Brexit live stream with Julian Assange, Brian Eno, Craig Murray and many other guests.

In a first-of-its-kind, live broadcast from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange and an exciting panel of special guests will discuss the Brexit referendum, its context and its repercussions over the course of six hours on the evening of this historic vote.
Tune in, to see the coverage of Brexit that you won’t see on the BBC.

Live from

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Craig’s flight from Edinburgh was delayed and he will join as soon as he can]

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  • Chris B

    If financial markets are as fraudulent as polls (take that as a rhetorical question) we can expect a surge-dip-surge (N-curve) in day trading ie: traders get to double-up their insider knowledge by first sending markets higher, followed by a plunge as alleged ‘uncertainty’ kicks in, then another massive surge. That would give our elite 10-20% gains in a single day (equivalent to 3650 – 7300% PA).

    The alternative – should an exit be ‘predicted’ – would be a classic Rothschild Waterloo bate-and-switch, ie artificially send markets higher (luring in the mugs) before a massive plunge.

    Either way, it will be another case of ‘follow the money’ as those who control (rig) the polls also control the markets.

  • meh

    julian assange – the phoney..

    • Mike

      Say Meh,[….are you Karl Deninger?]
      This back ground detail is interesting and new to me.
      If the video is fact based,Then, is Julian A. taking advantage of the Equadorian’s ethical nature by harbouring at the embassy?
      Has he not wikileaked vital information that the public would otherwise been unaware of?
      …. a good deed i’d say.
      Please share more about what you think he may be up to.