Brexit Is Really a Vote Against Washington Control Over Europe

It is historically documented that the European Union was largely created by the CIA, U.S. State Department and other Americans interests.

The U.S. has used the EU to push pro-bank, pro-austerity, anti-little-guy policies throughout the European continent.

And the U.S. has used the EU to back American regime-change campaigns in Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, Syria and beyond … causing the flood of refugees into Europe in the first place.

Indeed, a global poll shows that the U.S. is considered the greatest threat to world peace by the rest of the world.  The Reuters poll revealed that many European countries – including the following nations – consider the U.S. to be the world’s top threat (Table 6):

And the UK itself considers the U.S. as essentially tied with Iran as being the biggest threat to world peace.

Michael Hudson, Distinguished Research Professor of Economics at the University of Missouri, Kansas City, who has advised the U.S., Canadian, Mexican and Latvian governments as well as the United Nations Institute for Training and Research, notes:

Almost all the Europeans know where the immigrants are coming from. And the ones that they’re talking about are from the near East. And they’re aware of the fact that most of the immigrants are coming as a result of the NATO policies promoted by Hillary and by the Obama administration.

The problem began in Libya. Once Hillary pushed Obama to destroy Libya and wipe out the stable government there, she wiped out the arms–and Libya was a very heavily armed country. She turned over the arms to ISIS, to Al-Nusra, and Al-Qaeda. And Al-Qaeda used these arms under U.S. organization to attack Syria and Iraq. Now, the Syrian population, the Iraqi population, have no choice but to either emigrate or get killed.

So when people talk about the immigration to Europe, the Europeans, the French, the Dutch, the English, they’re all aware of the fact that this is the fact that Brussels is really NATO, and NATO is really run by Washington, and that it’s America’s new Cold War against Russia that’s been spurring all of this demographic dislocation that’s spreading into England, spreading into Europe, and is destabilizing things.

So what you’re seeing with the Brexit is the result of the Obama administration’s pro-war, new Cold War policy.


The right wing was, indeed, pushing the immigrant issue, saying wait a minute, they’re threatening our jobs. But the left wing was just as vocal, and the left wing was saying, why are these immigrants coming here? They’re coming here because of Europe’s support of NATO, and NATOs war that’s bombing the near East, that is destabilizing the whole Near East, and causing a flight of refugees not only from Syria but also from Ukraine. In England, many of the so-called Polish plumbers that came years ago have now gone back to Poland, because that country’s recovered.

But now the worry is that a whole new wave of Ukrainians–and basically the U.S. policy is one of destabilization–so even the right-wing, while they have talked about immigrants, they have also denounced the [inaud.] fact that the European policy is run by the United States, and that you have both Marine Le Pen in France saying, we want to withdraw from NATO; we don’t want confrontation with Russia. You have the left wing in England saying, we don’t want concentration in Russia. And last week when I was in Germany you had the Social Democratic Party leaders saying that Russia should be invited back into the G8, that NATO was taking a warlike position and was hurting the European economy by breaking its ties with Russia and by forcing other sanctions against Russia.

So you have a convergence between the left and the right, and the question is, who is going to determine the terms on which Europe is broken up and put back together? Will it simply be the right wing that’s anti-immigrants? Or will it simply be the left saying we want to restructure the economy in a way that essentially avoids the austerity that is coming from Brussels, on the one hand, and from the British Conservative Party on the other.

And again, you have Geert Wilders, the leader of the Dutch nationalists, saying, we want Holland to have its own central bank. We want to be in charge of our own money. And under Brussels, we cannot be in charge of our own money. That means we cannot run a budget deficit and spend money into the economy, and recover with a Keynesian-type policy.

So the whole withdrawal from Europe means withdrawing from austerity. If you look at the voting pattern in London, in England, you had London to stay in. You had the university centers, Oxford and Cambridge, voting to stay in. You had the working class, the old industrial areas of the north and the south. You had the middle class and the industrial class saying, we’re getting a really bad deal from Europe. We want to oppose austerity. And we don’t want Brussels to give us not only the anti-labor, pro-bank policies, but also the trade policy that Brussels was trying to push onto Europe, the Obama trade agreement that essentially would take national economic policy out of the hands of government and put it into the hands of corporate bureaucracy, corporation courts. And the bureaucracy in Brussels, then, is largely pro-bank, pro-corporate, and anti-labor.


So you could say that the vote to withdraw from Europe is, it’s really a vote of the British middle class, the working class, to withdraw from the U.S. neoliberalism that has been running Europe for the last ten years.

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  • Pavonne

    What a stupid article since the elites that created the EU are the ones behind Brexit: A carefully designed change of events seeking the same goal (control of the masses).

    • Carl_Herman

      What a stupid comment since… what evidence do you have that the elites that created the EU are the ones behind Brexit?

      Please explain yourself.

      • kimyo

        are merkel/cameron/hollande clueless? or are they acting on behalf of the ‘elites’? their actions served to spread chaos across the entire eurozone and middle east. their actions led to loss of freedom of speech and increased surveillance/steps toward martial law.

        their actions serve to incite hate and create riots. i think you have to admit that it is possible that chaos is the plan. some people stand to benefit greatly from a period of madness in europe. the eurozone wasn’t viable from the start, but now the looting operation has run aground cause the population is too impoverished to give any more. so now it’s time to blame the brexiteers for its baked-in-the-cake destruction.

        increasing chaos will lead to increasing government control of society/speech, assembly, protests, etc.

