a year prior to the coup. Also, the even earlier preparation for the coup, extending through decades, on the part of CIA-affiliated ‘nonprofit’ or NGO organizations (funded by Western aristocrats and their corporations), laying the groundwork for this coup, has been brilliantly documented at some online sites. None of this information has been widely published — it’s virtually not at all published in the West. Though the potential audience for it might be vast (especially since Western publics pay much of the tab for this operation and yet receive none of the benefits from the resultant looting of Ukraine, which goes all to aristocrats in the U.S. and allied aristocracies), the market in the West for reporting it, is virtually nil, because the market is the West’s news media, and they’ve all (except for a few small ones like this) been taken over by the aristocracy, and serve the aristocracy — not the public (their audiences, whom they’re in business to deceive). The aristocracy’s companies advertise in, and thereby fund, most of those ‘news’ media, and the aristocracy’s governments fund the rest — and the public pays for that, too, not just by being manipulated to vote for the aristocracy’s politicians, but by being taxed to pay what the NGOs and their aristocrats don’t (so the public are buying the weapons etc.). It’s a vast money-funnel from the many, to the few.

Though the transfer of Crimea from Ukraine to Russia is treated by Western ‘news’ media as having been a ‘conquest’ by Russia, and as being Russia’s ‘seizure’ of Crimea, and Russia’s ‘stealing’ Crimea, nothing of the sort is true (and Crimeans had good reason to be terrified of the Obama-coup regime that had just been installed, from which Russia saved Crimeans), but the lie needs to be promulgated in order for the aristocracy’s invasion of Russia to be able to organized and carried out. 

Unfortunately, the reason why this U.S coup in Ukraine has still not been reported in the West, is that to make it public to Westerners would jeopardize not only the Western economic sanctions against Russia after Russia accepted the overwhelming decision by Crimeans to separate from the post-coup Ukrainian government, but would also jeopardize the preparations by all of NATO to go to war against Russia: both the sanctions and the invasion would have no basis and no support among Western publics. All of that (the sanctions, and now the pouring of troops and weapons onto and near Russia’s borders for a possible invasion of Russia) would no longer be at all palatable by Western publics, if this history — that it all began by a violent U.S. coup in Ukraine — were to become known before the U.S. and NATO invasion occurs. So it all remains, instead, suppressed in the ‘democratic’ West. 

So: please email this article’s URL address (which is immediately above this article), to friends, so as to spread to them the word, that NATO is preparing an invasion of Russia. There’s no way that the ‘news’ media they see are likely to tell them (until it’s already too late).


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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  • Sunny

    Now try to connect the dots…
    One of the Disclosure Project’s Top-Secret Military Witnesses Speaks!!!
    …worth reading.

    • Eric Zuesse

      Not worth reading — it’s entirely lacking documentation, but makes many wild claims; the writer there is either stupid or else lying, because whenever one makes an assertion which is way outside the mainstream, one must link there directly to sound documentary proof of it, or else be considered an idiot for that person’s expectation to be taken on the basis of mere faith — like any con-artist expects his suckers to do.

  • diogenes

    A fundamental lie in the official story needs to be challenged with the facts. When the Soviet state drew the boundaries of Ukraine as a member state of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics in the 1920s, it included substantial territory that was traditionally and historically Russian with a majority ethnically Russian population speaking Russian as its mother tongue. This was done to keep the Ukraine from becoming a cradle of Ukraine separatist nationalism by dividing the loyalties of its citizens. Crimea was one of these territories. It is still majority Russian ethnically and linguistically, as it has always been. It makes more historical, traditional, national, political and cultural sense for it to be part of Russia as it has been throughout its history for several centuries, rather than part of a separate nationalist Ukraine state, particularly one bent on dominating and persecuting its Russian population.

    This kind of thing has been causing wars in Europe for a century. The Treaty of Versailles at the end of the First World War recreated Poland, which ceased to exist as a nation in 1815, and when the allies drew the lines on their treaty map, they included large parts of what was traditionally, ethnically, linguistically and culturally German with a majority German population and part of the German state since its formation. The new Polish state, which was a military dictatorship and which commenced its life by attacking Russia during its revolution and seizing a segment of Russian territory the size of California, throughout its existence persecuted its German minority, as well as its Jewish minority. By 1930 there were around 400,000 German refugees who had left “Poland” and migrated to what was left of Germany after Versailles to escape this treatment at the hands of the Polish state. A key precipitating factor in the beginning of the Second World War was another German enclave in Poland, Danzig, which the Polish state harrassed. Polish intransigence — goaded on by Great Britian and France — over this issue was the sticking point and incitement that finally triggered the German invasion of Poland in September 1939, leading to the British and French declarations of war against Germany. After the Second World War, when the Allies again redrew the map of Middle Europe, they forcefully removed large populations (in the millions) of Germans from the new Poland (with the conquered part of Russia restored to the USSR) and from other states into the newly constricted and redrawn Germany; other ethnic populations — Poles especially — were also relocated variously. Millions died in this process, which continued through 1947. Similar situations involving arbitrary mixing of different cutlures in one state unfolded in two other artificial creations of Versaiiles, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia, once their Soviet overlord was ousted — the former peacefully, in a “Velvet Revolution,” the latter with a violence that continues.

