Is THIS Why the British Pound Is Getting Decimated After Brexit?

The British economy has gone into the tank as part of the EU.

Economics professor Richard Werner (the inventor of Quantitative Easing) has shown that Brexit will not hurt the British economy.

So why is the pound getting pummeled right now?

Here’s a conspiracy theory …

What if the central banks are shorting the pound, to send a message to the other countries thinking of leaving the EU that their economies will be beaten up if they leave?

To be clear, this is just a hypothesis. I’m not saying that it’s true. 

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  • Joel W

    I guarantee it to be a more logical explanation than whatever nonsensical story they will push. And probably true, in my opinion.

  • Disqah Apax

    It would be a good point if you didn’t have missed that Britain has kept its own money even in UE. Others contries have euro and an exit will bring back their monetary politicy in hands but wil be indeed very damamging for the edconomy and the ppl. Only Germany is safe bc euro was made like it was mark, too strong for weakest UE countries. Even France wil be affected if back to franc.

  • MrLiberty

    The globalists will be working night and day through their various corrupt systems to insure as much paid as possible, as much disruption as possible, etc. in order to send the very message of which you speak. The EU is dead. The heart has stopped beating but the brain simply hasn’t gotten the message and it continuing to hallucinate its own existence. The cornered rats will lash out. The Federal Reserve will aid the British elites and the EU banksters in making pain for all of us. Freedom and independence are a desired commodity around the globe. People are finally waking up to realize that the losses we have suffered on these fronts have NOT come from foreign enemies, terrorists, muslim hoards, or any other such nonsense. ALL of our losses of freedom have come directly from our own governments and the elite/big-business/crony capitalists that own and control them.

    • MrLiberty

      Sorry – as much PAIN as possible (while getting paid of course).

  • ThereisaGod

    Sounds about right.