If the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security Interviewed Omar Mateen and They Knew About Him and Still Let Him Go, Then How Are We Supposed To Believe That Syrian Migrants Are Going To Be Vetted and Americans Will Be Safe?

We’ve previously noted that the risk of infiltration of refugee groups by terrorists is very real, so we need in-depth screening of refugees.

In the wake of the Orlando shootings, openly-gay, pro-choice Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce makes a good point:

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  • Formol

    “We’ve previously noted that the risk of infiltration of refugee groups by terrorists is very real, so we need in-depth screening of refugees.”


    Orlando’s shooting = FALSE FLAG (staged hoax)

  • jadan

    The US invaded Iraq and destroyed civil society in that nation. It then spearheaded an attack on Libya in concert with NATO allies and destroyed that society. The US has done all it can to destroy Syria, and it it weren’t for the intervention of Russia, the civil society built by Assad would have been destroyed The immigration crisis was created by the US & NATO with unimaginable sufferings and megadeath. And now Americans worry that there will be more terrorist attacks against vulnerable American civilians. What do we do? We stop destroying Arab societies and we support mainstream civilian leaders and assist them in rebuilding what we destroyed as we assist therm in their fight against ISIS. We stop creating the problem. First step. If there are more terror attacks, they will cease once US foreign policy is changed. We investigate all terror attacks and determine if they are false flag or not. Fixing this mess won’t be possible until we realize that we created it in the first place!

  • ClubToTheHead

    The US will be sure the immigrants have no bad intentions by torturing them.

  • June 15, 2016 Orlando Killer Omar Mateen Harbored by G4S, the World’s Largest Private Security Company

    The Orlando mass murderer, Omar Mateen, worked for G4S, one of the largest private security employers in the world. G4S has some 625,000 employees spanning five continents in more than 120 countries. As a private security company it provides services for both governments as well as corporations. Some of its well-known contractors are with the British Government, the United States, Israel, Australia and many more. G4S providers a range of services in the areas of corrections, policing, and security of important facilities. In the corporate sector it has worked with such well-known companies such as Chrysler, Amtrak, Apple, and the Bank of America.



  • June 08, 2016 FBI Running ‘Hundreds’ of ISIS Sting Operations

    Insist They’re Not Going to Wait for Suspect to ‘Mobilize on His Own Time’. If you’re a fake bomb-maker for the FBI or one of those informants who poses as an ISIS recruiter online, business is definitely booming, as continued pushes for more “terror” arrests have dramatically escalated the problem, with the FBI admitting “hundreds” of such sting operation are now ongoing.


  • I can assure most folks a rouge agency is at the cause of the mayhem and propaganda.

    February 19, 2004 Years Of FBI Agent Crimes Detailed

    An internal FBI report kept under wraps for three years details dozens of cases of agents fired for egregious misconduct and crimes, including drug trafficking, attempted murder, theft, misuse of informants and consorting with prostitutes.


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