    The first stage of this struggle in Czechoslovakia saw the publication of this statement:

    “They are afraid of the old for their memory,
    they are afraid of the young for their innocence
    they are afraid of the graves of their victims in faraway places
    they are afraid of history. They are afraid of freedom.
    They are afraid of truth. They are afraid of democracy.
    So why the hell are we afraid of them? …
    For they are afraid of us.” —

    Czech Group Plastic People of the Universe, Prague 1968

  • There is even more happening. Jun 8, 2016 Playing With Fire: NATO Launches Massive Wargame In Russia’s Backyard

    “Operation Anaconda” launched in Poland this week — the largest NATO exercise since the end of the Cold War. The Commander of the US Army in Europe told the Russians there’s “no need to be nervous.” Should they be? Would we be if Russia was doing the same in Mexico?

  • AR37
  • items

    A GCHQ report from 2009 said the German aristocracy is angry and jealous at being excluded from 9 Eyes or 5 Eyes. (These spying groups represent secret treaties between the outlaw factions of government. Political & industrial intelligence is shared for the purpose of conquering the world through covert means, as described in books like The Secret History of the American Empire.)

    Huge secret budgets and immunity to prosecution have turned the military-intelligence community into a rogue shadow government. Over the past 6 decades, this invisible government has expanded into a vast multinational crime syndicate that possesses a secret veto power over many aspects of the visible government.

    The syndicate owns many front corporations purchased through black budget funding, and will continue to exist once its funding has been cut off. This is the dire threat to liberty that Eisenhower mentioned in his farewell address. JFK promised to abolish the CIA and expose a secret plot to enslave the world. What did they know that the public does not?

    At the end of world war II, gestapo agents were secretly brought to America and given the task of creating a U.S. central intelligence agency. Werner Von Braun was aware of this plot through Operation Paperclip, and disclosed to friends that false flag terrorism would become government policy as a result:

    A permanent enemy is required to justify a lack of transparency & accountability. If the enemy ceases to exist, a new one will be created. If the people unite against corruption in government, something is always done to divide them. But resistance to tyranny is no longer a serious concern for the powers that be…

    In 1975, the Church committee investigation revealed that the CIA had bribed or infiltrated every major U.S. news service, in order to disseminate false propaganda. And yet the public continues to re-elect politicians who fund the CIA! James Bamford exposed how the NSA has unlawfully spied on the public since its creation, but even Snowden’s broad revelations had no effect on the political platform of the ruling parties. Although they love to sing about freedom, the American people express a clear preference for slavery at the polls.

    The unconstitutional National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 purports to authorize indefinite military detention of civilians without habeas corpus or due process. In 2013 the same budget bill purported to authorize the use of taxpayer funds for domestic propaganda (including false flag internet operations by definition.)

    Now the gestapo is finally poised to regain control of the fatherland — a momentous occasion indeed. With this development, the German political class is only making a few concessions in order to profit from a full membership in the fourth reich. Another nation has fallen in the secret war on democracy and the story does not even appear in the newspapers of the so-called free world! For the invisible government, this is a resounding success and a major policy coup. Perhaps that is why they are meeting in Dresden at this very moment?

  • itaia

    Remember when Mrs. Palin the vice-presidential running-mate of McCain told Americans: “We in Alaska can see Russia!”? It’s true, the shortest distance between a Russian and an American island in the Bering Strait is less then two miles. The Western Aleut Islands of Alaska are even hundreds of miles east of the western limit of Russia’s continental Siberia. Russia’s Siberia has the longest coast line on both sides of the Pacific ! The USA has a permanent aim, which will be pursued throughout this century: Dismember Russia into a reduced Core-Russia, independent states in the Caucasus under joined U.S. and Saudi influence, Karelia annexed by Finland, the Russian Arctic and Siberia partitioned into “Associated States” of the USA, just like today in the Pacific the “Associated States” Palau, United States of Micronesia, and Marshal Islands . With a U.S. and NATO ring of bases on the northern border of China. — But don’t worry – the USA and Britain have beyond that a “final list” – Germany ! It is true, the Germans will play the “Trojan Horse” of the USA in Eastern Europe, and as it is now also in Latin America and China the “Trojan Horse” of the USA. Merkel was on June 12.2016 in China Naking U.) demanding that the Chinese rescind their new law to control foreign NGOs. In 2015 Merkel’s government (the BMZ) financed a booklet in Brazil accusing the Chinese of taking over the economy of Brazil. Then two German “false flag left” agents, one Brazilian the other German went to China for propaganda in Renmin U. . But in the final list for U.S. and British geopolitical “full spectrum global control” are both Germany and France. Of course some in Germany and France understand that but are helpless or suppressed. – As for the CIA and BND: The BND has always been a branch of the CIA and no cosmetic changes will ever end the direction of the German BND from “Virginia”. It is not the only German entity under control from “Virginia”. (By: Itaia Muxaic de Ricart )