        • Carl_Herman

          Ok, then how about this as a response: public demand for arrests of “former” colonial “leaders” for lie-started Wars of Aggression as a first step to allow freedom of all those with key info to step forward?

          Do you, kimyo, have evidence, or just more speculation? I know what’s easy: explaining, documenting, and proving “elite” crimes centering in war, money and lies. Yes, chaos is what they do. Do you have a better response than public demand for their lawful arrests?

          • kimyo

            i am in total agreement with you re: the lawful arrest of the ‘leaders’ responsible for countless deaths, rampant misery and global mayhem. i applaud your efforts to engage the public with irrefutable information backing up same.

  • Carl_Herman

    Thanks, GW. This is a crucial topic, and my colleague Michael Hudson and you nail it.

    Maybe, just maybe, we’re getting close to victory.

    Step-by-step, in good-faith effort, we’ll see what develops 🙂

  • MrLiberty

    Its going to take more than separating from the EU to throw off the yoke of US neoconservatism (a more accurate description of the group of folks who have been planning the destruction and conquest of the globe since the drafting of the “Project for a New American Century.” The cancer that was Tony Blair and others has left destructive remnants behind throughout the government. Much in the way separating from DC would be a great thing for any individual state, the long relationship with the federal system, even at the state level, has so contaminated the political process that only by getting rid of everyone associated with the EU can the British people ever hope to forge a path of their own – rather than one of Brussels’/Washington’s choosing. Great piece. Far too many think that the EU was just about rainbows and free trade. Ha.

  • Brabantian

    Europe & the UK specifically are beginning to address the hellish corruption of USA courts, with attacks on Europeans showing “with absolute clarity that the USA has no independent judiciary” … with Google hiding the truth about US courts & US law firms seeking to intimidate UK & European officials

    Unusual filing at Westminster Magistrates Court for Tuesday 28 July hearing on US extradition request for UK hacker Mr Lauri Love, to save him from same ‘suiciding’ as Aaron Swartz, or decades of living death in US prisons:

    “City of Westminster Magistrates Court
    Honourable District Judge Nina Tempia

    Case of Lauri Love of Suffolk UK, Case # 011503187270, Amicus curiae

    Due to intimidation upon both the solicitor & barristers for Mr Lauri Love, & UK cabinet ministers, by a crime group supported by the USA government, this amicus curiae brief present to you key facts concerning US extradition request [for] accused computer hacker Mr Lauri Love

    These facts & the attached brief from UK government files, are well-known to Mr Love’s barrister & solicitors & to UK ministers who present this extradition case to your Court in rather bad faith … they signal that it is I who must inform you, of facts well-proven in UK files, of the murderous corruption of USA judges amongst those who would try Mr Love

    Home Secretary Theresa May, Lord Chancellor Michael Gove, Mr Love’s solicitor & barristers, & the USA Justice Dept itself, all fully recognise that the attached brief & the 1000-plus pages of evidence in UK gov files, make the extradition of Mr Love legally & morally impossible

    However, these UK ministers & lawyers across the UK, are frightened … & they need you to rescue them from a bad conscience & not extradite Mr Love. On its part, the USA hopes to make you yield … by their bluff & intimidation

    Mr Love is in grave danger from bribed, corrupted, under-threat US judges; a fraudulent US ‘proceeding’ with gov-tied ‘lawyers’ betraying him; or a fake ‘suicide’ as often happens there

    As the UK National Crime Agency Director-General can outline for you … his files show that [a UK co] bribed 3 American judges including 2 USA federal-national judges amongst those to try Lauri Love, as part of a scheme to defraud millions of pounds from its own & from the public, in collusion with US-based, London-office law firms, who also defraud millions of client funds

    UK obstruction & perversion of justice crimes include terrorist threats to kill, US-judge-created fraudulent documents, the bribery of [a UK newspaper], & Google hiding truth & publishing hoaxes on the UK internet

    Judge Tempia … The USA would like you to feel fear … But from these files I am sure you know your duty – However great your fear, make a formula to not render Mr Love into the hands of criminals whom the UK Home Secretary & Lord Chancellor are themselves too frightened to confront

    [Attached brief]
    Theresa May, Home Secretary
    Michael Gove, Lord Chancellor & Secretary of State for Justice
    Keith Bristow, Director General, UK National Crime Agency

    “The extradition of Mr Lauri Love to the United States of America is morally & legally impossible, as is absolutely clear from the files of the UK … proving clear criminal acts against UK officials, involving some of the very same United States federal (national) judges who would be putting Mr Love on trial

    These US judges receiving bribery funds from a trans-national crime group … in one of the largest-scale schemes of bribery of a foreign government, & obstruction & perversion of justice, in British history

    USA Virginia federal judges … engaged in multiple direct criminal acts against UK officials, including: Creating fraudulent documents to deceive UK authorities, joining in threatening to kill witnesses, & implicit menace [against] UK officials … shows with absolute clarity that the USA has no independent judiciary … “

  • tom

    “So you could say that the vote to withdraw from Europe is, it’s really a vote of the British middle class, the working class, to withdraw from the U.S. neoliberalism that has been running Europe for the last ten years”.

    Damn straight. That’s one of the main reasons why I voted “Leave”.