Brexit Wins! Next Stop: Frexit, Italexit and Swexit

Congratulations to Great Britain!

The Brits have voted to exit the European Union.


Next up: Frexit, Italexit, Swexit, Netherlexitetcexit?

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  • berger friedrich-wolfgang

    For Our Friends of “CASH Incorporated” , Residing in Till Today , in the “CITY of Freed , Newly Sovereign & Independent LONDON” , We Have Real “BAD NEWS” ! SMART YANKEES , in Their Bid , to “CLAW BACK” Their “TREASURY & FEDERAL RESERVE” , Already DISCUSS the DATE for the “REFERENDUM” — on- “CLAW BACKXIT” !!!

  • Disqah Apax

    It’s great but Britain has kept its own money, that will be very damaging for the countries would get into euro, the wrongest thing almost all the countries did – they shold have been in UE without giving up their monetary politicies.

    • berger friedrich-wolfgang

      An “Excellent CONCLUSION” ***************

    • MrLiberty

      Indeed true, but the economic failures of Europe (folks like Greece, Italy, Ireland, etc.) were “wooed” into the EU on the promise that adopting the Euro would enable them to parasitically live off the hard work and productive economies of folks like Germany, France, Britain, etc. Additionally, there were supposed to be serious reforms in these failure countries but they never happened, Brussels never forced them to happen, and ultimately, though Greece, Italy, and others are now in the toilet, their citizens have been living much higher on the hog then they really would have been able to had they kept their own currencies. Just look at how well Americans live off of cheap foreign products, etc. while we export our inflationary monetary policies all around the world – making everyone else suffer – on the back of the ubiquitous “Petro-dollar” that every nation is forced to use/buy.

  • MrLiberty

    Next stop TEXit, GEORGextit, NEBRexit, VERMexit, KANSexit, etc. We ALL need to restore our sovereignty and break away from the rulers that are destroying our freedom and our future.

    • berger friedrich-wolfgang


      • MrLiberty

        And should NOT STOP until everyone is their own sovereign.

  • kimyo

    it’s also possible that this was the plan all along and what we’ve just witnessed is flight 11 hitting the north tower. people are stunned, but they don’t yet know they’re ‘under attack’.

    next up, the south tower (france/germany leaving?) and then the controlled demolition of the european banking system.

    utter chaos over all of europe will serve nicely to usher in the imf’s sdr. looking at their actions, it seems clear to me that cameron/merkel/hollande have done everything in their power to destabilize the e.u.

    • RedScarab

      crazy person

      • kimyo

        when deutschebank needs to be rescued, it sure will be convenient for merkel to blame the brexiteers rather than mismanagement and fraud.

        • berger friedrich-wolfgang

          Try it this “WAY” , “Rothschild’s ‘TUNTY Asse’t MERKEL” , Still Feeds the “Western ILLUSION” of a “DECAPITATED DEUTSCHLAND” , While the “Unification of “Geopolitical MAINLAND” – “EURASIA” Steps Forward !!!